Due to coddling homeless & drug activities, Seattle doubling EMT resources in Pioneer Square because of safety concerns

homeless in pioneer square kcts9 photo

Pioneer Square in Seattle/KCTS9 photo

I’ve blogged about the homelessness situation in Seattle. The Seattle politicians are coddling criminal behavior and spending an awful lot of taxpayer money to solve the problem keep the homeless industrial complex alive.

See my blog posts here:

From MyNorthwest.com: The Seattle Fire Department is sending twice the number of firefighters to some areas of Pioneer Square due to safety concerns.

Firefighters respond to dozens of medical calls a day in the neighborhood for everything from a twisted ankle to drug overdoses. Many of those calls involve homeless people.

Normal protocol is to send an aid car, typically staffed with two people. After an incident last month, that’s no longer the case in certain parts of Pioneer Square. In areas around Second Avenue Extension South, Washington and Third Avenue South, and in all homeless encampments in the area, the department will send at least two units. That means six to eight first responders are being dispatched for security purposes.

The new policy took effect May 21, three days after two firefighters responding to an assault call in Pioneer Square were surrounded by a large group while trying to help the patient. While one treated a patient, the other tried to keep the crowd back, but eventually called police for help when the crowd interfered and created a potentially dangerous situation for the firefighters.

The department was short on details of why that crowd was interfering. However, this is an area near the Union Gospel Mission men’s shelter and Downtown Emergency Services Center where open-air drug use and other criminal activities are known to occur.

Currently, Seattle Police are only automatically sent with fire units to calls around the area in the East Duwamish Greenbelt near I-5 and I-90 — the area generally referred to as The Jungle. Under this new Pioneer Square protocol, fire crews will still call police if they feel an area is unsafe or has the potential to become unsafe and leave the area until cops can secure the scene.

The one additional cost that stems from this policy is paying for additional fuel, according to a city representative. Seattle Fire calls this a temporary change in policy, though there is no clear end date.


32 responses to “Due to coddling homeless & drug activities, Seattle doubling EMT resources in Pioneer Square because of safety concerns

  1. sad,
    I used to live in Pioneer Square….I had a wonderful 2 level loft with a roof garden sharing a wall with the little UPS park on Second Ave S, so I heard the waterfall from my garden all the time.
    At that time there were intoxicated people wandering around, panhandling, but they were mostly in the missions by nightfall, they were a nuisance but not as bad as the rowdy, intoxicated crowds going to and leaving the King Dome….
    The King Dome is gone, the dangerous homeless, addicted and drunk population sounds awful now, I wonder if anyone still lives in the lofts there…
    are the galleries still there?
    Things have changed, not for the better.

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  2. So now your life is endanger if you’re an emergency worker and you go to the homeless area. Who can afford to live there with all the taxes to pay for all the homeless. They will tax everyone out of their homes and make them homeless as well. OMG ☻

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    • Brian hope you are doing well. Seattle is gathering the fruits of their creation, once people start leaving the government won’t collect taxes, and maybe they’ll move the scourge out. Isn’t it a shame our country is going through these changes, are we going the way of a third world country?

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      • Thank you Alma you’re so sweet to ask and doing better got a few more chemo’s to do and then a break. So true if they have their way we will become a 3rd world country. It’s the ignorant leading the stupid. Like Ben Franklin said we’re all born ignorant but some of us work really hard at it to stay that way.

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        • Hang in there Brian. I’ve been there myself. Not fun, I know. As to Seattle, I used to visit my father-in-law there in the ’70’s. The bottom fell out then too. I don’t recall if they had a leftist government spending like drunken sailors then, but they do now.

          Boeing revived the city as well as Micro Soft. Now they have Amazon and some others. The city dads (or moms) want to tax them until they leave. What a plan. I think they’re all living in Bernie’s wet dream.

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  3. What really sucks about this stuff is that,as time goes on,the GOOD people,the home owners and business owners,will end up selling their properties at a serious loss (since all the homeless and bums will have DESTROYED the market values there) and leave the area,taking all their revenues and tax money with them;the City’s revenue will drop through the floors,fewer,soon to be NO taxpayers,and more and more of the very people who began the slide to Hell for Seattle arrive every day. The City’s brilliant “Cater to the Homeless” plan started out unsustainable on its face,and gets MORE so by the day. What does their future as a City hold? Does it even HAVE a future?

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    • That’s PRECISELY right. Anyone with common sense would see that. Ah, but therein lies the rub. Of course, if you believe that the election system is on the up and up you have to wonder where they get their drugs.

      I remember when I was a manager and had to negotiate with the union. I would truthfully explain that if they bankrupted the business, there wouldn’t be any jobs for anybody. They never believed me. They think money is “magic”.

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  4. America needs signposts of socialism.

    “Want to wind up like Seattle? Vote Socialist”

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  5. It breaks my heart to see these once great cities ruined by leftist ideology.

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    • trail, it’s a wave nobody can’t stop. People have stopped believing, dreaming, and the left is cashing in,

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      • That’s so true, Alma. I was thinking last night about how living here used to be about anticipation of better things. It was a country of optimism. We all knew it would get better for everyone.

        Then, about the time of Poppy Bush, the rhetoric changed. It started the “austerity” epoch. Things were not going to get better. We needed to “tighten our belts”, etc.. It’s been that way ever since.

        It really is amazing to see how completely the focus can be changed in such a short period of time. Prior to Bush politicians were expected to be “uniters” and “optimists”. It wasn’t acceptable to tell people “that’s the way it is, get over it”.

        Clinton was practically Bush’s adopted son. His “trade deals” with Mexico and China ensured that austerity would be our future. His lectures about “leveling” ensured our decline.

        So, you’re right. This isn’t “coincidental”. It isn’t because nobody knows what to do. It’s about having the wrong goals and the wrong people in charge.

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        • Jimmy Carter preceded Bush Sr. with his rhetoric about “malaise”. Remember Carter wearing a cardigan sweater in the White House to hammer home about energy conservation?

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          • Yes, I had forgotten that. I do remember Poppy, though, going on and on about austerity. Maybe that’s when it first “hit” me. Suddenly we weren’t talking about bright futures anymore. We were talking about being happy with what we had and preparing to lose it.

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    • They were beautiful, a century ago:

      St. Louis

      Every city had poor areas, ramshackle but clean. Graffiti was limited to chalk on a wooden fence. Gradually they slid down hill. Accelerated massively downhill during the 60’s. Now needles, bullet casings and excrement litter sidewalks now (especially in SF and other “sanctuary” / homeless magnets). LBJ’s “great society” is an abject failure. Entire generations ruined. All for votes.

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    • Communist/socialism is self imposed suicide of cities and nations.

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  6. I can remember when you could live in big cities. Now the cities are insane asylums-and the people running them are the biggest loons out there.

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  7. Sadly all the once great cities of this country are now ran by democrats and the citizens have done nothing. They keep electing bad leadership over and over. You couldn’t pay me enough to work in any form of rescue in these cities and I often pray for these wonderful workers.
    It is time for the people to take their cities back or they will end up losing every dime they have invested in their homes.

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  8. Insanity: “Seattle reporter attacked during Pioneer Square interview: Horcher explains that the KIRO 7 photographer was simply filming images of Pioneer Square, the lines along the street, and other activity. They were also filming interviews.

    “There was one individual who took great umbrage in having their picture taken … because that person was taking apart bike that didn’t belong to them,” he said.

    The individual was a woman who began screaming at them shortly after the video was taken. She then revealed a weapon and tried to use it on the photographer while they were interviewing a man.

    “It turns out its something my photographer calls a garrote,” Horcher said. “It’s two sticks with a braided cord around it. It’s like something you would see in ‘The Godfather.’ They tried to put it over the photographer’s head to choke him out.”


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