Another brutal knife attack in England: 30 attackers jump teen at funfair event

dylan swan ugc image

Victim Dylan Swan/UGC photo

From Chronicle Live: These are the horrific injuries suffered by teenager Dylan Swan on his way home from The Hoppings.

Dylan said he was set upon by a gang of 30 attackers as he walked through Exhibition Park on Friday night. The 16-year-old said he was stabbed in the head with a butterfly knife during the assault. He was also beaten and stamped on and left covered in blood.

The terrifying attack only came to an end when a nurse chased the attackers away and gave him first aid.

Dylan said: “I sat down on a bench in Exhibition Park, I was by myself. About 30 people came and surrounded me. They started jumping on top of me, they were jumping on my head and body. One of them took out a butterfly knife and stabbed me near my head. I was terrified. It lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes.

“But a nurse came and helped me. She chased everyone away and put me in the recovery position and gave me first aid. I lost consciousness and I don’t remember much of what happened after that, I just remember seeing flashing lights. Then next thing I remember was waking up in a bed in hospital.”

Dylan is now recovering at home after being treated at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

His parents Rob and Shirley expressed their shock at what happened and thanked the nurse who came to their son’s aid. Rob said: “We don’t know her name but she works at the RVI and even came to see Dylan in hospital to see if he was ok. She was absolutely lovely and we can’t thank her enough. If it wasn’t for her, we don’t know what would have happened.”

Northumbria Police has asked for witnesses to come forward.

A spokeswoman for the Hoppings said: “We’ve been told by police that there was a group of drunk teenagers at the bandstand in Exhibition Park and a fight broke out.

“We are not aware of any incidents actually at the Hoppings. We have two private security firms, with 50 people working yesterday and today, as well as Northumbria Police.”

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52 responses to “Another brutal knife attack in England: 30 attackers jump teen at funfair event

  1. Knives are deadliest weapons, slices flesh, more harm done than a bullet that goes in and out. Leave it to Muther England, defenseless citizens at the hands of criminals.

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  2. Didn’t the UK outlaw knives?

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  3. Yes they did ban certain types of knives I believe, but tyhe Crime in general here in the UK is completely out of control. In London you have that incompetent Mayor Khan who should have been kicked out a long time ago. Unfortunately,

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    • Yeah, its unbelievable. In the late 60’s and early 70’s about the worst thing you had were cat burglars. The only violence I remember in London were occasional scuffles at pubs and the traffic.

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  4. Sorry I cut myself off above what I was going onto to say was the PM is too fond of muslims with shady connections in her Cabinet. Khan does not give a toss about all the moped attacks, all the shootings, knife attacks. As for Cressidar Dick, you need to look at YouTube and for a man called John Wedger, the bravest man in England. Former Policeman who is a whistleblower, he has blown the lid on the paedophilia that is raging through this Land and has done so for such a long time. The corruption goes right to the top. This Country is falling apart, the Whites are strangers now in their own Country. The People are going to have to fight back, come out on the streets whatever it takes, this is OUR Country does not belong to those damn muslims. Thats why it’s important to keep supporting Tommy Robinson for all he has done, now its our turn. We cannot let all those brave men who fought and died in the last War to have their sacrifice be for nothing.

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    • I am sorry for what you are going through. I am still in wonder how the mayor was elected. Did everyone decide not to vote that day and let it be what may? I think England has gone past the tipping point of no return. At least it is good to see Italy fighting back a little.

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    • It’s not just the men of the last war, it’s is your whole history, the Magna Carta and more. Good Lord almighty, don’t let your history and culture be erased. Sadly the whole of the English people have been blamed for the rot that took the crown through freemasonry, and the Rothschild banking cartel to colonize and rape the world.

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  5. The problem starts from the Royals and their basic, inherent lust for rulership over a complete global empire with total control over every human being.
    The only acceptable need world order is the one with truly divine administration; the Satanic right of kings is not acceptable.

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  6. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Order out of chaos? With the chaos being created by those seeking to be absolutely corrupted by the anticipated absolute power, misery will follow.

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  7. In reference to the invasion of Europe, the short article in the link below gives a clue to how thankful invaders are when given supplies, food, lodging and more after debarking.

    Photo in the link speaks for itself. This is what “refugees” on the rescue ship Aquarius did with Red Cross supplies after arriving in Alicante, Spain where students were thrown out of student housing to give room for these poor, rescued souls. Some rescue. Some poor souls.

    Canadian writer Gwynne Dyer says what we are seeing in Europe is a “dress rehearsal for the real migrant apocalypse” to come.

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    • Amazing to live through a “Moorish redux”. I think this has been done before, only without an invitation. How do they justify kicking their own citizens out of housing that’s paid for? They did this in Germany too.

      I’ve actually reached a point where I’m literally speechless. No sane person could support this. As to the Royals, that always been the game. Those who are allowed to “win” believe they are in charge of their destinies. They aren’t.

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      • I saw where two separate nurses that were long time renters were both tossed out of their homes that were given to the invaders. I am sure the property was well kept after that. I saw hotels that were taken over where the owners complied because there were given millions, much more than they would have made otherwise. Sad that greed now trumps what is the right thing to do.

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    • I wrote debarking when I meant disembarking, pointing a finger at Microsoft Word spell check instead of myself. Easy way out.

      An oddity with Word spell check at my end is the word “Obama” which is still absent from the vocabulary provided. The correct words suggested instead are for example Osama and even Boatman.

      So Obama never existed? It was not his name? No surprise. Microsoft Word vocabulary has words like Bush, Clinton and Trump, but not Obama. Perhaps I need to look for Obongo.

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    • Miss Marple, that speaks seems like a big set up, as if they already have lots of money (Soros, anyone?) and don’t care either (is this due to their “religion” that calls any who do not believe in the devil Allah ‘infidels’ who deserve no respect?). If they are paying for drinks using lots of money, then they obviously are not poor in a financial sense.
      The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
      That is also a big reason I don’t donate to huge charities, most of the money is wasted in one way or another.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This will not change unless the people stand up for themselves instead of allowing the PM May to make decisions which is always in the Muslims’ favor. Why – is beyond my thinking why she turned on her own people after listening to Obama. She and Merkel are in the same think tank.


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  9. The media today tells a great deal by committing details they don’t want us to know. Somehow I doubt these were soccer fans or drunken Irishmen but rather recent refugees that diversify the UK. They’re names aren’t Peter or Paul, you’d not see their like in the UK a 100 years ago, but in every nation where they lurk there is violent and senseless crime.

    So lets hear it for the Muzzies and blacks who enrich Britain.

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    • What I find unusual is that I haven’t found one picture or video of the attack. VERY ODD considering how everyone immediately whips out their phones to record events today.

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      • It reminds one of the ignored Rigby murder near an army barracks; cameras all around but no police for twenty minutes. And this attack, fifteen to twenty minutes, security present, and it took a nurse to send them off in fear! What was her assault weapon, a syringe filled with vaccine? What were the police doing in this land of cameras, inspecting mosque doorways looking for strips of bacon?

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        • Yeah I remember that one. If you shopped that around for sponsorship I’ll bet you wouldn’t get any takers. Any way you slice it, we’re doomed. Fake or real they don’t care what we think.

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        • The woman walked over to the guy holding a bloody hatchet with bloody hands, talked to him and it was over with. She had no defense weapon, just followed the script. Funny thing there was no blood around the beheaded corpse.

          Chris Spivey of UK had a field day with that one.

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          • Yeah, I remember. He’s just standing there, allegedly having decapitated a soldier in the street. The woman just walks up and scolds him like he just littered or something. I’m pretty gullible, but not THAT gullible.

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      • These days the act of actually showing the perpetrators could get you charged with “hate”. This is how they roll. It will be that way here soon, you’ll see.

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        • True…

          The link we provide on our web site to “U.S. Illegal Alien Crime Report” web site is no longer working, for some reason. That site provided news of criminal activities committed by criminal illegal aliens. And now, “poof,” it’s down. Gee, I wonder why…

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          • Well, we KNOW they have an agenda. I also know they will not “announce” it when they achieve it. It’s the “boiling frog” thing. Many, many years ago I read about the Illuminati methods (learned from others) of having a very few control the many.

            These methods work. It isn’t the absence of methodology or force that should control people’s actions. It is their consciences and their beliefs. Christianity turned tribes of barbarians into civilized societies. Now it appears we are headed back into the darkness.

            Those responsible for this are not really “legion”. They just have the methods and means to apply pressure to key nodes. Chasing them through the streets might not only do wonders for our spirits it could help with fat explosion as well.

            Remember, they don’t ask for permission. We shouldn’t either.

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            • “Chasing them through the streets …” I am not recommending that, of course, but it brings to my mind a quote from GHWB that said roughly, “If the American people knew what we did to them, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.” I am not recommending that, either.

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            • “Chasing them through the streets might not only do wonders for our spirits it….”
              Makes me think of the the last days of Ceausescu. However, those people were undoubtedly united after their ordeal. If we chased them down, there would be those here still defending them.

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            • That’s good. It’s good to be skeptical. The “they” in this are really pushing. I visit quite a few sources and they have been buzzing. That outfit that Brock runs is all related to Obongo and his little Kalorama operation. None of this is happening spontaneously. You know Waters wouldn’t lift a finger if she weren’t ordered to by her owners.

              It is to the point where something is going to snap. To me it looks like they’re delusional enough to actually believe they’ll win. I actually think TPTB don’t care who “wins” but they want the conflict.

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            • See, this the hazard of all this PC bullsh*t and being afraid of so called “hate speech” and outlawing it. Those that are in power and are bent on destroying the world know how to twist and turn things so that people can’t speak the truth, even when the truth is that they are being destroyed from within (via “immigration”, “Islam”, etc).

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          • What message comes up?


    • Yeah, that’s about right. Isn’t it strange that these “they” are always making decisions about what’s “best” for us? Somehow they remain aloof and untouched by it all:

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      • The more diverse it is, daverse it gets. Where I used to live, there are a lot more foreigners than ever before. I was talking to one neighbor and saw a muslim family moved into the neighborhood. They said they rarely see their kids outside at all.

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    • The police, too. The Northumbria Police haven’t tweeted ONE thing about this incident, not even a tweet about asking witnesses to come forward.

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  10. Have the police charged Dylan with assault because he couldn’t prove he didn’t fight back yet? (It is modern Britain, you know… )

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  11. A modern epidemic viral epidemic sickness is everywhere, thanks to the New World Disorder’s deliberate implementation of its policies.

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  12. How did they know there were 30, exactly? Did he count them before they began attacking? Or Did the nurse take the time to count them all? And how could one woman ‘chase them (a crazed mob!) away?’ (Maybe she had a gun?!) 🙃

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  13. What a bunch of PUSSIES….a nurse chases thirty punks away? I’m glad they were though and that she didn’t get the mob mentality brunt. That poor kid, what a horrid thing to go through. I hope he doesn’t suffer any permanent damage. What a bunch of cowards. They need to take these criminal elements in a troop carrier, go about 20,000 feet and drop them out the back.
    I wonder if the cops are even going to find any of the scum that did this.
    This is what they want to bring to America…what they are bringing to America. And people wonder why Shillary lost….

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