Fake conservative George Will urges voting against Republicans in November midterm elections

In just 1½ years as President, Donald Trump already has achieved more than Obama in eight years, including:

  • Economy: Unemployment has fallen to 3.8% in May 2018, which is effective full employment. Worker productivity increased 3% in the third quarter of 2017, far above the 1.2% average of the Obama years. The number of manufacturing jobs in November 2017 was the highest recorded increase in 15 years.

rate of unemployment 2008-2018 BLS

Despite all that, writing in the Washington Post last Friday, June 23, supposedly-conservative and supposedly-pro-life Catholic columnist George Will, 77 — one of the Never-Trump Republicans in the 2016 presidential election — urged Americans to vote against Republicans in this November’s midterm elections, not because Congressional Republicans are still too timid, but because they have acceded to President Trump’s “family separating” border policy.

It must be noted that what the jackals of the Mainstream Media call “separation of families” is actually the Trump administration enacting a measure that flowed from the  Clinton-era Flores vs. Reno Supreme Court decision allowing unaccompanied illegal border-crossing minors be held “in the least restrictive setting appropriate to the minor’s age and special needs.”

Rachel Koning Beals reports for Market Watch that Will calls lame duck House Speaker Paul Ryan and others the “president’s poodles,” and Trump’s “zero tolerance” border policy “the most telegenic example of misrule” and “fresh if redundant evidence for the principle by which” independents and moderate Republicans should vote in the November midterms.

Will even says a GOP majority’s position to fill any upcoming Supreme Court vacancies is too high a price to pay for the Trump administration’s executive and legislative “dysfunction”. He writes:

“the congressional Republican caucuses must be substantially reduced. So substantially that their remnants, reduced to minorities, will be stripped of the Constitution’s Article I powers that they have been too invertebrate to use against the current wielder of Article II powers. They will then have leisure time to wonder why they worked so hard to achieve membership in a legislature whose unexercised muscles have atrophied because of people like them. Not because James Madison’s system has failed but because today’s abject careerists have failed to be worthy of it. Congressional Republicans . . . have no higher ambition than to placate this president.”

Earlier this week, longtime Republican strategist Steve Schmidt also called for a Democratic wave in the midterm elections, blaming Trump for a “coarsening of this country” and calling the president a “useful idiot” for Russia.

So Schmidt actually believes in the Russia-Trump 2016 electoral collusion, despite not a shred of evidence? But this guy gets big bucks as a Republican strategist?

Hmm, I can’t help but wonder what dark secrets are in the closets of George Will and Steve Schmidt which they are so terrified would be exposed by “zero tolerance” Trump….

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38 responses to “Fake conservative George Will urges voting against Republicans in November midterm elections

  1. sixlittlerabbits

    I couldn’t agree more that George Will is a fake conservative. He writes a column in my local archdiocesan newspaper that confirms this. As a Catholic he should be ashamed to oppose the most pro-life President in history.


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    • which is why I’m beginning to wonder what George Will has to hide….

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      • He’s definitely got……”The Look”. Does he hang out with Biden? Of course Biden at least appears to be heterosexual.

        How many times have we read about the CIA planting these creeps in “news” agencies? There should be no reason for surprise here.

        We also know that they can hire a group of crazy, homeless thugs to do anything for some drug money. Then they can chase them around and claim its a huge, spontaneous, outbreak. There is no shortage of idiots out there that have been conditioned to join in.

        A little off topic, but related in methodology, were a group of “immigrants” that landed in Spain the other day. There were pictures of brand new blankets and clothing provided by the Red Cross, discarded in dumpsters. The “immigrants” were reported to have been seen drinking alcohol and partying all night. They were paying with hundred dollar bills.

        So we, who should always know better, having seen the 9-11 Movie, SHES, and countless others, must remember that most, if not all, of this is completely staged. They put it out there and they respond to it. In this way they get the public support for what they are going to do.

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        • “There is no shortage of idiots out there that have been conditioned to join in.”

          Flash mob, much?
          “Hey kids! Get a bad grade on your exam? Studies got you down? Boyfriend turned out to be gay? Cat ran away? ‘Shades of Poo’ got you confused? Come meet with your classmates to express your 1st Amendment rights in front of the GOP offices, and get a free cup of StarFish coffee for it!”

          It’s Pavlovian.


  2. The worst kind of enemy is a traitor in your own camp!
    Georgie take a Freekin Hike!

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  3. I’m going to vote in my primaries today. For many pro-life, pro-2A, NRA-endorsed republicans.

    Suck it George!

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  4. It is no surprise to me that the “news” media is full of wholly-owned shills. TPTB would never leave to chance something as useful as their main mind-control operations. I have never liked this one in particular.

    So what he, and his owners are saying is, “look, he’s not an ‘insider’. He has no right to determine policy. Policy comes from Tel Aviv (or maybe Jerusalem or NYC). He must be stopped lest he derail The Plan”.

    We no more live in a democracy than do the North Koreans. At the moment they haven’t completely taken away all that we’ve earned, but they’re working on it.

    Great article. I wish I could say I was gratified by the content. The content isn’t your doing. The reporting is first rate.

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  5. Conceited Georgy Wills, whose dreams of dethroning libtard Tom Brokaw has been playing up to the left hiding behind the conservative disguise, GEORGE, your deceitful practices won’t help you, we lost our blindfold a long time ago, stop playing with conservative ideals, you are just another liberal in expensive suits.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    George Will is a #NEVERTRUMPER. We haven’t heard from him in a long time which was good because when he does open his mouth there is always a foul order spewing out. He is an Elite Repub and thinks his poop doesn’t stink – like the rest of those folks who are working with the One World Order crowd.

    Just take out your can of Lysol disinfectant spray which kills 99.9% of the germs and ignore what this person – who thinks he is an intellect says. He ain’t no Krauthamer for sure but tries to act like one.


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  7. Why would any true conservative and anyone else who voted for Trump vote for any Democrat??? Why would we be so impatient with Trump and what he’s doing for us and our country??? The damage done wasn’t created overnight and it’s going to take a bit longer than one year to fix it all. Are we such a spoiled child that we want it now, and if we don’t get it now, we’ll fix you – we’ll vote for the very people who will destroy us! Yah, this will make the fake Republicans think twice won’t it! Not so. Does this even make logical sense? This ludicrous thought and feeling definitely isn’t the path for us to follow, is it? I say no it isn’t. Vascilating back and forth from party to party doesn’t work to change anything. Accept this and then we can start to really move forward. Vote and vote Republican and keep them in power and let’s keep them accountable for their actions.

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  8. That Steve Schmidt has an “Oh,Sh*t” look on his face-what’s he worried about?

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  9. Irrelevant baseball-fellating midget.

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  10. Rinos to the left… rinos to the right. LOL… another instance where we can thank Trump for exposing all these pseudo Republicans. We might have suspected something was off but might not know for sure (McCain is a slam-dunk traitorous rino) except for this blatant anti-Trump rant. Thank you Mr. President.

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  11. Another Rino loses their mask..
    The list is getting longer.
    Just say the name Trump and look for their tails and horns to pop out.
    We know whom they serve…

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    • It’s fascinating how Trump has a “truth serum” effect on the evil ones.

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      • Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. They are all in a play. They are used to improvising their lines based on their knowledge of what their owners expect of them. Trump blows that apart. He just comes right out and tells it like it is. It makes them wet their nappies.

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  12. What has made the past voting patterns so much easier for Democrats (which we certainly hope that we will not see among Republicans under Trump) is that too many of the Republican Party’s members have had complete disregard for the real and the historically correct American people, our “the silent majority” White American voters. An article from 2012 below expains this.

    Most media and MSM hate White people, too, in case no one has noticed, and Will is merely one of jewry’s mouthpieces doing the same thing as the Democrats and media historically do – actively trashing America’s White vote.

    “The Democrats have no problem making explicit appeals to the identity and interests of their constituencies: Jews, non-whites, environmentalists, gays, feminists, etc. But Republicans refuse to make explicit appeals to the identity and interests of whites, even while they pander to Jews and other groups that overwhelmingly vote against them. Nor will Republicans take the necessary steps to preserve the white majority — stopping non-white immigration, addressing higher non-white birthrates — even under the guise of race-neutral programs.” – Greg Johnson, “The Republican Party Must Perish” [2012]

    To determine who maintains this suicidal ideological consensus and why, follow the money trail. Half the money raised by Republicans comes from Jews (75% for Democrats) and a large percentage of the rest comes from wealthy non-Jews (an even higher percentage for the Democrats). Capitalist elites [There is nothing “elite” about the trash jewish super-capitalist extremists and their “rewarded” Freemason followers who work against America and America’s White people. – Flanders], however, do not care about nationalism. They profit from importing non-whites and shipping American jobs to non-white nations.

    Jews, of course, care about nationalism: their own nationalism, not American nationalism, which is merely a tool to be used or discarded whenever it serves Jewish interests. As for America, Jews support the same policies as capitalists: easy entry, easy exit. Both Jews and the plutocracy are threatened by American nationalism and seek to suppress it. Both groups are well aware that that present demographic trends doom the white race in North America and the Republican Party. But both groups do not care.

    The enemy fears that the Republicans could, eventually, become desperate enough to actually try to represent and preserve the white majority. They know that if the Republicans actually followed the Sailer Strategy of explicitly appealing to white voters, they could maintain power and would set themselves on the path of actually preserving and enhancing the white majority.

    Thus the enemy suppresses dissent and promotes the delusion that the Republicans will be saved by non-whites, knowing that they don’t have to keep up the act much longer, since demographic trends will finish off the Republican Party soon enough.”


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    • That is undoubtedly true, but there is probably a bit more to it. Many of today’s leftists are thoroughly conditioned. They hate their own culture, they, as you say, have been fed the Jewish diet.

      They are also under economic pressure, engineered no doubt, to assist in this “transition”. In short, they are frightened silly. What they want more than anything else is security. They want to be taken care of.

      Socialism promises them that they will at least eat. Most have no ambition beyond survival. That also tends to create an affiliation with these death cults and nihilism. They are completely defeatist and will do anything to be protected from what they perceive is the scary world outside their fuzzy universe.

      That just leaves us geezers. We are largely a problem that will inevitably go away over time. Nonetheless, they are impatient. They are too few in number to annihilate us by themselves, but they are confident their army of snowflakes can do that for them. I’m not so sure.

      If tomorrow we were successful in eliminating these communists, we would have two or three generations of youth to recondition. They are effectively ruined. I see it in my own grandkids. They haven’t a clue.

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      • I understand your feelings that way, Lophatt, and that to many people it does sometimes seem hopeless, but 6 months after the jew media has been removed and replaced by a truly American media, changes would begin to happen in drastic ways. That is why the jews are so insistent upon keeping their monopoly positions over our communications. Look at how successful an aroused public is now that Trump is bypassing the standard lines of communication.

        We know that the five biggest families in early 1900’s Hollywood were jews from within a roughly 80 mile area from each other, and all coming from the destitute Poland-Ukraine-Russia area, and who came together at one moment in time to the dinky hole of Hollywood and arose to became glitzy super-Hollywood production owners, so don’t think that Rothschild and the jewish international banker families whom they represent, don’t realize the value for control over the communications for a country.

        The jews are losing in that battle for media monopoly. That is why we see the ongoing censorship, the politically correct impositions, and attempts to control the assets of internet companies and the communications for the American people. It’s also why we see the strident media, political and intelligence agency attempts to silence all the new uprising against what was previously unchallenged jewish monopoly controls.

        I’ve seen the work and fast-learning which is going on within segments of “Generation Z”. Our White blood remains within us and as long as it does there will be White men to promote our God, values, hopes and dreams for our White race and our nations, and they will maintain the historic White ability to overcome the obstacles which stand in their way.

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        • Yes, providing control can be wrested from them. I’m sure you are correct to say that the reaction via censorship has been extreme and telling. When it comes to howling, no one is louder.

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          • Are you ignoring over half your Bible? Well really, most of it? The synagogue of Satan are Not Jews. Rev 2. V 6, 9, 14, 15. There are numbers of insiders/ controllers that are not Jews or of Hebrew blood. My husband and I both have Hebrew blood so it hurts to hear this talk. The Bible says all those with evil in their hearts will be judged. Christ, who was allowed the body of a Jew, came to convert them first, used their law, indeed , wrote it personally , and fulfilled it. The first Christians were mostly Jews. Romans 11 talks about the Jews and their NT role. There will be a third of the Jews left as a remnant allowed into the kingdom of Christ. This is all in your Bible.
            These insiders of the NWO are Luceferians, not jews. At the end of several of the OT prophets, after God has declared the evil His Jewish people have committed, reaffirms that He will clean their hearts, replace their hearts of stone ( the legalistic following of the law without understanding or spirit) with a heart of flesh. And He will be their God and they would be His people. So it’s repeated more than twice, remember the rule of repeated mention. But dontworry, Soros and Kissinger ( one of the higher up handlers) and Rockefellers, and Rothchilds, unless they repent and receive Christ and the spirit and their new heart of flesh where the law is written in it, will be going to Hell. The Bible is pretty clear.

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            • I think the idea is that “TPTB”, the “Jews in control” are not actually the descendants of God’s Chosen People; they are poseurs who are unrelated in either beliefs or DNA to the original Judaic Nation… that have co-opted the position in order to control world power and direct much of our world’s view of who we are and where we should be headed, which is in direct opposition to what and where God originally directed us and His People.

              I don’t personally buy into that whole conspiracy because it sounds, at heart, too anti-Semitic (or even Nazi) to me, and because I choose not to give Satan credit for having orchestrated such a coup world-wide.

              But I do recognize that there are many “Jews” in places of power, especially in banking, law, medicine, and of course, sports & entertainment (including communications and the MSM) — and many, if not most, certainly don’t adhere to the Godly beliefs, actions, or words I associate with Old Testament Jews or New Testament Christians. I just think they’ve renounced their faith in order to pursue money & power…

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    • Excellent info as always Flanders… the only thing I would add to your piece is the absolutely ASTONISHING amount of hubris these filthy rodents in the beltway have. Their myopic view of the world is massively self-aggrandizing, and they can’t see past their next [FREE] meal/limo ride/martini/car/airplane ride/sexual escapade/new jewelry/clothing/home/car/helicopter, etc,etc,etc….these ppl would—and do, sell their own children off for “ill-gotten gains” today…they don’t look into the future, because THEY DO NOT CARE! These ppl are SICK beyond normal human comprehension. That goes for both sides of the Uniparty™️. The Corruptcrats AND the RepubliCons…. Maybe Dr.E can elaborate on this, but I personally believe that a small number of humans are born without a soul, and I firmly believe that these demons-for lack of a better word, gravitate towards these “positions of absolute power.” Just my $0.02

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      • I dealt for many years with D.C. culture. Trust me, it is very cliquish and completely self-serving. It is actually easy to understand where a person is coming from there. They have no outside loyalties or morals. They do whatever they believe is in their own best interest.

        I worked a lot with the military and they were like that as well, especially the senior officers. All they cared about was their next promotion.

        In D.C. they really believe they are the “Kool Kidz”. Of course there are sub-sets of this as well. Many civil service go there planning on a short stint, a quick promotion and transfer to someplace civilized. The ones that stay go there because they like to be close to the center of power and the feeling of being “an insider”.

        I can really see it with regard to Trump. Whether all that is on the up and up or not, they sincerely resent him. Why? Because he isn’t one of them.

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      • Politicians and lawyers are among occupations with the most psychopaths, which explains why Washington, DC, is the most psychopathic of all U.S. !


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  13. Because the political parties are going through such changes today, many are shifting and yet are not clearly identifiable as a member of either Democrat or Republican. Throw in conservative and liberal while we are at it. Today, it is NWO/Globalist/Anti American sovereignty versus American. PNAC versus the real, original America, not the Anglo creation attempting to bring our country back into the British Empire where the sun never sets. And where nobody sits until the Queen does. He was raised in an academic environment and spent a large part of his adulthood there, all of it intellectually challenging but not beyond his abilities. Studies included Religion, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Trinity College, Hartford, CT, Magdalene College-Oxford, and Princeton. All with the elite and flying at thirty thousand feet, well above the common people, the populists. We could call his education “Populist Management,” hence his dislike of President Trump and lack of enthusiasm in Making America Great Again. That is not PNAC, make the elite of America and elsewhere greater than ever before in history.

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  14. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Make your choice, there is no right or wrong answer. Who do you want to be your daddy? Whom do you want to be your father?


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  16. traildustfotm

    I like the smile comparison. Makes you wonder if there’s something in it that reveals the presence of a demon. I know that’s quite a stretch, so let’s just say it’s a smile now found on the faces of two phonies. There is definitely a swampy odor coming from those guys.

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  17. R U kidding me…..I haven’t listened to George Will for a decade! He went ‘off the reservation” long ago!

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  18. George Will is an imbecile. But let’s look at two of the influences behind the neo-con cabal—the Bush Crime Family and Zionist forces.
    Problem is, Will is not the only “fake phony fraud,” in the words of the late great Bob Grant: Rush Limbaugh is another Bush-tard, parroting their party lines, always restricting his info to the level of the third grade! The late Charles Krauthammer was better, and even Sean Hannity has grown, at least to some extent.

    George Will is the controlled opposition, the useful idiot. He’s very similar to Eleanor Clift, who gets paid to sound like an idiot!

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  19. I think Will’s idea was to get some opposition in DC to slow down Trump from doing things brashly and without legislative approval…

    Maybe he was being sarcastic? Because if moderation were his intent, why not simply advise voting in more moderate Republicans? Here’s the thing: How many moderate Democrats are still around, and how many could be elected in today’s political atmosphere? Close to ZERO.

    To elect Democrats to moderate Trump would seem foolish to me; it would simply be enabling our worst fears by putting the opposition back in charge! As Steven noted, it sounds more like something Eleanor Clift would propose!


  20. I get hives just thinking about the WaPo…

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