Steven Crowder confronts womyn who threatened to firebomb his van

He ended up being called a Nazi, of course.

The cowardly proggie couldn’t justify her actions.

This is the left now: Cowards, Violent and Hypocrites. Enjoy your “Blue Wave” this November!


51 responses to “Steven Crowder confronts womyn who threatened to firebomb his van

  1. Crowder should release the name of the woman terrorist who threatened to firebomb his van WITH HIM INSIDE.

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  2. Well there you have it the torrential left. If they can’t win the discussion they just chant what they want to shut you up. FASCISM at its best. If they want that kind of government then why just not move its easier to do than start a civil war just MOVE.

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    • They don’t want to move. They want to take over our country and force us to move, or be killed.

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      • The main reason I said I was a DIP when the time comes this will not end good and a fight will happen. We know this. Sad to say we are in a civil war and the NWO is in place just not at full steam yet. I feel the times they are ah changing.

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        • Brian, I don’t want to think is a civil war because we are not fighting our fellow Americans, we are fighting against evil, imposition of a doctrine against freedom, right against wrong, Cain and Abel, it is slowly moving and we are not doing much about it until too late.

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          • You are right there Alma the civil war I speak of is in mind and thought at the moment. with the momentum it is moving though it will not be too long before the powder keg blows up and civil disobedience starts and the riots get going.

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            • You’re right. I’m not looking forward to it. It is by design. They have manipulated this whole situation. They fully expect to be in full control when its over.

              People better learn to shoot straight or take yacht washing lessons.

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              • I’m already locked and loaded lophatt. There comes a time in the lives of all rational people when we must recognize that the wack jobs have declared war on all of us. I did not ask for this fight. But I am ready for it, none the less. I hope we all are.

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  3. Just like locust. These out of control crowds are waiting around the corner to insult and instill fear. It is our right to disagree and dislike and yet we feel threatened with violence. PEOPLE, THIS IS HOW THE LEFT OPERATES, we must not fear them, long time ago I experienced and lived through these assaults, crowds converging in front of the house, it was done to my family for just disagreeing with Communism, nobody to stop the assault, they threw cans, dirt and rocks to the front porch, they shouted for my dad to be jailed, we just sat quietly until it was over that was the reason why so many left Cuba. It was done daily from one end to the other throughout the island, same thing going on in Venezuela and Nicaragua. Latrine Waters is a marxist-Leninist agitator and an instigator behind all these, she is using it all to advance the leftist agenda. God have mercy.

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    • Alma . .. . Excellent comments.

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      • Auntie Lulu, unless you live through it, there’s no idea what we went through, the first thing was to disarm the police and those that had arms when caught meant 30 years in jail, we left behind everything, persecution, concentration camps, cruelty at all levels, kicked out of work, and it happened and continues to happen only 90 miles from the USA. This is true, no fabrication of the mind, not a dream.

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    • Latrine Waters…that is perfect, a perfect name for her!
      Ugh, people like that and this dorky ‘revolutionary’ girl are true useful idiots!
      They don’t know what real communism does and is like, too bad they aren’t dropped in communist countries and see what it’s really like living in them. Then they would crawl back with their tails between their legs and get some brainless job someplace.
      She’s just a cockroach, probably being paid by Soros.

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    • You are absolutely right, Alma. She is a paid agitator. Even the show of “anger” from the other parasites is a stage play. They’re all in on it. How pathetic.

      Can you imagine then howling and gnashing of teeth if somebody would have been doing this with little Barry Soetoro? Oh my GAWD. They’d be calling them “racist” and rednecks.

      Anyone who’s studied the Bolshevik revolution knows that most of it was purely for show. They back-stabbed each other and made grandiose announcements, etc.. At the end of the day you had the power-hungry in charge. That’s what you have here.

      Their “heroes” are laughing at them. I really do think that at the moment they are trying to force a violent episode. They would love to declare martial law and confiscate all the guns. Once they do that they will never let go.

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      • “Can you imagine then howling and gnashing of teeth if somebody would have been doing this with little Barry Soetoro? Oh my GAWD. They’d be calling them “racist” and rednecks.”
        I think that would have been the MILDEST reactions. The Leftists have gone SO BATSHIT-CRAZY,I think there would be bloodshed every day,from vigilante ambushes,mobs beating Conservative individuals to death,firebombing cars,trucks,buses,and probably even Ambulances. They’ve gone so loony they even worry ME,and THAT takes some work. I really AM expecting to see deadly violence soon;I pray I’m wrong,but the Devil is workin’ his BUTT off to destroy our Country,our lives,our moral compass. They prove,EVERY DAY,that being a Democrat,Leftist,Liberal,Socialist,Communist or any creative combination they can dream up,IS a form of INSANITY,and they ALL need intense treatment and residence in the oft mentioned “rubber rooms”. The evidence is OVERWHELMING that as a group,the LEFT is FAR too dangerous to be walking free in Society. Don’t get me wrong-I know a few Democrats I REALLY LIKE,but I wouldn’t TRUST any of ’em as far as I could THROW ’em.

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        • Hell, I’m just afraid that if I turn my back on ’em they’ll bite my ankles.

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        • I’m thinking/hoping/praying the noisiest, attention-seeking whores among them… those who obviously have no responsibilities in life to which they’re committed and responsible, which allows them to continue traveling like nomads around the country to wherever there’s a “movement”, are merely a small minority of each group.

          Including run-of-the-mill Democrats & Socialists, the new left, neo-liberals, progressives, LGBTQ, BLM, femmies, anarchists, atheists, and “satanists”.

          I think the majority of each group of freaks & geeks above are, in reality thinking, “Oh PLEASE, shut the hell up and stop drawing attention to us, and making things even worse than they already are!”

          Or at least, that’s how I’d like to think things are… because how else have we all been able to “get along” for 250 years without imploding?

          I’d blame the young who were raised in moderate luxury during the ’90s and early 2000s, when their parents were flush with cash from a blooming stock market, and they got pretty much everything they wanted — aided by the whole phenomenon of rampant divorce among their parents, which taught kids to whine and cry until one parent gave them what they wanted to “earn their love”. And today, that parent is the Democrat party, and even more, Bernie Sanders’ branch of it. And today’s leaders pander to them.

          And I’d blame the aging hippy generation who are in positions of power now in government and education exactly where they wanted to be to influence (and in some instances, control) an entire new generation.

          If we can keep things together until the youngsters grow out of it, and watch the hippies age into retirement and die off, and can quash the whole secular humanism movement and get back to a Godly society (aided by leaders in the White House, Congress, and the SCotUS!), and if church leaders get back to preaching Biblically-based sermons rather than pandering to “whatever feels good prosperity”, we have a good chance.

          But we have to control who gets elected to government. It’s imperative.

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  4. People are waking up big time to all the liberal insanity! I just saw this from Terrence Williams and got a big laugh, as usual. Peter Fonda’s new movie netted only $30,000.😁

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  5. She looks like the cockroach that she is. If she could have slid behind the wallpaper she would have. Mouthy, little back-biting petty tyrants. They should have been beaten twice daily by their parents and locked in the cellar.

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  6. I don’t get it, I mean are they THAT stupid thinking that firebombing people in a van is OK, and then to try and get off the subject at hand, parroting some stupid thing, healthcare is a human right’ has anything to do with the question? Man, they are really STUPID. Useful idiots, that is exactly what they are. And cowards, ha ha!
    I notice they sure didn’t being called what they are- cowards. Smug stupid little cowards, that’s their “revolution”? Pathetic.
    Crowder is pretty cool for what he does, I love it! Ha ha!

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    • If you watch them you’ll always notice that they’re constantly looking left and right to see if everybody is in agreement. They don’t have an original thought anywhere in their gourds.

      It is maddening to watch the smug looks on their faces. None of them could begin to explain or defend their positions. They just mimic whatever they are told. They’re like monkeys. If you mimed dragging the dull edge of a straight razor across your neck and handed it to them they’d cut their own throats.

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      • I would gladly pay for all the razors they need for that to happen where do I send a check? (scar)☻

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      • Ha, that’s a good idea! Maybe someone could install a few plants in their little geek group. 😉

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      • “If you watch them you’ll always notice that they’re constantly looking left and right to see if everybody is in agreement. They don’t have an original thought anywhere in their gourds.”

        I’ve noticed that exact same activity among the news show pundits for a few years now, where the person in the hot seat is talking while jerking their head left and right as if seeking immediate positive feedback from their kin. It’s funniest to see the old dogs like Mark Shields do it (while smacking his lips like a crack addict), as if he’s no better than the fresh-outta-journalism school pups at the table. (“Is that right? Am I sticking to the outline of talking points?”)

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    • It doesn’t take much to be a keyboard warrior. The first time one of them get pasted on the nose, or worse, the whole game is gonna change. The only way they could win a confrontation is if they have professional help.

      Even a lot of us geezers were trained in the military. They don’t have any of that going for them. They don’t know what end a bullet comes out of.

      All of this for them is a Saturday cartoon. It isn’t real, its all animated. The first time they see real blood they’ll be singing a new song.

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      • Like they say, there are no Atheists in foxholes! Problem is, if the USA becomes riddled with fools like this who go towards communist Utopia-land, once they realize the error of their ways, it’ll be too late.
        I’m glad that people like Crowder are calling these WIMPS and cowards out for what they are. They’re all “tough” in a little group with security around, otherwise they’d be running away, ha ha! Bunch of losers! They don’t know what real life is like, hence their behavior.

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    • That same sort of rhetoric was common in the ’60’s. Between the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, SDS, Simbianese Liberation Army, etc.. All Commies. Soros is right out in front of all this. It’s what he does all over the world for the Rothschilds. .

      Just like with any terrorist organization, if you cut off their money supply they evaporate and slither back into their holes. I think we’re going to see whether this fizzles or flares up soon enough.

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  7. I was amazed at the nonchalant this of the young lady who posted the threat to firebomb his van. I was even more amazed at the number of people who said violence was justified.
    These little idiots have never experienced true violence. Imagine them scattering the first time they run up against some hardcore veterans who crack their skulls.

    I am not advocating violence in any way. However, I’m tired of pussyfooting around. I will be more than happy to return violence with violence. I have been there and felt pain, I’m not afraid of it.

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  8. Dear Ms. Blue Wave. Meet Mr. Red Tide

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  9. Those prog’ies were sad… sad examples of evolved human intellect.
    But I enjoyed the gal with the cell phone camera continually pointed at Crowder, as if that was going to save her. I’m seeing that a lot these days, including when cops pull people over or question them. They must have all received the same memo.

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    A simple watch of this video is the reason that mental health is a critical component of the modern day. It’s insane! A simple question turns to chanting and the claim that killing for your political side is OK! This is the reason Demorats are on the edge, These are their constituents!

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  11. Dan bongino made an excellent observation about these types of people. They have always worked in a world of controlled violence. School campuses, organized Sports, things of that nature.

    They have never experienced uncontrolled violence. Violence Unleashed, where there is no way out. If they ever experienced this type of uncontrolled violence, they will be in big trouble.

    Liberals by Nature are soft. They seek out degrees in education or liberal arts. By and large they’ve never worked with their hands or suffered hardship. Once they are placed in the position of true violence. They will have no idea how to react.

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