Illegal alien in country for 18 years gets sanctuary at Seattle church to avoid deportation


The illegal alien owns a painting company. Hence I’m assuming he’s somewhat smart enough to figure out how to obtain US citizenship. Apparently he only applied for a VISA this year after he was held at gun point.

Maybe he should have thought about planning for legal citizenship to avoid living “moment by moment” and being responsible for separating his own family.

From Seattle Times: Jose Robles was supposed to be on a plane back to Michoacan, Mexico, at 6 a.m. Thursday, but he packed his bags and went to Gethsemane Lutheran Church in downtown Seattle instead.

He said he felt fear and anxiety driving to the church for sanctuary to avoid deportation.

Churches are considered “sensitive locations” by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which means they are generally not allowed to conduct enforcement operations there.

Robles was referred to Gethsemane Lutheran Church by The Church Council of Greater Seattle, which is connected to more than 300 religious congregations.

The Church Council has been organizing vigils and demonstrations in the wake of family separations that have removed more than 2,000 immigrant children from their parents.

It is unclear whether there are other undocumented immigrants illegal aliens being given sanctuary in the Seattle area.

Michael Ramos, executive director of the Church Council, said this is the first sanctuary situation made public.

Gethsemane Lutheran Pastor Joanne Engquist said her congregation committed to being a sanctuary on April 9, 2017.  Robles is the first person provided sanctuary by the church, she said.

The church is prepared to provide sanctuary and necessary amenities to Robles for as long as he needs it, said Engquist. “We are relying on the wider community of congregations and faith leaders to bring food, conversation, medical and personal needs in this space to keep him comfortable,” she said.

Robles has lived in the U.S. for 18 years and lived in Lakewood for the past decade. He owns a painting company, but can no longer work while he’s in sanctuary. Donations were being accepted Thursday evening after a vigil held to bring attention to Robles’ cause.

“You don’t plan this,” Robles said in Spanish. “You’re living moment by moment and that’s not good.”

Robles doesn’t know when he will be able to leave the church.

Robles has been trying to apply for a U-Visa, which is given to certain undocumented immigrants illegal aliens who are victims of a crime and are cooperative with law enforcement in an investigation. In April, Robles said he was held at gunpoint and beaten while trying to get a haircut.

Lakewood officials need to sign off on the U-Visa for Robles to qualify, but haven’t. “We aren’t asking them to change the report, just to verify that it in fact did happen to me,” Robles said.

Robles says he had two traffic offenses, which, according to records, are for negligent driving. According to a statement from Lakewood officials, “the city of Lakewood is prohibited by state law from discussing this person’s legal history or their immigration status. As such, we can’t explain why his request was denied.”

Robles’ family is using every tool they have available to stay together.

The family were together at the church on Thursday before the 5:30 vigil to learn about how to get the word out on social media. More than a dozen of his family members showed up.

Daughters Brenda Robles, 24, and Yuritzy Robles, 19, both have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status, sometimes referred to as Dreamers.

Brenda said though she has DACA she feels like she isn’t safe anymore, and said her 8-year-old sister, Natalie Robles, has growing anxiety from the situation. “She’s in shock and just hoping he doesn’t have to go anywhere” she said.

Their mother, Susana Gaytan, said Natalie hasn’t been the same since it became apparent that her father would get deported.


24 responses to “Illegal alien in country for 18 years gets sanctuary at Seattle church to avoid deportation

  1. Last Sunday, there was a page inserted into the church bulletin — a message from U.S. bishops decrying the “inhumanity” of President Trump’s “immigration policy” and the “separation of families”. In all the 8 years of pro-abort Obama in the White House, I do not recall ever seeing or hearing a statement from U.S. bishops decrying abortion, nor do I recall U.S. bishops criticizing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her advocacy of abortion, including late-term abortion.

    U.S. bishops will have to answer before God, and Jesus said the clergy will be judged more strictly.

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  2. What is it with the lanyards and their precious illegal aliens anyways? I guess they are harboring their future felon voters. 😡.

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  3. So after living here for 18 years and owning his own business, he is now crying foul. 18 years ago, things were better and he could have applied legally and most likely be legal by now. Has he taken payment in cash only, has he paid taxes all this time?
    He is the reason his child is living in fear. Not us, not the President. We had existing laws before he came, he chose to break them.
    My empathy is running thin.
    These liberals screaming bloody murder for open borders, haven’t a clue as to what could happen. I haven’t heard of one accepting any immigrant into their own homes. Just another excuse to attack a person they happen to disagree with, even though their God Obama did the same thing, the media just chose to cover for him.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Did you notice that “his wife” does not use his last name. Perhaps she is one of these “welfare widow” who get Uncle Sam to support her and all her children, while the father of the children makes plenty of money under the table and avoids paying any taxes.

      I honestly do not understand what is wrong with these “religious organizations” who pander to “helping the illegals” at the expense of the native born people in their own countries.

      Any person of real conscience should withhold monies and offerings as long as the religious leaders are indulging in this dangerous activity.

      If “Ma” has been benefiting from untaxed monies from a the man who is the father of her children, and it can be proven . . . she needs to be turned in as a “Welfare Cheat,” and he needs to be prosecuted as a “Tax Cheat” and any property he may hold should be confiscated to pay against whatever he owes in taxes.

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  4. Or, at least, worked to get legal a lot earlier…

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    My goodness – he had 18 years to figure this thing called – immigration – out and just hung on to his illegal status. Duh!


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . . I honestly think that there is a preponderance of illegals who put off attempting to “get legal” because they truly feel that any day now the Federal Government is going to issue blanket immunity. We think we did that once already, and all we got out of it was hundreds of thousands of additional illegal immigrants.

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  6. Yeah we know, we know, it’s just not fair to be compelled to seek sanctuary in a church to hide from the law ‘cause it tends to make you feel like a criminal.

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  7. After 18 years he makes his comments in Spanish?!! Adios amigo!

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  8. Remove the churches tax exemption status since it is operating outside of its designated function. Once they recieve a bill for property tax, corporate tax and various other ad valoriums demand full structure inspections. If food is prepared on the premise a full health inspection. Sanctuary is an old medieval custom, not law, but a courtesy the secular afforded the religious. Henry 8th circumvented that.

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    • Mad Celt . . . . Now that is what I call a “brilliant idea.” I for one am sick and tired of religious organizations deciding to operate outside the laws of this nation. What we have seen with the rise of these various religious organizations that specialize in “handling illegal/legal immigrants” is the rise of lawlessness among the clergy, and those officiating for the various churches. They is really big, big business for them. With the sad fact that so many people are falling away from church attendance, it should not come as a great surprise that among young people they would see the hypocrisy of the churches involved.

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  9. People who have never set foot in a church before suddenly run there to seek refuge from the law. That’s called harboring a criminal.

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    18 years is a longtime to just forget to get legal. And he built a business along the way. No excuses for this guy. Can’t just play it off.

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    • I find it odd that he decides to get legal…only when a gun gets pointed at his head while getting a haircut. That was motivation yet not being separated from his family wasn’t enough, apparently…

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  11. It always gets me, say you want to visit England. You can stay there for awhile, but don’t try to find a job, they won’t let you work. At least that is the way it used to be, seeing as they have this massive muslim migration, maybe it’s moot now over there.

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    • Yeah last time I applied for a job, they wanted my SS number. No SS number, no job. A two tiered system where the laws only apply if your skin is White.

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  12. Why aren’t people protesting the fact that these parents are letting their kids try and sneak into the country by themselves? Don’t a lot of these kids get taken into the US via coyotes?

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    • Because Truuuuuuump!

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    • During the Obongo reign, there were train loads of them coming up from Central America. They weren’t with their parents. The rumor has it that a lot of them were being trafficked.

      Obongo has connections to an outfit that the Government is paying hundreds of millions of dollars to to house them in old WalMarts. There is a suspicion that a lot of them are there in name only and are being sold for other purposes.

      Whether they are stolen, orphaned or bought and sold they are here on their own, without parents. There is another group who come with their parents and are separated because their parents are under arrest. There is a law that limits how long they can hold a kid while their parents are in custody. I think its twenty days.

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