Ben Shapiro gives proggie a lesson on “potential sentience”

That was too easy…


7 responses to “Ben Shapiro gives proggie a lesson on “potential sentience”

  1. That student should definitely be out out of its misery, as obviously, he lacks a brain, thus, not sentient, potentially or not, even if apparently, he is reasoning, it’s obviously just the noise of irrelevant cells bouncing around and colliding with each other inside his mostly empty skull. He should be aborted, regardless of age. No potential there, but to keep developing into a libtard tumor, a cancer to society at large and life on this earth?

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    • If he is able to ever father(?) a child, will he convince the woman to abort the child, will he be able to love the child if the woman does not abort the child? he should be diagnosed with infertility, done!

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  2. Logic is never a premise of liberal thought or dispute. Just why the mainstream media seldom allows apposing view points unless they are certain they have all the control.

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  3. There have been a few times when Ben got on my nerves. But then there are times like this video where he slaps the crap out of someone with common sence and you cant help but cheer.

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  4. You’re right.
    That was wayyyyy too easy.

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  5. Another Liberal,bringing a peanut butter sandwich to a gunfight…..

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  6. It’s easy because it’s debating emotions, feelings, beliefs, and “my rights” with logic, data/facts, intelligence, truth, moral values/character, responsibility/accountability, and the good of humanity from God’s perspective.

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