Previously deported child molester charged with assaulting boy in New York

gov cuomo

Gov. Cuomo loves his illegal aliens. After all, he’s an “undocumented person” himself.

From NY Post: A soccer coach who had been deported from Texas as a child molester in 2009 has returned to allegedly molest another child — this time in Brooklyn, The Post has learned.

Pablo Pineda, 39, was arrested Thursday at the Friends Field on East Fourth Street in Midwood, officials confirmed Friday.

Pineda allegedly groped the genitals of a 10-year old boy repeatedly over the course of four months, between June and September of 2017, police sources said. He also texted the boy in an attempt to get the kid to meet him at the movies, the sources said.

The alleged abuse was first reported to cops Wednesday.

Pineda’s record includes a 2005 arrest in Texas on charges of sex abuse of a child, an offense that led to him becoming a registered sex offender, the sources said.

He was deported in 2009 but it remains unclear what his country of origin is or when and how he returned to the United States.

Pineda was awaiting arraignment Friday night at Brooklyn Criminal Court.

As of last Saturday, he was being held on a $75,000 bail.


7 responses to “Previously deported child molester charged with assaulting boy in New York

  1. And the left just love people like him. Of course the media is silent about this.

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    • The American people have more resources than the Network news channels and those pieces of toilet paper called Newspapers. We are waking up through other means to the insanity we’ve permitted to go on for too long. It will take time, we didn’t get into this perdicament overnight. I’m not meeting hateful nazis or murderous anarchists on this page. Many are just average people, like myself, fed up by these elites attitudes and their posturing. They want us to believe we are the scum of the earth when we really are the salt of the earth. We never thought of ourselves as hateful, cruel people only as those who play by the rules and only ask the same of everyone else. Why Cuomo hates us has everything to do with the wealth and power he can accumulate by keeping us silent and miserable. We’ve hit a nerve on that fraud so lets go on to reduce him to a nervous wreck. We determine our destiny, not the Cuomos of this nation. He’s only a paid cheerleader for the other side. The wrong side.

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  2. Another “poor but hardworking undocumented immigrant” ….

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  3. Politicians such as him really believe the PR BS they constantly check like a gas gauge. Maybe he has a hardcore following who would never turn no matter what. His hardcore fans are not the people out here using their heads and hands to make the country work. They, if properly polled, would likely say he is a straw headed, incompetent nitwit. Men are not judged by what they say but rather by what they do. We stand by Trump not because he is a wonderful person rather because he has the experience of dealing with Cuomo types and is fighting their nonsense and inconsistency. We have a street brawler pitted against the posers and snake oil salesmen. Their retort is for us to enjoy the ruination their sheer ignorance is encouraging. The paradigm is shifting (slowly and painfully) but the days of Cuomo and his ilk are coming to a close. They won’t go quietly into that long, dark night but they will go as we send them ranting and raving into the trash heap of history. There are more of us than of him. And he has not won anything. Cuomo will wind up a bitter old man.

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  4. No bail needed just a wooden box 30 feet underground. wish I could have been either of those children’s parent.

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