“Gosnell” abortion movie gets distribution deal


Convicted baby killer/abortionist Gosnell

Well, this is good news.

And as hard as it may be to watch this movie, it will be one I go see to support fellow conservatives.

From Hollywood Reporter: The executive producer called it “a really hard road,” but Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer will open in as many as 750 theaters in October through a distribution deal with GVN Releasing, the filmmakers said Tuesday.

The movie stars Dean Cain as the lead detective who pursued the case of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortion doctor who is serving a life sentence for the murder of three infants and the involuntary manslaughter of one of his adult patients.

The film, made in 2014, is based on a grand jury report that accuses Gosnell of gruesome activities, like killing “hundreds” of “newborns” by sticking scissors into their necks. The filmmakers, though, are hoping to avoid an R-rating.

“The fanatic subject matter poses a risk,” said executive producer John Sullivan, perhaps best known for co-directing Dinesh D’Souza’s first two documentary films. “We were very careful not to make it too graphic. Gosnell saving feet of infants in jars as trophies plays a role, and you’ll see him take scissors out, but that part plays out as theater of the mind.

The movie, directed by Nick Searcy, also explores how Gosnell got away with a crime spree that allegedly lasted for many years because bureaucrats and reporters were uninterested in investigating claims made against the doctor.

Gosnell’s trial also became a national talking point when photos of an empty press gallery began to circulate, and the filmmakers explored this phenomenon as well.

Searcy, better known as an actor than director, also plays a role in the film. “No matter what your stance is on abortion, you will have a more informed opinion after you see Gosnell,” said Searcy.

Producers Anne McElhinney and Phelim McAleer made the movie with $2.3 million raised on Indiegogo and have been trying to get it into theaters for nearly four years, with no success until now.

“It’s a story that needs to be told fairly and we’ve done just that. The cover-up stops here,” said McElhinney.

The filmmakers thought they had a distribution deal a year ago but the judge at Gosnell’s trial, Jeffrey Minehart, sued to block the release of the film, fearing he was portrayed as part of “Philadelphia’s liberal corrupt government.”

The lawsuit accused the producers of “shamelessly exploiting for profit the morally divisive issue of abortion and the notoriety of the horrific Kermit Gosnell trial, which involved a Philadelphia abortion doctor who was found guilty of grisly mass murders of fully developed in-vitro infants, some of whom were born alive.”

The legal matter was recently resolved.

After a theatrical release, GVN is also handling distribution into homes by way of DVD, Blu-ray disc and streaming deals.

“I’ve been on hard films before, but this one was particularly difficult,” said Sullivan. “Hollywood is afraid of this content. It’s a true story the media tried to ignore from the very beginning, so I wasn’t surprised to see Hollywood ignore us.”


10 responses to ““Gosnell” abortion movie gets distribution deal

  1. Thank you, producers Anne McElhinney, Phelim McAleer & John Sullivan, director Nick Searcy, actor Dean Cain, and GVN Releasing.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged by Kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Dr. Gosnell killed more babies by butchering them than any doctor in the history of the U.S. Thank goodness he is in prison. What gives any person a right to kill the unborn who do not have any means to protect themselves. Why isn’t this considered murder? Planned Parenthood and its leaders have no conscience and should be outlawed. Any abortion should be performed only in a hospital setting and abortion should be performed only if the mother’s health is at risk.

    We have throwaway clinics that treat and discard these human beings as if they were a worn out shoe. Even old shoes are rehabilitated. We must set this as a priority – every person should be given a chance and if the mother doesn’t want the baby – there are plenty of people who can’t conceive and would be more than willing to adopt that baby.

    The mother was given a chance at life and now that baby should be given that same chance.


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . Amen to that. The fact that this wholesale murder goes on in the United States is a shameful blot on our history, and has been for the last 40-50 years.

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      • It’s likely ALSO one reason the number of children being born to loving parents in America is getting lower each year. What I’m hearing is that America’s natural population (Those born here,legally,to TRUE Americans) appears to be dwindling.

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  3. The truth shall set you free. Maybe enough people will watch and turn the tide on Roe vs Wade. How do people live with them selves after killing babies?

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  4. Parents, whatever happens to your children, you are not to pray for them without the approval of the baby! (Sarc, at least that is what I get from Mrs. McAleese.)

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  5. I would be extremely interested to know . . . how do the other inmates act towards this horrific murderer? Many inmates draw the line at harming babies and children. I hope that in this case that this is doubly so! I hope that Gosnell have to live in fear 24/7, unrelentingly so.

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  6. Anxious to see if you liked the movie. I don’t think I could make it through. Those fighting for Roe v Wade seem to have no compunction of killing and separating a 9 month fetus, but claim to have concern for little ones on the border. Most which have been brought here without their parents. They are brought here by coyotes, those pretending to be parents, traffickers, and pedophiles and some even alone.
    It will be interesting to find out how many liberals go and see this movie.

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  7. WOW – unreal!! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the viciousness of what Gosnell has done over the years.

    I may check it out when it comes online next year, after its release.

    Dean Cain is one of the few recognized conservative actors left – much respect to him.

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