Honduran father kills himself in jail while awaiting deportation after he entered US illegally

illegal marco antonio munoz

Illegal alien Marco Antonio Munoz made the separation from his family a permanent one

From Daily Mail: A Honduran father who was heartbroken after being separated from his wife and child at the US border killed himself while in custody last month.

Marco Antonio Muñoz, 39, was found dead on the floor of his Star County, Texas jail cell on May 13, lying in a small pool of his own blood with an article of clothing tied around his neck.

Texas authorities believe that Muñoz suffered a breakdown when he was separated from his family after entering the US illegally through the Rio Grande, according to a Star County Sheriff’s report obtained by The Washington Post

The incident occurred shortly after the Trump administration instituted a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on illegal immigration, which seeks to prosecute individuals arrested for unlawful entry into the US.

‘If you cross the border unlawfully, then we will prosecute you. It’s that simple,’ US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told reporters on May 8 while announcing the new White House initiative.

‘We don’t want to separate families, but we don’t want families to come to the border illegally and attempt to enter into this country improperly,’ Sessions added.

Nearly one of every four Border Patrol arrests on the Mexican border from October through April was someone who came in a family, meaning any large increase in prosecutions is likely to cause parents to be separated from their children while they face charges and do time in jail.

So far, the policy (should say lawbreakers) has separated more than 1,800 families, according to The New York Daily News

A Border Patrol source who spoke to the Post said Muñoz had crossed into the US on May 12 with his wife and three-year-old son. They were apprehended shortly after their arrival in the small border town of Granjeno, Texas, which serves as a common crossing point for immigrants.

After being transferred to a detention facility, the Post reports that Muñoz attempted to apply for asylum.   

Border agents said Muñoz ‘lost it’ after they informed him they would be separating him from his family, at one point law enforcement resorting to ‘physical force to take the child out of his hands.’ 

The report stated that while Muñoz had not attempted to hurt any of the Border Agents, he was described as being in a ‘preassault’ state because he was so agitated. As one agent told the Post, he ‘had the look of a guy at a bar who wanted to fight someone.’

Muñoz remained combative for most of the evening, attempting to escape at one point during his detention. ‘He yelled and kicked at the windows on the ride to the jail,’ the agent added.

Muñoz was booked into the Star County Jail at 9.40pm and placed in a padded cell, with guards checking on him every 30 minutes.

At around 9.50am the next day, a guard discovered Muñoz unresponsive on the floor of his cell without a pulse. The guard ‘noticed a small pool of blood by his nose,’ and ‘a piece of clothing twisted around his neck which was tied to the drainage location in the center of the cell,’ the Post reported.

Muñoz’s wife and son were later released from custody, according to the Post. It remains unclear if the family was allowed to claim his remains.

The Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the border patrol, says they are working on new programs to help explain the separation process to the American people and individuals affected by the policy.


32 responses to “Honduran father kills himself in jail while awaiting deportation after he entered US illegally

  1. So Munoz killed himself because he was temporarily separated from his wife and kid, all of whom committed a criminal act by entering the US illegally? Bit extreme, isn’t it?

    Now he’ll be used by the Left as their poster-lunatic for their pro-illegal pro-sanctuary cause.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . You are right on the money in that assessment of this situation. Well, you must admit, now the government is so scared, they released this guy’s wife.

      Why in Heaven’s name do foreigner’s come here expecting that they can break our laws without any pushback?

      As inhumane as it may seem, I am for separating the adults who should be charged with felonies from any children they may bring with them . . . or give them the choice: 1) you turn around and go back to your own country voluntarily OR 2) you go ahead and enter the US, wherein you will be separated from any children your bring with you, and we will go ahead and prosecute you in compliance with the laws of our land regarding those who wish to illegally enter the country–if found guilty, you will be serving a prison term here in the USA. At that time, you can designate a person back in your country who can assume guardianship of the minor children you attempted to enter our country with.

      Just as the O’Bummer Presidency had ads printed in Mexican, and Southern American countries touting all the freebies they could get by coming here illegally–ads should be run of the fact that children will be separated from adults who are accompanying them in attempting to come into this country illegally, so that the parent’s can be jailed, and prosecuted for illegal entry, and any prison terms associated with that act.

      Yes, I know, the bleeding hearts don’t want any “arrests” to be made–they want these folks to be issued a ticket, with the promise that they will appear before an immigration judge at some future appointed date.

      I se no reason why there cannot be “Immigration Courts” that virtually run three shifts: 6am to 12PM, 12:01 PM to 6 PM, and 6:01 PM to 12:00am. There should be a swift turnaround of these lawbreakers, instead, what we currently have, where immigration cases languish in the courts for years. If we have the laws on the books–then that should be that. No “ifs” “and” or “buts.”

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    • Exactly Dr. E. The left will run around with their hair on fire over this (or set a building or a conservative’s hair on fire), and not even think about the absurdity of using this as an example of the big bad Trump “policy.” For one: the LAW before Trump says that you don’t jail a child when the parent is jailed; and, 2: if any of us, legal or illegal, commited ANYTHING against state, local, or Federal laws in this country and were arrested for it and taken to jail……..NO WHERE, NO WAY would they pack up our minor kids with us and take them to jail to share a cell. AND, furthermore, if they, upon your/my arrest, had no proven relative to take immediate custody of them, they would be held by the state in protective services until such time as an adult (I suppose in this case, the mother) was free to assume that responsibility. But this will all go over the heads of the Trump-haters/sanctuary-lovers.

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    • I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that Señor Munoz got a little mouthy with the police and subsequently “injured himself” terminally. Thus, “suicide”.

      I find it fascinating that these leftists seem to think that laws are terribly important when they support them but beyond the pale when they don’t. Of course they invented situational ethics.

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  2. traildustfotm

    Yup, this very real tragedy will likely be seized upon by the open borders crowd as their next talking point.

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  3. Sad story, but you have to be crazy to try to get away with crossing the border illegally, and crazy just does crazy stuff. Sad the kid lost his father. And yes, get ready for the sanctuary nuts to make this guy the face of the new pro-illegals march. What’s the hashtag going to be? #protectMyRight2BreakTheLaw?

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  4. This problem at the border would not happen if we would have enforced our border laws from times past. Make a law forbidding anchor babies! If this enforcing of our border laws and stopping anchor baby garbage, we would not have any illegal problems at all.

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    • weezy . . . . You are absolutely brilliant. I agree100%, if we had forced foreigners to obey our laws from the get-go, we would not have to put the money or effort into securing our borders now. These illegals wanting to come here have seem that at least once, back in Regan’s Presidency, EVERYONE was given amnesty; then more recently O’Bummer instituted the illegal “DACA” mandate . . . these folks are just chomping at the bit, to get here to cash in on all the freebies waiting for them . . . free housing, free medical, food stamps, free schooling, and in the majority of cases we are pulling in those who have absolutely nothing to add to our culture or society.

      For instance, just look at the “pizza delivery” father who was just arrested by ICE. Since when was “delivering pizza” a family wage job? I suppose in his instance, he has no other skills . . . yet the American people are supposed to open their hearts, and “wallets” for this man.

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  5. sounds like he was already mentally ill. formerly one of the reasons people were denied entry to the US. Also, the POTUS has the power to say who can enter and who cannot.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . Very perceptive comment. Do you realize that if he had gained citizenship, and he could prove to Social Security Disability that he suffered from mental illness–he would be set up for the rest of his life with disability benefits (that is up until that fund runs dry, in not too many years.)

      I am all in favor of stopping the immigration of the poorest of the poor. those who have NO job skills, other than manual labor, and those whose mental IQ hovers far below the medial range of other citizens of this country. We do not need more indigents to feed, or care for–we can look around our own neighborhoods and find plenty of people who need a helping hand.

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  6. Okay, this might be a stretch but might this unstable dude just have chosen this woman and child to be his “family” to get into the country at all? I do not know how this all works but the “separation” seems unnecessary just send all THREE back together. QUICKLY!

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    • Christy . . . . Because we do have laws in place wherein we will take in some who can prove they need asylum, the government puts them through the process. First off, adults attempting to enter are charged with that as a crime. If all we did was turn folks away at the border, there would be little deterrent. The same folks would attempt to enter time and time again. There will be some deterrent when the folks out thee see that those who break our laws by trying to enter illegally get prosecuted and get a jail sentence.

      All monies that are spent housing, sending these folks to court, and imprisoning them be taken out of any funds that would have been given as “foreign aid” to their respective countries. This might help their own governments to oppose their citizens from encouraging people to illegally immigrate to the USA.

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      • This morning I heard on the news that AG Sessions said US will tighten the criteria for political asylum. Long overdue.

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        • Did he immediately go back to sleep?

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        • Dr Eowyn . . . I just read the news blurb on tightening the criteria for political asylum. They will no longer view “domestic violence,” or “attempting to get away with gang violence” as reasons why we would grant asylum. All these single woman and their children that have already been let into the country for these very reasons become the “wives and children of Uncle Sam.” where the US taxpayer will be expected to take care of these single parent families.

          They further stated that the US cannot solve all the problems of the people of other nations, no matter how grievous the situation may be.

          I think there are probably a good number of the children in these single parent homes who get enticed into running with the gangs already here in this country, and then it is you and I who must live in fear.

          Truly, the USA just cannot solve the problems of all nations, they need to get the gumption to overcome their countries problems in their own country.

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          • Thank you, Auntie Lulu, for the details. Domestic violence has nothing to do with politics or political oppression, and should never be a qualifying condition for granting political asylum.

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        • Dr Eowyn . . . That is extremely good news. There is no Earthly way we can take in each and every person who has a gripe about their own country. It is just not possible. I am very glad that they are tightening the criteria for political asylum.

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      • If they arrive and claim that they are “refugees” and wish “asylum”, you are correct that there is an established process for that. They are (or should be) held until their case can be heard.

        If the basis of their request is due to some action by Mexico, there should at a minimum be diplomatic traffic between the US and Mexico about the issue. We should not be trading with nations that have no respect for human rights, for example.

        What I see is that there is nothing done to Mexico. There doesn’t appear to be any pressure of any kind put on them to reform and care for their citizens. Their “fix” is to assist them to cross our border illegally. We should be exacting a price from Mexico for this insult.

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        • lophatt . . . . I wonder just how much in foreign aid Mexico is currently getting from the USA? With all the horrible problems we are having with detaining folks, the amount should be down around Z-E-R-0.

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  7. If he doubted ever seeing his family again he completely ended all doubt.
    His call—-

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  8. The “Left” believes so strongly in “Darwinism” until it actually happens.. Let it GO u Leftists, – Admit it, You Leftist were Only interested in his Vote.. Take conniving heart though, – Thousands More of your Illegal Votes are still waiting “South of the Border.”

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  9. Facepalm…

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  10. Frankly, how would you feel if this joker were your husband, or your father? To have pulled this stunt on his wife and child . . . .I can only conclude that he was a POS.

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  11. This case strikes me as murder. I doubt this man killed himself. Why go to the great lengths to get to the US & fight to hold onto your child and wife to then kill yourself? This appears to be a lie by the ptb – they killed him in my opinion.


  12. Mist'ears Mom

    Seriously why would we “kill” him unless it (ptb) was the radical rabid left and they did it to further their cause & agenda. What a poster child…
    But I really don’t think so-this guy was either mental or very devious and knew what would happen after…
    BC now I am sure the loony lib attorneys are flocking to the wife for a wrongful death suit against Texas, the Feds and whoever else they can shake down for millions. She just won the ghetto lottery-no doubt she will be here for the rest of her life supported by what she can get from a lawsuit &/or the taxpayer.
    IMO, the wife and kid should be sent back. But she won’t cause we all must feel extremely sorry and remorseful for causing this to happen-and of course pay-up…cha-ching$
    While this is a sad situation, I am sorry there should be no reason we are responsible for the irresponsibility of these people trying to break into our country with their children.
    Immigration law already says they have to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in…those from So. America should be staying in Mexico-but they don’t bc Mexico doesn’t have the freebies we do.
    It’s common sense-they are economic refugees conning the system (which is easy) by lying, telling us they are escaping fear of “fill in the blank”.
    The 2 are drastically different-asylum is the E ticket into the US, and they know this, everyone trying to get here knows this. All the lib lawyers & open borders folks know this.
    I agree that we need to get the word out – don’t come here with your family, it will not turn out well for you or them. It will be separation, jail and /or refugee camps until you are sent back. Drop leaflets from planes, blanket these people with US policy. We are enforcing the law!
    They come bc they are told it will be the land of milk and honey, they are being lied to by the idiots on the left-they deserve to be told the truth before they leave their homes.

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  13. Mist’ears Mom . . . . Bravo! Excellent comments. I agree, send the Mother and child back . . . soon enough the word will spread among their peoples that it isn’t going to be free ride once to hit the US border.

    For all we know, he may have committed suicide as some kind of scheme to defraud the US government out of “sympathy monies.” Sorry, I don’t feel any sympathy.

    Just like I don’t feel any pity for the boatload of “asylum seekers” who were stranded trying to get into Italy or some other country very close to there. In the picture of these “refugees,” there was an entire boatload of young African men. Finally, Spain stepped in and said they would take them, according to the Socialist leader of Spain. What could go wrong with an entire boatload of “young men with no accompanying women.” What I saw was a “rape crew” in the making.

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  14. Why do I get the feeling his agitated state of mind, etc., made him easy pickings for a ‘suicide’? WHY would someone come all this way, with wife and kid in tow and then kill himself–before knowing the outcome of anything—and leaving his wife and child alone. Unless, of course, he thought that his suicide would make it easier for the wife and child to remain in this country..? However, suicide is not quite as easy as the JMSM would want us to believe.


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