Actress Jodie Foster is much more comfortable with robots having guns as opposed to “emotional” human beings

jodie foster

Jodie Foster stars in a new movie, Hotel Artemis, which opened June 8. Time for her to make the promotional rounds and say stupid things.

About the movie, from Rotten Tomatoes:

“Set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles, HOTEL ARTEMIS is an original, high-octane action-thriller starring Jodie Foster as The Nurse, who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. Jodie Foster is joined by an all-star cast that includes Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, and Dave Bautista.”

The critics consensus:

“Hotel Artemis has a few flashes of wit and an intriguing cast, but mostly it’s just a serviceable chunk of slightly futuristic violence — which might be all its audience is looking for.”

Jodie is all in on gun control yet her movie contains A LOT of gun violence. Shocker, not.

She recently told IndieWire:

“The institution that’s probably made the most change in terms of gun violence is The Brady [Campaign],” she said, referring to the organization named for James Brady, the White House press secretary shot and paralyzed during the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan assassination in 1981. (Notably, the convicted shooter John Hinckley, Jr. later said the shooting was an attempt to get Foster’s attention.)

Isn’t it possible that we all have that bit of insanity in us? That’s why I’m for gun control,” she said at the time. “Absolutely. Hunting, I get that – let’s protect hunting. But I don’t believe that people should have access to life-or-death situations at any emotional time in their life. I don’t really believe that a human being who feels [things] should have the option at their fingertips.

“I had a lot of thoughts in terms of the power of the instrument and why it’s so problematic that human beings should have an instrument of death at their fingertips so freely when we are emotional human beings,” Foster said. “I mean, I’d be much more comfortable having robots have them, but we are designed to have emotions that overflow and that are not guided by our heads … To have sentient beings that are completely and entirely guided by their emotions have the power to administer life or death using one kilowatt of energy in a nanosecond is just unfathomable with me.”

What could possibly go wrong with a robot having a gun? Remember the malfunctioning robot from Robocop? (Warning, the link to the video is very graphic and violent.)

Another Hollyweird movie I won’t be seeing.

h/t Breitbart


34 responses to “Actress Jodie Foster is much more comfortable with robots having guns as opposed to “emotional” human beings

  1. Well there you have it. Who you gonna believe, the Framers or Jody Foster? That’s a tough one. Thomas Jefferson or Harvey Weinstein.

    This must be the purpose of all those years of “reality TV”. Why would anyone care one whit what a Hollywood nitwit thinks about anything? If you are having a moral dilemma do you go to the clerk at Walmart?

    I know, lets ask an alleged high school kid and his little buddy, Poncho. This is just another insult like all those Adam Sandler goy-jerking films. They are having a good time with this. Let’s float an ignorant, totally unlikable moron to “represent” the American goy.

    Anyway, back to Foster. If she doesn’t want a gun she doesn’t have to buy one. What she doesn’t have a right to do is to dictate what everyone else is “allowed” to do. If she had any integrity that’s what she’d be saying. “I don’t like guns but it is everyone’s right to make up their own mind”. See, that would bring her respect. What she’s doing now brings her contempt.

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  2. Who will program the gun-totin’ robots? Her friends in power? Look out, opposition, we see the insanity in those opposed to our President.

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  3. I’ve never seen the appeal of Jodie Foster. Striking features but not particularly attractive nor possessing an impressive acting range.

    She became a Hollywood darling after playing a child prostitute in Scorcese’s ‘Taxi Driver’ – no surprise given the Uber Liberal Hollywood Power Elite’s well known obsession with the whole Lolita meme….

    That being said, we now see the consistent pattern of anti-Constitutional, liberal political views these Hollywood inductees consistently demonstrate.

    The younger they get ‘em, the more obnoxious and prolonged the shilling, it seems.

    And none of these people are honest – or perhaps smart – enough to realize there is an established process to amend or change the U.S. Constitution. Instead, they just keep on promoting the same old tired un-Constitutional gun-grabbing BS.

    Happily, more and more of the public see right through these a-holes with each new day.

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    • I see the Hollywood types as the same thing as the copy readers on what passes for “news”. They are wholly owned and simply recite what their owners direct them to recite.

      I suspect that if an actor was genuine in his or her beliefs and it conflicted with their agenda you wouldn’t know who they were.

      So, we should consider that when we scratch our collective heads in disbelief. Sometimes they may not be stupid, just totally without ethics or moral fiber.

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  4. Jodie Foster is another Hellywood hypocrite who preaches gun-control but makes $multimillions from movies saturated with gun violence. Another actress and movie I won’t be watching.

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  5. It seems rather disingenuous that she can feel it is okay to mandate what other people do relative to purchasing/owning guns . . . but she lives an “alternative lifestyle” . . . . how would she feel about other people mandating who she can love, or not love? I have never thought that she was good looking woman, other than her figure–she does not have the softness and feminity of face that in my eyes is beautiful. Why can’t she just say to herself–“to each his own, and just let it go?” No, because she is a militant Leftist, she must mandate what the rest of us do, so that her feelings are not hurt, and she doesn’t get her bowels in a twist!

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  6. sixlittlerabbits

    What an idiot the now-wrinkled Foster is! DCG’s opening sentences say it all: “Jodie Foster stars in a new movie, Hotel Artemis, which opened June 8. Time for her to make the promotional rounds and say stupid things.”

    ROTFLOL. It’s hard to believe that someone in her mid-fifties can be so stupid and shallow. Some people never grow up!

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  7. Foster is out of her mind to allow robots to have a gun. But she is right about one thing that people have a problem or are going through some emotional turmoil should not have access to a gun…

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    • If you’re referring to a weak-minded Liberal,you’re right,George. But anyone who chooses carry a gun for ANY reason and has ANY training or even AVERAGE common sense knows that using their gun is ALWAYS a LAST RESORT. This is proven out thousands and thousands of times every year,when gun owners trained by NRA or others,as well as other gun owners equipped with enough common sense and logic to survive from day to day, deal with horrible problems,personal tragedies and circumstances successfully WITHOUT so much as presenting their firearms,let alone using them,and those who have the wisdom to recognize the RIGHT time to use a gun to protect themselves and others.

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  8. What was that other robot/foul-up/gun flick? Western World,or something like that….Think about your OTHER electronic devices-your car,your computer,your phone, and the trouble we have with THEM. Do you REALLY feel safer putting THAT in control of a gun??? You DESERVE what you’ll GET.

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  9. “people have a problem or are going through some emotional turmoil should not have access to a gun…”
    or a knife,or a car,or an airplane,or a baseball bat,or…how far would you like us to carry the restrictions? A killer’s gonna kill-if not by shooting,then by some other means.

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    • And just exactly who gets to define “emotional turmoil” and “access?”

      And at what point/how does emotional turmoil get determined? Will everyone have to go to courts to prove their mental fitness?

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      • Yes, exactly. That is the undercurrent of this. “People” are “flawed” and, therefore, inferior to machines. That is the point. This is an extension of “white people are messed up”.

        What’s “messed up” is the fact that they can coerce, bribe, or mind-control these “celebrities” into saying or doing almost anything. They sell out their own relatives and ancestors for a buck or fame.

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      • Exactly. Let us remember that in the old Soviet Union, they used psychiatry and the term mentally ill to imprison anyone who criticized the State.

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  10. Continuing the theme of tv & movies, who on earth would pay to see this garbage?? Why in the world would someone pay to A) see violence B) make others wealthy who peddle this filth and C) not spend their time doing something productive?? This absolute detritus that hollyweird puts out is just trash! Pro-tip: if you wanna be entertained by violence, watch the evening news, go to various sites on the web like Live Leak, or just buy a plain old police scanner…. ppl are so brainwashed it’s just scary….

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  11. Never mind Robocop! How about real-life UBER self-driving cars (robotic) crashing in test states!

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    • Self-driving cars won’t be around much longer, as it is only a matter of time before one goes haywire and mows down a row of school children at a crosswalk.

      The trial lawyers are already having orgasms in anticipation.

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  12. Walter Williams reminds us about some American history.

    “These facts of our history should confront us with a question: With greater accessibility to guns in the past, why wasn’t there the kind of violence we see today, when there is much more restricted access to guns?”

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    • Good link Flanders, and the answer is staring at us right in the face….. More families then, more citizens then, religion/religious values were a part of everyday life, less exposure to violence, no such thing as “ADD/ADHD” everyone wasn’t medicated/self-medicated/doped-up/High/drunk, minimal exposure to pornography, overall higher IQ, ppl were born/raised/died in their particular regions of the country, therefore invested in their neighbors and neighbors’ children, therefore creating positive human capital and high-trust societies…. and probably most importantly, women stayed home and raised their families. This IS NOT a slight towards women—there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING more noble than committing oneself to preparing the future generations for success. It infuriates me no end when I meet a woman, and she meekly states “I’m a stay-at-home mom,” like it’s something to be ashamed of!! BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the most important thing a mother can do! Giving birth, caring for, loving, and guiding your children, OUR children, our future leaders! Sadly, this is not possible anymore for most… not sure I’ve said it on here before, and even if I did, I’ll say it again. A good ol’ country boy told me a long time ago, “The man is the head of the house, the woman is the heart, and the children are the hope.”

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  13. Sad, as Jodie was one of my adolescent crushes. 😦

    LOL-But she couldn’t hold a candle to Susan Dey. 🙂

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  14. Rotten Tomatoes – let’s see:
    ~Since January 2010, Rotten Tomatoes has been owned by Flixster, which was in turn acquired by Warner Bros. in 2011. In February 2016, Rotten Tomatoes and its parent site Flixster were sold to Comcast’s Fandango.[8] Warner Bros. retained a minority stake in the merged entities, including Fandango.[2]~

    “Set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles,…..”
    The good folks at Rotten Tomatoes need to get out more. “Set in riot-torn, present day Los Angeles,…..” is more like it.

    As for Hollywood hypocrite Josie Foster – does she venture anywhere without her private body guard(s)? Not likely.

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  15. It seems to me that Ms. Foster is a robot: The leftist platitudes are all hackneyed thread-bare hokum that no one with any common sense believes any more. Where is the string in her back, and who pulls it?

    Jody Foster = Rosie O’Donnell with a corrupted intellect and the condescending tone that comes with it!

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    • LOL. I wrote Josie Foster. Probably had Rosie on my mind at the same time. Not that I ever watched any of them, but they do pop up in your face every so often when turning on this internet contraption.

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  16. Michael J. Garrison

    Gotta love it. She states, “Is it possible that we all have a bit of mental illness in us?” I dare say, Miss Foster-child, ALL of Hollywood IS mental.
    ANYONE who sells their soul to Satan for fame and fortune (is there anything MORE egotistical?) is undoubtately insane.

    I find it hilarious that Alec Baldwin plays Trump on SNL. I say this because both of these Freemasons have enough ego for 10,000 people. But they have the common sense of a fence post.

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    • Mr. Garrison, she has mental illness, she is abnormal in her ways, comes from the land of “lesbians” Hollywood that is. She is very systematic thus her films are appropriate to her personality, all her films, specially Silence of the Lambs she is supreme; she is very private and shows no emotional attachments, I like her acting, it comes to her very natural, so is no surprise her connection with robots.

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  17. Didn’t she watch “Robocop”? Graphically shows potential for robot error…..

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  18. These cultural Marxist nut jobs can make ya cringe. So glad I stopped paying for AND viewing movies & sports. I just cant stomach any of it anymore. that includes music too.

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  19. I must state the obvious here….. This appears to be a classic case of projection. Ms. Foster is unbalanced and assumes that the rest of us are as well.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  20. traildustfotm

    Brainless people shouldn’t speak their opinions.

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