Al Sharpton received $437,555 bonus from his non-profit organization


The Good Reverend founded his non-profit National Action Network (NAN) back in 1991. It’s designed to increase voter education and provide services to those in poverty. Sharpton has a net worth of $500,000.

According to The New York Times, Sharpton and his for-profit businesses owe $4.5 million in state and federal taxes as of November 2014.

Yet somehow this guy is allowed a bonus of $437,555 on top of his $250,000 salary from an organization that owes the IRS money.

The Smoking Gun did research and reviewed the NAN’s tax filing for 2016 which was signed by Sharpton in November 2017. From their report:

“In justifying the bonus, the National Action Network–which Sharpton controls–told the IRS that, over the past 25 years, Sharpton had “periodically declined compensation to ensure that the organization had sufficient operating funds to fulfill its payroll obligations and maintain ongoing operations.” The organization added that it had previously “received the services of the President and CEO without fully compensating for his services.”

Additionally, the group “recognizes that it did not offer any retirement or benefit package to the President and CEO in contrast to most peer organizations that do offer retirement or benefit packages.”

In a move to rectify this purported shorting of Sharpton, the organization provided him with a “one-time bonus” of $437,555. This retroactive payout was meant to address prior “compensation that was declined or not fully compensated.”

Read their whole story here.

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59 responses to “Al Sharpton received $437,555 bonus from his non-profit organization

  1. I was wondering if Sharpton ever paid the IRS what he owes, then I read this post. Outrageous!

    Why does the federal government continue to allow all these outlaws and criminals go free? The government only goes after the “little people”.

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  2. hello I got news for you; just because a company is a non profit co it doesn’t mean that no one involved in the company isn’t making a profit from the company’s proceeds


    • That’s not the point.

      The point is PAY YOUR TAXES before paying bonuses.

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      • A one-time bonus? Reverend SHARPcon has never worked in his life, “My money $$$$$$$$ in my pocket” that’s what SHARPcon told Mustafá on their way to the bath house, “ain’t gon’pay yo’way boy”.

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      • as if every other CEO of a company profit or non profit have that motto…


        • Two, three, even 55 wrongs don’t justify bad behavior. Unless you are a demorat.

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          • gov’t steals taxes from those earning less then CEO’s so if one can get away without paying taxes then I say it is justified


            • That’s the difference between demorat Sharpton and conservatives I know.

              We receive letters from the IRS (including myself while Obama was president) saying we owe the IRS money (much less than millions of dollars).

              We visit a CPA and pay our taxes to the biggest collection agency (which I did).

              Us peons who don’t pay go to jail. High-profile race baiter Sharpton gets a pass.

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              • Wow DCG….I don’t know if you noticed my gripes on previous posts thru’ the years here…..but we went throught the exact same thing as you, TWICE, in the Obama years….we (IN CA) were audited by that famous Clevelend office by mail audit….and when we called for guidance (never had a mail audit before) were told by some low-level-phone-answerer….(instead of an answer or referral for our questions) “YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE,” as THO” this phone secretary already adjudged/ knew our end/outcome with this audit for us….and as, as THO’ we were pre-judged by this low-level IRS employee as “guilty” of not paying our taxes. IT was an INSULTING and accusatory response from (supposedly) “my government” to us as we attempted to answer their summons to us……and was wholly UN-HELPFUL. Our entire experiences with these audits were a saturate of Lois Lerner/Barack Hussein Obama, whereupon Barack Hussein Obama had weaponized the governmental machine at his disposal to punish his regional/political/Constitutional-supporting “enemies.” (We come from an area/small town that turned back Obama’s thousands of “unaccompanied minors” and others —tho’ he found a way to release them at gunpoint (against American citizens—including US one day when we took the “scenic route” to the WalMart one day) in our area . Point is….when we went to the US Post Office to get IRS forms for our audit——–there were NONE TO BE HAD….the entire area, its citizens, had been put under audit to “punish us” that year for daring to stand up to the Obama admin. ILLEGAL handling of the ILLEGAL border-crossers……so much so that there were NO forms left in any of the Federal Post Offices in our area………

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                • So true that Lerner/Hussein weaponized the IRS. The one and only time I got a “you owe us pay now” letter from them in my whole life was under Obama.

                  It wasn’t an audit though like you went through. Can’t imagine the BS you all had to deal with. Unfreakinbelievable.

                  Thank God HRC lost. That baloney would no doubt be ongoing.

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                  • Beginning December 2015 through Spring of 2016, the IRS sent us one letter after another demanding that we pay back taxes for previous years, some of which for income I don’t even recognize. The total “back taxes” amounted to some $35K. I disputed the first letter, paid a couple, then simply was worn down. Then suddenly, the IRS began refunding all the “back taxes” I’d paid.

                    If Trump hadn’t been elected and Hillary the Monster was elected POTUS, I have no doubt the IRS would continue to invent “back taxes” and I’d be bankrupted. I’m still incredulous that the United States of America had come to this — a replica of the former Soviet Union.

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              • I guess it pays to be a race baiter if it will get the IRS off your ass….


              • I got audited during the Bush administration, over a mistake I didn’t realize at the time I made (I do my own taxes). I went downtown cause I sure as hell didn’t want the IRS coming to my place, and coming up with more BS for me to pay. Some flunky even tried intimidation, cause he felt safe in a federal building; if he was in my house & tried that, my dog would’ve enjoyed a testicular lunch!

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            • PS: I called the IRS for some explanation and assistance with re-filing. Their response? “You owe, you pay.”

              Wonder if race-baiter Sharpton has encountered that (assuming he’s bothered to contact the IRS)?

              I’m going with a big fat NO.

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        • Do tell us which CEOs haven’t paid their taxes.

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    • “Your money in my pocket”.

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    • Bonuses are supposed to be for a job well done, not skating on non payment of paying taxes due.

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  3. If any of us was in that same situation,we’d DIE in Prison for it. THAT’S the point.

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  4. His covert trips to chicago bath houses are not free. He needs the money! His good friend Barry knows all the fun spots in the windy city.

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  5. Just look at the dichotomy of the IRS hastling Conservative groups trying to set themselves up as “non-profit,” as opposed to a Libtard group who owes takes . . . but seemingly there is not an IRS agent anywhere in sight to rectify this problem. This needs to change. If they owe taxes–then they need to pay the taxes. Who in their right mind ever heard of any group paying out huge bonuses when taxes are in arears.

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  6. If I owed the IRS one dollar, they would come looking for it. If a real Christian church owed one dollar, they would shut it down if it wasn’t paid. The good reverend Sharpton must know a lot of dirt on people.

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  7. In the words of the late great Bob Grant, Sharpton is a “fake phony fraud” and is the quintessential textbook race huckster. But what we see in Sharpton—as morally vicious as he is—is a Boss Hogg level of corruption. It’s as if he’s been saying, “Hey, I’m only trying to get by here. It’s called survival.” This is NOT to forget his words of incitement against Harlem’s Freddy’s Fashion Mart, in which he suggested “someone go burn that place down,” to which some madman did, killing seven other people (along with himself).
    So let’s be clear: Sharpton is a Boss Hogg GOON who DOES have blood on his hands. (And I have not forgotten about the Tawana Brawley Affair, either, in which one police officer committed suicide).

    But this is the difference between Sharpton and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the Rothschild-Soros apparatchik overlord of a criminal enterprise with an entire network of criminals and PR people in her service; She is the master manipulator with her fingers in everybody’s pies, stirring up trouble and she has a platoon of hit-men in her employ. In this regard, Sharpton, nasty piece of work that he is, remains the yeoman, whereas Madame Hillary is the Master.
    At any rate, Lady Justice has a length of rope for each villain with their names on it.

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  8. traildustfotm

    Reverend of what, exactly? The First Church of What’s Happnin Now?

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  9. Sharpton is more than likely part of The Boule, that’s why he doesn’t pay for his crimes.

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    • Interesting. I had heard of “Prince Hall Freemasons”. Obongo was supposed to be one of those. I don’t really doubt any of that but I don’t see how it differs from any of the white parasites sucking up to the illuminati. You could say the same of them.

      I’ve said many times that the art of the Controllers is not in getting wealth, it is in keeping anyone that won’t cooperate from having any. That’s how it works. Everyone needs some wealth, they control it all.

      Anybody that can’t look at Sharpton (or Obongo for that matter) and see them for what they obviously are shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions for themselves. Just look at that picture of the two of them together.

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      • “I don’t really doubt any of that but I don’t see how it differs from any of the white parasites sucking up to the illuminati.”

        I wasn’t implying that they are any different from White parasites at all. There are traitors within all of the races, willing to sell out their fellow human beings. Africa is roiling in poverty and chaos because African leaders sell out and allow their countries to be raped of resources while they live like kings. China is a hell hole because their leaders have likewise sold out to the money powers. And here we are on the verge of collapse in the West because of the same- White treasonous parasites. It is universal.There are only two types of human beings as far as I am concerned. Those who have a love of God and therefore humanity, or those who love themselves only, and what they can gain for themselves from the world and the evil one.

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    • Thanks for the link, Lana….. I stumbled across something like that years ago, and never followed up on it….. scary how deep the tentacles are

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    • YES: Sharpton is a member of the Boule: Dr. Henry Makow at had two articles on the Boule just this week. So is Jesse Jackson.

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  10. Nice pic of TWO CON BROTHERS chilling! SHARPcon with his tongue hanging out and Mustafá? who knows what it is they are looking at!

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  11. You mean Al Sharpton is STILL ALIVE and still GRIFTING?????? Oh My. I’ve not been keeping up on current events, evidently.

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  12. W&J Al Sharpton – Parody –

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  13. Someone Stop Al Sharpton – Funny –

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  14. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Only in America! And they owe the IRS. And they say the IRS isn’t a problem!

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