Political correctness at work: Miss America is ending the swimsuit competition

miss plus america

The new Miss America?

At this point, if Miss America is all about “inclusivity” why not just merge with the Miss Plus America?

But hey guys don’t worry. You can always checkout the swimsuit competition at the “Miss Bumbum” pageant. Oh wait, nevermind.

From Yahoo: Miss America, the yearly pageant that has become famous for its controversial swimsuit competition, has now announced it will be doing away with the bikinis.

On Tuesday morning, Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News anchor and now the organization’s chairwoman, said that Miss America is no longer judging women on their looks. “We are no longer a pageant,” she said. “We are a competition. We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance… It’s going to be what comes out of their mouth that we’re interested in when they talk about their social impact initiatives.

She also said they want the program to be inclusive to women who might have felt shut out of the competition previously. With those efforts in mind, they will be revamping the evening gown portion, allowing women to now wear whatever they want. Instead of the swimsuit portion, the New York Timesreported that contestants will participate in an interactive session “where she will highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use her talents, passion, and ambition to perform the job of Miss America.”

In terms of ratings, Carlson said audiences actually prefer the talent portion of the competition, and that this is a new beginning for the organization amid our current cultural revolution. Carlson, who’s also a previous Miss America winner, was one of the first women to come forward during the present #MeToo movement when she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman.

The Miss America Organization was also part of a recent harassment scandal after it was discovered that the previous CEO, Sam Haskell, had sent vulgar, slut-shaming emails to other members of the Miss America staff. Since then, the organization has made numerous changes and now has women holding seven out of nine board member positions.

The New York Timesreported that the organization considered removing the swimsuit portion in the early 1990s and that the organization’s chief executive at the time, Leonard Horn, said, “We are not stupid. We are very sensitive to the fact that the swimsuit competition has always been our Achilles’ heel. The swimsuit competition has been controversial since the early 1920s, but it’s been retained because the majority of the people like it.

The competition’s changes will be in effect for this year’s broadcast on ABC on Sept. 9.


34 responses to “Political correctness at work: Miss America is ending the swimsuit competition

  1. I’m beginning to find similarities with the County Fairs where Barn Yard Animals parade the ring hoping for the Blue Ribbon.. Re-enforce the walk-way = cuz the “Heavy Weight’s” are coming.. AnyBody got a “beef” with that..??

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  2. Could this be to hide a tyranny contestant or to include an Islamic? I never did like these types of shows anyway. Even the baby and toddlers shows are never watched. There is an agenda here.

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  3. If we really want to be inclusive, then the pageant organizers should just simply award a participant crown to everyone. That way no one’s feelings will be hurt, and everyone will go home being able to say I am Miss inclusive America.

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  5. Take a long hard look at the picture of Whoopi looking so pretty in pink.😵 Throw in Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah Winfrey, Debbie Washerman-Schultz, Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, and Hillary, and you will be looking at the future of the Miss America pageant.

    Liberals destroy everything they touch, without exception.

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  6. What is next? No more apple pie?

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  7. I’d like to see a picture comparison of a typical HighSchool Graduating Class of 1950-1956 with a typical High School Graduating Class of 2018.. You may notice that the Class of 2018 carries Twice the Weight & Half the Brain.. The Corporate Food Industry Knows why this is, – but they gotta get more “flesh” on the meat animal in the shortest amount of Time, and at the Least Cost possible.. = Talk about a “Growth Industry..!!” Weight is Good for Foot Ball games, = not so good for Basket Ball Games.. = Now back to my DoubleCheeeze Burger / large Fry’s Please..

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    • EddieBG . . . . We just had our little St John’s parade for this suburb of Portland. All of the girls from local high schools who were vying for Rose Festival Queen rode in the parade. It was astonishing . . . . there were possibly only three girls who were Caucasian, probably 9 out of 13 other girls were what we can only call . . . obese. I can tell you back in 1964, and even up to 16-20 years ago, all you saw were petite little cheerleader types, many blue eyed blonds. I guess with the inception of PC standards, all of that has gone by the wayside. Frankly, it was painful to see the comparison of yesteryear and today’s Rose Festival Princesses.

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      • Ruh roh…they chose the skinny Caucasian (well, she looks to be the whitest skinny girl there) as the Queen over the curvy girls, Muslim girl, Asian girls, and black girl. Raaaaaaaaaaacist!!


  8. Gretchen “everything is sexist” Carlson? lol. How did she get her job?

    Dressing for ratings.

    Now she’ll deny others the only reason anyone ever heard of her.

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    • Ugh…… so typical here. First off, I never heard of this lady bc I don’t watch tv, but she is sooo typical of the “I still got it, folks!” crowd. Fake hair, fake tan, fake “other” things, etc,etc,etc… sounds to me like she is saying” since I’m not the cat’s meow anymore, no one will be!” So there!”” Look folks, we all get old-myself included…. got like 12% of the hair on my head that I useta…. my boys come over to drink beer and cook on the grill, and I kick ‘em out before 9….. it is what it is. My point is that when “your time in the sun” has run it’s course, don’t freakin ruin it for everyone else!!! !!!

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  9. The liberal way, Miss America, like everything will be trashed. No beauty, no talent, no manners, no education, plenty of diversity, colors to choose from and come as you are, you are welcomed. I rather watch the science channel.

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  10. Timothy W. O'Leary

    Clothing should be optional.


  11. For those who like these contests, I suppose the simple answer is to not watch them. Either someone will come along with one you like or they won’t. After all, we now have programs that feature naked people running around in the jungle.

    Maybe we should ask, “who makes these decisions for us”? Well, whoever it is the response is to either allow it or turn it off.

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    • I used to watch ’em,but oddly enough,the women’s BEAUTY was all they could use to compete-they sure didn’t have enough intellect among them all to equip one High School Graduate. Now the big wingnuts are taking even the beauty. Gretch says in an interview it’ll showcase their intelligence and play down appearance to help the women’s feelings of self worth.
      What a bunch of Leftist HOOEY.

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  12. Will the elderly be eligible if single? Windows, divorces? Enjoy the show and then look at the ratings, then future sponsors.

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  13. So, who will be future Pageant contestants? Fatties, grannies, trannies, jihadis? And what will these contestants wear? Moomoos, house dresses, burkas, AK-47s? INTELLECT: “Like yeah, man, I like graduated from like Common Core, so whatcha’ wanna know?” TALENT: I can do lotsa’ stuff; like I made my own outfit from a patio awning, and I even knitted my own pussy hat.

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  14. “So You Think Your Manatee Can Talk?” Coming soon to an unwatched network near you!

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  15. So maybe they should just quit before they totally destroy the early institution of Miss America and Bert Parks.
    I am curious as to just how much Gretchen was paid to help change the complete face of something where she was once a competitor.

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  16. Well, it won’t be the natural beauties parading in front of the audience, gorgeous gowns, talent, bikinis, young women aspiring scholarships, world travel and a future. Take two: It will be fake boobs, Botox, fake tresses, fake asses, big asses, muscular arms, fat arms, divorced women, unwed mothers and of course open season to transgenders. Who would want to be a contestant among that trash?

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  17. I’d imagine they’ll go begging for contestants in a year or two. Remember this? I couldn’t actually watch it again…it’s simply too painful.

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  18. The Miss America Pageant will no longer be a pageant. It has evolved into a “female empowerment movement”……”With women finding the courage to stand up and make their voices heard” Swim suits and evening gowns will be discontinued in favor of a feminist forum. God help us all! After hearing two females use two of the most tabooed words in the English language last week, they certainly had no trouble making their voices heard. In fact the use of such words in the presence of underage children equals abuse of a minor. Who would want to watch a forum for the feminist movement? In reference to a female body part, one of the women used one of the few remaining words in the English language with the power to shock, a word never used in polite society. It has been interesting to see the number of female celebrities coming out in her defense. Because the media doesn’t like the POTUS, I would like to ask what is progressive or courageous about using repulsive language to describe his daughter? If this is the way feminists choose to see themselves, I have no interest in watching the new Miss America. It will no longer be suitable for family viewing.

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  19. Next for Miss America pageant: Armpit hair!

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