The dark side of Anthony Bourdain

Last Friday, June 8, 2018, we were told that Trump-hater celebrity-chef Anthony Bourdain, 61, host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown,” had died that morning in a French hotel of suicide. Bourdain allegedly hanged himself using the belt of his bathrobe.

Last September, Bourdain said he would give Trump poison if given the chance. In November, he said it’s great that in 70 years there won’t be any more white people, notwithstanding the fact that he himself was white, although many Jews curiously believe themselves to be a separate race, instead of “white”.

Some expressed sympathy for Bourdain, citing Alex Jones that Bourdain had recently “seen the light.” Others hint darkly that Bourdain might have been “Arkancided”. They point to Bourdain having joined his actress girlfriend Asia Argento in the #MeToo movement against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and, in so doing, allegedly triggered the ire of Hillary Clinton and her followers.

Last October 11, he tweeted that surely Hillary would have known of Weinstein’s sexual crimes. To which a Hillary representative replied, telling Bourdain to go “eat a scorpion.” That prompted Bourdain to tweet this on May 2, 2018 (source: TruePundit):

“…and I am in no way an HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton] fan. I’ve been on the receiving end of her operatives’ wrath. And it ain’t fun.”

Those who know him, however, say Bourdain was depressed. According to TMZ, Bourdain had been dumped by his girlfriend Asia Argento just days before the suicide:

Anthony was shooting his show in France this week — he’d been there for at least 4 days. However, Asia was back in Rome, strolling around with a French reporter named Hugo Clément. There were photos of them holding hands and hugging, but the Italian photographer who shot the pics pulled them off the market on the heels of Anthony’s death. It’s unclear if Anthony and Asia had broken up. If they did, there was no public announcement. Their last public appearance together was at an event was back in April in NYC.

Whatever that was on Bourdain’s mind, photos he’d posted to Instagram show a disturbing obsession with the macabre:

A pic (date unknown) of his best friend, French chef Eric Ripert, looking menacing in a blood-stained chef’s jacket. Ripert had found Bourdain’s body in the bathroom of Bourdain’s room in a hotel in France:

On February 16, 2014, a photo of bowls of raw blood soup:

On December 25, 2015, a pic of a Medieval skull-drilling gadget, which he called a “great gift”:

On February 14, 2016, a hand holding a human heart, drenched in blood. The pic was “liked” by 22,491 people:

On February 14, 2017, a blood-stained knife next to an excised heart:

On March 11, 2017, a pic of his girlfriend Asia Argento and a young girl in red shoes. According to free-lance investigative journalist Liz Crokin, red shoes signify pedophiles because the Illuminati uses The Wizard of Oz movie, in which Dorothy wore red shoes, to brainwash child sex slaves.

On June 3, 2017, a pic of his girlfriend drenched in blood, her mouth blood-smeared (from cannibalism?):

Pics of Argento making Illuminati hand-signs:

On July 15, 2017, a pic of himself and another man posing with a bottle of a baby preserved in formaldehyde:

On July 21, 2017, a painting of trepanning. Trepanning is the drilling of a hole into the human skull to treat intracranial diseases or to release pressure from blood build up. Perversely, trepanning is making a return as a cultural fad, like ingesting Tide pods:

See also:

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52 responses to “The dark side of Anthony Bourdain

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    One sick puppy! I call this “going over the edge.”



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  2. I think the red shoes photo is Asia’s young daughter in 2006 (she is a teenager now), not Ariane Bourdain who was born in 2007. There is a Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale called The Red Shoes, it’s a dark tale actually. It’s also the name of a ballet, but the story is a little different.

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  3. traildustfotm

    As I said, I am heartbroken over Bourdain’s death. But I also realise how ridiculous that is. I am reminded of some female Christian friends who said they really like Madonna. It seems we identify with contemporaries on some level, but are non-critical about their extreme failings. So Bourdain is dead; there is no coming back. I won’t miss his politics. What you remind us of is quite damning. Thank you for the reminder, Dr. Eowyn.

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  4. Who among us hasn’t ourselves or close family members or friends indulged in these practices? No one I know of.

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  5. Today’s theme – suicide. more mental illness. One more down with the rest of them to go.

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  6. On his instagram a year ago, look at this horrifying birthday cake for his 10 year old daughter.

    Zombie Birthday Cake #10YearsOld #HappyBirthdayAriane

    A post shared by anthonybourdain (@anthonybourdain) on

    He did have a dark side.
    I’ve been going back and forth about his suicide. In many ways, it seems out of character. I don’t think he would have killed himself while filming the show, because he was devoted to his TV work. But, really who knows? I honestly did like parts of his travels shows and some of his books.
    He’s admitted having depression when he wasn’t on the job and feeling suicidal earlier in his life. Having the daughter seemed to have changed him, but perhaps not. Wanting to kill yourself when you are poor, lonely drug addict with no family or loved ones is totally different than being suicidal at the top of his game. He had friends, success, family, and was living his dream. He was basically allowed to do his show any way he wanted, which is very unique for television of any kind. He was paid to host a show, travel and eat; what a nice way to pay the bills. There are more depressing occupations.

    The bathrobe belt is also another big question mark. I would have thought drugs or a gun to the head was much more his style (he once said that heroin would be his choice to end it).

    He loved shooting guns, on TV and off. The guns are another part of him that made his fellow liberals hate him with a passion. I don’t know if bathrobe belt would have been the method he would have chosen, but it was readily available, so who knows.

    Or maybe he did kill himself… I always thought Bourdain was flirting with death, he would often say on his show “This would be a great last meal. If I died now, I would be happy.” and frequently asking the “last meal” question to other chefs, as a type of game. Some of his dinner guests on the show actually told him that they “want many last meals” and “don’t be too invested in that idea.”

    He was interested in those hole in the head drilling kits called Trepanning, and actually joked that it was a cure for demonic possession.
    The covered in blood stuff is rather disgusting, if you are not a butcher or a surgeon, it is a natural reaction to be alarmed and upset at that sight.

    The occult girlfriend is another issue too. Look at her covered in blood. Can’t believe she would have her kids help her “secret hand signs” social media post. She is bad news. I’m not even sure that a broken heart would have driven him to taking his own life, but how can anyone really know- he didn’t leave a note, right?
    By the way, Asia was his crush for years, he even said it on his shows once or twice, way before he met her. I wrote a comment about Asia’s family and her father’s films on the other thread, it’s very applicable here & copied below. Just because they were against Weinstein, doesn’t make them good.

    Asia the daughter of film director Dario Argento and actress Daria Nicolodi. Dario’s movies are extremely violent horror films. Daria was an actress whose character is usually violently killed in her husbands movies. Mom Daria also wrote the film Suspiria (it is very occult) for her husband, now ex husband. These are demonic movies, trust me. Dario’s earlier movies are all about a killer with the black gloves “giallo” type movies, the later ones have witchcraft and occult story lines. Asia recently accused Weinstein of raping her at Cannes two decades ago. Of course, Asia has been naked in her father’s films since she was a very young teenager. She was raped in her father’s movies too, go figure. When you’re in the business of getting naked and pretending to be raped for your father, umm that could be awkward for us normal folks. These people have no real moral values and don’t know when they are crossing the line. Argento movies have the most complicated and graphic death scenes, sometimes by hanging.

    An image from a famous Argento movie Suspiria:

    They are all part of the death cult. Ever have the desire to cover yourself in blood? Me neither. Are you interested having kits for drilling holes in a person’s skull? Me neither. Suicide or not, that lifestyle killed him.

    Or perhaps he sold his soul for success and the devil came to collect…

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  7. I cried Exactly One Tear over the loss of this “self-deranged” creature..!!

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  8. Just confirms he had mental issues.

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    • Just shows his commitment to the death cult.

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    • DCG . . . . Any father who would give his 10 year old daughter a birthday cake such as that pictured is mentally ill. There can be no question about it. Yes, it is sad, but I will reserve my sympathy for the poor daughter. What a horrible thing for a parent to do to their child.

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  9. Progressives…

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  10. Don’t fret, Mr. Bourdain, the world will carry on without you.

    This man opened up portals to the demonic, it seems to me. I sure won’t miss him. And thanks for posting this, because I had no idea of the depth of his depravity.

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  11. Have You Noticed how the Leftist Media are working up the Public into a “fever-pitch” with publicity to get “Public Sympathy” & to “Idealize” this pervert who was hiding behind the façade of “Fake Normalcy..”

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  12. sixlittlerabbits

    Anthony Bourdain was disgusting and SICK. Suicide was the logical conclusion of his warped life.

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  13. Why would he get 17K “likes” for a picture of trepanning? I can’t imagine the fascination with something like that. In the context of his post it doesn’t even make sense.

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    • Well, “normies” CAN’T imagine the fascination. That’s the whole point. That’s what separates us from psychopaths. And HOW is it that we are separated from the psychos. Not all will agree with me, but those who’ve been baptized in Christ and have PUT ON CHRIST have a better shot at getting through this life with fewer dings on the body armor than those who haven’t.
      Remember that insipid Lennon lyric, “Give peace a chance”? What “peace”?
      There is NO PEACE without the PRINCE OF PEACE. So, give JESUS CHRIST a chance.

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  14. Depression or suppression? Maybe aggression followed by regression. Live in darkness, die in darkness?

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  16. This may go quite a way in explaining this “suicide”. It could also account for the other “hanging” a couple of weeks ago. Door knobs are popular with this crowd:

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    • Don’t forget, most of these losers are perverts. “Auto-asphyxiation” makes better sense to me. It is very common to list them as “suicides” to avoid embarrassment.

      He probably got drunk, got carried away, passed out and…….(cough!), suicide.

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  17. “Dutch Queen’s Sister Found Dead, was Linked to Rothschild, UN Research, Argentina Youth Program”

    June 5th 2018 kate spade death by hanging
    June 7th 2018 ines zorreguieta death by hanging
    June 8th 2018 bourdain death by hanging
    apparently, all 3 had been suffering from “depression”

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  18. Hell it’s just as depressing to see the pics above, blood all over, seems they are fascinated with gory stuff. Not very nice.

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  19. Comrade Obama

    One sick puppy and there are many more out there. Its what happens when you make money your god.

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    • . . . and you don’t have the Light of Christ in your life.

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      • I just got finished reading a book by Steven LaChance about his battling with demons, and he admitted being angry at God for taking away his sister and the (probable) demonic possession of his wife who left him and his children. So, he stopped going to church (though he let his parents take his kids to church) and stopped believing in God. Like in the New Testament, there were many who were possessed by ‘unclean spirits’ (devils) who did not have the protection of God and this is happening a lot today because they do not believe in God/Christ. Any time spirits are bothering my kids, I tell them to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to cover them and protect them from bad spirits and He does.
        I was reading “The Cost; my Life on a Terrorist Hit List”, the author was born muslim. As a child, he became possessed by a “Djinn” (devil), and his mother had to call his aunt (who was muslim but converted to Christianity and left the country for England) and she was somehow able to get rid of the demon.

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  20. Dr. E, a long time ago there was a TV show called Beyond Bizzare. I remembered watching the episode about trepanation after reading this post…. if memory serves, in many cases it was performed to release evil spirits/demons and/or reserved for recalcitrant cases of schizophrenia or psychosis….. there was a clip on that episode of a young woman filming herself in a mirror. She had a shaved head and proceeded to drill a hole in her skull. Very haunting…..

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    • To me, these people in their death cult seem to be in competition with each other to see who can be the most deviant. I suppose that fits with the idea of Satanism being the “opposite” of Christianity.

      They all seem to have so much fun with it until they die. They urge each other on. I think this is truly pathetic. All they have to do is dangle something “shiny” at them and they’re lost forever.

      Then they make celebrities out of them and they acquire legions of idiots trying to emulate them. It’s all rather obvious.

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    • Sick! To think trepanation is being revived as a fad.

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    Die dunkle Seite von Anthony Bourdain

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  23. Since I often surf with images off, I didn’t see the visuals, but the descriptions are clear enough! Good grief. I don’t get the “attraction” those people, like Bourdain, had to all the gore.

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    • My guess is that many of them were raised with it and saw it in infancy.

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      • Some are (intergenerational abuse), and some are kidnapped and then used or stuck in this horrific reality. Read “The Franklin Cover up” by John DeCamp, but be warned, there is a lot of really sick details in there, if you are depressed you may want to wait till you are not before reading it. There are also other books, “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor and “Trance formation of America”.

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    • Funny how he was so popular with the MSM, yet they didn’t really mention his penchant for human sacrifice, demon worship and pedophilia.

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  24. So the Turd is dead – good riddance

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  25. Many times devil worshippers or those who are possessed by evil spirits commit suicide. If he wasn’t one of them, I’d be REAL surprised! After seeing all those sick photos he must have been one. The whole red shoes thing too, ghastly what it stands for.
    Those who turn their backs on God are prime real estate for demons to move into. I just feel so terrible for the children who fall into their clutches!

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