Black woman in TV show ‘Claws’ celebrates dismembering her unborn child

Shakespeare: Hell is empty, all the devils are here

Television is a sewer.

Here’s the latest example:

A recent episode of the “dramedy” cable TV series, TNT’s Claws, was about abortion.

As reported by Karen Townsend for, in the episode that aired on June 17 titled “Cracker Casserole,” nail salon worker Virginia Loc is pregnant out-of-wedlock and decides to get an abortion. The baby’s father, Dean Simms, supports aborting his child, ostensibly because he’s not ready to be a father.

As Virginia and Dean enter the abortion clinic grounds, they’re confronted by pro-lifers, depicted as angry screaming protesters. Dean tells them he was an unwanted child, how hard his life was on welfare, and accuses the pro-lifers that “you only care about babies in the womb.”

After the abortion, Dean asks Virginia to marry him.

On the way out of the abortion clinic, Dean tells the pro-lifers that he had proposed to Virginia: “We’re getting married, everybody!”

Elated by the news, a pro-life woman rejoiced, “God is good! He heard our prayers,” assuming that Virginia had not gone through with the abortion.

Virginia quickly assures the pro-lifers that she did have her baby aborted. Referring to dilation and curettage (D & C), the abortion procedure in which the unborn baby is dismembered, and calling her unborn child “shit,” Virginia triumphantly declares:

“Still D&C’d that shit, bitch!”

A study by a team of scientists at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that  abortion is the leading cause of death in the U.S., accounting for almost a third (32.1%) of all deaths in 2009.

Abortion disproportionately affects certain racial/ethnic minorities — namely, blacks and Hispanics. Of the total 3,589,163 abortions in the U.S. in 2009, abortions accounted for:

  • 16.4% of Non-Hispanic White (NHW) deaths
  • 61.1% of Non-Hispanic Black (NHB) deaths
  • 64.0% of Hispanic deaths

In fact, abortion accounts for 2 out of every 3 deaths among Blacks and Hispanics.

Of all racial/ethnic groups, abortion takes the deadliest toll among Blacks: the abortion death rate for Blacks is 5.9 times that of Whites and 2.1 times that of Hispanics.

But do you hear about this Black holocaust from the #BlackLivesMatter crowd?

YPLL by cause of death, U.S., 2009

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV and Big Lug


45 responses to “Black woman in TV show ‘Claws’ celebrates dismembering her unborn child

  1. sixlittlerabbits

    The video clip is despicable and inaccurate. Women who have just had an abortion are not as spry as the actress is shown. They have undergone a surgical procedure and move more slowly, showing some evidence of pain. That’s what I observed when praying at an abortion clinic in New Orleans.

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  2. Killing an unborn child in its fetal state is really something to be proud of and trumpet as a great accomplishment. Whatever the body count killers will find themselves in great company. Stalin, Hitler, Ted Bundy, Pol Pot, Jack the Ripper, Herod and John Wayne Gacy. Raging forever, separated from God, angry, hatefilled and beyond all hope of redemption. All because they took something God pronounced as good and tossed it away ruthlessly like a disgarded tissue. Celebrate away! There will come a day and a time when regrets and repentance will hopeless concepts.

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  3. Stephen T. McCarthy

    If not for the fact that I have been baptized by Jesus with The Holy Spirit, and the fact that I KNOW that Jesus is returning soon to clean house, I would be completely unhinged and very dangerous. I shudder to think that but for the grace of God, I could have been a real-life William Foster.

    Come, Lord Jesus!!

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  4. So it seems blacks hate them selves more than whites ever could.

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  5. “Dean tells them he was an unwanted child, how hard his life was on welfare, and accuses the pro-lifers that “you only care about babies in the womb.””
    -It sounds like the character prefers his mother had aborted him.
    I wonder if a lot of blacks feel the same way? That some blacks felt they were unwanted or unplanned with a hard life and would prefer death over life would be the essence of suicidal psychology. Maybe that helps explain the murderous violence that has become endemic in black communities.
    Today’s black communities are less involved with church attendance and faith in Jesus than prior generations. They have rejected Jesus for hedonism/satanism in the guise of sex, drugs, shootings, abortion, disease, rap videos, etc. Aside from the absence of fathers, when the emotional love is absent from the mother how can one truly value life…one’s life or other lives? (i.e. abortion, gang violence, etc.).
    I believe this is why the Nuclear Family embedded in Christ is so vital to the creation of a strong foundation of a child’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. And why tv shows such as ‘claws’ (a show about an owner of a nail salon…but I wonder if the creators of the show really mean satan’s claws or demon’s claws?) are so detrimental (by design) to the Nuclear family as a whole.

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    • “tv shows such as ‘claws’ (a show about an owner of a nail salon”

      I was wondering why the show is called “Claws”….

      How curious that the show supposedly named itself “Claws” after a nail salon: Human beings have nails; demons and non-human animals have claws.

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    • no we don’t feel sorry for ourselves; and those fools do not represent the black community

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      • I’d like to think that is true ( that ” those fools don’t represent the black community”) but how do you get around the fact of the stats above for Black abortions and the fact that Blacks overwhelmingly vote for Democrats who push these demonic and vile policies? Look at the nasty attitude of so many Blacks towards Dr. Ben Carson, a truly fine human being for his conservative values.

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      • Does these folks represent the black community?

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        • Did Bill & Hilary Clinton represent the white community? Does the Duck Dynasty family represent the red neck community….
          Barack & Michelle Obama did not represent all blacks; if anything whites got more representation from Obama then blacks ever did….

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          • Clintons represent the left. Power, corruption, money and POWER.

            Duck Dynasty folk DO represent the “redneck” community: God, guns, faith and family.

            Obamas didn’t give NOTHING to white representation…WTF that means.


            • Exactly the Clintons did not represent the entire white community

              The Duck Dynasty people is a representation of the redneck culture but they do not represent the entire red neck community

              I will go as far to say the black community has so far benefited more under Trump then Obama

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              • True George:

                While I vehemently agree with you that, in principle, we should not use an individual of a particular race or ethnicity to generalize to the entire race/ethnicity (to do that really is racism), American blacks did — by an overwhelming 90+% majority — regard Obama as representing them and repeatedly voted for him. We are told by the MSM, ad nauseum, that he is America’s “first black president”.

                That you recognize the fact that blacks benefited little, if at all, in the 8 years of Obama’s presidency, but are benefiting more in the 1½ years of Trump’s presidency speaks to your admirable autonomy. Alas, your autonomy of thought and judgment is not shared by the majority of blacks today, still.

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          • Obama “representing”


      • Do these celebrities represent the black community? Because they sure are using their famous platform to promote the PP abortion mill…

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    • Great post Mom! and very perceptive about the “Claws”. I thought it was weird too…everything they create or touch, they express their demonic consciousness.

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  6. ManCavePatriot

    Margaret Sanger and the satanic cult she spawned, Planned Parenthood, must be a sponsor for this ‘snuff film’.

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  7. I have said it before and I will say it again….. If we (crackers) mandated that 61% or 64% of black or hispanic pregnancies were terminated, the world would scream GENOCIDE!!!!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  8. The first poster and all poster should read DEMOCRATS FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD sponsored by the liberals.

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  9. Again, thanks for posting this trendy-type stuff Dr.E….. it helps me know what the “zombies” among us are watching. As previously stated in earlier posts, I do not watch this show/have never seen it/have never heard of it. I honestly do try to keep my finger somewhat on the pulse of what our fellow citizens are watching ( wasting their time) on TV, but quite honestly, all of these shows sound exactly the same: disgusting “humor,” drugs, porn, filth, out-of-marriage-sex, PC nonsense, glamorizing stupidity, etc, etc, etc… in any event, thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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  10. This informs me of an answer I requested as a middle school teacher some days ago on this blog: Why do I have 3:1 or more Hispanic boys today in my classrooms than any race of girls? It’s been a 3 or more-year trend/ thing I’ve recognized in my classrooms. IT OBVIOUSLY had to be a human-controlled phenomenon, b/c scientifically, boy babies have a less chance of surviving both birth and the first 5 years of life than do girl babies. And so, the 50/50 birth rate between male/female, should biologically give slight favor to the female surviving birth & then coming into school-aged. Yet….here I am, in the last years…overwhelmed with Hispanic boys 3-to-1 or even MORE in all but ONE of my 5 classes per day (my ADVANCED class is opposite—-more girls than boys….to be expected these days in academic settings….THAT is another social/biological subject.). I have reason to believe from my statistical observations on the “front” and these abortion rates per race….that what I suspect might be true: Young Hispanic women who find themselves pregnant, when they find out through modern means the sex of their child, most often abort the female child, but keep the male child (socialogical reasons for the Hispanic culture….also….maybe the chance that the father will maintain a relationship b/c the child is a SON?????? Very important in Hispanic cultures…….) Whatever the reason, if I am wrong on this, I STILL have an overwhelming and NOT NATURAL number of boys over girls in my classrooms….and the majority of them (b/c my school is 80% Hispanic) are Hispanic boys v. girls of any race.

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  11. Wondering what size mill stone she has picked out to wear for her duration in hell? My question is how can anybody in their right minds can celebrate the dismembering of a baby. oops forgot most of them don’t have a mind. if they did abortion would not be on their agenda of things to do since they know what would come at the finial meeting with God.

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  12. The only “correct” thing that even happened in this horrid little hell play is that the characters got married. That’s the only good thing. It’s all Hollywood, which is going to serve up a dish of vomit and disguise it as ‘entertainment’, more like brain entrainment to accept this evil as “good”.
    God forbid anyone actually models their lives after this. Who would celebrate a “D and C” anyway?
    Pure insanity, but what else do we expect from Helly wood?


  13. Somewhere Margaret Sanger is cackling, just like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”
    More germane to our discussion here, it would be hard to explain it, but the black women getting the abortions are actually in agreement with their eugenic masters. About two years ago, some black people, cheering an abortion clinic on, said that “there are too many of us.”

    God Help Us.

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  14. Seems they don’t give a damn about black lives after all.

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  15. “In fact, abortion accounts for 2 out of every 3 deaths among Blacks and Hispanics.” …That was Margaret Sanger’s intent in setting up Planned Parenthood!

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