Too bad, so sad: Comedy Central cancels “The Opposition”

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Back on September 25, 2017, Comedy Central debuted “The Opposition” with Jordan Klepper.  About the show, from Wikipedia:

“The Opposition with Jordan Klepper is an American late-night talk and news satire program that premiered on Comedy Central on September 25, 2017. The show is hosted by comedian Jordan Klepper, a former correspondent on The Daily Show, and satirizes right-wing politics. It airs each Monday through Thursday at 11:30 pm (EST), following The Daily Show.”

The Business Insider had an article about the intent the The Opposition:

“One of the most prominent features of the set of “The Opposition” is a permanently installed Murder Board, a tackboard reminiscent of “A Beautiful Mind” with nonsense scribbled next to a 2016 electoral map, and images and arrows linking Beyoncé, former Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Taylor Swift, and, of course, Hillary Clinton.

For Klepper, the figures and scrawling on the board represent the obsession and paranoid thinking of the emerging right-wing-media landscape during the era of President Donald Trump, in which he said the “bar for what now we can put out there to make our case was lowered immensely.”

“You just need a shred. A shred of something that you can weave into something larger,” Klepper told Business Insider in an interview in his office a week before the show’s debut. “Donald Trump was the best at ‘I heard a thing, I’m in a position of power by repeating it, I now legitimize it to millions, to my 30-plus million followers, and I’m in a position where people just trust those things that I say.'”

“The Opposition” is the major first comedy show with a baked-in acknowledgement of the shift in the conservative-media landscape away from the dogmatic, small-government Reagan Republican. The show will focus on the heightened influence of the online right-wing figures to subtly and overtly influence the political discourse.

Nine months later, the show has been cancelled.

From MSN:

Comedy Central’s daily late-night program The Opposition with Jordan Klepper will end its run after one season but Klepper is staying on the network with a new weekly half-hour series. Tentatively titled Klepper, it will feature the comedian out in the field, traveling the country and speaking to people.

The Opposition‘s last episode will air on June 28. Klepper just shared the news with the show’s staff. Development on the new show will start right after, with pre-production slated to begin in the fall and a premiere eyed for early 2019 in the 10 PM-11 PM time period.

The timing of the decision stems from the fact that The Opposition was wrapping its first season, with a slew of contracts for people in front and behind the camera coming up for renewal for another year.

“That added into the accelerated pace of the decision but it was mostly driven by excitement about the new show,” Comedy Central president Kent Alterman said. “We can’t do both obviously so we are winding down The Opposition in accordance with gearing up Klepper.”

Read the rest of the story here.

Viva La Resistance!


16 responses to “Too bad, so sad: Comedy Central cancels “The Opposition”

  1. Politics disguised as “comedy” that only the alt-left finds amusing.

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  2. I guess this one just isn’t devastating enough to the Conservatives. Thanks for playing though. I’m sure the replacement will be more hateful and ignorant,and will consist of more unconstitutional tripe.

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    • The replacement will probably be a queer, pedophile, cannibal who designs children’s clothes. They can put together a cast of trannies, beastialists, voluntary amputees, etc., that would frighten P.T. Barnum.

      Maybe they could film it from inside Comet Ping Pong and Pizza.

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  3. Yeah, I’m sure the ratings were over the top, but… know…..we had to decide between keeping it, or starting over with a new show, so….

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  4. “Nine months later, the show has been cancelled.”

    HA HA HA HA!

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    • DCG, thanks for posting this and keeping us aware of all the appropriate “goings-on.” I must admit, I had never watched this show, nor even heard of it…. it is rare for me to watch TV more than an hour a week, and when I do, it’s usually just for a few minutes if my wife is watching hgtv or a cooking show. At any rate, thanks for all you do! This site is awesome!

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      • Yes, JerryO, I too thank DCG for this post!

        Like you, I don’t watch TV any more — except to catch the local weather forecast of the day — and had never watched Comedy Central. Studies show that the very-wired Millennials are unhooking from TV as well. All this is bound to have an effect on the alphabet MSM TV networks.

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  5. As Sites like this, and Conservative Media outlets grow, I love it. You can be a citizen journalist with a youtube channel, and get more hits than some lefty late night show, America is waking up for sure. The whole set up is fake, they take a comedian, put him at a desk with graphics to make him look like a news anchor, then he appears as the voice of authority on American politics. Dear leftist liberals, all of us hard working, based, tax paying, Bible clinging, moral Americans hate you now, thanks to all of you for taking off your masks.

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    • Pipe,
      I resemble that statement! I hate no one. There are some that I would lovingly terminate though…..
      “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  6. Comrade Obama

    I remember when comedians were funny. Now they’re just degenerate.

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  7. Pray without ceasing

    Great comments guys! Man, does this site warm my heart!!

    The commies are definitely overplaying their hands in many cases lately. They are not following the tried-and-true script of slow and subtle subversion any longer.
    Fully and proudly following the left-hand path, conceited and unchurched, spending all their time in an echo chamber of groupthink, their inane notions and beliefs fathered by the master of deception.

    This particular smarmy empty suit (Klepper) is not the least bit funny. While watching reruns of “The Office” (which can be tiresome, what with all the blasphemy and depravity that eluded me when the show originally ran) his dreadful show was plugged incessantly: at least three promos every thirty minutes. Not once were they able to cobble together anything resembling humor — only hacky nonsensical venom. The ads for Trevor Noah are just as insufferable.
    Here’s one of the featured “jokes” they must have repeated dozens of times daily: “Trump is like a calculator that you turn upside down and it says ‘boobs’ no matter what you punch in..” What a riot, Alice!
    [The “upside down” part likely a coded signal to their fellow luciferian/OTO/crowley-ites…]

    “Maybe they could film it from inside Comet Ping Pong and Pizza.” As brazen as they’ve become, I wouldn’t put it past ’em!! The agenda is priority one, all else be damned.

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  8. Sounds like Klepper is just about as real as Bill Maher…. I was never impressed by Comedy Central.

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  9. Just like most liberial ideas. Bad from the start. Their ‘Star’ turns out to be a millstone instead. So, we’re gonig to give him another show where he can continue to spew jibberish. Liberals never change their thinking. They just repackage the same old same old and try to present it in a way that is more appealing not realizing that it was the original idea that has been rejected. Keep diong the same thing until you get a different result, kinda.

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  10. LOL – So they are going to cancel a show I didn’t even know existed.

    Imagine my distress.

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