US diplomats in China afflicted with same mysterious illness as in Cuba

On July 20, 2015, three months after the Obama administration removed Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, the United States and Cuba normalized their relations by reestablishing diplomatic relations and reopening embassies in their respective capitals, Washington , D.C. and Havana.

Beginning in late 2016, U.S. diplomats in Havana, Cuba, complained about neurological symptoms, including hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance disorders. Some U.S. government employees had their assignments cut short due to the severity of the symptoms. In October 2017, the State Department ordered non-essential embassy personnel and the families of all staff to leave Havana. Some Canadian embassy employees also reported headaches and hearing loss.

The Trump administration accused the Cuban government, but Havana flatly rejected instigating the attacks and suggested the attacks might be from a third party.

FBI and Cuban investigators couldn’t find any devices or anything suspicious on surveillance tape. After months of investigation, the Trump administration concluded that the American diplomats had been exposed to an advanced device that operated outside the range of audible sound and had been deployed either inside or outside their residences.

The AP obtained a recording of what U.S. embassy workers in Havana heard, akin to very high-pitched metallic crickets.

Now the same mystery illness has afflicted U.S. diplomats stationed in Guangzhou, southern China.

Edmund DeMarche reports for Fox News, June 6, 2018, that a group of U.S. diplomats stationed in China have been brought back to the states for evaluation after being inflicted by a mystery illness resembling the brain injuries previously suffered by 24 U.S. government employees in Cuba.

The New York Times reported that at least two U.S. employees removed from China experienced unusual noises while there. U.S. officials are suspicious that China or Russia may be involved.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month that the symptoms being reported in China were “entirely consistent with the medical indications that have taken place to Americans working in Cuba.” Pompeo said the precise nature of the injuries suffered has not been determined and promised a “multi-agency response to the unexplained health incidents.”


10 responses to “US diplomats in China afflicted with same mysterious illness as in Cuba

  1. traildustfotm

    Another theory recently floated on this is the possible development of a microwave weapon.

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  2. We need greater emphasis throughout the years of education for all AMERICANS in the sciences, more math, physics, etc. Those studies are not for everyone, but they should be greater for those who can use them. More on sciences at every level while correcting the nationally destructive programs through the arts. Obviously others are ahead of a dumbed down nation.

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  3. This does not surprise me. It’s China after all…

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  4. Wayne Tallaksen

    Had anyone thought that it be our anti bugging devices that are actually to blame? Occam’s razor.


  5. Maybe it’s Satan defending his turf…..

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  6. Intense audial harassment.
    Reciprocate by playing ‘Stagger Lee’ over and over again in the homes of
    communist China’s and Cuba’s diplomatic employees here in the USA.

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  7. Possible Culprits:

    1_Russia, since they already have a record of microwaving the American Embassy in Moscow for 25 years!, from 1963-1988:
    –When the USA found out in the middle-to-late 1970s, they kept it to themselves & did not inform embassy employees but began requesting blood tests from them under the lie of testing for a virus. They found everyone’s white blood cells to be very high.
    –Speculation was: Russia did it to harm embassy employees; or they did it to jam any spying &/or communication equiptment the embassy had.
    –Aren’t Russia, Cuba, & China still “buddy buddies”? Three Peas in a [i]Pod. It would seem obvious.

    2_Israel: If anything seems obvious (above), look to the Masters of Diversion & the Techno Kings.

    3+4_How techno advanced is Cuba? I would think not much; however, China may certainly be. Do either have microwave-radiating “Smart” water-gas-electric Meters yet?
    –You get “surround sound” from those as the microwaves travel along the wall wiring & interact with & reflect off of any metal, turning the wall wiring into one giant radiating antenna.
    –I read a comment 4.5 years ago that said the 1980 Ghostbusters movie “predicted” the same, ie, house wiring being used as a giant radiating antenna.

    5_USA: The Spook Agencies (&/or Military) are causing it themselves in Cuba & China in order to “pollute the well” of Smart Meter, celltower, & all microwave-harm being done in the homeland.
    –It’s very possible the USA-Spooks have been pre- testing 5G on their own embassy employees in foreign lands so that, if they have to, they can blame those Communist countries.
    –5G is very high microwave frequencies, higher than any microwave-frequencies used so far in the general population.
    –It was July 2016 when former FCC head Tom Wheeler declared in a nasty voice: “We DON’T HAVE TIME to WAIT for (5G Health) STUDIES!” Fast Forward three months, circa October 2016, & embassy employees in Cuba began being “attacked.” Maybe that was the Fed’s idea for a “cheaper/faster” way to “conduct a 5G health study.”

    –All the symptoms the Cuban/Chinese American embassy employees described are the exact same as have been for years & still are being reported across many an EMF site, right here in the Good Ol’ USA (& in the UK, AU, CA, EU, etc.).
    –The FCC, void of any scientists, researchers, or medicos on staff, could care less.

    THE NOISE(s):
    –Many folks in USA report the same buzzing, hissing, clicking &/or “cricket” sounds; & a very high-pitched ringing (very similar to the audio at top).
    –And since SmartMeters are intertwined with the Power Grid, some also hear a deep ELF “rumbling hum” alone &/or along with the high-pitch of the microwaves. Combine those two extremes (high & low) & it’s a real “party” for your head (brain, ears, eyes & more).

    –Allan H. Frey (deceased), a former GE scientist at Cornell, discovered in 1961 that microwaves could be heard (SURELY the Feds KNOW THESE THINGS, yet they feign cluelessness!)
    –This site looks creepy (stupid skull & bones symbols), but they do a good job of describing Frey’s work. The “Microwave Auditory Effect” is aka the “Frey Effect”:

    For more info on any of the above, just type
    “EMF – (plus whatever specifics)” into any search engine.


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