Michael Moore: We have to “put our bodies on the line” to stop Trump

michael moore

Fat Man Moore telling you to get off the couch while sitting on a couch himself

From MyFoxChicago: Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said on “The Late Show” that Democrats need to “get off the couch” and put their “bodies on the line” to protest the policies of President Trump.

Moore said Thursday night that liberals must remain non-violent, but it’s no longer just about political differences and civil discourse.

He pointed to the migrant family separation crisis with “thousands of children being kidnapped from their parents and put in jails,” asking the audience how they would react if those were their children.

“Trump is not going to leave. He plans to be re-elected. He loves the term ‘president for life,’” Moore said. “The only way that we’re going to stop this is eventually we’re all going to have to put our bodies on the line. You’re going to have to be willing to do this.”

Moore announced a new film called “Fahrenheit 11/9,” scheduled for release before November’s midterm elections. The title refers to the day after Trump was elected in 2016.

He said he believes America is a majority-liberal country, noting that Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush in 2000 both did not win the popular vote.

“The country we live in doesn’t want the Republicans in the White House. We’re the majority!” he said, calling for the Electoral College to be eliminated.

Moore’s comments came after Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) encouraged her supporters to harass and confront administration officials in public.

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36 responses to “Michael Moore: We have to “put our bodies on the line” to stop Trump

  1. asking the audience how they would react if those were their children.
    Dear parents,
    Stay out of countries where you’re not welcome.

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  2. don’t about this this is like the Middle East when whoever the opposition don’t like who is elected they start to protest and demonstrate….

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  3. Parody is now real life…

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  4. When Ogooma of Kenya was putting these kids in literal cages, we didn’t hear so much as a peep out of the commie-libs.

    I wonder what changed?

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  5. Kevin Lankford

    I think we needn’t worry so much about our own children. They get a pass, since they are not illegals, but real citizens.

    I sure moore knows that the ‘popular vote’ only represents all those trying to vote them selves some thing for nothing.

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  6. Michael all I hear from you are Lies, Lies and ‘Moore’ Lies!

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  7. What a disgusting lard-ass this thing is! The people interviewing him and those who listen to his nonsense should be a constant source of derision. I would be embarrassed to have this idiot speak for me on any matter. That also applies to the pervert interviewing him. Point and laugh at them, they deserve nothing else.

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  8. If Moore put’s his body on the line all you’re gonna have is a sink hole…caused by an as*hole.

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  9. If Moore put his body in front of Trump, Donald would need a 40 foot ladder to get over Mike’s carcass.

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  10. Hey, Trump could just build the wall with Michael Moore’s body! Problem solved!

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  11. just the stench would keep people out.

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  12. Betcha he can’t find it under all that grease, hahahaha no kidding! that fat ball must likely smells because he can’t reach when he showers hahahaha, he has to lift all that blubber hahahaha, oh my ribs hurt!

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  13. The only thing that bat fastard could stop is the flow of sh*t if he got himself wedged into the pipe.

    Hopefully face-first.

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  14. He needs to change his name to Michael Moore & Moore & Moore & Moore…

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  15. Kinda off-topic, but useful somewhere…

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  16. Michael Moore must really hate himself. He obviously has no respect for truth or his own self image. Disgusting anti-American.

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  17. Here’s a great example. A conservative group, led by a candidate for the Senate, had a permit for a conservative rally in Portland. Antifa showed up and started a riot.


    The cops treat this as if people having a riot and people having an event are one and the same.

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  18. If we elected our president by a popular vote, then President Trump would have undoubtedly ran a much different type of campaign. He would have avoided the middle of the country, like Hillary did, and spent most of his time and money on the coastal regions with the big cities and the large population centers, that would give him the most bang for his buck.
    He instead spent time in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and my home state of Michigan, the states that he knew he would need to win to get the electoral college votes to win the presidency, which he ultimately did, and by a comfortable margin, as it turned out.
    The Democrats still have not figured it out that when they want to change the rules on things, when they are not happy with the outcome, then it will eventually come back and bite them once again, the next time around. In much the same way as the filibuster rules and the judicial appointments that the senate must approve, the Democrats were the ones who started the whole changes that now will be their undoing. Thankfully, it will now serve to get a court that will hopefully follow the constitution.
    As to the big question of getting the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v Wade, I can only say that I would not bet on that happening in my lifetime, and I am only 58. The SCOTUS is always reluctant to change settled case law, unless there is a very compelling reason to do so. It will take a very huge shift in the public opinion for such a thing to happen, from the polls that I have seen over the past years. Of course we can never give up hope, but we also must be realistic. It is said that when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. I believe before we can address some of the horrible issues of the past, we have to ensure that we don’t allow the country to continue to make more, and even worse ones. Let’s pray that this newest court Justice will at least be a starting point to help stop the digging.

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    • “If we elected our president by a popular vote, then President Trump would have undoubtedly ran a much different type of campaign.”
      I’m not so sure about this. Trump doesn’t strike me as a Man who does things he’s not comfortable with,and I doubt he’d be comfortable with a lot of what he’d have to say,promise and do to win the Liberal/Socialist vote.

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      • I concur with your last statement.

        Yet I also think Trump would do what he’s comfortable with and try to convince you that his way was the better way to go for all involved. He hasn’t gotten where he is by major compromises.

        Just my opinion. Ya gotta make the art of the deal work for all, or at least sell it that way…

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  19. Will come the day when they wont be able to walk free on the streets


  20. Stephen Colbert has the cold, sinister look & bearing and demeanour of someone who enjoys hurting children…just like Jimmy Kimmel.

    Juz sayin’…

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  21. Actually Moore you don’t need any bodies, your FAT ARSE will make up for thousands!

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  22. Patrick Cornell

    Why does Michael Moore look like a fat old grandmother?

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  23. FAT PRICK I hope he puts HIS corpulence on the line and lets us throw sharp stuff at it ,(sorry the guy disgusts me) Of course he will LIE THROUGH HIS TEETH – watch BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE if you don’t believe me. Of course its all fair to promote HIS TWISTED AGENDA – just LIKE BABY DOC TURDO up here.

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