Infuriating: Will Witt asks clueless idiots, “Who is the current vice president?”


15 responses to “Infuriating: Will Witt asks clueless idiots, “Who is the current vice president?”

  1. And they vote…….

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  2. And we are to accede to their “wisdom” on gun control gutting the Second Amendment . . . .

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  3. Unbelievable!

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  4. traildustfotm

    And these drooling, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging morons vote!

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  5. Products of our popular culture, media, education programs, and chemicals. To be replaced by AI robots either not seeking the vote or voting as programmed.

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  6. Obviously, we are breeding a generation of absolute imbeciles.

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  7. Notice how outwardly Joyous & HAPPY they are in their Ignorance.. When they can loudly Laugh at, & dismiss their own “Ignorance” – then one has to re-label them as profoundly & maybe permanently – “Stupid.”

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  8. Wouldn’t you know? These are the tickets the left needs to be a winner,

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  9. I’m thinking maybe we ought to start deporting folks like this… they obviously lower the quality and intellect of our nation. Turn in your citizenship, folks… now go away.

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  10. Stephen T. McCarthy

    One guy says, “Ah, crap, I should know this.”

    Yes, you SHOULD! So, why don’t you? We know why.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  11. When I taught high school I used to give the Immigration, naturalization test for my final exam. Yes, it was very interesting to see their faces.

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    • So how’d your students do on it? Was it in an immigrant-rich area, or just seeing how they’d do as typical American students (as my teachers did)?


      • No, it was not an immigrant rich area. The Jrotc students I taught normally did well. However, when I challenged the civics and history teachers, their students failed at about 80% failure rate. This really pissed off a bunch of staff and administrators.

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    • When I have a section of US History as part of my assignment in middle school, I give the test, too. My English as a Second Language kids (claimed to have been born here, thus, US Citizens…but who knows?—the guy who mows my lawn finally told us after 20 yrs he was NOT born here, but brought by his parents aged 2…..yet, no one questioned ever his claim to US Citizenship from being “born here”—must have had some sort of fake paperwork????) would do fairly well….maybe 50% or better would pass…& when I asked them about the test scores….to a kid they’d reply that they’d helped/coached their resident-alien parents for the test. My “native” USA kids would usually fail miserably….down in the teens passed (consistent w/percentage nationwide w/US citizen/public school student knowledge of their own country’s geography/ founding /history /laws /government.) Of course, I felt badly as their teacher about these scores—-ESP. since I’d more or less “teach to the test” for a few weeks prior–but, made me realize that, when there is something of value to them at stake—something kids or parents WANT/NEED, they’ll pay attention/participate in active citizenship. (WOW! Go figure—if everything is “FREE” then, there is no investment, no value….just expected entitlement). When history/citizenship is spoon-fed, not really valued (only English and Math are tested in our US schools to determine “effectiveness” of the school systems)…..they can “blow it off” without consequence. In my school district, for instance, when kids are put into the “remedial” classes to prove that we are offering “interventions” for their failed grades/education…….they have double periods per day of math and English, NO science, NO history…..this can happen in 7th and 8th grade…..and, if they still fail….they go into an “8th-1/2 grade opportunity school” instead of high school….and they STILL don’t have science or history…..just a continuation of the double math, double English. So—IMO….they “get to fail”” twice a day each instead of once a day each….for THREE years in a row……which usually happens. MEANWHILE they are not learning anything of value toward the practice of good citizenship….and certainly NO SKILLS that will help them become an employed tax-paying citizen. NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO OR NEEDS TO GO TO COLLEGE!!!! WE NEED trade schools like CRAZY in this country. Pretty soon…..there will be no one to fix my car or electrical wiring or etc…….but there WILL be a whole lot of unemployed kids who flunked Algebra—many times—- as their major sin leading up to young adulthood. AND, they STILL won’t know where Washington, D.C. is, either.

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