Astonishing athleticism of cats

Cats can do things dogs can’t, like climb.

The cats in the video below, however, perform truly astonishing and heart-stopping feats of athleticism, leaping from one building to another, and scaling up walls.

The word that best describes what these cats do is parkour — a non-competitive discipline derived from military obstacle-course training, in which practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible, by running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, wall scaling, and quadrupedal movement. Parkour is usually undertaken in obstacle-dense urban areas.

I suggest you mute the sound before you watch the video. I found the heavy-metal music both loud and annoying.

And dogs know it — that cats rule. LOL

Even bears run away from cats!

See also my post from a year ago, “Utterly fearless cats”.

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69


22 responses to “Astonishing athleticism of cats

  1. Last night I discovered that the stray cat who visits us every night is somehow making it to the roof of our neighbor’s back patio. He was sitting there, kicking back and I don’t know how he made it up there. Guessed he might have jumped from the big tree in the yard or climbed up a wall.

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  2. Never ever underestimate a feline’s power, specially those that dare call us “CATS” meeeeeoooowwwww! Those critters are amazing, you’ve got to love’m. My neighor’s, Miko-Suki, is feisty and adorable.

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  3. Thank you for this great post!

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  4. Wonderful, just brilliant Cats, though I hope the Cats that fell were alright.

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  5. traildustfotm


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  6. Cats are truly wonderful. I enjoyed the cat who pulled him/her self around under the table. My Baby when you call her in from outside, lays down on the indoor/outdoor carpeting on the back porch, then she stretches out full length–then she pulls herself across the carpeting until she finally gets to the open door. I find this to be pretty amazing–I didn’t know cats exhibited these kinds of antics.

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  7. I hope whoever runs Fellowship of the Minds sees this. Can you (and whoever sees this) please pray? What can someone do who has a neighbor who kills cats (and has killed atleast one person’s dog. The other person’s dog got to a vet in time)? This has went on for so long. It goes deeper (she hates Jesus for ex.) but I’m afraid her and her husband will find out I said something. Something is more wrong than can be said. The cops won’t help. They’re on their side. I’m truly scared. Please pray Jesus ends this. It’s went on for so long.

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    • Have you tried calling your local SPCA?
      And of course, I and we will pray — that the animals get help, and that you are safe from your sadistic and dangerous neighbor.

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    • Try contacting your council member? He/she might be able to intervene with the police.

      Has anyone living next to the sociopaths got cameras that can record any suspicious activities?

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    • Are they using raccoon traps to catch the cats? That could be illegal in your town to set those.

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    • My godawful neighbor killed my cats…sometimes fed them to his boa (we know this from our Hispanic “yardman” of many years, whom this ignoramous neigbor treated as tho’ blind, deaf, dumb…..oh….and one day the boa…allowed to prowl the property near the house….was accidentally weed-whipped to death by the marginalized “yardman.” Hmmmmmm, I said. ) I caught the son of this ignnormous neighbor in the act of stealing my cat off MY property one day and called the police. Neighbor/his wife/son had to deny all this in front of a cop on my front porch (cop happened to also double by day as resource officer at my school at times: he knew me & knew it was NOT a capricious call)…..but stooopid cat-killer neighbor tripped himself up by saying he’d turned my cat into the local shelter (what…within 30 minutes?). So,of course the cop called the shelter ( if you surrender an animal, you have to leave a name and address….) & it was a lie (we already knew.) In front of the officer, I informed the man/his simpering wife that I would dig through EVERY piece of their garbage placed on the street & film every movement as they entered/egressed their property–that I’d send them to prison, w/$10,000 fine, for animal cruelty IF AND WHEN I found them in possessioin of my cat, dead or alive.

      I DID just all that…& one night in the dark when they thought we weren’t going to see—-(but we DID) about 4 days later—-they released my cat out of their barn where they’d held him (my guess is….we caught them well before they could “OFF HIM” —the words of the crazy neighbor whose parting words in front of the cop “You are just lucky I didn’t “off” him.)

      The rest of the story: their delinquent son went on to “brick” my car in “retaliation” so that it was “totaled” (whereupon I got only $3,500 for it….but it was worth MUCH more to me—in great shape, had just been smogged, owed me NO money nor I for it)…& I had to buy a new car for $20,000. The delinquent got caught/spent time on probation/joined the service as part of the deal…was sent to Afghanistan for a couple he was a GONER then (yes!) & never moved back. The crazy cat-killer neighbor/wife continued their errant ways, bought so many “toys” they could no longer pay their mortgage….lost their home (there is a GOD !) & had to vacate. They are now divorced. We saw him the other day (in his 60’s now) walking down a main thoroughfare in a neighboring town, draped all over a street-walkin “young thing.”

      In the end, the cat we fought for, bought a new car b/c of these incidents …lived to be 23-1/2 years old. We just lost him last July….and he was a healthy, interactive part of our lives right up to the end. We often referred to him as our $16,000 stray “free” cat. But—-He didn’t “owe” me any money, either…..he lived so long with so much love that the “car debt” was a good investment in him and was paid off long before he crossed his rainbow bridge.

      I swear, this is not written by Truman Capote….it ALL really happened just b//c of my cat.

      Set up cameras. Even “dummy” cameras that blink red lights. Put them in your windows facing your neighbor. Post “cameras at work on this property.” They willl HATE IT. They might fight against it with you (we got the “flying middle finger of fate” every day from our neighbors.)) Be relentless. Be offensive. Know your state and county laws about animal cruelty (which includes killing them inhumanely…instead of taking them to a shelter). Post your property with “cameras at work here.”” It is LEGAL for your cameras on YOUR property to overshoot public roads, sidewalks….alley-ways….etc etc…..and so what? if it also happens to include some of yousr neighbor’s property? We got our cheap cameras from a free catalog of “good stuff and gadgets” that came in the mail….and hooked them up to an old black and white TV with a VCR and 8-hour tapes. You need not spend a fortune…..

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      • OMG, Cal girl, I am so happy you got your kitty back. I read your story and all I could think of was, what a nightmare! I know this kind of stuff goes on- there are so many horrible people in the world, but when we read about the specifics it just undoes me. All of 5 of my cats have adopted me. They come and I can’t turn them away, including one from my next door neighbors. They would not allow her in the house or the garage at night to keep warm, or stay safe from the coyotes. Then they got dogs and that did it for the cat. She was terrified and stayed at my place all the time. She had already been sleeping in my yard for years. Cats will not stay where they are not valued. I could tell that she had been abused by these people or their kids because when I would go to push my hair behind my ear, the act of bringing my arm up around my head would cause her to flinch abruptly, ready to run away as though she expected I would throw something at her. IT broke my heart that she had been abused. The harpy/ shrew/ witch of a neighbor came over and accused me of stealing her cat. That incident was bad enough for me, I can’t even imagine going through what you went through.

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        • Dear Lana…our cat “fur-people” have come to us just the way you have gotten yours. Bless you. We even have one who came to us (sort of like your neighbor’s cat)……a neutered indoor male who was thrown out when the family split up through (a loud and horrible—we heard it all in the neighborhood) divorce. They took the dogs…but threw the cat out onto the street. He made his way to our back porch and wintered in an empty cardboard box we had there until I suspected movement in the box each AM as I stood at the kitchen sink…..years later, he’s now about 18 years-old….our intrepid “Buddy.”

          I’ve lived in Utah and California in the West…. and BOTH are hideously cruel places for a “pet” to be born into…..believe me or don’t…but…in all my years of born/growing up/living in MidAtlantic– PA/MD/VA…..I NEVER EVER encountered a stray cat or dog that I didn’t know where it belonged …….Worst-case scenario in my life….people abandoned kitten litters on my grandparent’s PA dairy farm, and it was NO BIG DEAL….we welcomed and awaited “barn cats” always, b/c they were an important part of farm welfare and farm life……and once, the local farm vet asked my grandfather if he might take in a huge, beautiful, standard-sized Collie, b/c the owner had dropped her off to be euthanized b/c she was not “convenient” for him to care for anymore. Vet just couldn’t put her down. My grandparents took “Missy” in and she lived a very long and placid life on their dairy farm and inside with them during retirement years…….

          BUT….here in the West….its an unending parade of abandoned/stray/ dead on the road / feral litters………every single day of my life–I start my day on the way to work with it EVERY AM….dead/injured or strays along the road……cruel, hideous, inhumane. Just yesterday we spayed our 4th kitten of the month so we can take her to a non-kill shelter to find a home. (We are full up, like you….with previous personal adoptions). I won’t take a cat or dog to a shelter that kills, though I adopt from them….I pay to spay or neuter/get first shots ((give them a “leg up” in the “adoption lottery) and take them to private adoption concerns….sometimes 100 miles away….just where I can find a reputable non-kill place that has a good placement record…..

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  8. CalGirl I’m sorry for what you had to endure. I’m glad your cat got to live a nice long life though. DCG and Dr. Eowyn,I don’t know where to begin. First thanks for your prayers. I don’t know if the SPCA can help because we need proof. That and we have to be very careful. When we called the cops a couple years ago (a cat almost got in a raccoon trap late at night) the cop that came seen the trap. He said nothing was wrong. She and mom argued and stated we better never call the cops again and that she was about to bleeping explode. I’m terrified what will happen when she finally does explode. Other things happened around that Spring I’d rather not get into. I mean you don’t know what they have and I’m scared to talk about it. They are really sneaky so it’s hard to get any proof on them. I pretty much draw a blank after the Spring of 2016. All I can remember baisicly after that is when they were about to come on our property last Summer but got back to their house when they knew someone was outside that night. That and there’s things about that place and them is one reason I’m scared. It’s just I keep flashing back to her having a fit saying she’s about to bleeping explode. If anything is said or done (calling anyone) she may explode.

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    • Sounds like a bad situation.

      The cop can tell you not to call all they want. You can still call 911 all you want.

      There must be something rotten going on there and others know it. Get cameras. Get a drone. You’re gonna need some proof to get the bastards.

      And if your scared and so inclined, get a firearm to protect yourself.

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      • They’re getting more sneaky though. I don’t think I could own a firearm because I have a history of depression and have been suicidal before (I was severely bullied in school. I had to go to a psychiatrist because of it). Once they knew my history they’d tell me I couldn’t own a gun.

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        • Getting a firearm then is probably not a good idea for you.

          If you can’t do cameras or drones, rely on police or report this behavior to anyone, your best bet is to watch your pets very closely or move, if that is an option.

          And pray.

          Hope you can determine the best solution for yourself.

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          • Moving costs too much. I’m sorry I can’t say anything else. I’m scared one of her relatives will find out (by me saying too much) and report back to her. They may pick up on clues by what I’ve said or if I say more stuff. She has control over people more than anyone can know. I tried asking for prayer on a forum about this situation and I was banned (not only that my IP address was blocked from even looking at anything on the forum) because of it. Sure that was the Summer of 2012 but even more recently I kept trying to get help and asking for prayer on my now deleted FB…let’s just say it didn’t go too well. I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble like on that forum I was banned from. The only solution is that Jesus puts an end to this. He can walk on water and raise the dead..surely He can do something about this. I mean the pain has started since she moved next door in 2000. I was only 8. It’s gotten worse. I figure someday Jesus will take care of this and things will be better. His timing is perfect. Please pray for her and her husband’s salvations. That and she needs healed because someone did something really bad to her as a child. No matter how much pain she has given it’s no amount compared to Hell if she dies in her sins. While I’m hurting I know she’s hurting,too. Jesus says pray for our enemies.

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  9. I forgot to comment about the cameras. The place next door to them is a dog grooming place so they wouldn’t have cameras. We have to be careful though because of how much security they have around their home. They know if you’re on the sidewalk,if someone went in their yard (which used to be land for an abandoned home),in the alley and I’m not even sure all the cameras that are up. I mean I can understand the yard but…if only you could see what I mean. I can’t even tell everything. The only thing that can be done is to pray.

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    • Sounds like the situation calls for a drone. Maybe even flying it at night.

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    • MY cameras are inside my home….facing out of my windows toward my neighbors/my property lines. You can do the same, regardless of what your ignoramous neighbors have or do. The space inside your home and the view outside your windows is YOURS. They can behave as stupidly or as rashly as they want…but when it affects YOUR space–or public space…it will be on tape and in your favor. I understand about guns. I keep an axe under the side of floorcovers of my driver’s side car…..and one at my front door…just in case a gun is not the quick answer. Taught our sons to do the same, and it saved our youngest from a parking-lot knife-point assault at a fast-food place in LA one time….(don’t bring a knife to an axe fight…it says).

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  10. Was laughing so hard the folks in the front office came back to see what I was laughing at. My cats climb trees all but one can get down this one stayed in a tree for 3 days and then we climbed up and got him down my son did.

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