CNN celebrates Father’s Day with a father who gave birth to a son

Today is Father’s Day.

CNN celebrates Father’s Day by publishing an article extolling a father who gave birth to his son.

By this time, your eyebrows probably are raised high as you exclaim: “But how can a man conceive and give birth?”

Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal creation, famously said: “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

And so it is with CNN’s father who gave birth to a son, which is a biological impossibility because only females can conceive and give birth.

It turns out that the “father” whom CNN honors on Father’s Day is a mentally-ill woman who conceived and gave birth to a son, but who imagines herself to be “transgender”. So, she changed her name to Sabastian, had her breasts surgically excised, and takes massive doses of testosterone to “transition” into a man — which, of course, is a biological impossibility.

Sabastian Sparks

Hank Berrien reports for The Daily Wire, June 15, 2018, that “Just in time for Father’s Day, CNN brings you the story of” a very confused and confusing couple in suburban Atlanta — Sabastian Sparks, 24, a biological female who calls herself a transgender man, and Angel Sparks, 33, a biological male who calls himself a transgender woman. Angel is a “multi-faith minister”.

After Sabastian began taking “gender-transition” testosterone, she conceived a child with Angel, who was already “transitioning” into a “transgender” woman but stopped taking hormones long enough that they could conceive a son.

Angel Sparks

Below are excerpts from Kendall Trammell’s CNN article, “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man”:

Sabastion, 24, is a transgender man who lives with his wife Angel in suburban Atlanta. Assigned the female gender at birth, he began transitioning five years ago. It’s a process that felt more complete last month when he had surgery to remove his breasts.

Sabastion Sparks gave birth to son Jaxen in October 2016.

With Father’s Day approaching, Sabastion finds himself thinking about gender roles and what it means to be a dad. He wants Jaxen, their 20-month-old son, to have as normal a childhood as possible….

By the time Sabastion met Angel five years ago at a convention for transgender people, he identified as a man. Angel, 33, was designated male at birth but had transitioned years earlier.

They both knew they wanted to be parents. After they were married in 2016, they agreed that Sabastion would carry their child — a decision, Angel Sparks says, that wasn’t taken lightly.

Like many transgender men and women, they had been taking medication to increase the testosterone or estrogen in their bodies. So to make a baby, they briefly stopped taking their hormone pills….

After breastfeeding his son, Sabastion Sparks had his breasts removed in May….

[T]here are some things Sabastion wants to teach Jaxen, father to son. One of them is how to pee standing up — something Sabastion does with the help of a detachable prosthetic….

“People think trans people can’t be good parents, and that’s not true,” Sabastion adds. “Trans parents are just like any other parents.”

The world has gone mad . . . .

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39 responses to “CNN celebrates Father’s Day with a father who gave birth to a son

  1. All I can say is that I pity that poor child.

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  2. A downright revolting story and one that only Progressives are proud of pushing. Shame on CNN. At the same time, no one is buying this madness but their misguided puppets.

    Btw, Happy Father’s Day to you and to the dads who visit Fellowship of the Minds. Blessings to all.

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  3. Leave it to CNN to honor all fathers that have actual Manginas.

    Happy Fathers Day to all our Dads here at FOTM.

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  4. Oh boy, what can one say about this insanity.

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  5. What a handsome couple these two are! 😵

    When I first saw this, it made me wonder if the reason “gay pride month” is in June, is because Father’s Day is in June. The Bible makes it very clear how important fathers are in our homes. Satan always tries to corrupt God’s established order.

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  6. I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing in fleeing to live in the back of beyond. Then I read articles like this and realise why I went.

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  7. Possibly the Next Weird Science Experiment will be that Dr.Frank.N.Stein has successfully installed a man’s penis onto, into, or next to a woman’s vagina, = or even more interesting a vagina transplant next to – – sorry my modesty will Not let me finish this weird thought..!!

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  8. “The world has gone mad . . . .”
    So right, Dr. Eowyn!

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  9. Clearly Not Natural.

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  10. There is a special place in the far reaches of Hell reserved for these freak morons and their CNN supporters. I hope we all live to see their demise.

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  11. I know its a rhetorical question, but why on Earth do these idiots think things like this are “good”? Instead of celebrating a good, traditional, wholesome day, they trot out this perversion.

    Why is a twisted imitation better than the real thing?

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    • Thats a good point Lophatt…

      It is the same reason there is no longer “Boy” Scouts of America. It upsets them to see anyone enjoying time honored traditions together.

      Next they are going to force Nascar drivers to all race on Mothers Day.

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    • “Why is a twisted imitation better than the real thing?”

      Liberal logic is not designed to make any sense.

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  12. Well,they got their time in the spotlight-soon to follow will probably be a YouTube series,so all the devil worshipers can watch every single detail of this insane “family”.

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  14. It makes me mad that CNN would give these perverted weirdos coverage on Father’s Day. There are so many wonderful dads out there who work so hard and sacrifice so much for their families, and still make the time to engage with their children and make heartwarming memories.
    Happy Father’s Day to all the real men out there.

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  15. God Bless ’em but that family looks like the whole ugly forest fell on them.

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  16. I’m not even giving this article the time it takes to read it! This type of “news” is what is more and more quickly subverting our society, and even our families! I agree with Zigggy, and honour all the REAL men and REAL fathers out there.


    • Why are you scapegoating FOTM, the medium? It’s not this post that is subverting society. It’s what this post reports — the “transgender” couple and their celebration by CNN — who are doing the subverting.

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  17. The child will be the ultimate loser. How sad and deeply mad has gone the world.

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    • Patriot . . . . I agree with you completely. I feel immense sorrow for this child. If we could only look 25 years in the future . . . to see just how sane this little boy will be then. This behavior on the part of the parents is truly off the wall.

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  18. This is repulsive. They are both horrid looking and just the description of her/him giving birth and breastfeeding to then being the ‘dad’ is something of horror stories. That poor child is going to be confused and scarred for life. Everything about her looks so WRONG, its so clear she is really female! And then you get to see the ‘wife’, SHEESH, I believe I have lost my appetite.

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  19. In spite of chopping off her breasts, she is not a man, she will always be a woman, Angel, the not so angelic multi-faith minister, if he was castrated, is still a man. Sexes can be changed surgically only. And because they were man and woman and had intercourse they were able to conceive a child. Here’s a typical pair of mentally ill beasts raising a child in an abnormal household. The child will not grow up normal. And then there are normal couples unable to conceive how sad.

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    • “Sexes can be changed surgically only.”

      Don’t you mean “Sexes cannot be changed surgically”?


      • For the transgenders, a sex organ, an artificial penis, can be implanted, a female genitalia can be “formed” through an operation. NO matter how it is “made” and hormone injections, it won’t change the sex at the time of conception. For a surgeon it means money, and it is immoral and shameful.

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  20. more misandry from the lamestream media for Father’s Day….

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  21. Well, CNN, you’re a day late and a dollar short: Oprah Winfrey tried this a few years ago (upon which I stopped giving her the benefit of the doubt).
    The mental illness and demon-possession continue, but God shall not be mocked: Not only is this alleged human being responsible for what she did to herself (and her, ahem, mate), he, she or “it” shall also be responsible for what she has already done to her infant (assuming this whole charade is actually real).
    Sorry to disappoint you Sparks people: Real men will still be here long after both of you are gone!
    (And there’s another issue here: Who in the HELL are the “doctors” who do these operations, and why can’t they all be prosecuted??? Meanwhile the cultural vomitorium continues….)

    Now about that “Russian collusion,” CNN….

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  22. I’m so confused. Who used to what?? We are doomed.

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  23. If we can keep the facts straight, no matter how the lgbtq, liberal media, etc. tries to brainwash us or shame us by making us look like we are not compassionate—their tactics won’t work. I do not believe that baby was birthed by a biological male. The birth record may be changed to suit the laws definition of parent’s gender but that doesn’t make it true. We are living to see what was sacred discarded and redefined to suit the desires of man. Man is remaking humanity in his own image. We will see more travesties unless there is a turnaround.

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    • “We are living to see what was sacred discarded and redefined to suit the desires of man”. Yes, a very few men, (.4% worldwide). Rest assured, these creatures who are actively involved in the destruction of Western Civilization would have no part of this for their own.

      Those who are their dupes are beyond stupid. I’ve been around long enough to know a few things. There never have been a large population of deviants. There have always been a few. What they need is treatment, not permission.

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  24. The America-hating commie-libs like the traitors at the Communist News Nutwork won’t rest until they have destroyed every last time-honored tradition and institution in America.

    -Unless or until REAL Americans finally rise up and stop it.

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  25. traildustfotm

    That poor little kid! God help this child, and reach into the hearts of the parents to wake them up.

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  26. I just pray that the poor kid is able to somehow find out the truth, that his “parents” are mentally confused.
    I would like to know why the media are taking people who obviously have mental problems and trying to elevate them to ‘hero’ status- ones we are supposed to look up to? And yes this is a rhetorical question.

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  27. Proof that Fat UGLY women find men…in the gutter!


  28. CHILD ABUSE!!!

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