Double standards: Black actress Issa Rae wears a belt with the N-word

issa rae

The belt (l) Getty Images/Actress Rae (r)

The actress once said this about incoming President Trump:

“Every single time I see a tweet from that man, every single time I see some of the staff and administration he’s bringing in, it gets worse and worse,” she told reporters.

The actress continued, saying that the normalization of Trump is what terrifies her the most, adding, “The scariest part to me is how normal it’s becoming to some people and I think we just have to keep calling things out like, ‘Nope, you’re lying! Nope, that’s not true! Nope, that doesn’t work that way!’ As long as we don’t continue to let it slide, then there might be some hope, but it’s scary.

She also said at the 2017 Emmy’s “I’m rooting for everybody black.”

What is being normalized by African Americans is the double standards allowed in reverse racism.

From NY Post: Talk about a statement piece.

Insecure” creator and star Issa Rae gave disco-queen vibes at Monday night’s Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, which she hosted.

Rae — who was the award show’s first-ever black female host — walked the red carpet at the Brooklyn Museum in a bright blue, one-shoulder Pyer Moss jumpsuit, spangled with thousands of Swarovski crystals.

It was her belt, however, that stole the show.

Her black ribbon sash was embroidered with the message, “Every N – – – a is a star,” written in elegant script.

The phrase is a reference to a 1973 track by the Jamaican singer-songwriter Boris Gardiner, which Kendrick Lamar sampled for his song “Wesley’s Theory” in his 2015 album “To Pimp a Butterfly.”

For the most part, the internet praised Rae’s bold sartorial move.

“QUEEN,” one Twitter user wrote, “Issa Rae is a Motherf – – king legend and a forever mood.”

Still, not everyone was impressed with her decision to don such a provocative accessory.

“Issa Rae is trash for that belt,” another Twitter user commented. “Just my opinion.”

Despite the controversy, Rae’s outspoken look could ultimately prove to be trendsetting.

As one upbeat admirer tweeted: “I want the Issa Rae belt! Who is going to make it for me?”

Fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond (a black man himself) said this of the belt: “It was important to him to champion the phrase to show that loving a mother, caring for children or taking your daughter to school is important. As for the controversy surrounding using the N-word in fashion, Jean-Raymond says: “If you don’t get it, it’s not for you. If you don’t get it, you weren’t supposed to. It’s not meant to be political. It’s meant to be uplifting.”


22 responses to “Double standards: Black actress Issa Rae wears a belt with the N-word

  1. Looks like a dude with a poodle on his head.
    Word to tha motha.

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    • This Miss Issa Rae is so unethical, to wear a BELT with the word NIGGA is so uncouth, it is an insult and a disrespect to the African Americans that she DESERVES NOBODY TO PAY and watch her “ACT”. How dumb can you be to insult yourself, hahahaha.

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  2. I never heard of this woman. Like so many would-be celebrities, her opinion is completely irrelevant.

    Trump’s invigorating the economy, undoing lots of harm caused by Obama. Now HIS opinion is relevant!

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  3. “Trump Derangement Syndrome”. Wow! It’s getting “worse”? How’s that? Delusion is bad individually, disastrous in groups:

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  4. Boy oh boy, there are so many nouns with the N word It wouldn’t be fair to our fellow contributors to not be able to express their opinions.

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  5. John Kernkamp

    There’s no double standard. The belt says “Nigga”, not the other, offensive word that is similar.

    So, use “Nigga” all you want, without fear of anyone objecting.

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    • A writer at HuffPo does object to using the word “nigga.”

      “The problem with the usage of the word “Nigga” is its roots stemming from “Nigger”, which is harsh in its nature. Some things can’t be turned around. You just can’t take a negative word and turn it into a positive word by changing its meaning. The roots still has its imprints. Also, other cultures, many which have used the word “Nigger” against Black people as an attack now have access to the slang term “Nigga”. The word should not even be used by people of African descent, let alone someone who is non- Black, whose ancestry doesn’t revolve around the sufferings pertaining to it.”

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  6. “Jean-Raymond says: “If you don’t get it, it’s not for you. If you don’t get it, you weren’t supposed to. It’s not meant to be political. It’s meant to be uplifting.”
    TRANSLATION: If you don’t “get it” you’re not a nigga, you’re a dumb ‘cracker’ or ‘cracka’.
    If you don’t “get it” you weren’t supposed to get it because you’re a dumb ‘cracker’ or ‘cracka’.
    It’s not meant to be political because niggas never do anything ‘political’. Niggas conduct themselves in an ‘uplifting’ manner, and you’re a dumb ‘cracker’ or ‘cracka’.

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  7. How many people do you know who would take ANY advice from a woman ???? who has hair that appears to be dreads rolled around and glued to the top of a bald head? Good grief, even African-American women of intelligence don’t get flim-flammed by these tactics.

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  8. Comrade Obama

    Niggers are as niggers do.

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  9. The fact of the matter is that Niggers come in ALL colors. It’s NOT about Race,it’s about a “Lifestyle” (And NOT a GOOD one!).

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  10. Don’t normally comment on “black v white” issues, but will add this: BOTH sides are being pitted against each other (like pawns) by the Global Elite™️ The in-fighting is purposefully created to distract us from the real, more sinister agenda. Human cudgels on both sides if you will…. that being said, I like what Trump is doing reaching across the aisle and extending a hand to the black community and issues that other ppl care about. While those particular issues may not be important to me or other folks, they are real to many. Although it’s trite, “perception is reality.” If these ppl believe that these issues are important ( to them), then they are. And although I’m not a fan of K West and KK, they do have ~80 million followers on twitter that sees what we are striving for—free advertising! Point is this: We CANNOT hope to overcome the Elites™️ if we are busy fighting amongst ourselves…. we need to work TOGETHER, or we’re toast

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    • I think you are right about working together, however I have really lost hope of that for the most part. There are intelligent hard working Blacks, but there is such a huge underclass of the lowest, most primitive, low IQ Blacks, that one cannot even communicate with them, let alone have a conversation about working together. These are the ones that couldn’t work together to save their own lives because all they know how to do is yell, and scream and shout anyone down trying to talk to them. Dealing with them is like being beaten with fists, only they use their mouths instead, and then if that doesn’t work they use their fists for real.

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  11. Yo, Kirby! Hold my beer while I “uplift” THIS!

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  12. “Every ‘nigga’ is a star”??? What? In jail? Where, exactly?

    I think she means something along the lines of “Every Black person is a star”, but is confused as to the meaning of the word. One reflects the worst in society, the other reflects a color/race. Why she would confuse the two is beyond me unless she’s just ignorant or brainwashed. Or has TDS…

    It would be like Matt Damon wearing a belt that read, “Every klansman is a star”. Or wearing one that read, “Every Nazi is a star”. Sick.

    It’s an unfortunate way to accidentally (I hope) promote the worst fringe of society as if it represented a majority (if not all) of a much larger class to which they (may or may not) belong.

    OTOH, if she’s conflating the terms “nigga” and “nigger”, and saying they’re both GOOD, or that ALL Blacks are “niggas”, then let’s be sure to similarly congratulate EVERYONE who uses the term or terms in public. A turd can’t be praise-worthy for one person presenting it, yet hate-inspiring for another…

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  13. Who cares what she wears or what it says? People with an ounce of taste would not keep such a belt even as a joke. She’s only proved she’s lower than even a bad joke.

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