Intuit credit card service shuts down payments on all gun purchases


Another anti-Second Amendment company to add to your boycott list.

From NY Post: Several gun-related businesses were suddenly — and without warning — disrupted in recent weeks when Intuit stopped processing credit card payments because sales were gun-related, The Post has learned.

Some of the payments stopped didn’t even involve firearms, but simply T-shirts and coffee mugs and gun safety classes, according to small business owners.

As a result, the businesses had to scramble to track down customers to get them pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases — even if the T-shirt was already shipped or the class already taken, one businessman told The Post.

At Gunsite Academy, a Paulden, Ariz., company that provides marksmanship training in addition to selling guns that ship to a licensed gun shop near the customer’s home, Ken Campbell was dinged by Intuit’s action.

Campbell, a former Indiana sheriff, had just switched credit card processors this spring — to Intuit, the parent of TurboTax and Quicken software — when the trouble began, he said.

Intuit told Campbell it mistakenly believed firearm sales were being made directly to the customers.

Campbell explained the guns were shipped to a local dealer with a federal firearms license who ran the required background checks. Intuit was unmoved.

Campbell said if he knew of Intuit’s stance, he would have simply moved back to his previous processor. “It’s fine, it’s capitalism, and if you don’t want to do business with us, we don’t want to do business with you,” he said.

Intuit did not return several requests for comment.

Honor Defense, a Georgia firearms maker that ships only to other dealers, had a similar experience with Intuit. Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense, told Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham that Intuit “reversed charges” on his customers as well.

Honor Defense could not immediately be reached for comment.


39 responses to “Intuit credit card service shuts down payments on all gun purchases

  1. Wow, what dirty dogs to use financial “sneak attacks.” That’s low!

    And who knew (out of control) “corporations” would come to be such a dirty word. Intuit & all the others should add to their fine print: “Be advised we are a ‘Nanny State’ Corporation.”

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  2. Their progressive “Business thought leaders” sold their board and executives that leftist policies were more profitable in the long run.

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    • They don’t care about “profit”. It’s all funny money anyway. They care about control. Can’t have armed eaters. It is worth whatever it takes to the controllers.

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      • Agree, it’s not about money (they have plenty) but about control-freakery being”shot” from every angle by a thousand “archers” against every freedom they despise. They are relentless & keep coming up with new ideas/ways to attack/control.

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  3. Of course I haven’t read all the fine print on the contracts, but I wonder if the credit card companies have the legal right to decide what you can buy? They probably have some generalized legal clause that gives them the “right” to do this.

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    • If the credit card companies don’t currently have the “legal” right, they soon will. You can take that to the bank….ahahahahahahaha. Because, as we all should know by now, ANYTHING can be made “legal”. So, shut up and sit down, peon.

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  4. CASH is KING, baby. Or barter. Either way, this is a contract between private individuals. And this is a teaching moment for the young ones among us, as well as a reminder to those who should know better. You DO remember a little something called PRIVACY, don’t you?

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    • Yeah, I agree, I’m just pointing out that they have certainly tipped their hole card. They want zero cash. Cash is hard to control. Look what they’re doing here.

      This is one of Obongo’s tricks. He has them buy all the ammo. This is the same thing. They haven’t been able to straight up outlaw guns, so they’ll just make them impossible to purchase.

      It is a “left”-handed (ha, ha) operation. Under the table, don’t ya’ know. Dishonest.

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    • We remember privacy, our kids/grandkids have no idea, especially since they volunteer private info too easily.

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  5. Just a dumb idea… if not “un-Constitutional”, on both 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights. I’d hope that all true Americans would boycott and divest from the Intuit products. Hope they can make their business off the Left.

    BTW, what have they been doing to prevent criminals and wackos from illegally obtaining guns and other contraband? Do they sell Quicken, TurboTax, Mint, etc. to the mob and other such “bidnesses”?

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  6. Just read also that the “LGBTQ community” attacked Twitter’s CEO for praising Chick-fil-A for the discount he got there by using their web app…

    REALLY? Because Chick-fil-A’s founder had previously publicly announced his support for “traditional marriage”. OMG. Satan forbids our Godly living. Well, God damned Satan and his followers. So I’ll choose Godly living.

    I’m about ready to throw out my good-will/intent tolerance for the progressive morons. It’s almost to the point I’m thinking “knocking a few heads about” might actually have been a good policy… so long as we remain docile, they will continue to demand their way become the way of our entire society.

    These twits are even posting daily not just on facebook pages, but on websites owned and run by major Christian organizations like CBN & EWTN, pushing their devious agenda. As if they were part of the group chatter.

    Makes me sick. I’m fine with “tolerating” the sin while helping the sinner see the error in their way. But when they refuse to tolerate the Godly way, or to allow me to believe in, speak to, and carry it out, then it’s time to step up to the plate. It’s a battle, and it’s on.

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  7. “As a result, the businesses had to scramble to track down customers to get them pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases — even if the T-shirt was already shipped or the class already taken.”
    SO-These gun shops made sales in “good faith” transactions,accepting these cards-IN GOOD FAITH,THEN the payments were cancelled? They need to ALL file suit on this card company for FELONY FRAUD. Get the NRA’s Legal dept. involved. This behavior is BS,and is OBVIOUSLY illegal. Imagine if you went to the store and bought $200.00 worth of groceries on their card,got home and was called the next day by the Store Manager,saying,”The Card you paid with was fine when we completed your transaction,but is NOW declined. You’ll have to bring back all the food you bought.” They couldn’t do that. Once the item is paid for and leaves the store,the card company is obligated to honor the debt. If they don’t want to honor the purchase the needed to stop it AT THE REGISTER.

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    • truck . . . . Bravo! Your comment is the epitome of “common sense.” I am wondering if the various “sellers” could appear to the State Attorney General for the state the sale originated in? This clearly is fraudulent on the part of Intuit. Would Intuit reverse a charge for purchasing Porno movies, or a charge for talking dirty to some woman on the phone? I rather think not.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    If I had one of those cards I would cancel it. They have a business model and should accommodate everyone and not get involved in politics.



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  9. This is nothing less than OUTRAGEOUS!

    I’d never heard of Intuit, so I looked them up. From Wikipedia:

    “Intuit Inc. is a business and financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California…. Intuit produces TurboTax, a consumer tax preparation application, the small business accounting program QuickBooks, professional tax solutions ProSeries and Lacerte, and multiple payroll products…. In 2007, Intuit lobbied to make sure taxpayers cannot electronically file their tax returns directly to the IRS by negotiating a deal preventing the IRS from setting up its own Web portal for e-filing…. In 2018, several businesses were suddenly — and without warning — disrupted when Intuit stopped processing credit card payments because sales were gun-related. Some of the payments stopped didn’t even involve firearms, but T-shirts, coffee mugs and gun safety classes.”

    Boycott Intuit! Boycott TurboTax! Boycott QuickBooks!

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    • Somebody should set up a homeless encampment outside their offices.

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    • ABSOLUTELY BOYCOTT! And as I said,all the gun shops who have been wronged by intuit’s business practices needs to SUE THEIR ASSES OFF.

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    • I knew Intuit dealt with tax work, but one look at where their HQ is tells anyone all they need to know about their corporate culture.

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    • Don’t forget “Mint”, their “free” online money-management app — for those who are comfortable with giving a total stranger somewhere on the web all their financial data, credit card numbers, personal data, etc., because they’re too lazy to balance their own checkbook or make & keep a budget. It blows my mind. Yet I read/hear money managers telling folks what a great idea it is.

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  10. Since all these “Protesters” are only protesting because they’re PAID to,maybe it’s worth paying them MORE to get them to protest the Liberals-borrow a page from the Liberals’ playbook……

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  11. Does that mean I can refuse to accept thier card as a form of payment from my customers? Who wants to take the risk with a company who makes up thier own rules?

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  12. There are many “anti-gun” money changers. Intuit is just the latest to rear their ugly head. BoA, Wells Fargo, PayPal…… I am sure there are others, but these are at the top of my list. A few years ago, someone tried to start up “GunPal” or some such, but the banking industry fooked them royally. Before my horrifying canoe upset (where ALL of my firearms went to the bottom of the Indian Ocean), I used to find interesting deals from across the country, that were only possible (as with this communication) due to the internet. Sure, there was “Shotgun News” and a few other National rags but it was more expensive to advertise there and usually it was businesses and not individuals. At any rate a firearm embracing bank would make a fortune.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  13. It has become a simple case of…us vs. them.
    I have most of what I need….short of a leader.
    I patiently await.

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  14. Corporate America is shooting at American gun owners, bypassing the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

    This is another example below showing the effects of jewry networking along with their Freemasons, conducted in secrecy from inside the background of corporate America, and influencing all those behind Corporate boards in order to evade the constitutional protections which are intended to apply to all Americans.

    Those constitutional provisions it is claimed are to be “legally bypassed” for Corporations, although those do apply to America’s government. Of course, the constitution should apply, and it does apply if the constitution were interpreted properly. Big business and corporations certainly are incestuously entwined throughout government and that much is clear. Corporations have much mtore evil influence than religion was ever impliedly done inside America. Corporations now own our American government, and most of them are controlled by those hidden networks, who now seek to impose globalist control.

    “Credit service Intuit shuts down payments on all gun purchases”
    “Judge Andrew Napolitano on Tuesday told FOX Business that credit card processor Intuit is within its rights to shut down payments on gun purchases.

    A number of businesses were recently interrupted, without warning, after the maker of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax, refused to process orders of gun-related sales, according to the New York Post.”

    “Did you know that many corporations will match donors’ gifts to the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County? Please note that the companies will match payments, not pledges. Some companies will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees. Most match contributions dollar-for-dollar, but some will even double or triple the amount of the gift!”

    Also at:

    “Jewish Federation of Jacksonville – Matching Corporate Gifts”

    “Jewish Federation of the East Bay:”
    And, others.

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  15. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Business 101 – do not annoy your customers. They tend to go elsewhere. You are not the only game in town. Revenue is an important part of business.

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  16. I’m not sure, but doesn’t this abuse the contract between customer and card company? As long as the customer is in good standing, they are obligated to pay their bill. Seems like a breach of contract to me.

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    • I’m sure you’re right. The business agrees to accept the card and the backer of the card agrees to pay the bill. But, in this case, they didn’t. It’s grounds for a lawsuit. Of course, there may be some “fine print” in their agreement that I’m not aware of.

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  17. Just another tactic in the war on self defense. Boycott and tell everyone you know to boycott. We used to think boycott would be the thing but it’s obvious that money is not the object, so boycott still works if you can get the message out to enough people who will boycott till the bottom line is dead.
    We need to be ready and keep a watchful eye on these traitors. if they can’t pass it in the front door they will pick the back door and slide in under our noses.

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  18. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY and commented:

    Intuit, the parent of TurboTax and Quicken software

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