Lexington businesses denounce Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson

On Friday night, June 23, 2018, The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA, became infamous when its co-owner Stephanie Wilkinson — who is also the director of Main Street Lexington, a civic organization that promotes the city’s businesses — booted out White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who was accompanied by her in-laws.

Wilkinson claims that her restaurant employees objected to Sanders’ presence because of President Trump’s no-transgenders-in-the-US-military policy and his  “immigration policy” determination to actually implement federal laws on illegal border-crossing.

Wilkinson, 55, who has a Ph.D. in European and American Religious History from the University of Virginia and is reputed to be a cousin of snake-tongue Meryl Streep, even followed Sanders’ in-laws to a restaurant across the street, and organized a protest outside the restaurant while the in-laws were dining. The irony is that Sanders’ in-laws are Democrats.

Note: Duncan Richter, 51, is Wilkinson’s domestic partner and a philosophy professor at Virginia Military Institute.

The blow back from Lexington against Wilkinson was swift.

Mere hours after Wilkinson kicked Sanders & Co. out of The Red Hen, Historic Downtown Lexington Virginia (HDLV) posted this on their Facebook page (Note the Facebook page is no longer available to the public, but the posts are preserved on Conservative Tree House, aka The Last Refuge):

Followed by these messages on HDLV’s Facebook page, denouncing Wilkinson’s behavior:

And this formal statement (retweeted here):

We do not condone the actions of Stephanie Wilkinson owner of the Red Hen Restaurant and Director of Main Street Lexington.

She has embarrassed our town and has given Lexington a bad reputation. So many people are upset and the negative impact and nasty backlash towards our little community is downright appalling.

Our town is actually a wonderful place. Please do not condemn us for one persons [sic] action.

According to the Washington Post, “Lexington, population 7,000, had voted overwhelmingly against Trump in a county that voted overwhelmingly for him.” In the 2016 presidential election, Rockbridge County (Lexington is the county seat) voted for Trump 65.57% – 34.44% (Virginia Department of Elections).

On Tuesday, June 26, Stephanie Wilkinson resigned from her role as Executive Director of Main Street Lexington.

Elizabeth Outland Branner, the president of the organization, wrote in an email:

“Considering the events of the past weekend, Stephanie felt it best that for the continued success of Main Street Lexington, she should step aside.”

More on The Red Hen’s dirt, literal and figurative, in a post to come!

big boy

H/t CSM, GiGi and Katherine Park.


62 responses to “Lexington businesses denounce Red Hen owner Stephanie Wilkinson

  1. Stephen T. McCarthy

    I LOVE the Bob’s Big Boy sign. Hilarious! Wish I were nearby so I could pay that restaurant a visit and support them. I always liked Bob’s Big Boy as a kid, anyway. I think I may still have a couple of their restaurant comic books (circa 1968) in an old storage box somewhere.

    ~ D-FensDogG

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    • I love the Big Boy sign too. I remember them from childhood. Yes, I’m over the age of 29, but not by much. 😇 I wish there was one around here, but I don’t think they have any restaurants here.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Yeah, I used to see Bob’s everywhere. Can’t even remember the last time I saw one. Although I do see their brand of salad dressings in the grocery stores sometimes. They were always kind of known for their salad dressings — especially bleu cheese, if my 30-year-old memory serves me. ;^D

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS’

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    • LOVE the Bob’s Big Boy response, Bless their hearts……But…does anyone else but me think that the response by the rest of the Lexington citizens and businesses was, to paraphrase my dear old departed dad—an economist: “They are a day late and a dollar short.”

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Howdy, CalGirl.
        I haven’t followed the story super-closely, but from what I know of it, I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome thus far.

        Politically, I label myself a “Constitutionalist” and I always take the “personal liberty” position. Therefore, I believe every business owner should have a right to serve or not serve whomever they want and for whatever reason they choose. I believe this idiot woman, Stephanie Wilkinson, had a right to refuse service to the Sanders group. By the same token, I believe bakers have a right NOT to bake wedding cakes for gay marriages if they feel it opposes their religious views.

        Those who showed up to protest Stephanie Wilkinson’s dumb, politically-motivated decision also had THAT right.

        Business people should be able to run their business as they see fit, without government interference. And if they make decisions that offend a lot of people and eventually cause their business to fail, well, that’s just the market forces reacting. In the long run, the market forces will determine what are good and bad business practices.

        Considering that Lexington seems to primarily lean Liberal, it’s almost a wonder to me that the business people there ousted Wilkinson from the Main Street Lexington business committee, even if it took a few days.

        Wilkinson was forced to resign by her peer group; the protesters made their voices heard; the restaurant closed its doors over the bad publicity, at least for a few days, and it will very possibly lose so much business over this that it may eventually close permanently. All in all, from what I know of it, I feel that in this case the market forces and social pressure are working as they should.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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        • It was what she did after the Sanders family left that is the major problem. She followed them to another restaurant about a block away ( not directly across street as previously mentioned ) , then got some others to come and they all protested in front of that restaurant !!! Sanders and husband never went in there, they went home. But this Witch thought she had every right to do all the protesting on her own in front of another nearby restaurant. She didn’t give a dam about how those people or owner felt about her disturbing protesting in front of that business !!!! No doubt no one went in when they saw her and her other liberal friends protesting and disturbing in front of that business. Fact is, she got other Lexington liberal residents to join in with her. That town should go out of business. She also is part owner of a yarn company I think is called Yarn Barn. Boycott that as well. The other part owners should dump her as well. She is co-owner with a child molester ( name and photo was on Red Hen web site ) and his record and photo is also somewhere on the web. Listen to the voice message from RED HEN which is also in here somewhere. All of us Trump people will get same treatment they say if we go there. Boycott them and hope both business’s take a hard and heavy dump – out of business. The liberal town can take a dump as well- it only survives by visitors. No one visit the liberal dump either. If I lived nearby I would go to Big Boy and buy lunch and say all because I love their sign !!! That is funny ! Hope those are the TRUMP bikers that are coming. I wouldn’t eat or drink there now knowing the behavior of their entire staff and her. By that phone message if they just think your a Trump supporter they will get you also. Who wants their contaminated food ? I don’t ! They are genuine liberal Racists as their little town is also. Remember, they went and helped protest at the other restaurant !

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          • “She is co-owner with a child molester (name and photo was on Red Hen web site)”

            What Red Hen web site? Link please.
            While the assertion was made and reproduced on countless websites and on Twitter, I looked into Barney Allen Frazier. While he is a registered sex offender, his modest assets make it highly unlikely he’s a co-owner of The Red Hen or any business.



            • This RED HEN is not connected to any other of same name. Their web site was showing the two co-owners photos and names. Someone else posted his history as well. If the web site is down, it is understandable. Things seem to be getting disconnected since the occurrence. I saw it myself as well as others did also. Plus his history also. Other RED HEN restaurants are getting hit with stuff because of this. In NJ and NY I hear. She is from that area until 1995 when she moved to Lexington. She uses a restaurant name that had credentials no doubt in NJ and NY in VA. Their are other around the country as well with same name. Her place is all by itself, no connections. There was someone who was doing a block of their web site. There is a name for that. So you may have tried when it was blocked out as well. Their phone answering machine is fully loaded as well. There was a real bad outgoing message on it for all Trump supporters. It was seen and heard around in here also. Not at all a town I would go to now. So much for their so called Southern Hospitality they claim to have. That is a total LIE from this town. When the owner or manager of the other restaurant does not call the police. When others of that town arrive to help in the protest as well. Screw that town !!! Everyone can find US History all around outside of that town and get Southern Hospitality as it is known for elsewhere. You do not need to be lied to by the town. You do not need to be treated that way either. As per the phone message, that is what they plan to do to every Trump supporter.
              As one person told it, it seemed to be a trap and a set up. So interesting that the protesting just went on and no Police either ! The entire town isn’t worth crap to me and I have no interest ever going to that town now either. Nor should anyone else. But liberals will but that won’t last long nor keep that place in business either.

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          • Deplorables’ silent protest tactics:
            0. Never say you are a Trump supporter or why you are there. You are just a customer, and want to eat.
            1. Get as many people as there are tables.
            2. Go in and occupy all the tables (make sure there are lots of other deplorables waiting to be seated – backup table occupiers.)
            3. Sit and look through the menu, take your time; if they ask if you are ready to order, let them know you are still looking. Tell them you are waiting for a couple of friends to join, and then will order; ask questions about every single dish on the menu. Many questions. Where does the food come from? Is it GMO free? Pesticide free? Hormone free? How big are the portions? Do they offer discounts for parties of more than one? Do they charge service fees? Is their water purified? Tap? Ionized? Filtered? Is the meat fresh? Are the vegetables fresh? Are they sure eggs are not salmonella contaminated? Is the kitchen clean? Can you take a look? Do employees wash their hands each time they use the bathroom? If you ask for a doggy bag, a box to pack up your left overs, what materials are in use? Are they recyclable? To they support “green”? Are they concerned with climate change? Ask someone to wipe the table, because it feels sticky; do you guys wipe the tables every time a client gets up and leaves? After a good half hour of questions, call someone, tell them after all you won’t be eating. The menu does not satisfy. Your friends got caught up and won’t be showing up. You just got some urgent call. Apologize profusely. Wish them a good day! Let the next deplorable be seated.
            4. Repeat.
            Do it for a few days.
            Have fun but keep a straight face.
            Enjoy your time.

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  2. Diehard leftists.. Thats one way to fight Trump’s record low unemployment numbers. Open your liberal mouth and eventually put yourself and your employees on the unemployment list. Yeti and Dicks Sporting Goods are feeling it too.

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  3. I’ve seen some very troubling stuff about this woman, if it’s true. This incident is just more proof that the lefties have no morals, no standards, no ethics, and no self control. Whatever their twisted and warped brains tell them to do, they impulsively do it. They have no thought for the consequences of their actions. These kinds of people must never be allowed to hold the reins of power in this country ever again!

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    • I think Dr. E’s statistics enforce the fact that Northern Virginia is not exactly a hotbed of liberal activity in general. This woman is clearly a commie agitator. Whether she is “on the payroll” or a “true believer” her actions say it all.

      Her neighbors and fellow business people say it all. They are not happy with her or her husband, “Pussy Hat”. This is all part of an orchestrated effort. They didn’t just get up one day and decide to do this.

      Look at Slapsy Maxie. She wouldn’t lift her finger unless it was to make another bank deposit. Just like the people at “Veritas” found when they were looking into the campaign tactics, they’ll do anything. They have money (it grows on Rothschild trees). They hire and train professional agitators and crazy people.

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      • Lexington is a liberal town of 7,000. In a Conservative county by what the stats show. Lexington only survives by tourism. Stop going to this town that outright says by the phone message and their own actions they also have already shown how they will behave to you. Who needs that BS ? ! Plenty of USA history all over that large area to see. Those do have that Southern Hospitality. Lexington only says that they do – but show 100% opposite. An outright lying town. They even damaged that saying by Southerners as well by how they have proven themselves to really be true southern hatred. Plenty of civil war history everywhere else to see and check for those Conservative and Independent cities to visit. Lexington is deep democrat / liberal. Records show they went heavy for Hillary last election as well. So they are a long time liberal town. They don’t need any business from anyone. Thing is, the owner of the other restaurant, NOT A WORD or complaint of her actions in front of his restaurant either. So do not even pass through that dump town. They have shown and proven that they will follow you and gang up on you and then cause problems. What a horrific dump of a town.

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  4. I read this morning that Sarah Sanders now has Secret Service protection after threats of kidnapping her children. These people are completely unhinged. This is even more difficult to understand in light of the fact that it is difficult to pinpoint precisely WHAT (if anything) they have to be annoyed about.

    One is forced to the conclusion that they are annoyed over Trump’s success. On that subject, I don’t see anything actually curtailing their insane drivel. They are mouthier than ever and continue to push their queer, demonic, socialist agenda as never before.

    Dr. E had it right some time ago and I wholeheartedly agree. This is part of a plan to divide the country. Whether its politics or “race”, immigration (aka foreign invasion), or any other divisive issue available, they want to force the break up of the United States just like they’ve done in many other countries.

    They’ve already lit the fuse. It remains to be seen if its snuffed out or it explodes.

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  5. For someone having a PhD, the womyn lacks basic thinking skills.

    Some transgenders require daily medication which may not be possible to deliver due to deployed locations. Others with medical conditions requiring daily meds are not allowed in military, too. Logistics are an important factor in the military, not feelings.

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    • I have to say that I find it more than difficult to believe that there are enough “transgenders” to warrant much of a discussion. I realize that it has now become “fashionable” in certain circles. In reality, I think it is VERY rare.

      As the “Commander-In-Chief” Trump can do anything he likes with the military. It is NOT a democracy. By it’s very nature it can’t be. One cannot be in the position of arguing with soldiers when they are needed. They follow orders or they go to the stockade or they’re shot, period.

      They are free to believe whatever nonsense they like. It doesn’t obligate others to obey their wishes. A swisher army doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

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    • She probably wrote her thesis on the Bolshevik Revolution.

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  6. She should have used her morals of love, tolerance and acceptance of others with some business sense. Prol worked out allot better for her.
    I hope she is ‘proud’ of what she did – way to stand up to the “man”,. dummy.
    It’s hysterical that they think they are the majority bc they have the bigger mouths doesn’t make it so.
    It never works out well for any of them – they need to learn that lefty politics and business do not bode well for success.

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  7. About time! Listen everybody, don’t go there, let them close down the Hen house, it’s nothing but a chicken sheet place.

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  8. If leftists manage to convert this nation into one without borders, unisex bathrooms, drugged citizentry, no police and military, high taxes, (with only tax collecrors possessing firearms), universal standard wage rates, a zero birth rate due to abortions, and free, but nonexistent health care, i imagine they will be the first to leave, planning to illegally infiltrate into another more rarional and successful country. Do they really want to live in their version of utopia?

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    • Beverly, In CA they are already leaving the crap that they caused in that state ! You would think that this would be enough to wise up from their liberalism. NOPE ! They are going to other states and voting for all DEM’s !!!
      They hate what they themselves have caused, and yet, they want it to begin once again. LUNACY AT ITS FINEST !!! Logic and common sense is illegal in liberalism.

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  9. Oh yes, i forgot to include no prisons and no anticriminal- laws.

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  10. So if you’re a conservative cake maker and you refuse to give service you’re put in jail you lose your business and have to spend all your retirement to pay for lawyers to keep you from going back to jail. But if you’re a left leaning demorat who by all means is a leader in their community, can refuse anyone anything and get away with it. Well, looks like people are waking up to the stupid antics they want to play and are now pushing back. So if you’re a Christian conservative you’re held to the letter of the law and they sock it to you. But if you’re not then not so much just an out cry of the folks who live there. So again double standards. Guess it’s going to be 8 years of this we better get ready.

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    • No cake baker was sent to jail for refusing to bake a cake. That’s just silly hyperbole. You could be sued in civil court for breaking a state’s anti-discrimination laws, and you can be fined by the state for refusing to serve gays, blacks, Jews etc., but nobody goes to jail just for being a conservative baker.

      And no, I am not a liberal nor do I not support this restaurant owner at all.


      • While baker Jack Phillips wasn’t jailed, your flippant dismissal of Brian Heinz’s comment ignores the gravity of Phillips’ circumstances, which cannot even be compared with Red Hen’s Stephanie Wilkinson.

        Phillips was threatened and harassed by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and was ordered to:

        [1] “cease and desist” from discriminating against same-sex couples by refusing to sell them wedding cakes or any product Phillips would sell to heterosexual couples.
        [2] undertake “comprehensive staff training on the Public Accommodations section of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act”.
        [3] “change any and all company policies to comply with. this Order”.
        [4] prepare quarterly compliance reports for a period of two years documenting the number of patrons denied service and why, along with a statement describing the remedial actions taken.


        Had Phillips not appealed his case to the Supreme Court, he would be minimally fined and probably prosecuted and jailed for refusing to comply with the Commission’s order.

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      • Pardon me didn’t mean to set you off like that it was just my opinion of what weaponizing government is doing to force an agenda against conservatives.

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  12. When writing their denunciation of the Hen’s Wing-nut boss,they SHOULD have invited Sarah and her family to come back and see how nice and friendly their Town REALLY is. I don’t believe the rest of Lexington is anything like the Wilkinson Witch.

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    • No, its not. Democraps are in the twenty-some percentile there. I’m surprised they have her on the city hype committee. Well, I guess they don’t any longer.

      This can happen easily when we forget that the “news” spins stories a certain way. If you looked at the neighborhood that Comet Pizza is in you might think the whole of D.C. is lefty. You’d be wrong.

      There are various “camps” and they tend to hang out in certain areas. Kalorama, for example, has more to do with being wealthy than leftie. The truth is they all work for the same controllers. They are paid to either play a lefty loon or a righty loon. The money’s good either way.

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      • Lex was 62% Clinton

        Surrounding county was 62% Trump


        Liberal sh*thole.

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        • Thank you for the NYT link. So tweeter John Salisbury just made up the numbers from whole cloth!

          According to the Virginia Dept of Elections (https://results.elections.virginia.gov/vaelections/2016%20November%20General/Site/Locality/ROCKBRIDGE%20COUNTY/Index.html), Rockbridge County (Lexington is the county seat) went for Trump 61/88% – 32.5%.

          The NYT didn’t give how the city of Lexington voted. Where did you get the 62% Clinton figure?

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          • You gotta click on that teeny tiny blue dot (Lexington) in the middle of Rockbridge County on the NYT map (takes effort, 9 times out of 10 it brings up Rockbridge)


            Totals for Lex:

            2 of 2 precimcts reporting

            Evil Hildabeast: 1514 commie votes 61.4%

            GEOTUS Donald J. Trump: 766 American votes. 31.1%

            Gary “Aleppo?” Johnson: 92 moonbat votes 3.7%

            The last is scary.

            Staunton, Harrisonburg and other red county seats are also blue, sadly.

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            • The Valley of Virginia is rife with colleges/college students. Of course they are going to be far left, esp these days. Harrisonburg, for instance is home to James Madison U, my alma mater, Eastern Mennonite U,, and nearby Bridgewater. ( When I was there, it was solid Republican ground and ultra conservative, which is why I chose to go there in the first place). Winchester, an hour north, has Shenandoah U..south is UVA, etc..up and down the valley from start to finish, is saturated with colleges and universities. This is a landmine for Republicans no matter in what geographic area. For instance, had it not been for Philadelphia (loaded with colleges/universities) and Centre Co, PA (home to Penn State), Obama would NOT have won the electoral votes in PA in either of his elections. Somehow, Trump was able to roll over them in 2016. IMO, Maybe all those people who “love their guns and Bibles” got busy and out-voted their kids.

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              • Spot on about Philly & PSU. The democratic controlled Pa courts redistricted the state to gain more Reps. Criminal gerrymandering. They made sure there’s at least one or two heavily D cities in every district.

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                • Thanks, disgusted, for the map! To your point, everyone should look at this map and take my/your example to heart: in the light yellow, Centre Co should logically be excluded from the light yellow section and stuck into the lavendar section. HOWEVER……without Centre Co, the light yellow district of this PA map is filled with nearly primeval forests, lightly populated, and very conservative.( Something like 20% of the forested land in the USA is in PA….well…THESE particular counties are ground ZERO for these forests). IT NEEDS the large liberal student population of Penn State U to turn it to Democratic electoral votes (I don’t know why the left always WHINES about this electoral thing when they can rig it and rig it and rig it —and STILL lose….IT was a method by which the founders determined they could mitigate the tyranny of the majority over the powerlessness of the minority….it “levels” the “playing field,” otherwise, this country would NEVER ever again see anyone outside of either coast come into the presidency of the USA—maybe not EVEN outside of the states of either NY or CA). Conversely, the lavendar section does not NEED Centre Co to garner it’s electorally-weighted votes, b/c it has all the southern counties in the lavendar that surround Dauphine—-the county containing Harrisburg, the Democratic heartbeat of Pennsylvania..(small bright yellow section—a CLUE to why it doesn’t need any “help”) where the State capital is……So, in other words, as “disgusted” has noted, Centre Co was carved out of a logical voting boundary from a place where it was NOT needed to earn Democratic votes, and placed, geographically/illogically, where it was sorely needed to carry a Democratic majority.

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            • Thanks!

              Yesterday, I searched for how Lexington voted in 2016 and added this to my post:

              According to the Washington Post, “Lexington, population 7,000, had voted overwhelmingly against Trump in a county that voted overwhelmingly for him.”

              I also repeatedly asked that tweeter John Salisbury where he got his numbers, to which he didn’t answer with a link. Salisbury simply made things up. What a POS.

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          • Here is another Lex voting link with back of the pack candidates:


            Creepy McMuffin got votes. Ick.

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            • I see what you mean. The city leans left.

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              • Not uncommon with college towns.

                Along with lefty profs, there are relentless drives to register students, at school and at home. Yet another reason for positive voter ID and SEVERE penalties for multiple voting (5 year ban + $1K fine 1st offense, lifetime ban + $10K fine 2nd. 3 strikes and life in jail.)

                Immediate deportation with no re-entry ever for.ineligible foreigners voting in OUR elections.

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      • Lexington went for Hillary while the county (Rockville?) was overwhelmingly for President Trump. At least the Main Street Lexington removed her, which should have been done Saturday – not Tuesday. The statement was of course they “accepted her resignation”. But it seems like she’s got tentacles everywhere there. She owns House Mountain Yarn Co. in town, and I’ve read several times that she’s co-owner of another restaurant.

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      • In light of the information “Disgusted” provided I’m changing my opinion about the voting record for the town of Lexington. It appears the town leans Left. The county leans Right.

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      • Voter stats in Lexington show 7,000 population and 62% voted for Hillary. The county went with Trump. It is a liberal town. Think about all that they did after SHS and her family left RED HEN !!!

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        • Those numbers were sent to me a few days ago. There is some voting numbers in this place somewhere also. But thing is, it is a LIBERAL town in a CONSERVATIVE county. Everything I have seen all agrees with that.
          BOYCOTT Lexington and you hurt the Liberals. They live on tourism I keep reading about.

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  13. Lexington is a liberal sh*thole in a conservative county.

    That she wasn’t booted Monday says it all.

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  15. The place will be a KFC drive-through by Christmas.

    -If it takes even that long.

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    • It will probably remain for awhile, buoyed by NoVa commies out for a weekend meal and local commie profs.

      That the owner chased after diners she booted may have pushed it too far though. Even for most lefties. Lady is clearly rowing with an oar out of the water.

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  16. One must recall that the definitions used by the media are illusionary. Communism is merely the ownership by the State of all means of production. Fascism requires that all means are owned and directed by Business. If one wishes to be a Communist all he need do is join the military. Any veteran will tell you stories of poor health care, ridiculous instances of waste and corruption and we all should know the views of the Great Leaders on the value of human life, or lack thereof (The Bloody Somme comes to mind). The True Believers in the USSR, China and Indochina made Western generals look like pikers though. Thus to embrace Communism is to willingly embrace slavery on a nationwide scale. Remember the Berlin Wall? Sure wasn’t to keep Westerners out.

    These self-professed Leftists are merely the aspiring commissars of a Western Cheka. The spirit of the Bolshevik Jews lives on in both spirit and practice. Evil is like a weed that sprouts in any unkempt garden, especially one as morally polluted as our present West

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  17. The end result of Leftist dogma is a culling such as occurred in the USSR and China. Open the floodgates at the borders to low skill, low IQ ‘refugees’ in order to swell the voting rolls. Obtain power by any means necessary; plenty of cannon fodder now in case violent overthrow should be necessary. Once a US police state is installed, a la Marxist theory, then the pogroms can begin. Those helpful Jews at the lead of all these liberal groups will show their fangs as Aesop’s story of the farmer and the snake will be played out on a national, if not international scale (our commissars are Trotskyites after all). After all, slaves have no real value beyond their immediate use to the State. The charnel houses that our Liberal Jewish benefactors will unleash will rival and soon surpass the inefficiencies of Mao and Uncle Joe. After all, the new overlords will have automation and Talmudic Doctrine to guide them to a new age of herd management. Tikum Olam uber alles!

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    • Absolutely. I find it weird that we continue to talk about this as though it’s new news. As a nation we’ve been discussing this since at least 1945. Just because the rhetoric ebbs and flows doesn’t mean the goal changes.

      Just look at the language. It’s right out of the Little Red Book or Das Kapital. The tactics are the same as well. They wonder why Hitler stepped on them so hard. It should be pretty obvious by now.

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  18. I don’t know which is stranger, Wilkinson actually having a willing domestic partner, or that Sarah’s inlaws are still democrat after all the negative things with that party these days.

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    • There are a LOT of people who will probably die Democrat. Many of them believe a myth that never existed. They think they are the “party of the downtrodden”. When you try to tell them that they were on the wrong side of the slavery issue they look at you like you’re from Mars.

      I suppose one doesn’t have to be smart to be a Democrat.

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    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure he never has to share a seat on a bus.


  19. I always avoid businesses that are run (ruined) by homosexuals. Especially resturants. No telling what you’ll catch. This women capitulated to her homosexual employees and intentionally discriminated against someone that they did not know personally. Something that would have them screaming at the top of their lungs. This is the usual M.O. where homosexuals cluster. Homosexual nepotisim is rampant in government facilities, where they promote each other and no one is allowed to complain lest they be demonized as homophobic. Most are incompetent, mentally ill (goes without saying), useless or are just there to score. No wonder our government runs like a pig on stilts. Resturants, retail businesses, large corporate retailers, etc. that take a stand for homosexuality, also usually support liberal (socialist) causes, further eroding America’s nuclear family structure. Patronizing such establishments furthers their cause, so I avoid doing so if possible. We’ll never get rid of homosexuals, and really never get rid of liberals. The only way to reduce their numbers is to educate them. Some will always be that way. no matter what.

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