The real face of Susan Sarandon

Hollywood is an illusion.

This is what actress Susan Sarandon really looks like — unrecognizable, her face contorted by hatred.

Susan Sarandan at anti-Trump protest, DC, June 30, 2018

Breitbart reports that on Thursday, during a mass protest in Washington D.C. against the Trump administration’s enforcement of federal laws on illegal border-crossing, Sarandon and 575 people were arrested for unlawfully demonstrating outside the U.S. Senate building.

Sarandon and other protesters chanted, “What do we want? Free families!” — a reference to President Trump’s now-halted practice of separating children from their illegal border-crossing parents, which is simply the Trump administration’s enforcement of the Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision on unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors to be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

Sarandon wrote on Twitter:

“Powerful, beautiful action with hundreds of women saying we demand the reunification of families separated by immoral ICE policy. This is what Democracy looks like. #WomenDisobey.”

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46 responses to “The real face of Susan Sarandon

  1. I guess it isn’t important to these lunatics to find out with whom and how did all these children get here. I read somewhere last week that about 80% didn’t come here with their parents, if this is wrong I apologize, everyone has a figure. Some come with coyotes, pedaphiles, strangers and rentals, and even alone. Remember Obama encouraging them to be sent here. This was done on purpose.
    Previous administrations have also separated children. Just look at the pictures from 2014, but facts don’t stop liberals. Where is the blame for the mothers putting their children in danger. Trump stopping this now and enforcing existing laws will make it better down the road.
    The democrats just had 8 years to improve, change or correct ICE and they did nothing. This is nothing but an excuse to attack the President.
    Not one of these protesters will ever convince me they care one iota about these little children when they promote ripping a 9 month fetus from it’s mother’s womb.
    My hat is off to ICE and the Border Patrol, they are our first wall of defense. I hold them in high esteem for doing a dirty job.
    BTW Sarandon has always been one unhappy nasty woman.

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  2. Hey Susan America is not a democracy. Our founders hated democracy that is why we have a constitutioal republic. Democracy is the road to socialism and socialism is tbe road to communism. How come you didn’t protest when Obama was separating illegal’s families? Were you aware that many of these children are in more danger being with the person that brought them across the border than being separated? Did you scream against this law when the Clinton congress passed it? No you did not. You are a hypocrite. Using children to demonstrate your hate for our President.

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  3. SmithWinston6478

    This changes my life long attraction to Susan Sarandon.

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  4. Ugly inside and out.

    Notice the t-shirt next to her. The demorat socialist message now. No prisons? We are going to coddle criminals & illegals? What are we going to do with murderers? Set them free?

    Run with that platform, fools!

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  5. When Hollyweird multi-multi-millionaires yell “this is what democracy looks like,” do they not realize they are making the best argument against democracy possible?

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  6. Who is paying her to show up? I hardly think she did this out of the kindness of her heart. Go in, put some pizzazz in our rally. Since roles are few and far between a little hip money can be picked up doing this sort of thing. Do you honestly believe school systems ask business leaders to address their grads free? They include a fee, some more than others, but compensation is made.

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  7. Her in real life… sitting in her convertible driving off a cliff. Its fun watching Left heads explode, it doesnt get old.
    You go girl!
    We know who you serve!

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  8. Beauty is skin deep, but UGLY is to the bone!

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  9. They’re doing what their owners have ordered them to do. The others are simply fools. They are allowed to “earn” and keep vast sums of money so long as they are useful to the NWO. They would say ANYTHING they told them to.

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    • I don’t know if that is true for Sarandon, in That she has always been a political loudmouth even before it became so ubiquitous and fashionable for Hollywierdos to browbeat us with their moral superiority.

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      • Well sure. Hollywood is owned by Jews. That includes agents, directors, et al. If you want a part or you want to play you are instructed what “your” views are. Just look at the very few who opposed that structure. Look what happened to Mel Gibson, for example.

        They are not going to let anyone in on the game that has independent thoughts and can’t be controlled. She may have those earlier, she may be stupid. I don’t know. But I know that the vast majority of them say the things that they do because they either intuitively know that’s what their owners want, or they are instructed.

        Their agents get them gigs at various venues where they are expected to mouth the commie agenda. If their agents drop them or simply quit getting them bookings they go broke. If they play the game they make millions for nothing.

        Why do people care what they think anyway? They’re just actors.

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  10. Variations on Voltaire’s “If I can get you to believe in an absurdity, I can get you to commit an atrocity” abounds. Further, most people delight in orgies of righteous indignation from one set of values or another. This applies to most from all backgrounds and is not an insulting reference to either man or his best friend, but, give a dog a tasty bone of righteousness, and the only way to remove it is through power or the offering of another apparently tastier bone. By the way, Constitutional rights are for our citizens.

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  11. Why aren’t they protesting the thousands of foster children in the USA that go MISSING each year? They’re separated from THEIR families too, though sometimes it’s due to horrific abuse, but that happens in foster care more often than not.
    Or are they being mum about that since Epstein needs to fill his pedo island with victims for the dumb devil?
    Susan Sarandon doesn’t look too good, she’s got dark circles under her eyes.
    And please tell me this, why should we listen to actors anyway, they’re just paid liars and phonies, just like most politicians.

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    • They are simply USING this as a focal point to stir emotional rage. Obongo and his little buddies arranged to have scores of kids enter the country unaccompanied. Many came all the way from Central America.

      Besides those, anyone who crashes the gate could get arrested. If they have their kids with them they stand a good chance of having them taken into custody for safe keeping.

      Obongo’s buddies include a few companies that are making MASSIVE profits from housing the little darlings. These are affiliated with La Raza. Of course “La Raza” has changed its name (because of bad press) to “Unida” (something).

      Trump did not start anything other than arresting people that break the law. Because the MSM will not tell you these things most believe in this “kidnapping” meme.

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    • Absolutely correct. “And please tell me this, why should we listen to actors anyway, they’re just paid liars and phonies, just like most politicians.” Why indeed?

      Speaking about “not looking too good”:

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    • “Susan Sarandon doesn’t look too good, she’s got dark circles under her eyes.”
      Drugs? Excessive Drinking? Stress? Guilt?

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  12. I always thought liberals were against the idea of traditional families. Or maybe they’re for traditional families, as long as they’re illegal alien invader families.

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    • YT ain’t allowed to have a family!

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    • Simply stated,as near as I can tell,Liberals are against ANYTHING the Conservatives support,and they fully endorse ANYTHING that Conservatives condemn. So much for the “inclusive Democrats”. I’d say that ANY 3rd Grader is more Adult-minded than ANY politically activist Democrat.

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  13. For years our government has covertly in the wee hours of the night flying in refugees into the US on UPS planes with federal tax dollars.

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    • Thanks for this video. I only began watching the the “Still Report” a couple of years ago and hadn’t seen this older one. It’s no wonder my relative wants to leave the Whitehall area.

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    • Mrs M . . . . Thank you for bringing that film clip to us . . . after watching it, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. It is ridiculous to be flooding this country with un-veted peoples, who do not wish to assimilate with native born Americans.

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  14. Like:

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  16. Carl R Hassell

    Remember when she drank some of Timothy Learys ashes at the Burning man festival??

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  17. Another born loser getting some camera appearance for free.

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  18. I would love to see a remake of ‘Thelma and Louise’ where they actually drive off the edge.

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  19. Danielle Marin

    poor susan is bored, apparently. she & catherine zeta should consider starting a worthy cause together, something they can easily use as a tax write-off for their ridiculous amounts of wealth they couldn’t use up in their lifetimes if they tried. perhaps a scholarship fund for exceptional white christian students who are too poor to go to college but their parents aren’t “poor enough” for them to qualify for financial aid. considering they are both white and this country has treated them both much better than they deserve.

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  20. Glad neva liked her,i love enjoying the show,all exposing themselves!MAGA!!!WWG1WGA!!!

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  21. IS SHE KIDDING US?????? As far as “immigration” (illegal alien invasion) goes…..She doesn’t know what’s going on in her own neighborhood, her own county, her own State of Mexifornia—-our schools, our welfare system, our health-care system…., let alone what is going on in the country or what is GOOD for the country—or NOT. She has never PAID for any of these effects of illegal immigration—like us lowly “peons” have…..her kids never went to the local public school and had to suffer a mediocre education b/c teachers struggled to educate ESL kids in the room instead of HER kids…who can be ignored b/c they are “capable” ….. (those ESL, SUPPOSEDLY were born here…went to many years of school here…but still can barely speak English)….she hasn’t YET been injured by an illegal (in fact, she probably pays for them to mow her GREEN LAWN during our CA drought)……she probably took a private or charter JET to this demonstration, and next week will do the same to protest the carbon footprint that “we” leave on the Earth—(meanwhile, I can live 3 lifetimes and NEVER emit or use the carbon footprint OR the water resources that SHE does in a year of her life), I would like to ask her this: What exactly is her “super-power” that she believes her voice is so important to whatever venue she chooses to weigh-in on?

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