Proggies now doxxing those attending Trump rallies: Hoops legend Kevin McHale attended rally & now “should never work in the NBA again”

mchale at trump rally

Proggies now identifying folk at Trump rallies and slamming them on Twitter

While the left continue with their hysterics, Trump’s approval rating has tied the highest point of his presidency, rising three percentage points to 45%.

But keep it up with your bullying tactics, lefties. That’s a spot-on approach to winning hearts and minds.

From Fox News: NBA legend and Turner Sports analyst Kevin McHale is being slammed on social media. Not because he made an inflammatory comment, offended a particular group or even unleashed unpopular basketball views. McHale is under fire because it appears he attended a rally for President Trump.

A man who appears to be the 6-foot-10 McHale was visible in the background during Trump’s rally in Duluth, Minn. on Wednesday night and Internet sleuths quickly noticed and decided he shouldn’t be associated with the sport going forward.

Sports radio host Henry Lake wrote, “If Kevin McHale actually showed up to Trump’s rally in Duluth today with everything that is happening now and what Trump’s done and stands for, yeah he’s cancelled.”

A different Kevin McHale, an actor who appeared in “Glee,” tweeted, ‘If you’re looking for a different Kevin McHale to support, one who most definitely would never attend a Trump rally or align himself with racists, etc., I’m still here.”

Writer Nathaniel Friedman tweeted that McHale “is extremely stupid for attending a public Trump event” and that he should “never work in the NBA again.”

“Kevin McHale just became the other side of Colin Kaepernick. Hard to see him ever coaching again in the NBA,” one writer added while another said, “Happy draft day to everyone but Kevin McHale”

McHale, a Minnesota native, made seven NBA All-Star Games and was part of three championship teams during the Boston Celtics dynasty in the 1980s. After his Hall of Fame playing career, he held coaching gigs with the Houston Rockets and his hometown Timberwolves.

McHale’s current employer, Turner Sports, declined comment. A company spokesperson declined to confirm whether or not it was actually McHale.

The Score editor Chris Walder was “disappointed” with McHale and dug up his wife’s pro-Trump Twitter feed. New York Daily News columnist Carron J. Phillips implied that people from Boston and Minnesota are racist.

Liberal blog Deadspin published an article headlined, “Celtics great Kevin McHale enjoys old feeling of being in an arena full of screaming bigots.”

Filmmaker Adam Best wrote, “Slap a scarlet letter on Kevin McHale and anybody else still supporting Trump after three years of this BS.”

Read the rest of the story here.


32 responses to “Proggies now doxxing those attending Trump rallies: Hoops legend Kevin McHale attended rally & now “should never work in the NBA again”

  1. Who cares what the Red Guards, oven guards, and faggots have to say?

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  2. It does not bode well for our country when Progressives believe “death to all who think differently.” How many people who need to work for a living, need to have their opportunity to work crushed? When we see this kind of horrific bias on their party, you have to wonder about the future of this country.

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  3. Start doxxing the intolerant media hacks who are stalking McHale:

    Sports radio host Henry Lake

    The Score editor Chris Walder

    New York Daily News columnist Carron J. Phillips

    Everyone at Liberal blog Deadspin

    Filmmaker Adam Best

    Boycott their product and their advertisers. List their advertisers so everbody knows who supports them.

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  4. —Phony “Tough Guy on Morning Joe” @DonnyDeutsch says Normal Americans who support President Trump are Nazis—Trump’s supporters need to be the target now, not him, and they need to be dealt with. —

    This liberal whack is inciting violence on national television, against anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Of course, this is what we expect from the enemies of our country. And they want us to stop clinging to our guns. Ha!😸

    He obviously doesn’t realize he is effectively stirring up a fire from average American citizens that he won’t be able to contain.

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    • Ignorant phony tough guy is more like it. Hard core Nazis were ruthless killers who thought nothing of wiping out whole villages. Shame on this progressive cry baby.

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  5. If the Left do this to us now, just imagine what they’ll do if and when they retake political power.

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  6. Could not care less about basket ball, any how, but standing up in support of President Trump seems to be more and more, a badge of honor.

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  7. Notice how the leftists [and jewry often does the very same thing] always attempt to give their messages a “Christian-like” feel and pitch while doing their rabble-rousing, even though most of them hate Christ and Christianity. Floating nebulous humanistic concepts of a supposed nirvana, while intoning what “is good” for others, and how the “desired end justifies the deranged means”, has an appeal to those who are susceptible to their poisons. Implying that people are “racist” and “bigots” gives the victims of the left a “do-gooder” moralistic rush, since it implies that the ones who are making those charges are not, and that they have a superiority even if it is only a social “civil superiority” over others.

    Especially on the international stage, that has long been effective strategy for the leftists as even many “Christians” misinterpret their intentions and cooperate with them. They also try to imply that “doing the right thing” type of feel in their “civil society” domestic messages, and even in sports. Our people must be warned about the nature of these fake messages, and the real purposes behind the left’s use of them, especially the younger people among us who are sometimes the more susceptible from having been in those direct enviornments which are under more control by the programmers from the left.

    “The Problem with Christianity and its Internationalist Doctrine”

    “This article isn’t an attack on Christianity or Christians, it is an analysis of the role Christianity is playing in the erosion of our European identity through an internationalist mindset and a rejection of the importance of ethnic and cultural identity in maintaining a civilization.”

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  8. Where can I get me one of them Scarlet Letters? It’ll go swell with my MAGA cap!

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  9. He might as well take his medicine like a man; het got caught


  10. This is exactly why I think that there are more Trump supporters than it appears, many are silent for this exact reason, for fear of ruined careers, family, etc. Hopefully, more and more are aware of the left’s antics every day. I just hope President Trump runs again, unfortunately, I heard today on a radio show, that he just wants to do it all in 4 years, due to his age. It will be a sad day for our Country if the Republicans throw up a fake john mcCain as a forerunner for the party, if Trump doesn’t run again, I fear many games of deceit will be played on us by the entire corrupt system.

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    • Trump originally planned to do it all in 4 years. He was,however expecting to at least have his own party backing him,not having to battle THEM too. I think by now he HAS to realize it’s gonna take 8 years to make this work.
      Regarding the Left’s methodology,I think their strength-or one of ’em,is in their ability to be anonymous. The Conservatives need to concentrate on destroying the Left’s ability to hide. Drag their snipers out of hiding,and file lawsuits against every frickin’ one of ’em we identify-BIG lawsuits,Class Action suits,whatever,and make them miserable with ’em. And drag the Fake News Outlets into it too. Maybe once these cowards see,in REAL time,that destroying the career or life of one of US will result directly in being sued for everything THEY own (Possibly by more than one victim),they’ll lose their balls and decide to keep a lower profile. It IS still illegal to use lies and fabricated info to cause destruction of a person’s professional and personal life,isn’t it? Isn’t that SLANDER or something?

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      • “Secret sources”? I don’t buy it.

        If, as Alex Jones says, Trump “never intended to run for reelection in 2020,” then why did President Trump already file for reelection with the FEC, and even has his reelection slogan ready?

        Also, Trump is a very smart guy. Surely he’d know that if he doesn’t go for a 2nd term as POTUS, everything he’d accomplished in 4 years would dissipate into the wind.

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        • I agree, and I had a hard time choking that down, it didn’t make sense. I attached the link because in my orig comment I couldn’t remember which radio show I heard it on, the link was just a verification of my comment. That said, Roger Stone is hooked up in the inner circle, so is Jones, but not as much. These people do have direct contact with the president, he just spoke with Jones via Cell 2 weeks ago. All that said, Stone hasn’t been wrong yet, it could be just a double reverse head fake just to wake the base, or troll the left, not sure. I hope Stone’s wrong, and Eowyn’s right. I hope and pray that Trump does 8 years.

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          • I’m in the middle of my busy season at work, almost dawn to dusk, 7 days a week, so I’m out of the loop right now. Not on the computer much like over the Winter, and I have to say, it feels good to step away for a while…the left started to really get me angry a lot…I’ll be back, just really going full bore till the 2nd week in August.

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  11. Left/libtards keep rolling along…

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  12. This kind of crap makes it real easy to encourage another revolution.

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  13. It was just announced late this week that several pro sports stadiums will begin employing face-recognition technology as a means of “expediting” fans getting into their seats — by-passing the need for security checks.

    It’s been on the business shows this year as well; they say it’s been made possible by the ridiculously-high resolution cameras and ridiculously-high capacity storage capabilities available at “reasonable” prices today.

    But the truth behind it is they’re trying to identify who’s going to which games on which days… for marketing purposes. They actually admitted that. And guess who else would like to find out who’s going where, when, and with whom?

    BTW, RIP, Charles Krauthammer, a voice of reason we lost yesterday.

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    • Just wanted to add this — these cameras and recognition software and storage of photos of people’s faces are not just being used at entrances to stadiums (and elsewhere); they’re actually being mounted inside the stadiums to watch the crowds during the sporting/entertainment events.
      They showed video of the big boxes mounted to the undersides of higher-level seats at a stadium where it was being shown off. This is probably the type of thing that captured Kevin McHale’s mug at the Trump rally in this post. The box looked greyish and non-descript, maybe 18″ to 24″ square and less that a foot thick. Be on the look-out…

      On a similar note, I’ve seen business shows on the new 12″-18″ x 6″-8″ non-descript tan boxes being put up across the country to spread 5G Internet (cellular) access in certain areas. Whatever. I don’t like that I’m being taxed or having to pay more for my internet and cellphone bills so that others can watch 4K videos and play real-time video games with kids across the world on their cellphones without paying more for it themselves…

      But here’s the thing: hackers have found ways to use boxes that look very similar to the 5G boxes… but which instead are hacking into folks’ cellphone calls. Always something to look out for.

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  14. Sarah Sanders on Twitter:

    “Last night I was told by the owner of Red Hen in Lexington, VA to leave because I work for @POTUS and I politely left. Her actions say far more about her than about me. I always do my best to treat people, including those I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so. “

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