Netflix at it again: Now under fire for film critics say contains child pornography


Contact Netflix here or on Twitter.

This is the same media company that just signed a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama.

From Fox News:  Netflix has come under fire for a movie streaming on their site that some viewers say contains a scene that is child pornography.

The opening scene of the Argentinian film “Desiredepicts two young girls under the age of 10 playing around with pillows. The scene takes a sexual turn involving one of the girls.

The news site PJ Media said it reported the film to the FBI and Department of Justice for child pornography. The FBI told Fox News, “Per DOJ policy, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation.”

The film remains on Netflix’s site and a rep for the streaming service did not return Fox News’ request for comment. It was not immediately clear what Netflix’s vetting policy is for films.

Angry viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust and are calling on Netflix to remove the film and start an investigation.

“@Netflix WHY ARE YOU OFFERING KIDDIE PORN??? #Desire @FBI @TheJusticeDept PLEASE investigate,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote, “Watch the first few minutes of the movie Desire from Netflix promotion of pedophilia absolutely disgusting!! Parents should be arrested for this scene alone!!”

@netflix You need to remove the film Desire from your service IMMEDIATELY. You are MAKING AVAILABLE CHILD PORN by leaving this film up. I am DISGUSTED and will be canceling my service if this is not fixed ASAP. What is wrong with you?!”

According to Section 2256 of Title 18 of the United States Code, child pornography is “any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age).”

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23 responses to “Netflix at it again: Now under fire for film critics say contains child pornography

  1. It was just a matter of time after same sex marraige this would be the next big push they would have and now they are easing it into the public domain.
    How sick can they get. FBI do your job

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  2. Netflix is like Facebook, Twitter and Google. When they first began, they seem harmless and even useful. Then after they’ve become wildly popular and attained “critical mass,” every one of them reveals their true evil face.

    I’m glad I closed my Netflix account many months ago. I will never go back.

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    • Dr Eowyn .. . . I’m with you. I closed my Netflix account also several months back when they hired that woman who had been involved with the Obummer administration. They put her on the Board of Directors. For the life of me I cannot remember her name. I certainly do agree with the thought–when these entities get so large, they seem to feel they can do whatever they want, without any repercussions. Just the fact that George Soros is a mayor stock holder is enough to make one think of canceling their subscription.

      Personally, I feel the same way about “Amazon,” it is just getting so large and getting into too many things–they have a strangle hold in the online shopping market.

      DCG . . . Great article. Keep up the good work!

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      • “Personally, I feel the same way about “Amazon,” it is just getting so large and getting into too many things–they have a strangle hold in the online shopping market.”
        Yes, and also too politicized per Bezos’ personal (progressive) ideologies… as well as the way they treat their workers (according to exposes I’ve seen).

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        • I feel the same way and cancelled our Amazon account. I just read last week where Bezos worth went from about 100 B to around. 147 B that is way too much money for anyone.

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      • That woman is Benghazi liar Susan Rice.

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      • Auntie, I fully agree. We also closed our account and Amazon last year. I realized how many small stores had to close their doors because of them.
        I loved Netflix but noticed their hard turn left and into evil. An executive bundled a large amount of money for Obama and his wife received an ambassadorship in return, then the Obama’s got their show. Sick. Hope it fails.
        Toss in Rice and Soros and you have one sick company.

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      • As it turns out “amazon” corp was (and still is, technically) a peddler in child porn and facilitating child molestation, in case anyone forgot about them selling the “pedophile’s guide to love and pleasure”, which they first outright defended. They still sell books that do feature child porn, however, like “art” books by sally mann, etc. as somehow calling something “art” makes it “legal”.

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  3. Well, thankfully it’s on YouTube as well.

    I think the content is questionable depending on what you’re looking for… which is probably the defense the director/producer/distributor etc. would use. It doesn’t have good ratings (<33% liked it). I wouldn’t waste my time watching it. But it wasn’t made for my “viewing interest demographic”, lol.

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  4. And of course, there’s also the 22 year old Hillary Clinton campaign worker, Joel Davis, who was just recently arrested for some serious pedophile charges. I’m thinking that all of the liberal politicians are pedophiles in some shape or form.

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  5. “Per DOJ policy, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation”
    WHAT KIND OF BULLSHI*T IS THIS?!!!???? This isn’t some “national secret”, it’s sick kiddie porn! WTF?? What about the right to know?
    I mean they could at least say they are investigating…..unless they don’t want to?

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  6. Shhhhhhh! Dead silence……. so far nobody’s saying anything.

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  7. Well just imagine what it will be like with Obongo and Mooch in the mix! “Hot Tranny Drag Queen meets Bosco the Cow’. They hear their father’s voice.

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    • I assume your “Hot Tranny Drag Quenn…” is O….

      “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  8. Netflix is garbage…. they signed barry, michael & susan rice. They produce trash that emphasizes sex, drugs, child porn, lqbgtabc whatever, rape, murder, torture, etc….. and no, these values are NOT old-fashioned… marriage, family, faith & nationalism served mankind extremely well for 99.9% of the time we have lived on this planet. Unfortunately, Americans are dreadful historians, and think that the present day is representative of a long period of time. Utter BS! Wether or not this slip put out by Netflix qualifies from a legal perspective as “true child porn” is NOT the point… ALL societal decay begins with one common theme: tolerance. While it is true that Satan will deceive, devour and destroy, before deceit comes distraction, and distraction is a direct result of tolerance.

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  9. These people are sick.
    The push is on to normalize this, to gain favour or sympathy before the pizzagate proofs come out.

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  10. Can neither confirm nor deny investigation about this, but openly refusing to provide Congress documents is okay. (Thanks, Democrats!!)

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  11. I had a Netflix account for one month back in 2012, and the only thing I found of interest was Ben Stein’s film “Expelled.” I took the free month and cancelled it after that. Now I’m glad I did.

    In the meantime, Evil Marches On….

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  12. I thought I remembered having seen a posting here very recently about Ron Jeremy, but I can’t find it on it in a search of that name. Much of the material below is about that porn actor, cultural and political subversion, and is about porn in general so it should fit well with a Soro’s Netflix posting.

    I found these materials in some of my older files, and some of it is about Ron Jeremy. Most of it’s from an old Italian site, linked further below at the bottom of this, but be sure to check it out and read some of the differing stories which are in it. I’ve included one segment below.

    Ron Jeremy: Porn Buddha. Austin Arts Downtown, [May-June 2001]

    “People call Jeremy addicted (to food), a tightwad, a clown, a spotlight hound and a man who can maintain an erection longer than any man in pornography. He claims not to use Viagra. He was born Ron Hyatt into a Jewish family who don’t seem too put off by his ultimate career choice, although after the first porn film, his dad told Ron not to use his last name … We are talking about a man who can count a film called Blow it Out Your Ass, as a typical title among the 1600 or so films he has appeared in.”
    Meet A Nice Jewish Porn Star Ron Jeremy looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god, By Naomi Pfefferman, Jewsweek

    “‘I’m just a nice Jewish boy with one vice,’ says Queens native Ron Jeremy. ‘Twenty-three years of porn films.’ Scott J. Gill’s documentary ‘Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy,’ which opens in select cities this month, chronicles the life and times of the unlikeliest Jew in the world – and the unlikeliest porn star.

    The 48-year-old Jeremy dotes on his family. They dote on him. His dad’s a physicist. His brother’s a Harvard-educated executive. Most everyone else in the family has at least a master’s degree. Jeremy earned his master’s in special education from Queens College in part to help his disabled mother.

    He looks more like your Uncle Moe than a sex god. But while he’s not so easy on the eyes (he’s nicknamed ‘The Hedgehog’ because he’s short, fat and hairy), he’s been paid huge sums to bed more gorgeous women than James Bond. Gill’s hilarious film – in which Jeremy fans jubilantly declare, ‘He’s Jewish!’ – stands apart from other movies on the porn biz that have emerged in the past decade … At its core, the flick poses the question, ‘How did a hammy kid from Flushing become the most recognized male figure in adult film?’

    Answers begin to emerge when the documentary shows home movies of the young Jeremy (born Ron Jeremy Hyatt) mugging for the camera while opening Chanukah presents. ‘He’s always been a performer,’ says his sister. ‘From the time he was in elementary school … he always wanted to be the center of attention’ …

    His family wasn’t thrilled with his career choice, but staunchly supported his First Amendment rights when a film-related bust forced him to fight in court (it was illegal then to film porn in Los Angeles). ‘Jewish families tend to be more liberal than Christian ones,’ says the performer, citing the preponderance of Jewish men in porn. ‘They aren’t obsessed by the fear of the devil or going to hell’ …

    The garrulous Jeremy – who hopes to wed his girlfriend in a synagogue and raise their kids Jewish – is momentarily silent when asked how he’d feel if he had a daughter who wanted to do porn.”

    [Ending the Ron Jeremy portion which had no links. The material below is from the link].

    “We think that Christ sucks…Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture.”—Al Goldstein

    Almost porn is jewish – There are more jews are in pornography than a society can stand, and that is why all porn is intended for being a self-actuated cultural demeaning, and politically subverting, Marxist trash, which is aimed toward the people and nation of any country where it exists. – Flanders

    Martin Amis had part of it right, but he missed that there is a political subversive element to all porn as well, as I had mentioned above:

    “If you want to know the real meaning of pornography, it is the utter dissociation of love and sex, the banishment of love from the sexual arena.”—Martin Amis

    Sex and the Single JAP, by Elissa Silverman.
    Washington City Paper, July 20-26, 2001

    “Monica [Lewinsky] and Chandra [Levy] —with their Jewish, upper-middle-class California upbringings, complete with oncologist fathers and gardeners and hours clocked at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s—take a blowtorch to the stereotype of Jewish American Princesses being frigid in bed and uncomfortable with sex. Finally. At last, we’ve truly assimilated. In fact, America seems downright entranced with our sexual exploits and indiscretions. First Middle America embraced bagels, and then Seinfeld and klezmer and Joe Lieberman. Now we’ve seamlessly insinuated ourselves into our country’s political sex scandal obsession. Bimbo dyed blondes like Donna Rice and Gennifer Flowers have been pushed aside, of late, in favor of Semitic, thick-haired brunettes like Monica and Chandra. God bless America. Is it good for the Jews? Some say so. Though many within the Jewish community have expressed embarrassment at these tabloid gems, others see liberation. In January 1998, Lewinsky’s sexual relationship with President Bill Clinton made headlines right as then–Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat were meeting at the White House. But Clinton was too preoccupied by the stained blue dress to force Netanyahu to give up land for peace in the Middle East.”

    “The main capitalists in the pornography industry” –
    “Study Archive of Jewish Pornographers in Modern Societies”!/2010/11/main-capitalists-in-pornography_30.html

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  13. Netflix’ offering of child porn, and their signing of the couple whose administration thought it OK to start teaching sex education to kindergarteners (and probably pre-schoolers), this isn’t surprising in the least.

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