Safest and most dangerous states

Do you know how safe or dangerous your state is?

WalletHub compared the 50 states on 48 safety indicators, including:

  • Fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel
  • Fatal occupational injuries per total workers
  • Total loss amount from climate disasters per capita
  • Murders and non-negligent manslaughters per capita
  • Assaults per capita
  • Sex offenders per capita
  • Bullying incidence rate
  • Law-enforcement employees per capita
  • Job security
  • Unemployment rate
  • % of adults with rainy-day funds
  • Share of medical uninsured population

Vermont ranked No. 1 as the safest state in the United States, and Mississippi came in dead last.

Here is the list, from safest to most dangerous:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Connecticut
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Hawaii
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Washington
  11. Iowa
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Oregon
  14. Indiana
  15. Delaware
  16. Maryland
  17. North Carolina
  18. New Jersey
  19. Virginia
  20. North Dakota
  21. Wyoming
  22. Arizona
  23. New York
  24. Colorado
  25. Nebraska
  26. West Virginia
  27. Idaho
  28. Pennsylvania
  29. Nevada
  30. Ohio
  31. Kentucky
  32. California
  33. New Mexico
  34. Michigan
  35. Illinois
  36. Kansas
  37. Georgia
  38. South Dakota
  39. Tennessee
  40. Montana
  41. South Carolina
  42. Alaska
  43. Missouri
  44. Alabama
  45. Arkansas
  46. Florida
  47. Texas
  48. Oklahoma
  49. Louisiana
  50. Mississippi

You can read the full study, its methodology, and how your state rates on the various indicators here.


31 responses to “Safest and most dangerous states

  1. I find the results peculiar: I thought my own New York would be lower on the list, but it’s smack in the middle.
    Then again, does ideology enter into the study? Vermont used to be a conservative state until the looney leftist lemmings moved in and took over!

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    • Maybe you’re thinking NYC for New York? For one, New York state is not subject to the ravages of natural disasters like #48 Oklahoma’s tornadoes.

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      • Actually, Dr. E., you’re right, but it’s a given: New York City’s stats throw off the entire state’s!
        And come to think of it, I think the old “Heartland” myth is just a load of bull!
        Interesting post.

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        • Well, it depends on whether one is thinking “area” or “population”. In Washington, for example, Seattle and immediate surrounds are generally “liberal”. Everywhere else is “conservative”. It is the same for New York State, although perhaps not as pronounced.

          Just as it is not true to think of any particular location as 100% either one, it is obvious that there are “leanings”. I do not subscribe to having only one of two choices in life. I make up my own mind depending on the circumstances.

          As you say, “safety” is difficult to gauge. “Crime” is not the only thing that contributes to risk. To me stats can be “Interesting” but don’t really do much to advise as to cause. It takes a much more careful analysis to know the “whys”.

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  2. Must b the River…but uhm Kalifornia uhmm 36th ??


  3. My state (Missouri) is more dangerous than California?? More dangerous than Illinois with Chicago in it? Come on. How can Missouri, with a large swath being in tornado alley, be worse than California’s wildfires and mudslides. How can our two major metro areas — Kansas City, MO and St. Louis — even come close to Chicago. Our other major metro area, Springfield, MO is included in the Bible Belt. I realize that Columbia, MO, right smack dab in the center of the state, is fast becoming another Chicago. Other than these large metro areas, most of Missouri is rural, a lot very very rural. Personally, I would be more than willing to give St. Louis to Illinois and Kansas City to Kansas, myself!!!!!

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  4. Stephen T. McCarthy

    I was a bit surprised to find Oklahoma so low on the list.

    >>… ◾Law-enforcement employees per capita

    The higher that number was, they probably counted it as increased safety. I, however, would use it in the opposite way. I think the more LEOs you have, the more likely you are to be assaulted and possibly murdered.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’


  5. This list is to make sure the South won’t rise again. How interesting that it makes southern states look backwards. All those blue states are really safe?
    Let’s compare crimes per capita, shall we:
    Mississippi isn’t even in the top ten on this link. Neither is FL and Texas.

    I find it very strange Vermont is still listed as very safe on both lists. My grandmother had a house there and I was under the impression they have very relaxed criminal laws. I can’t remember the exact case, but every time I was visiting there was some horrific murderer who had been previously “rehabilitated” and released from prison only to go on and murder again. Missing young women all tied to the same killer (who would have been on death row for the first murder if it was Texas, shouldn’t have even been released at all). I also heard about serious unsolved violent crimes all over Vermont, but I guess it’s safer than southern states somehow? Just a dead body in the woods… that’s not a crime?
    How can California be in the middle of the list?
    I thought Illinois also had a very high murder rate per capita?

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    • I noticed that, that many Southern states were in the skids in the list. My first thought was, Maybe hurricanes? (or larger black populations with more crime?)

      North Carolina, it says, is the “safest” of the “Southerns.”

      I was also surprised that “wild blue yonder” (wide open spaces) Western states such as Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, etc., were not closer to the top of the list.

      Utah is way up at #4. Do the Mormons keep Utah in line? Yet I’ve heard there are a lot of Mormons in Idaho as well yet Idaho was way down at #27, even worse than Colorado at #24.

      And super-Lefty Oregon #13 & Washington #10 are “safer” than so many Red states!!??

      And shocker re California doing so well on the list with their massive illegals.


      A comment at the WalletHub site said:

      “If you compare ‘diversity’ with the results, the safest states have fewer minorities.”

      At first I thought maybe that was why Vermont & Maine were at the top until I saw Michelle’s comment. (Thanks for those other crime stats, btw.)

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      • My understanding is the Mormons are like another tribe that keeps most wrongdoing in house….in other words, unreported to the ‘outside’ authorities. [I have another comment in moderation which may be of interest.]

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  6. Here are my questions:
    1. Do we know how “safe” WalletHub? (They’re the ones who supposedly ran this survey.)
    2. WalletHub is owned by Evolution Finance, Inc.
    3. Evolution Finance, Inc. has a named CEO, Odysseas Papadimitriou, who, according to his bio at Bloomberg, used to work for Capital One Bank, and attended Brown University (Rhode Island) and took his MBA at Duke University.
    See the snapshot of the company below and link to his bio as well.

    What I find interesting is the company was founded in 2008 by Papadimitriou, but there is no Board Member information available and Evolution Finance doesn’t have a website although there is a link given on the Bloomberg site, but it goes nowhere.

    Evolution Finance also owns, or owned, CardHub which is now defunct but still has a wiki page. Call me suspicious, because I always listen to the reasons we’re given for something happening, and then I wonder what the real reason(s) are. The CardHub business all sounds rather shady. Look at the “references” at the bottom of the wiki page.

    Anyway, my first instinct is to think that they want people OUT of certain rural areas because the agenda is to have most everyone who doesn’t ‘matter’ in the “smart cities” and in “human corridors” –so this is just another small bit of propaganda, amidst the flood of propaganda thrown at us over the decades, to herd us into the conclusions ((they)) want us to reach and to go along with.
    This company states what we’ve heard a millions times over regarding how to pay down exorbitant, usurious, credit card debt. What ((they)) NEVER will tell you is to use only cash. If you don’t have the cash, you don’t make the purchase. What a concept! Of course, cash is what ((they)) hate. As Rockefeller told us: “Competition is a sin.”

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  7. traildustfotm

    The New England states are pretty safe, even with the Leftist loonies.

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  8. Superimpose this list on a ranking of Whitest states to Blackest states.

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  9. What about Dogman attacks?

    Pretty sloppy study if it doesn’t include Dogman attacks. IMO.

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  10. It’s interesting that WA, where I use to live, is #10 and OK, where I live now ranks almost the unsafest state.

    In my town in OK we have no traffic compared to Seattle. Less driving stress and chances for accidents. I feel much safer carrying a firearm in OK than I did in the Seattle area.

    You couldn’t pay me to go to downtown Seattle with all the homeless and crime they have now. When I went to the city (OKC) I didn’t recall seeing any homeless people downtown.

    W do get tornados yet I’ve never been in one in my 4.5 years here in OK. Knock on wood!

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    • I would think that “property damage” would be the main result of tornados. Of course they lose a few, but nowhere near the numbers lost in a lot of cities due to crime.

      Seattle is still pretty safe as far as cities go. Traditionally the East Coast has had the highest crime rates. It isn’t hard to figure which ones to avoid by looking at the demographics.

      I’m also certain that the numbers for Southern states are skewed as well. First you have to look at what “cities” are driving the numbers. Then you have to look at “who” in those cities are the perpetrators and victims. You could probably live safely there with no problem.

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  11. Huge liberal, anti-USA bias in this ‘study’. MA just released a serial PEDOPHILE murderer after years in prison, because a nightmare liberal judge thinks he’s rehabilitated. Everyone in the top 20 states on this BS list are fleeing to the bottom 20, because of safety, opportunity, and to escape the socialist states like CA, MA, NY, NJ, and VT.

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  12. Come on Down was the slogan here……SOUTH FLORIDA! Homeless, illegals, more illegals, prostitution, DRUGS, murders, poverty, sexual assaults, unsolved crimes. and corrupt politicians, hit and run, hurricanes and insurance frauds, Miami Beach, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and the capital for homosexuals KEY WEST, motorcycle runs in birthday suits and the biggest porno gay parade, all naked, no arrests for letting it all “hang out” it is all in good fun!

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    • Yeah, I’m still struggling with the meaning of these statistics. My “gut” says that Florida and Texas would be numbers 1 and 2 for lack of safety. Of course that would be based on overall crime and general strange behavior.

      I don’t have an explanation as to “why”, it just looks that way to me. Places like New Orleans have always had a lot of crime, but it usually doesn’t touch the white community.

      Most American cities are divided in ways that allow people to avoid risk by avoiding areas. There are a few that are so totally decadent that the whole place is a wasteland. Like Detroit.

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  13. Utter nonsense! I escaped from Illinois three years ago, and now I learn it is safer than my new state? Who is stuffing this WalletHub?

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  14. Obviously Wallet Hub equates safety and financial safety. I understand, of course, but there are many harmless poor people, just not in Miami – LOL, right Alma.

    Job security
    Unemployment rate
    % of adults with rainy-day funds
    Share of medical uninsured population

    and what about the “Bullying incidence rate”? Is this violent crime or name calling?

    DCG, I would much rather live anywhere in OK than live in Seattle! It’s much more safe. The “financially lacking folks without a rainy day fund” in OK are not the same as the mentally ill homeless criminal drug addicts on the streets of Seattle.

    Lophatt, Florida and Texas have some very safe small towns. Miami is not representative of the FL panhandle or most of central FL where people are normal (excluding Orlando). The big cities are filled with transients, and those cities are indeed very dangerous.

    The south is certainly financially depressed. In Mississippi, there are many family restaurants selling soul food. Some of the relatives of these restaurant owners went north to Chicago and opened soul food restaurants there too. Guess which location needed bullet proof glass for the ordering counter? Chicago.

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  15. There are WAY too many variables in this study/list. North Dakota for example has very low crime and murder numbers. We do have low population and a very harsh/cold winter environment and a ton of jobs like farming and heavy industry that result in many fatalities each year. Does that make this state a dangerous place to live or can most of that danger be avoided by simply not taking those jobs or not being oblivious to the weather?

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  16. No, it’s Texas! Texas is THE most dangerous state to live in. You’d hate it. So don’t EVEN THINK about moving here.Ever.There’s nothing here you’d be interested in. Because it’s dangerous. And you’d hate it.

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  18. NO WAY CA is not amongst the LAST… is down in the 30’s……but should be in the 40-50’s. LOOK—4 of the top 10 homeless population cities in the US are in CA……..did anyone count THEM in this fecklesss survey of savings accounts and medical care?????????? Did anyone survey our millions of illegals about their savings accounts or the state readiiness to find and care for them in natural disaster in their hiding places…….????? THIS is more than a WORTHLESSS report…This is some Ph.D student “survey of literature” required at the beginning of their “dissertation”………get back to me when the REAL news breaks.

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