Police dog Poncho gives CPR!

A video of Poncho, a police dog from Madrid, has gone viral thanks to the pup’s heroic actions with a human officer during a recent drill.

The video, posted by Madrid’s police department to social media, shows a police officer pretending to have been attacked and falls to the ground. Poncho leaps into action and administers CPR to the officer by jumping on the man’s chest, interspersed with listening to the officer’s pulse by resting its head against the man’s neck.

Madrid’s police department posted the video to encourage pet adoption.

While Poncho’s CPR training is a rarity, dogs have been credited with rescuing their owners by calling 911. (Yahoo)

Here’s the video. You will melt into a sweet gooey puddle!


13 responses to “Police dog Poncho gives CPR!

  1. Deleonpatriott

    Thanks! I had heard about this and seen a snippet on it on Fox News, glad to see the whole thing! It does tug at your heart strings!

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  2. That is awesome!

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  3. So good Doc how do you find these things? Set for the day ☻

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  4. AWWW!! Who’s cutting onions in here?? 😉

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  5. Who saves the day? That cutie is smarter that the two legged dogs ‘round here!

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  6. Just glad he wasn’t giving ‘mouth to mouth’!

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  7. That was truly magnificent.

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  8. I can’t remember where it happened,but several years ago I remember seeing a dashcam video of a K9Officer being shot by a motorist he’d pulled over. The officer flew backwards and landed in the middle of the Right lane,in heavy traffic. (Both vehicles were,probably,a car width or more off the road,so the passing traffic wasn’t moving away from that lane.) His Dog leapt out of the car and dragged the Officer off the road into the shade in front of the car,and,not being able to use the radio turned on the siren and honked the horn until an alert motorist stopped to render assistance,using the Police radio to call for help. I thought that Dog was pretty smart. The newscaster said the Dispatcher put the description and plate number out over the radio and the shooter was caught within the hour. (I wonder if they’ve since made the Police radio gear a little more “Dog Friendly”.)

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  9. You sure can’t put a price on these wonderful and valuable K9 officers. Most have more sense than most people. Same for our Military K9’s that Obama made them leave so many in the ME. I have never gotten over that.

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    • I saw an article on that – I think on Walid Shoebat’s site – that left me incredibly pissed, especially after owning a German Shepherd of my own, and part of a family that has had GSDs for 35 years..


  10. Big smile on my face!

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