Andrew Sullivan warns Democrats their border policy will lose midterm elections

Democrats are so off-the-cliff unhinged in their Trump Derangement Syndrome that one of them, influential columnist Andrew Sullivan, is warning them they’ll lose this November’s midterm and the 2020 elections if they continue to oppose President Trump’s border policy.

Andrew Sullivan, by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

While championing same-sex marriage, Sullivan, an open homosexual, admitted that homosexual marriage is not about monogamy. As he put it: “there is more likely to be greater understanding of the need for extramarital outlets between two men than between a man and a woman.” (See also “Same-sex marriage: It’s not about monogamy“)

In a June 22, 2018 essay in New York, “If We Want to End the Border Crisis, It’s Time to Give Trump His Wall,” after much rhetoric demonizing Trump and his “border policy,” Sullivan writes:

If you do not want to jail kids with their parents indefinitely, or to maintain the incentive for illegal migrants to bring kids along for the harrowing ride, you need some sort of congressional action and soon. There’s something deeply wrong, it seems to me, with expressing the view that what the government is doing is barbaric and yet allowing the underlying cause of it to continue for political reasons. If that’s the case, then Trump is not the only one using kids as pawns. Chuck Schumer is too.

The Democrats need to accept that they lost the last presidential election for a reason, and that their opponent’s main campaign pledge was to tackle illegal immigration, with a wall at the southern border as the centerpiece. Completely resisting a legitimate agenda based on a clear campaign promise — well, it reminds me of the Republicans with Obamacare.

And there is clearly an adamant, persistent segment of the public that sees the crisis of illegal immigration as a vital one. They’re not alone. Cast an eye at Brexit Britain, newly populist Italy, Macron’s France, and even Merkel’s Germany as it heaves in response to mass immigration from the developing world. This is a huge force in Western politics in every country. It may be the primary one. Millions of people are on the move right now, fleeing war and poverty and persecution. The vast migration from south to north, from poverty and chaos to opportunity and order in the West may be just beginning. Climate change will surely only make it worse. Finding the right balance between reason and compassion is essential if we are not going to further tear this country apart, or witness ever more humanitarian catastrophes, or see what’s left of the West go under.

So give him his fucking wall. He won the election. He is owed this. It may never be completed; it may not work, as hoped. But it is now the only way to reassure a critical mass of Americans that mass immigration is under control, and the only way to make any progress under this president. And until the white working and middle classes are reassured, we will get nowhere. Don’t give it to him for nothing, of course. It should come with a full path to citizenship for all DACA immigrants, as in the proposed deal in January that Trump first liked and then reneged on, under Miller’s toxic influence. But it should also go bigger: a legislative fix for Flores*; massive new funding for detention facilities, humane family-friendly housing, and, above all, much more money for the immigration legal system, now completely overwhelmed by asylum cases. If Democrats can show they want to deal with the humanitarian problem as a whole, and are willing to compromise on the wall, they’ll be in a much stronger position going forward than in the recent past.

*Flores refers to the Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision allowing unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors to be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

And this strikes me as urgent. We have a burgeoning humanitarian crisis in our own country, and it is simply not good enough to let it fester some more. The future levels of immigration — and the methods for deciding who comes and who doesn’t — can be determined after the fall elections. For what it’s worth, I favor a Canadian style merit system; a tightening of extended family-migration laws; and marginally lower levels of legal immigration so that the country can better absorb the current wave, which is as high a proportion of the population as in the 1920s, and far greater in absolute numbers than any previous period at all. But I’m open to other ideas. The point is that after this crisis, we have to return this debate to the calm and nitty-gritty area of legislative hearings and compromises, rather than the cable news and social media rhetorical screech of the recent past.

If all this sounds like appeasing a bigot, I understand. But better to see it, I think, as a way to address the legitimate concerns, fears, and worries of a large number of Americans who feel like strangers in their own land, and whose emotional response to that has been to empower the white nationalist right. It’s also simply the moral thing to do to relieve real human misery on the borders. It’s good politics too, I’d argue, for both parties in the medium term. At some point, the GOP will need to drop the appearance of bald-faced racism, callousness, and brute force, if they are to survive anywhere outside their base. And equally, the Democrats who are currently posturing are playing a good card badly. They give off the appearance, as Hillary Clinton did, of making no distinction between legal and illegal immigration, favoring de facto open borders, and calling anyone who disagrees with them a white supremacist. Until they recognize that illegal immigration is a huge and legitimate problem, and until they propose a set of actual policy proposals to end it humanely and efficiently, they run the risk of another 2016 in 2020.

Will Democrats listen to Sullivan’s voice of (some) reason, or will they continue to drive their party off the cliff? Take our poll!

See these recent examples of the Democrats’ unhinged, psychopathic behaviors:


22 responses to “Andrew Sullivan warns Democrats their border policy will lose midterm elections

  1. I wonder how Mr Sullivan feels about Trudeau’s ( Canada’s ) new “Right of Return ” for Canadian Jihadis wanting reentry into Canada….I guess that must be based on merit, too.
    Sullivan may be a pragmatist, but he’s a dyed in the wool prog.

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  2. Trump said we will get tired of winning, but it’s fun to watch leftist heads explode!

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  3. Because of all the groups that have sprung up from all this hoopla I would say it would be more violent and unhinged. We are at a point we have never been before and what we do from here is going to be uncharted waters as far as the way things are unfolding in this country.

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  4. To me it is clear that the NWO gang is in charge. This may be due to the fact that they have no leadership capable of pragmatism. Their insane agenda, while helpful in showing just how crazy they are, is not going to be well received by many. I have heard this from lefties that I know.

    It may look like the time is right to Soros and his owners, but I doubt if the American voters will agree. I think that is the primary purpose in the push to get a war going, even if its a soft coup. They have a better chance at gaining control or at least polarizing the country that way.

    So they are openly pushing any point of division they can find or manufacture. Whether that’s race, religion, sexuality, class, you name it. If it looks like an opening for a pry bar, or a cleaver, they’ll take it.

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  5. Mist'ears Mom

    Well he’s right in one things-build the f-in wall! Others not so much. I and millions of others are so sick of the “they (illegals) need” bs:
    “Don’t give it to him for nothing, of course. It should come with a full path to citizenship for all DACA immigrants, … But it should also go bigger: a legislative fix for Flores*; massive new funding for detention facilities, humane family-friendly housing, and, above all, much more money for the immigration legal system, …” (this on top of all the other goodies they get)
    Ah NO!
    Not unless the money is taken from one of their other refugee ‘grant programs’ – I am sick of illegals or asylum seekers getting treated like rock star guests in our country. They don’t “need” or “deserve” anything from the US taxpayers except a ticket back home.
    Sorry- this invasion cannot continue it will destroy our country and everyone who is woke knows this. They are literally streaming across our borders in the thousands everyday.

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    • To me it seems obvious that the main supporters for this are Demon-rats because they see them as voters. The rest of us see them as competitors for jobs, and drains on the economy.

      Some of us are not heartless and selfish. Some of us give freely to charities and do what we can. We cannot afford to take on the dregs of humanity. Of course that is the whole idea.

      This is about “leveling”. By force-feeding us on foreign invaders our standard of living will plummet. That is the real goal. In creating their New World Odor they want their cattle humble and needy. I remember distinctly when Bill Clinton openly admitted this. He said there needed to be a “leveling”, for us that meant a lowering of our living standards.

      I don’t recall ever being asked what I thought about this. This should be surprising in an alleged democracy. I have no recollection of asking one of our elected parasites to go forth and lower our standard of living. Maybe I’m just getting old and forgetful.

      Those in charge of this do not work for us. We need to fix that.

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      • Talk about leveling, back in 1976, Gary Allen’s book “The Rockefeller File”, they were talking about lowering OUR standard of living while raising up the third world’s standard of living a little bit. Seems that most everything that Gary Allen said was going to happen has happened. They’re using our tax monies against us, at the same time they have destroyed the real way to make money (manufacturing) by sending it to China, which gives China and it’s slaves a little more money, and deprives the USA of it’s money making abilities. This has been engineered by the satanic freemason Zionists for a long time.
        Like someone said, nothing happens by accident.

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  6. “The Democrats need to accept that they lost the last presidential election for a reason.”

    They CAN’T and they WON’T. Can’t fix stoopid…

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  7. Thanks, Dis, for this map. I’ve taught World History in the past for years. I can boil down my years of study, my years of teaching into this: a civilization/country is only viable and strong when it 1) recognizes a single language as the language of the land—other languages are not prohibited, but they are NOT pandered-to nor promoted/supported: these things are matters of private home observances and NOT the government business, 2) establishes a standard coinage even if it is different than its neighbors (which means, controls its own economy within its own borders), 3) defines/defends its borders absolutely and its own legal definition of “citizenship.” and 4) establishes/knits its citizens together in a common culture (a melting pot–where our practices/observances/popular culture is shared throughout the culture…and NOT a “tossed salad” where people from differing cultures “co-exist” and rub up against each other without sharing/joining together).

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  8. I don’t care to hear anything spouted by this fat, pompous, effeminate, effete-elite homosexual Log-Cabin “Republican”…
    I just don’t like him.

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  9. VICTORY, how sweet it sounds, how sweet it is.

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