Sick art exhibit features naked monster embracing little girl on bed

There really is a concerted effort to “normalize” pedophilia — to make adults’ sexual predation of children “normal” and acceptable.

Here’s the latest.

LifeSiteNews reports, June 8, 2018, that the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia, is hosting an exhibit titled “Curious Affection”.

Among the exhibits is an “art” installation of a naked smiling male humanoid with blade-like hands and feet, embracing a young girl on top of a rumpled bed.

Standing on the bed’s headboard is a large peacock — a symbol of paradise — conferring its approval.

The display’s creator is Patricia Piccinini, 53, who said in a 2015 video interview that children are featured in her work “because it is easier for us to empathize with them” in that “we feel their vulnerability.”

Many of Piccinini’s works are of little children with naked creatures, including:

  • An installation of a clothed little boy cradling a naked elderly female who appears to be half human, half walrus.
  • In a Piccinini soft sculpture installation, a boy puts his finger in a creature’s genital-looking mouth.
  • Piccinini’s film, “The Gathering,” has a little girl lying asleep on the floor, who is approached by an increasing number of furry animals, one of whom rears up and pulls open her human female genitalia.
  • Part of Piccinini’s exhibit includes a “film program” which showcases films selected by the artist, among which is Guillermo del Toro’s bestialist movie, The Shape of Water, about a woman who has sex with an amphibian humanoid. The movie won this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture. (Del Toro also wrote and directed the loathsome demonic 2006 movie, Pan’s Labyrinth.)

Piccinini clearly intends her artwork as propaganda. She said the “Curious Affection” exhibit shows many kinds of “love”:

“My work is actually about ideas. One of the main ideas in the work — actually it’s in all my work — is the changing definition for us of what we consider natural.

Bernard Gaynor, a conservative Catholic Australian, criticized Piccinini’s artwork for promoting “deviant practices.” Gaynor points out that the “love is love” slogan used by LGBTs to legitimate same-sex marriage is now being used to justify “every deviant practice that lurks in the shadows.”

Contact information for Gallery of Modern Art: 

Address: Stanley Place, South Brisbane, Queensland 4101, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)7 3840 7303
Online form to send complaints

H/t Kelleigh and FOTM‘s Christy

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27 responses to “Sick art exhibit features naked monster embracing little girl on bed

  1. I must admit, after viewing this article, my stomach has become nauseated. In the “good old days” this woman would be living in an asylum. I cannot imagine that a person of sound morals would put out such filth for the world to see.

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  2. it is interesting how she positioned the demon’s tail to look like a penis in front…this female has serious issues. I agree with Auntie, she should be in an insane asylum…but, yet, she’s another “artist”.

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  3. Just when did “…the changing definition for us of what we consider natural” kick in? I didn’t get a ‘Heads up,’ did you? And who tells me what my standards should be? I thought that’s why God gave us a brain to learn these things, and a free will to make the best choices. What did I miss from the Kultur Fascist dikta?

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    • I think that most people’s definition of what’s “normal and acceptable” has to do with TV. When one controls TV one controls social morays. It has been easy for them. They run the schools, control the TV and “print media”, and film.

      It isn’t that there isn’t opposition. We are simply not allowed to see it. If we see it at all it is portrayed as retrograde and ignorant. Traditional families are now “breeders”.

      These social engineers know all about the dark side of human nature. That is their stock and trade. Whatever shiny thing you desire they offer.

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  4. Here again the LGBT made inroads into the political scene and once they got a foot hold every other perverse sexual predator came out of the wood work, with the idea that if they can get it done, we can do the same. We opened the proverbial “Pandora’s box” and now you’re not going to shut it unless it’s all out war with the left.
    This is as sick as it gets folks. Funny, wonder how they would feel if someone preyed on their child how would they react to that? Double Standards

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    • Brian,
      yep…give ’em an inch and they’ll eventually brainwash all children.
      satanists need to be held back and kept in check instead of “progress”-ing.
      It is truly a shame what these people are allowed to get away with today…that they are trying to deceive gullible and ignorant people into believing this filth is “normal” is reprehensible.

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      • My guess is that,if their OWN children were the prey chosen,they’d have to swallow their morals and values (if they even HAVE any left) and call it Natural,or Normal. Failure to do so would be caving to the Horrible Conservative Drive to destroy THEIR Shangri-Lala.

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  5. Dr. Eowyn, excellent article. Perversions inserted into plots permeate
    mainstream media. My wife and I have been to Budapest, Hungary
    several times as it is a truly historic storybook city in many respects.
    We watched the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel” with considerable
    anticipation only to see it featured blatant pedophilia. Even more shocking
    the Rotten Tomatoes viewer approval rating was 91%! Even my own
    daughters whose mother was quite proper say homosexuals are
    better than heterosexuals, especially “breeders.” In the twinkling of
    an eye it seems we have overthrown 2,000 years of Western
    civilization for barbarous perversities.

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  6. It is all part and parcel of the same thing. These are all just elements of the larger whole. Destroying childhood development is important to them. Destroying normal parenting and replacing it with State parenting is important to them.

    They have pornography for the adults and this is pornography for kids. They call it “art”. Obviously, they continue undisturbed. This really came to the fore during the Obongo years. It was largely underground before then.

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  7. traildustfotm

    Oh! That is extremely troubling!

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  8. Actually the “peacock” is also a symbol of satan, per the yezidi satanist/gnostic sect (you probably heard about their alleged “persecution” in the news last year, which I am a bit skeptical about.) out of the middle east, they call him “melek taus” the “peacock angel”, and believe he reformed. I suspect this is the real reason why a peacock was utilized, but since I know nothing else about this rotten so-called “artist” I can only speculate. (Since that incident, theres been some whitewashing of their belief system painting it as not satanic, but as previously established from all other forms of gnosticism, gnostic stuff is ultimately satanic in nature.)

    This also reminds me of a story I happened across recently, that I guess I missed last year it may have fell under the radar, but I want to issue an eye-bleach warning on account of a mall hosted a “fashion show” (have yet to determine what company was hosted and responsible) which put what look to be very young girls in lingerie, over in china… eye bleach on account of the photos in this article:

    On a slightly related bit of news, netflix is working on a show called “super drag” that they plan to animate… I greatly suspect they intend to use it to propagandize the corrupted sexual behavior & lifestyles to the kids, as if the rottenness of “big mouth” wasn’t bad enough:

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    • Well, the peacock is there for a reason and I suspect you’ve found it. They throw those in there for the “adepts”. Queer super heroes. Wow. So much filth they’re gonna need “Roto-Rooter” to clean it out.

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  9. This “artist” has some sick followers. Here’s an Instagram comment on this installation: “your work floored me. I had never seen love expressed that way before. It was beautiful to see your creations show love in ways humans struggle so regularly.”

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    • she seems to have an unusual affinity for human chimeras…considering all of the GMO-stuff going on today, I wonder how much of these “sculptures” are imagination vs. actual lab creation.

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  10. Just my opinion, SICK, needs injection of every vaccine ever made by Big Pharma. Just my opinion.

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  11. Deleonpatriott

    Thanks for providing the link. I sent a complaint!

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  12. Pure Satanism… What else can be said about a nightmare “art” exhibit like this?

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  13. If you enlarge many of the Google Doodles they are quite creepy. The one now for World Cup day is rather creepy though I have seen many worse, such as on Earth Day. They always wish to normalize this crap. I think the response of most normal people is, whatever, if you really want to that’s fine, go to hell, just don’t expect to drag us down with you. That is assuming it is only art and they aren’t harming people/children, in which case they need an expedited ticket to their destination in order to protect others.

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  14. I have scrolled down to the last sculpture, there is evil written all over. She, the woman is a sick pervert, It is revolting, seriously she and her “art” must be banned from exhibitions.

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  15. Plato wrote about the state using and controlling the arts…
    and here it is as Satanic propaganda.

    This is the stuff of nightmares. Seumas is correct about the peacock symbolism. It’s also important to the Hindus: “It is a symbol of beauty and knowledge. The eye in the feathers represents divine wisdom or the third eye of Krishna. It helps one attain supreme knowledge of the self. It symbolically states that wisdom of the mind and love of the heart makes one existence whole and for this blessed state, it is very important to worship the Lord adorned with his feathers.”
    Let’s not forget that NBC peacock either.

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  16. I didn’t know John Podesta had lost all his hair….

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