Normalizing pedophilia & bestiality: Democrat Senate candidate Jerome Segal’s campaign ad

Jerome Segal, 74, is a Democratic primary candidate for the U.S. Senate in Maryland.

On June 22, 2018, Anna Masoglia, a writer for, tweeted that Segal paid at least $25,464 for a campaign ad in the Washington Post.

Segal begins the ad by identifying himself as a socialist. He then asks his potential voters a series of bizarre, politics-unrelated, non sequitur questions on pedophilia and bestiality:

“Did you ever stare at a picture of a naked child? Full frontal? Did it bring about emotions, ones that might have surprised you?”

“Did you ever watch a video of a three-way, between two men, one white and one black, and a big dog? One a big fellow and another kind [sic] slender? And did you feel strange emotions? Does it come readily back to your mind?”

Segal then asks:

“Did you ever find yourself in close proximity to someone very different, someone you might never want to be seen with, someone whose raw physical needs were right there on the surface? Did it both make you want to run away and make you want to reach out your hand?”

He then assures the reader that those pedophile and bestiality feelings are completely natural:

“Don’t worry. These reactions sometimes happen to all of us. It doesn’t mean you are a socialist. Whew.”

The rest of his long rambling campaign ad is about socialism and capitalism.

He ends the ad with this:

“My name is Jerome Segal. I’m a socialist and proud. I’m happy to be part of the LGBTQ&S community, and you should fess up, and be proud as well.”

Here’s a screen shot of the ad:

Jerome Segal's WaPo campaign ad

According to Wikipedia, Jerome Segal is “an American philosopher and political activist in Silver Spring, Maryland,” a former aide to aide to Congressman Donald M. Fraser, “a research scholar at the University of Maryland and the president of the Jewish Peace Lobby.”

H/t Big League Politics and Voat

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76 responses to “Normalizing pedophilia & bestiality: Democrat Senate candidate Jerome Segal’s campaign ad

  1. Leftism, making insanity normal to gain power!

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    • Oh, he’s got lots of “ISSUES” all right! Gee, why isn’t he running for office?? I’m not surprised he would put this ad (and they would ACCEPT IT) in the Wash Po.
      Our local drivel rag like most of the newspapers out here constantly mirror the bilge that flows from the Washington posts, ditto NYT, AP and Reuters. So much for independent thought!
      I also noticed that he’s just ok with besides sick really SICK sexual perversions (anyone want to arrest this guy would be fine with me- cops, you reading this article up above?), he’s also FOR the “distributive principal” which means, stealing from those who have to give to those who are too lazy or spendy to save their own money (see Seattle Homeless problems on welfare).
      Sure, it always works, that’s why Communism is the beacon of hope everyone’s always striving for. NOT.
      Wow, what a crazy demonic scumbucket he is.
      That dude looks like some homeless crazy that accosts Jurors in Seattle.

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      • chemtrailssuck . . . . You hit that right out of the ball park! I am aghast that all these creatures are slithering out from under every conceivable rock.

        Heavenly Father, please protect your righteous children here on the Earth, and may the government of the United States of America remain one that adheres to the Constitution, and ensures that freedom will prevail.

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        • Thank you, Auntie! Ugh, I just shudder, because the truly ‘sick’ ones are still hiding in the shadows, this…”THING” is probably tame compared to the other ones.
          Gee, wonder why THIS isn’t on the news? But of course the mainstream news isn’t controlled, it’s still a free press…..hahahahahahaha!!
          People need to watch their children, I feel bad for any women forced to put their children in day care, if this guy is allowed to walk around loose…..

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      • Yes indeed. Don’t forget the John Podesta works for the Washington Post. They probably have a lot in common. I’m sure this guy would feel right at home at Comet Pizza or “Man’s Country”.

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    • No, that’s Judaism for you.

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  2. WTF? This guy is a LUNATIC:

    “The Iran Nuclear deal was a triumph of diplomacy.”

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    • A Jewish communist, how strange (not!). He’s definitely a legend in his own mind. We just “..don’t understand the Bible”. That’s why we have Sartre? Did I mention that his old house is now a print shop for Bibles?

      He’s a commie goon. Must be because he “skipped Eighth Grade”, whatever that was supposed to mean.

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  3. And, in true form for a socialist, he’s got a TON of money that he’s keeping to himself and not redistributing to the masses. According to Open Secrets, he’s funded his campaign with $1,381,523 of his OWN money.

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    • So that’s what he sold his soul for, all that cash. He is beyond disgusting. People who do not know about the evil forces that are manifesting themselves need to wake up and smell the coffee, repent and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your heart.
      This is just another very very sick and disturbing example of what is behind the whole ‘socialist’ left movement. It is nothing to do with tolerance. It has nothing to do with “loving each other” or “anti bigotry” or whatever catch phrase they are touting at the time. This is all about the evil behind the mask of socialism. This is what it looks like, a perverted sicko that should be locked away for his own good.

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  4. Excuse me a moment WHILE I THROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Okay. What the HELL???!!!??? Oh it is HELL, and people, if you ever EVER have doubted that the ZIonists/Socialists/Communists are not mentally/physically and spiritually ILL, you can set that doubt to rest.

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    • chem,

      I’ve come to the conclusion that mental illness is insufficient to explain them. The only explanation that makes sense is that they are demon possessed. I’m being serious.

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      • Agreed. That’s the only logical explanation, really. There are plenty of demon possessed people walking around. The guy looks like a John Carpenter extra from “Prince Of Darkness”.

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      • Dr. E., I know you’re serious, and I agree with you 100%. It would seem to me that if someone really were mentally ill, either he would not know it, or, would know he is acting under some sort of compulsion. But Segal, compulsion or no compulsion, seems to be acting of his own free will as far as his rationalizing of the matter is concerned: He uses “philosophy” to justify his position.
        How many more Segals are out there???

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  5. OMG- I went back and read, he’s RUNNING FOR THE SENATE!! AAAAAUGH!
    Who’s his hero….the Emperor Nero?

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  6. THIS guy should be locked up. Then he should ask some Lifers those questions-I’m SURE he’d get some VERY interesting responses,and many that are NOT what he wants to hear.

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    • The whole thing makes me scream inside- he’s saying stuff about looking at children with no clothes on…..he should be INTERROGATED just for that statement alone!!!!!!!!!!!! Any cops not on the take out there???
      I’m having to assume that he’s one of the ‘protected elite’ evil demons out there, what normal human would even have those sorts of “emotions” as he calls them, let alone ADMIT IT while running for office??
      I pray to God that he gets only one vote (his own). IF he wins, you may as well mark down his state of Maryland as a total win for satan.

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  7. He’s basically saying that if you are into pedophilia, bestiality and sick pornos, you are also a Socialist. Sounds about right.

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    • That’s EXACTLY what he’s saying. He’s “identifying” Socialists with perverts. You watch, soon they’ll be proud of being perverts (well, I guess that’s already started, actually).

      I know that its insanity, but there must be a better term for this. It’s the ultimate rejection of Christian culture in favor of Satanism.

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  8. WaPo has no “advertising ethics” (nor any ethics for that matter).

    As soon as I read paragraphs 4-5-6, I knew Segal (((must be))) because who else is ever so openly vile?

    In several of Patrick Little’s interviews (before the 6/5/18 California Senate primary), he said, “We don’t have much time. (((They))) are at the slash & burn stage.”

    It would appear so as the insanity in the news is compounded by the day. If it isn’t sexual debauchery being promoted, it’s violence. Former SS Bongino warns:

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  9. What does this say about the swamp ?

    This man is able to pass the background checks and all the red tape to run for the Senate !

    Yet.. If you talk about Christian values or defend your god given rights for the pursuit of happiness. Your name ends up on various ists and are labled names like terrorist, conspiracy theorist, racist, homophobe, patriot and deplorable.

    This madness will end, I read the Book of Revelation and they hate anything that reminds them of who wins.

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    • I know, I read the stupid commie “Editorial” in the local snooze paper, they make sure to make Christians out to be so ‘intolerant’ of everything, and yet they totally ignore the real problems of the religions (like islam) who have it in their doctrines to murder those who don’t “believe” in allah (aka satan). And then there’s the Talmud and the Cabalah, but don’t expect any of them to tell about those ones.

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  10. Segal is insane and should be treated as such.
    That being said, what else do we recall? I recall O’Brien telling Winston Smith in “1984,” “My dear Winston Smith, in the future the orgasm shall belong to the party.”

    So we have socialism, which demands a collective control of the means of production and collective ownership of almost all goods, while, at the same time, demands full and complete sexual release for anyone who wants it.
    These ideas are nothing new and go back to Ancient Babylon (or maybe even before). But now we’re up to a new idea, namely, that it is morally acceptable to force oneself upon another in order to achieve one’s sexual fulfillment: Children are not legally capable of giving consent (and neither are animals). But that seems to be of no importance to the evil Segal; After all, socialism has always claimed the right to enforce mass theft from the individual for the sake of the collective.

    At this point, as I’ve said before, all we have is a THIN VENEER of civilization. We don’t have civilization acting as the BEDROCK under our feet. And perhaps even more primary than the concept of private property. there is the imperative—THE COMMAND—that the sexual urge must be curbed and sublimated, for the sake of society at large, as well as for the sake and well-being of the individual. Segal is just the latest trance-induced and demon-crazed person to make the media, and he uses “philosophy” to rationalize, to justify, his position.

    At this point, we are THISCLOSE to losing it all: Imagine, God Forbid, the entire national power grid go down, or a plague that would spread quickly, killing millions: All Hell would break lose. (I witnessed part of this in the New York City Blackout of 1977). Imagine this on a national or world-wide scale. In either one of these events, rampant and wanton theft and mayhem would ensue, and that would include literal rape on a mass scale.
    We are living in the Age of Satanism Rising, and we should have seen this coming once the Sexual Revolution took hold. The War is, ultimately, a spiritual war. St. Paul was right: We are witnessing a battle between princes and principalities, of things not seen (directly or by human eyes).

    I see Segal as the latest siren warning of worse things yet to happen. And let’s not forget about Princeton professor Peter Singer, either: Perverted sex and death go hand-in-hand in Socialism Land.
    God Almighty Help Us.

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  11. First it was homosexual, then transgendered now it is pedophile and bestiality; once that become political active others will come out the wood work. Now we have to worry that animals as well as children are going to be sexual assaulted

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    • I have seen the ‘character’ of those who abuse children and animals from our lovely neighbors, and I tell you, these people need to be locked up or have their member lopped off.

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      • We had a guy here several years ago who got caught, er……”pleasuring” himself with one of this lady’s horses. He was sent away and later came back and was caught again. She blasted him with a shotgun. Unfortunately it just wounded him.

        THAT’s what I call crazy. Puts a whole new perspective on “there’ll never be another ewe”.

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        • I’m having flashbacks about our neighbor down the road now…ughhh. Apparently he was into llamas for awhile, kept it in his trailer with him. The whole family is a horror show. No one will do anything to them because they’re all welfare types. The one into bestiality and his own mother ran for township supervisor…he got 4 votes (his family), I’m surprised he got that many. I heard one of them complaining that since they registered to vote they got caught by the IRS for never filing tax returns. Ha!

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          • They’re turning the whole country into a trailer park. Sounds like you either have to move or buy a banjo. That’s pretty creepy.

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            • I wish I knew where to move to. I’m working on a story about them, it’s not much of a story, more like a partial laundry list of the sh*t they put us through all these years. You know how Jesus says love your enemies (Matt: 5:44)? Well it is so true. I rarely get enraged by all the stuff they did to us, I actually feel sorry for the whole lot of them. I don’t even feel hatred anymore (not much, even though he still throws out dead animals in front of our mailbox 2 weeks ago), and I do pray for them- for God to help them before it’s too late. When I hear people complaining about their neighbors mowing their lawns at 8 AM on a Saturday, I sort of laugh internally because I’d love to have them for neighbors! I’d switch with them any day of the week!

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        • I wish all bestialists would meet the fate of Kenneth Pinyan of Enumclaw, Washington, aka Mr. Hands.

          In 2005, Pinyan was pronounced dead due to “acute peritonitis [that resulted from the] perforation of the sigmoid colon during anal intercourse with a horse.”

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          • Now that’s poetic justice……..but creepy! Let’s hope this catches on with the leftists.

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            • They will most likely get Kuru (?) from eating raw human brains from their poor victims.
              Makes you wonder why nothing was ever done with Anthony Weiner, Huma and Hillary and their videos that the NYC cops viewed (and they vomited and cried after what they saw done to children). That was shushed by the demonic mainstream media, this other stuff is fluff compared to what has really been happening.

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          • Amazing that bestiality isn’t illegal in all states.
            It’s funny how those sick people who abuse animals by having sex with them don’t even want to be associated with child molesters (in the article).
            That article was very disturbing, also mentioned Dan Savage of “Savage Love” fame, who is an incredibly sick person and “adopted” a child, actually some insane woman (you would have to be nuts) had a kid and GAVE it to him and his “boyfriend”. I used to read his column just to see the level of depravity in it. Savage wrote a book called “The Kid”, I guess he was bragging about having a child, he also wrote about getting drunk all the time. And he collaborates with bestiality types. What a great role model.
            What is really depraved is that the person in the article is trying to differentiate between “fetish” and “love” for animals….it’s all just about sick sex perversions.

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      • Lopped off is too easy-I’m thinking more along the lines of pulling a sagebrush out of the desert soil with your Jeep.

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    • Yeah, Segal will be after Fido and your garden gnomes next. Did I mention he’s a “socialist”, and horny. He’s so horny he’d screw a trombone.

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  12. Who opened the $$$ floodgates – 20 grand on 1/4/18 then another 20 grand 3/1/18?
    Then more money comes in and he loans his campaign half a million 4/2/18 and $800,000 4/9/18

    Where did the money come from?
    03/27/2018 $26,209.00
    Soros Open Society to normalize pedophilia??

    There’s a lot more at link below

    We know Bradley Manning was torchered in prison. Was he MK Ultra’d to transgender to suit the whims of the criminal cabal and then run for Senate also?

    Dummycrats running – Primary June 26, 20118
    Ben Cardin Incumbent
    Erik Jetmir

    Chelsea Manning

    Marcia Morgan

    Jerome Segal
    Richard Vaughn

    Debbie Wilson

    Lih Young

    This crap has the “stamp of approval” by the criminal cabal and if you watched/listened some of the recent talks Ronald Bernard gave, especially the one at the International Court of Justice where he states there are only 8,000 to 8,500 of these horrible animals who hate humans controlling things worldwide.

    Former Dutch Banker, Ronald Bernard in Amsterdam with Sacha Stone. This is an excellent interview; he did not require a translator as his use of English has improved greatly since exposing the criminal cabal.

    Published on Jun 4, 2018
    This testimony of Ronald Bernard gives you inside information about his life, how the world works, your inner child, the ‘program’ and the effects on damaged children. This testimony will raise the awareness in general. Original source: Ronald gave this testimony in the Westminster seatings of London for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse. Please sign the ITNJ Treaty: Comment of Mark Pearce about the testimony: I found this to be one of the most moving talks I’ve witnessed about the understandings of the human mind and spirit. Ronald has been on both sides of the fence as a perpetrator and victim. He talks of the inter-generational traumas of abuse and why this led him to become an elite international banker and how this gate opened him up to be locked-up (metaphorically) in a cell – a story about freedom, restraint, slavery and slavery perceived as freedom. Ronald’s story is worthy of feature-length documentation. He shares some of the deepest insights into the human condition and how a system of today’s society can both ruin a mind and also lead one to redemption. Thank you Ronald for your honesty, bravery, consciousness, inspiration and love. I hope by sharing this testimony with the world we can all learn more about forgiveness and how to heal. Filmed at Westminster, London – April 2018. Full testimony of survivors – Click show more when link below opens to watch testimony of others.

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  13. Gee, True George. We already have a certain segment of the population that sees nothing wrong with sexually assaulting animals and children. And this behavior is especially prevalent in Europe if you read the headlines of foreign newspapers.

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  14. What a freak. I shudder to think what’s on this guy’s laptop. And while I don’t agree with thought police… I hope this creep’s comments are enough to make somebody in authority look into him.

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  15. Uh, someone in law enforcement in Maryland needs to pay this jackass a visit. They would likely find a large collection of kiddie porn!

    I saw an article earlier today, saying a middle school teacher in Broward County, Florida has been arrested for kiddie porn. There must be some serious issues in that area too.

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  16. Well I am surprised. This man is the most conservative of the Demorats running in Maryland. You’d think he was a Mormon in comparison with the rest of them.


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  18. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    I don’t know this guy from a pile of dog doo but if you simply read his “manifesto” it makes me, a normal guy, want to kick him in the butt and tell him to move on. And to identify as a Democrat is totally priceless! He should be using Bernie Sanders as a reference. They’re both socialists. And Sanders identified as a Demorat too. Right?

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  19. traildustfotm

    Right out in the open! The rules of the game are changing. Wickedness is no longer masked!

    Patriots, stay watchful and keep your powder dry.

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  20. Let’s take a good look at his picture, is he registered socialist? Crazy, He should be locked up, strict supervision and dozed off as a DANGEROUS CHARACTER, the good of it is that we now know who he is!

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  21. Why the surprise?

    He’s a democrat.

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  22. Once again the democrats have proven that they have no moral bottom to which any candidate can run under their political party affiliation. Just keep pushing your Godless candidates before the American voters and watch God and the Decent Folks of America Expose you all for whom you really serve!
    Bible; Matthew 6:24 24″No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.

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  23. Ppl w crap on them heads instead of brains will vote for him,will go on n vote for the demonic party

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  24. If anyone didn’t believe in the devil before, all they have to do is look at who’s running on the DEMONcratic ticket. Not saying the repubs are much better (they aren’t), it’s just another side of the same coin.

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  25. messianicdruid

    Before they were “tarred and feathered in the good old days” there was this:

    “Every one that lieth with a beast shall certainly be put to death.” ( look it up )

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  26. So-I guess it’d be un-Christian to start forming firing squads and lynch mobs to search out Liberals/Socialists/RINO’s. What are our only remaining options? Wait for God to “level the playing field”. But I wonder-how will that improve the lives of all those DESTROYED by these Godless monsters before God ENDS this madness?

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    • Do not repay evil with evil. I know it’s TEMPTING beyond belief, but that’s how the devil gets in. He loves to play everyone against each other. In his orchestra today he’s playing
      blacks against whites
      rich against poor
      illegals against citizens
      homosexuals etc against straight people
      depraved against Christians
      Muslims against Christians
      Jews against Christians (seems the Bible is correct, no?)
      Regressives against Republicans

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    • It is not unChristian to (1) Inform as many people about pedophiles & bestialists; and (2) If you have evidence of wrong-doing, report them to the police.

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  27. Should we not do anything in our power to prevent as much damage to humanity as possible until God steps in?

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  30. Danielle Marin

    missed this one…good to know this sick psychopath lives less than an hour away from me…hope i am not labeled as the over-used and quite erroneous “anti-semitic” in my saying it is absolutely no surprise whatsoever in that this man is jewish. one only need familiarize him/herself with the teachings of the talmud to know this is not jaw-dropping rhetoric to his tribe & those associated with it.
    just the same, it was shocking to read this & it infuriates me that our media and press are now so far gone that a story like this will never make the cut. i can’t imagine ANY person reading that can relate to that context and how sick and manipulative for that rat to have worded it in such a way as to even suggest these are normal feelings and “emotions”, as if to say, it’s ok, you can share your feelings with me, it’s ok you feel this way about these grotesque and unnatural scenarios i have just described to you.
    this man needs to be locked up – don’t care if it’s a prison or a psych ward, just as long as he no longer possess the freedom to walk the streets among us and most of all, our children. sicko to the umpth degree.

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  31. Typical sick prick of the Self Chosenites; these are scum and pure evil.


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