WANTED: Woman who threatened to firebomb Steven Crowder’s van

Politics in America have descended to the thuggish level of open harassment, intimidation, threats, and violence. This terrorism cannot continue.

The only way to restore some semblance of civility is to hold thugs accountable.

Steven Crowdy, 30, is an American-Canadian conservative political commentator, actor, and comedian. He is the host of Louder with Crowder, a podcast covering news, pop culture, and politics, streamed on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes and terrestrial radio; a former contributor at Fox News; and a regular guest on TheBlaze.

Watch Crowdy confront Firebomb Woman at the 2018 Texas Democratic Convention, June 21-23, in Fort Worth, Texas.

H/t DCG’s post

The Democrats have had eight years in power under Obama, but this is how they behave when they lost an election. Imagine what they’ll do to us if/when they return to power again.

It is a federal crime, USC 18.41 Sec. 875(c), punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, to transmit any communication containing a threat to injure the person of another, via the Internet and e-mail (as well as the telephone, beepers, and other means of communication).

What “firebomb woman” did is a crime. Please report her to the FBI here or here.

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18 responses to “WANTED: Woman who threatened to firebomb Steven Crowder’s van

  1. She looks about 12. I wonder how she would feel if someone called for the same to happen to her family? It is past time to take these people seriously and make them pay for the inciting.

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  2. She is the new face of Obama’s Rainbow Conspiracy with the help of Mr. Phillips and his rich wife. They’re looking to put communists dressed up as progressives, watch the video interview with Trevor Loudon


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  3. Why isn’t she hunted down and interrogated like the terrorist she is? Just because she’s a little girl doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous. Look at Bill Ayers and his sweetheart.

    Clearly we have a double-standard here.

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  4. I would not care if it were a conservative calling for the firebombing of a conservative TV host like Tucker Carlson or the like. This is wrong and the rhetoric is getting out of hand and must stop immediately. Because it is just a short Molotov cocktail away from some nutcase actually taking one of these hate filled rants at face value and a celebrity news maker and their wife and children, or their husband and children are going to all end up burning to death. It might sound like a good thing to the hateful left to see Stephen Crowder and his family burn to death, however, it is anything but a good thing.
    The one thing that this nation has always had in our favor has been that we have are almost always been able to somehow and someway managed to discuss our differences and even after the strongest of discussions, including some very hot arguments on the floor of the House or Senate, at the end of the day, the Republic has emerged not only intact, but stronger for the debate. And the members of both sides of the aisle, after arguing about a topic with great passion and heat, were able to put that aside and sit down to dinner at the conclusion of the days debate, with both respect and good humor, knowing that those on the other side of the issue felt the same respect for them.
    The fact that we as a country are no longer seeing the same type of old fashioned respect, or common courtesy, speaks volumes not of the leadership alone, but also about those of us who are sending them to Washington in our stead.
    If you recall, the town hall meetings of the last couple of years, and the lack of civility displayed by the public towards the elected leaders, it certainly informs as to what I am talking about. It is one thing to hold a leader accountable, but another to not even allow that leader to address any question posed to them. That we have seen a drop in the town hall meetings held by some of the leaders in D.C. is not a surprise at all.
    In some ways, I am reminded of the saying, be the change you want to see in others. The problem is that just like myself, I suspect that a good number of you are already displaying that change. As Christians, we are exhorted time and again to treat others kindly, and with humility and a gently spirit. While I am inferring those points, and not taking them directly from scripture, you all know that to be the way that Jesus lived, and we are taught to live as He did, in 1 John, and while we certainly struggle, we also strive for that type of daily walk.
    So now, since many of us are already trying to live as an example to the world, what can we do to help this country return to a nation not only under God, but one that depends on God? There is only one thing that I can think of, and that is that there is nothing that we can do ourselves. It will only happen when God chooses to make something happen, and we must not only pray for that, but we must also start to understand what that means and not get in the way of His will, as some of us can often do. By trying to force things to happen in the way that we think is best, we can and do often make things worse, and quench the Spirit, and we are warned about making sure that we don’t do that. I have learned that if I am warned about doing something, if is because I have a tendency to either want to or default to the desire to do that thing.
    So while I know that the Lord can change our nation, and draw us back to Himself, I have to allow it to be done His way and in His time. I must just continue to do the things that He has told me to do. I am not responsible for anyone else’s actions or thoughts, save my own. That is a big enough burden at times.
    I do pray for every one of you who are in the very hot weather conditions this next few days. It can be dangerous, especially for certain people and those who do certain jobs. Take care of yourselves and each other. And Blessings from our Lord to all.

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  5. Why are these people allowed to walk the streets? They are putting people’s lives in danger, they are instigating bodily harm. But should somebody confront her that somebody would go straight to jail.

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  6. Apparently Stephanie Wilkinson fancies herself an expert on child rearing as well. It looks like she has two children, I can’t tell if they’re from her “significant other, Pussy Hat” or not. Apparently they are not married (what a surprise).

    From the look of it the one certainty is that she is shameless.

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    • According to TruthFinder, she began cohabiting with pussy-hat Duncan Richter, the Virginia Military Institute philosophy professor, around 1995-1996.

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      • Ah, so he’s the “Richter” listed as co-owner. That makes sense. He teaches at the Institute and she runs the restaurant and the yarn outfit. It looks like she had a magazine once too, but sold that.

        I’m getting the same vibe as I did from the Pizzagate crowd out there at Comet Ping Pong. The whole Yuppies for Hillary crowd. Better check her for brands.

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        • What I gathered from TruthFinder is that Richter and Stephanie co-own their home in Lexington, not of The Red Hen. He’s Stephanie’s domestic, not business partner.

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          • Yes. I got confused between the residence and the business as listed:

            “Wilkinson address per prior-comment re Red Hen LLC corporation search:
            –620 Stonewall
            –Zoned Residential.
            –Owners: Wilkinson & Richter: http://vamanet.com/cgi-bin/RECPGM2?LOCAL=LEX&RECNUM=1674&DWELL=1
            –I forgot to click the Sales History to see how long they have owned that address (fairly newcomers to the neighborhood[?] since her Yarn company was only incorporated in 2017, & her name as Registered Agent for Red Hen was only as of 2016).”

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  7. Federal law enforcement and many local and state law enforcement agencies will not enforce the law when it comes to liberal law breakers. There are definitely two different “justice” systems at work today in America.

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  8. Looks like Michael Moore is calling for a “civil war” now. He “cries every night”. Wow. Once those hormones kick in we’ll have a Michelle.


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