Cops dig up another body in Long Island related to MS-13 gang violence

Democrat Party logo MS-13

From Daily Mail: A cadaver dog has located a murder victim linked to the brutal MS-13 gang – believed to be a missing teenage boy – buried in a nature reserve.

After the body of a male was recovered from the Roosevelt nature reserve on Wednesday (May 30), officials visited family members to obtain DNA samples to establish his identity.

One of those visited, a woman, speaking anonymously to NBC New York, said the police told her they believe it is the body of her younger brother, Josue Amaya, a 17-year-old Roosevelt high student, who vanished in 2016. ‘I’m completely destroyed. I have an enormous heartache. And all I want is justice,’ she said.

The discovery adds to MS-13’s growing body count at Long Island, with at least 25 killings now attributed to the El Salvadorian gang in the vicinity over the last two years.

It comes days after Donald Trump called on the Congress to ‘finally close deadly loopholes that have allowed MS-13 to break into our country’.

Homeland Security Investigations agents and Nassau County Police swooped on the reserve in Roosevelt, after receiving a tip-off.

At a news conference, Nassar police said a suspect arrested in connection to a different case, the murder of another Long Island teenager last year, told them where to search for the Roosevelt student. ‘They told me they spoke with him, and this is where they buried my brother,’ his distraught sister told the NBC.

After the cadaver dog indicated the presence of a body, authorities dug at the reserve until they found the remains, believed to be male. But, police are not able to identify the remains until they receive DNA results.

However a police official said: ‘It is no doubt an MS-13 murder.’

It comes after a suspected MS-13 member was arrested in the death of 15-year-old Angel Soler, who was found dead in a reserve in the town in October.

Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said the arrest of a suspected MS-13 member in relation to the death of 15-year-old Angel Soler, who was found dead in a reserve in the town last October, had led to the gravesite in Roosevelt on Wednesday. The New York teenager had been hacked to death with a machete.

Madeline Singas, Nassau’s District Attorney, said: ‘These are brutal acts. We cannot reveal any other details of this investigation, but suffice it to say it is ongoing, and we will continue to leave no stone unturned as we try to figure out who is responsible for these crimes.’

Police have stepped up patrols in the area, to help residents feel more secure, and have told Roosevelt residents there is no cause for concern.

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11 responses to “Cops dig up another body in Long Island related to MS-13 gang violence

  1. Never forget that these are the same savages whom Nancy Pelosi defends, who would have us believe that the MS-13 savages have “dignity” and “the spark of divinity” within them.

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    • I think we can all agree that Mrs. Pelosi is insane. That being said, I’ve heard—from years back—that we ought to “love the God in our neighbor,” or such sentiments to that effect. And despite any poetic impulse, we ought to love “the God in our neighbor” insofar as we are Commanded to “Love our neighbor as Ourself,” and that we are made in the Image of God.
      This being said, Mrs. Pelosi cites something that has been identified as heretical to Traditional Catholic dogma, and that is we possess some “Divine Immanence” or “Divinity” within our selves. Outside of worthy reception of Holy Communion, this idea has been condemned by several Popes, for the very reason that we are sinners possessing a fallen nature that is opposed to God, and for other reasons.
      I can see that Mrs. Pelosi has DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY, and that she’s gone “over the hill,” and that the odds of her safe return seem nil as things stand.
      What I am trying to get at is that, Yes, we should “Love the God in our neighbor” insofar as we are made in God’s Image, BUT we are not to consider ourselves possessing anything resembling God, else we drift away from the Ark that is Salvation! We MUST NEVER have a befuddled or confused or nebulous idea of Who and What God Is, or else we’re all lost! This is what may have led Manson to believe that he, himself, was God!

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  2. We are run by savages. Not all of them wield machetes. The top savages wield usury and run a racket called war.

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  3. The Mara Salvatrucha MS13 attack the youngsters, those most vulnerable that cannot defend themselves. I propose Nasty Nancy Pelosi hires them to do a cleanup in San Francisco.

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  4. Patrick Cornell

    Dead bodies keep turning up in the strangest places here, baseball fields, nature preserves, lots, and of course my favorite fishing spot Oak Beach.

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  5. Since Pelosi thinks so highly of the MS13 gang maybe she should offer them housing so they will have a place to stay off the streets. Her acreage is sufficient to house quite a few people.

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  6. When the “police tell the residents of Roosevelt there is nothing to worry about,” . . . . I would say it is time to start worrying. 25 deaths attributable to MS13, that certainly does not sound like a big fat “Nothing” to me. Why in Heaven’s name aren’t the Dembos in Congress taking this wholesale massacre seriously. When I look at the privileged members of the Democratic party, and the fact that they just wish to continue to sit on their hands . . . I should think it is about time to get out the tar n feathers, and send some of these reprobates packin.

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  7. This is what the Democratic Party does to people: They declare WAR on people, in one way or another, once they gain control. To wit: It was Democrats, for the most part, who founded the KKK. It was Democrats who voted against the abolition of slavery, against Civil Rights and all the rest.
    And what we see since the Kennedy Assassination is very clear. President Johnson adapted his Great Society policies that emboldened and enabled all sorts of white and blue collar criminality and corruption. Mayor Lindsay of New York (and Mayor Dinkins after him) enacted lax police enforcement, preferring instead to “study” crime levels and other drivel designed to PREVENT the abolition of crime.
    So it is with unbridled immigration and lax enforcement of existing laws. Hence the HOWLS OF OUTRAGE when President Trump said, “We ought to stop immigration until WE CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. (Emphasis mine).”
    But this is what the Democratic Party DOES: Once it assumes the reigns of power, IT THROWS INNOCENT PEOPLE TO THE WOLVES.

    Call it Social Darwinism. Call it the survival of the fittest.
    Call it the Nietzschean Will to Power. Call it nihilism.
    Call it Communism or Cultural Marxism.
    Call it bloodlust, call it mayhem.
    Whatever which-way anyone cuts it, THIS is what happens when Democrats seize Power.
    The Democratic Party has done everything it possibly could to rent the social fabric of American Life, and it has a history of doing it for over 100 years. Why it has not been prosecuted into extinction is beyond me!

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