PC Madness: Netflix bans employees from looking at anyone for more than 5 seconds

Stephen Moyers reports for The Sun, June 12, 2018, that in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo sex abuse scandals, Netflix has instituted new no-flirting rules:

  • Film crews are banned from looking at anyone for over five seconds.
  • No asking for workpals’ phone numbers.
  • Avoid lingering hugs and asking people out more than once.
  • Steer clear if they say no.
  • Staff who feel pestered are to yell: “Stop! Don’t do that again!”

A “runner” on the set of Netflix’s sci-fi series Black Mirror, which is being shot in West London and on location, said:

“Everyone was spoken to about #MeToo. Senior staff went to a harassment meeting to learn what is and isn’t appropriate. Looking at anyone longer than five seconds is considered creepy. You mustn’t ask for someone’s number unless they have given permission for it to be distributed. And if you see any unwanted behaviour, report it immediately. It has sparked jokes, with people looking at each other, counting to five, then diverting their eyes.”

Netflix said in a statement:

We’re proud of the anti-harassment training we offer to our productions. We want every Netflix production to be a safe and respectful working environment. We believe the resources we offer empower people on our sets to speak up, and shouldn’t be trivialized.

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21 responses to “PC Madness: Netflix bans employees from looking at anyone for more than 5 seconds

  1. Kettle calling the pot black. Give me a break these people get any more PC and the people that work for them will not be able to talk to each other how do you work.

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  2. There may be a clue here:

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  3. Are they giving everyone timers to start whenever someone starts looking at them? What if you look at someone for 6 seconds, are you written up?

    Freaking lunacy…

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  4. Aren’t these the same people who made fun of Mike Pence’s policy of not being alone with any woman who’s not his wife?

    They act like “looking”, “speaking”, and “touching” are all the same as “rape”. Good grief. (“Teacher! He’s LOOKING at me again!”). Whatever happened to “equality”? Never mind… 😣

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    • Yes, the actual Sexual Harassment laws are based on how you “felt”. That’s one of the reasons they should be struck down. Anybody can say “he made me feel uneasy”.

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  5. Sometimes you can only sit there and shake your head and roll your eyes. This is one of those times.

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    • Careful-Sitting there is ridiculing paralyzed people,Rolling your eyes is Racist and Shaking your head is making fun of the handicapped. It’s okay though-I won’t tell anyone….

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  6. Recynd77, Yes these are the Very same people who mocked VP Pence for not going out to dinner with anyone but his wife. Very ironic that they are now following the same “rules.” What ever happened to respect, common sense, and decency. Oh I know, those things are so old-fashioned!!!!!

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  7. sexual harassment suits are expensive but is the extreme wanted?


  8. Apparently there ARE NO solid rules. The Liberal-based Media can use all these “rules” to persecute CONSERVATIVES,yet when they would indict a LIBERAL,they don’t exist. Whaddya know ’bout THAT?!!??

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  9. Does this mean that the chances of compliant liberals hooking up and reproducing are approaching nil??????? I could get behind this……

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  10. Employees should just start taking pictures of each other on their cell phones.

    It’ll last longer.

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  11. GAWD this reminds me of THX1138!!! Does anyone remember that old flick? Members of the opposite sex were not allowed to have any physical contact or sex. This is the making of loving relationships between men and women a criminal act. They just want a drugged up androids. George Lucas was in on it way back then.

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  12. It must be suffocating for sane people to have to work at any lefty PC company these days. Ugh!

    Any narcissistic actors on a Netflix production will flunk the 5-second-lookie rule since “staring” is one of the hallmarks of NPDs.

    Funny, though, about employees counting to five, lol.

    I didn’t know George Soros held major stock in Netflix. Just the other day it was reported that he had bought $3 million worth (126,400 shares) of public stock in the New York Times per a 5/15/18 filing. It was the first time in 11 years Soros bought NYT stock, not since a prior reporting in 2007.

    Though $3 mil is pennies to Soros & 126k shares is not many, Media Research Group said do not negate the effect it could have. (Carlos Slim sold off $10 mil of his NYT shares in mid-2017.) That same Media watchdog source said in 2011 Soros had forked out $48 mil to journalism schools & other journalistic entities. No wonder journalists are acting more & more crazed.


    (Funny side note: Evidently the talking heads were crazed early yesterday morning after POTUS was on Fox & Friends. Pastor Darrell Scott tweeted that they were so fuming hot that you could “fry an egg on their head.” Lol!)

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  13. In addition to No Stares, how about Frozen Faces of the Future?

    “One city council is considering a code of conduct that urges elected officials not to roll their eyes. Or shake their heads. Or frown.”

    –4/21/2003 repeat-article up at Makow’s site today re Victims as Zombies. He linked the above quote to a “Bay Area Mercury News” site but the link now says that 15-y/o story no longer exists.

    Crazy idea. I wonder if they voted that in. Stop acting human! No facial expressions allowed! Never look at another human! etc. etc.

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