Seth MacFarlane has butt hurt over Tucker Carlson telling his audience to believe the opposite of what the MSM reports

seth mcfarlane

Well, Tucker has a valid point. See various examples here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

From Daily Mail: Seth MacFarlane, creator of several Fox shows, said he is embarrassed to work for the network after remarks made by anchor Tucker Carlson, telling viewers to believe the opposite of what ‘big news’ reports.

‘If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations,’ Carlson told his viewers on Friday night.

MacFarlane derided Carlson’s message. ‘In other words, don’t think critically, don’t consult multiple news sources, and in general, don’t use your brain,’ MacFarlane tweeted.

‘This is fringe sh**, and its business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company,’ the creator of Family Guy and The Orville added.

MacFarlane made his comments on a retweet of CNN’s Brian Stetler, whose show Reliable Sources is a look at how the media covers the news.

The CNN host hit out at Carlson saying he is sending a dangerous message to viewers. ‘Isn’t this sad? Tonight Tucker Carlson told his viewers not to believe ANYTHING they learn from his rivals.’

Fox News has been at the top of cable rated shows for years.

Meanwhile other news sources such as CNN, the New York Times, and Washington Post in recent months have called on viewers to look to several news outlets to gain a fuller understanding of what is happening in the world.

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29 responses to “Seth MacFarlane has butt hurt over Tucker Carlson telling his audience to believe the opposite of what the MSM reports

    • Dr Eowyn . . . . That is the absolute livin’ truth. I watched him once in Orville .. . nothing funny about him. He is just another Hollyweird type that I can easily live without.

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  1. Timothy W. O'Leary

    If Seth McFarlane and Rob Reiner were to marry,
    1- who would kiss the bride?
    2-who’d want to?

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  2. I thought Tucker’s advice was sage…and I thought that’s what we’ve all been doing already.

    Poor Seth…has he run out of things to spend money on?

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  3. Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see – E.A. Poe

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  4. Know the difference between what is news and what is opinion and all this kafluffery becomes clear. The facts don’t matter. What you can lead people to believe is what matters. we need not get bogged down in the battle to drain the swamp. We just need to keep draining it and as we go leave it so it can’t become swamp again.

    Just as an asside….

    I have MAGA mowed in 30 foot letters in my pasture. Just wanted local air travelers to have some reading material.

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    • Even “fact checkers” get it wrong. TDS is making every proggie lose their dang minds…

      “A Harvard-educated fact-checker for the New Yorker is being excoriated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for “baselessly slandering” a Marine veteran — by falsely accusing him of having a Nazi tattoo, according to reports. Officials with ICE are now demanding that the New Yorker and Talia Lavin apologize over her erroneous tweet about Justin Gaertner.”

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    • “I have MAGA mowed in 30 foot letters in my pasture.”

      Can you take a pic of that and send it to FOTM? We’d love to publish it!

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    • YouKnowWho, I hope President Trump knows about it. You are my hero!

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    • “Just wanted local air travelers to have some reading material.”

      🙂 That is so cute & funny! Pro-Trumpers will love it & the lefties will fog up the windows from fuming, lol!

      –Would GoogleEarth &/or GoogleMaps have “captured” satellite views of your pasture since you mowed MAGA in the grass? Put in any nearby intersection in either of those apps & then just scroll around until you are above wherever your pasture is & have a look! It might save you from having to build a pole. 🙂

      –If you’re in a pro-Trump-friendly town, maybe your local Weather-chopper &/or News/Traffic-chopper &/or even Police-chopper guys would do a swing-by next time they are “out & about” & take photos for you from above.

      –In the “old days” (before GoogleEarth) there were Aerial Photography companies in the phonebooks/yellowpages, & maybe they still are, though I don’t recall pricing. People selling properties, etc., used to use Aerial Photography companies to get photos of their land from a bird’s-eye view.

      Looking forward to seeing your handywork!

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  5. Seth MacFarlane is about as funny as prostate cancer.

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  6. Captain America

    Dangerous times when being left of good is trendy.

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  7. traildustfotm

    FOX should be embarrassed to let a puke like Seth MacFarlane have a voice on their network.

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  8. Tucker Carlson “live in my house” Mon through Fri, he is dynamic, straight shooter and from the hip, and so polite he cuts off the inflexible left. I like him!

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  9. I think Mr. Carlson is spot on with this comment — “‘If you’re looking to understand what’s actually happening in this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they’re telling you on the big news stations,’ Carlson told his viewers on Friday night.” — and I congratulate him for saying it. Praise the Lord. PS: Would love to see that picture of MAGA mowed in a pasture.

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  10. “It has been said that fiction persuades people more effectively than nonfiction, because it does a better job of touching emotions.”

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  11. Seth MacFarlane: creator, writer, producer, star, and director of “The Orville”, a a space parody in which on one episode, a pair of large, black, male humanoid aliens (show regulars) are revealed to not only be a couple, but to be pregnant together. One of them lays an egg. It hatches into a baby girl alien, which they then fight over the need to immediately change her gender to become a male baby alien, as happens regularly in their culture, as it’s an all-male culture (hence, their gay relationship). Then one of the two tells why he’s adamantly opposed to changing their baby girl: “he” was once also a baby girl, had been trans-gendered, and had suffered emotionally for it ever since. It was the point at which I stopped watching it.

    This was on regular, network Fox TV last year…

    So yeah, Seth… not putting a LOT of concern into what you think is worth believing. Or into your opinion on things, generally.

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  12. TUCKER ROCKS! Suck on that Seth! He is the only reason to watch Fox News!

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  13. Seth’s cartoons are some of the most gross & corrosive forms of “entertainment” out there. He is a disgusting human. And another example of cultural Marxist debasement foisted on society.

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  14. This is why no one trusts the MSM…(ABC News had to apologize for this one)…

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    • Here’s something I only learned this past Sunday when he appeared on “This Week” as a panelist — ABC News Director (since 2013), Rick Klein:

      I’d literally thought he was someone else’s little brother on stage. Turns out he’s 42; brought on-board at 37 years old. News Director. Experience. Maturity. What? But I’m seeing a LOT of this going on, even in Trump’s Administration (e.g., Hope Hicks headed the Comms Office until recently).

      Might give an idea as to how something like that could appear via ABC News. If it bleeds, AND makes Trump look bad, then it need not be true.

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  15. Tucker Carlson is right, of course! If he’s the FIRST to ever say such a thing on the “MSM,” give him a medal.

    *”In U.S. Army Intelligence, I was trained that the truth most often lies in the exact opposite direction of the public rhetoric. You must learn this technique if you are to successfully glean the truth from news reports.
    “During the Vietnam War, I joined U.S. Army Intelligence, and was assigned to the Joint Intelligence Sobe Processing Center on Okinawa. This facility was so high level it was called ‘The Pentagon of the East’…

    “One fact I was taught was that, in order to arrive at the truth, one had to develop ‘Opposite Direction Thinking’; in other words, truth in many situations, especially strategic planning, was to be found in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric.”*
    –David Bay in his article: “BREAKING OUT OF THE MENTAL BOX — LEARNING TO THINK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF PROPAGANDA TO FIND THE TRUTH” [caps in original; written during GWB years post 9/11]:

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  16. They guy who makes Family Guy is embarrassed by this and not his shows content.

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  17. This is a great twitter thread on the media’s purposeful manipulation last week (the TIME magazine cover) of the American people.

    “The US media were completely exposed this week for using false images, some of them from the Obama administration, to manipulate the public. The @Time magazine cover is an instant classic piece of propaganda. (1/20)”

    “@Time retracted the claim she was separated from her mother, but stood by its story. The magazine had accomplished its goal of stirring outrage about border patrol agents and President Trump. Its agenda trumped the facts. (4/20)”

    “Illegal immigration is an assault on the citizens’ right to preserve their own political community and to defend their own rights. The Democratic Party’s support of open borders is an attempt to dilute support for constitutionally limited government. (15/20)”

    “The Democratic Party and its media associates need to mask this selfish calculation. They need to feign compassion. They need images of children suffering in detention centers. Even if those images were taken under Obama, who did nothing but worsen the situation. (17/20)”

    Read the whole thing here:

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