Amazon launches program to get Alexa in hotel rooms

amazon alexa

Alexa: Always on and always recording…

That device is ALWAYS listening and recording you. Stay clear unless you don’t mind having your conversations recorded.

From Yahoo: Alexa has a new job: hotel concierge. Amazon has launched a version of Alexa for hotels that lets guests order room service through the voice assistant, ask for more towels or get restaurant recommendations without having to pick up the phone and call the front desk.

Marriott has signed up for the service, and will place Amazon Echo smart speakers in 10 hotels this summer, including its Westin and St Regis brands.

It is another way for Amazon to sell its voice assistant and devices to businesses and get Alexa in front of more customers.

Amazon already sells a version of Alexa for workplaces, and has struck deals to place Alexa in cars and fridges.

Alexa has become an important part of Amazon’s business because it keeps users attached to Amazon services, such as music streaming.

Amazon said data from hotel guests will be deleted daily, and Marriott said those who do not want an Echo device in their room can ask to have it removed.

Hotels will be able to customize the responses Alexa gives their guests, such as nearby restaurant recommendations or pool hours.

Other tasks Alexa for Hospitality can do include checking guests out of their room, turning on the lights or playing music to help them fall asleep.

Later this year, Amazon will allow hotel guests to link their Amazon account to Alexa so they can listen to their music playlists or audio books during their stay. Shopping will not be allowed through the hotel version of Alexa, Amazon said.

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34 responses to “Amazon launches program to get Alexa in hotel rooms

  1. “Amazon said data from hotel guests will be deleted daily”

    Yeah, right. /sarc

    I would choose another hotel than Marriott — and tell them why.

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    • The sad truth is that we have far too many people who will think “that’s really cool,” rather than thinking “No Way.” I would not stay in a hotel room where some gadget could monitor every word that is being said.

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      • Or they will think, “I’m so LAZY that I don’t want to make my brain exert itself today so I’ll let the old ‘puter CIA listening device do the work.” I mean they might actually have to move their fingers to order something online- imagine!

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      • Exactly. Why does Amazon need to make more money? Bezos’ net worth just went from a little over 100B to around 147B. That is when you know people are making too much money. Not to mention a monopoly.

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  2. Not in my hotel room!

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  3. Gee, What could possibly go wrong here? Thanks for the heads up. Motel 6 here I come.

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  4. Dennis Godaire

    No more Marriott’s for me. This Alexa has nothing to do with better room service. It’s a form of future control (and it’s ready to start now).

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  5. Maybe we can get the DNC to have their meeting there that would be of great help we can get the low down on the evil they plan to unleash upon us before the elections. LOL. Who in their right mind would allow that I mean everything you and your family talk about. And when tyranny takes over and they pull up all the conversations you had about how you feel about the government and they nail you for it to the gas chambers with you we need to depopulate the earth.

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  6. The Supreme Court has ruled that there is a limited constitutional right of privacy based on a number of provisions in the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments. This includes a right to privacy from government surveillance into an area where a person has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” and also in matters relating to marriage, procreation, contraception, family relationships, child rearing and education. However, records held by third parties such as financial records or telephone calling records are generally not protected unless a specific federal law applies. The court has also recognized a right of anonymity and the right of groups to not have to disclose their members’ names to government agencies.

    Hmmm.. Does that mean ‘ Invasion of privacy’ is just a song to these people?
    ” Alexa… Play ‘ Invasion of privacy’ ! “

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  7. I’ve commented here recently that Jim Kennedy, a friend of mine during the 1960’s, began to warn me about the potential for diverse negative consequences, just starting to arise during his stint as a senior designer on IBM’s 1020 and 1040 mainframes.

    He predicted that every computer ever sold would have a microphone and a miniature camera built into it, so we’d be spied upon & recorded 24/7, and the manufacturers would never let us know this. Every single one of his warnings has in the last 45 years come into being, usually as common knowledge, so now people no longer see the danger in the same grave way.

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  8. Great news!! Lack ability to think clearly in the MSM/NWO fog of war against truth? Without even asking, you can be given counsel on how to vote, what beliefs to hold, and what medications to take!! Don’t believe the lies that you are being dumbed down, you are being smartened up!! (Sarc.)

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  9. Will it pickup the bedbugs and roaches skittering about?

    Hotels for the past 2 decades have gotten progressively nasty.

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  10. Another good reason for RV and camping vacations.
    Bilderberg meetings took place at Marriott Hotels in 2002, 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2017. Marriott CEO is Arne M. Sorenson, a globalist of major proportions.
    Marriott International Inc.
    Arne M. Sorenson is the president & CEO for Marriott International Inc., and a trustee at the Brookings Institution (think tank).

    This link has a list of the incestuous relations at Brookings Institution and beyond. Most well known names:

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  11. So how long before the ‘***itch’ system sells your private activity on the internet?

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  12. Alexa is in for a big surprise!

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  13. When I am assigned a hotel room with Alexa, the first thing I will do is to put it in the refrigerator or wrap it in a towel and put it in a drawer or closet.

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  15. With a bit of preparation you can have some fun with this. You could get a radio and keep it right up against the speaker. Or buy a “The Best of Yodeling” CD and play it non-stop (give the NSA geeks something to listen to). Just plug it in right next to the toilet for their listening pleasure. Any other suggestions?

    This was pretty funny: Amazon said data from hotel guests will be deleted daily.

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  16. I dont want to be recorded I am weird when I am alone, I make fun of liberals. If you seen me watching the news, you would think I have a severe case of tourettes. It gets worse while driving and listening to talk radio. Now you are adding in bumper stickers, entitled drivers thinking they can make up their own rules etc… big brother would use my recording as entertainment at their parties.

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  17. ManCavePatriot

    My opinion of Marriott has fallen to zero.

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  18. traildustfotm

    An enemy in your hotel room! Amazing.

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  19. How does it tell the difference between me saying something and a movie on television saying the same thing? Imagine watching a movie about gun smuggling and suddenly a SWAT team crashes the door in to raid your room.
    Wanna drive the “Listeners” NUTS? Rent the room for 4 days and don’t say ANYTHING the WHOLE time. I’d bet money there’ll be a Maid there within a day to replace the Alexa unit with one that works….

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  20. LOL – I wonder how many of these units will wind up in the toilet?

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  21. Don’t forget about the ‘smart’ TVs in those hotel rooms, too.

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    • I tape opaque paper over the camera eye in my iMac; mike’s harder to disconnect.

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      • I read somewhere (a reliable source, just can’t bring to mind right now) if you go to (on a Mac)
        System Preferences>sound>internal microphone>input volume – then set all the way down (to the left.) That way, you give them no microphone with which to spy on you.
        (Sorry, I don’t know what to do on a Windows PC. )

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