Washington state governor gives $1.2 million taxpayer dollars to assist illegal aliens

gov insleee

Don’t let the lack of the word “illegal” in this story fool you. Gov. Inslee has, in effect, turned Washington state into a sanctuary state.

From MyNorthwest.com: Just hours after President Trump signed an executive order to keep families together at the U.S.-Mexico border, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee called the policy child abuse and announced he will give $1.2 million to support Northwest Immigrant Rights Project’s civil legal aid services.

The money will be used to defend immigrant rights and to help families reunite.

“We know that this was an intentional infliction of abusive behavior to punish innocent children,” Inslee said. “It is a form of child abuse.”

The governor said that everyone is entitled to a fair and due process, and to be treated with dignity and respect.

As for Trump’s executive order, Inslee said it’s too late. The damage has been done. “We have more than 2,300 children separated from their parents today,” Inslee said.

The governor said Trump’s administration has lied about the separation of children from their parents, why they did what they did to the children, lied about who is responsible, and lied about what it will take to reunite families.

Inslee and state Attorney General Bob Ferguson sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen for answers about why the policy was enacted and about the location of the children and parents. He said they have not received answers.

Trump said on Wednesday, “We are keeping families together.” But he added the “zero tolerance” policy will continue.

Vice President Mike Pence added that they are calling upon Congress to change the laws. Trump added that the word “compassion” comes into it.

The president has been trying to win over congressional support on immigration amid a crisis along the border involving the separation of immigrant children from their families.


12 responses to “Washington state governor gives $1.2 million taxpayer dollars to assist illegal aliens

  1. We need to split this country in two – Progressive America and Traditional America. Values are so disparate that coming together is impossible.

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  2. I felt disappointment on President Trump’s executive order, he gave in to the pressures of Laura Bush, cowgirl Frederika Wilson, and the many others, First Lady Melania Trump was given access to a camp to clear the air of the negative media reporting “abuses” at the “detain centers” first of all children are not detained, they are separated from the mother until the authorities reach a conclusion in the status of the guardian. POTUSFL is compassionate and made possible for reunification and the process is continues, they are ILLEGALS AND MUST BE DEPORTED, we are in no condition to keep these people, it is costing us an unnecessary expense, we have a country near collapse!

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  3. The governor said that everyone is entitled to a fair and due process

    Hello??? Try that s**t in Mexico and see how fast your fair and due process gets you thrown in a Mexican jail!!!

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  4. Because the Democrats want a continual stream of low educated migrants coming into this country . . . the very ones who want and need the government to “take care of them,” of course there is no immigration law that will please these folks–EXCEPT full amnesty. At what point can we no longer have so many people on the dole, that the ship sinks? I grieve over the fact that we have far to many of these bleeding hearts in office.

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    • I’m afraid that is their end goal – to make the globe under one governing entity. Eliminating borders, they need chaos in order to bring about a new solution. Their new world order.

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  5. Let’s boil this down to the bone-is it LEGAL for Ca.,Or.,or Wa. to refuse to enforce established Federal Immigration Law? If NOT,ARRESTS of State Officials who took part in the violations should be pursued forthwith. This should include County and City Officials,who,by the nature of their Office obligations and Oaths of Office,should have refused to violate Federal Law.
    (Crap-I’m starting to sound like an Attorney-too much “Law & Order” in my diet,I suppose.)

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    • No, it isn’t. I think we both agree on this. I frankly don’t understand why more people aren’t asking that question. I never thought I’d see the day.

      It is alright to disagree with certain laws and/or policies, but it isn’t alright to refuse to abide by them unless you want to go to jail. When someone happens to be a sworn government official, its worse.

      If they want to resign their offices and whine in public, fine. If they refuse to cooperate or worse, interfere with federal officials in the conduct of their official duties they are guilty of a crime.


      Take a look at the above. Where are the federal marshals? Where are the troops. They should be arresting the mayor. Whoever is next in line should be ordering the cops to clear the area.

      This has crossed the line from “protest” to insurrection. I’d wager that a few short automatic bursts over their heads would get them moving, pronto. Withholding funds isn’t even something we should have to consider. They should simply DO it.

      It is the same for homeless camps. Are they saying that they “can’t” move them out of the city? Really? I guess this is the time to start a gang of Desperados, no?

      So we pay taxes to have police and other services and the leftists can simply invade and refuse to move? The police just throw up their hands and say “what are ya’ gonna do?”? How about they start a brand new outdoor lockup? Baloney sandwiches all around.

      They can chain them up and get them cleaning up their mess (and any other messes they happen across) and they can sleep in the tent city outside of town. They can hose ’em down every morning and send ’em out again.

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  6. He should be hung for Treason.

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  7. Screw InsaneLee

    he’s such a freakin turd, someone should let loose a shit eating dog in his presence and let it chow the fuck down. this is the ‘SAY WA’ state at its finest!


  8. I can’t get a straight answer out of any politician concerning this new desire to protect and aid those crossing our borders illegally. The majority say its the humane thing to do and give me a run around when I push a little further concerning the sheer cost of people living outside of the legal system who aren’t protected by laws nor restrained by them, either. Politicians are mainly concerned with being reelected (they start day 1 after taking office). Their ‘heavy’ work is handled by an unelected staff, posers and wannabees, often with their own agendas arranged by donors and special interest groups who fund the reelection campaign. You’re basically left to get on the ‘good side’ of the staff. There is a need out there for these illegals that isn’t being discussed and I believe, personally, it is to circumvent labor laws. A ‘shadow’ workforce isn’t going to unionize, file complaints with labor departments, accept any workplace abuse and ignore OSHA regulations. Low wages, no benefits and a constant turnover gets rid of high overhead and means more profit. Employers are virtually immune from prosecution if they fill all positions with these illegals. The illegals take the blunt of the charges and theres more where they came from. I’m told you can replace half of a plant in one day should your workers be rounded up in an immigration raid. They fill unskilled positions easily although once in awhile you’ll find one trained in mechanics or electrical work who’ll take a job at well below the average pay rate and without medical benefits. Companies must be wise to this and exploit it for all its worth. Meanwhile, the staff makes sure owners and CEOs are insulated from these illegal hiring practices. Nothing occurs in a void. If it weren’t profitable to sneak across the border no one would do it. Politicians are just the face for a deeper corruption. They have us calling for a halt to this accomodation of illegals while paving the way for corporations to rake in higher profits by its existence. I’m willing to wager most of these governors, Reps, Senators and councilmen are completely ignorant of the nuts and bolts of this scam. They want reelection and listen to their staffs advice. That advice is don’t make an enemy of your contributors. Those guys feed the warchest.

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  9. traildustfotm

    Where is Washington State’s concern for the wellbeing of its legitimate citizens?

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