2018 California Primary Election Results

Each state’s secretary of state is in charge of elections. In California, it’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

Below are the “semi-official” results of yesterday’s California direct primary election, as of 6:50 a.m. this morning:

  • Governor:
    • Gavin Newsom (D): 33.4%; 1,336,932 votes.
    • John Cox (R): 26.2%; 1,048,363 votes.
    • Antonio Villaraigosa (D): 13.5%; 539,397 votes.
    • Travis Allen (R): 9.7%; 387,723 votes.
  • Lieutenant Governor:
    • Eleni Kounalakis (D): 23.4%; 890,454 votes.
    • Ed Hernandez (D): 20.8%; 788,972 votes.
    • Cole Harris (R): 18.4%; 697,500 votes.
    • Jeff Bleich (D): 9.3%; 353,521 votes.
  • U.S. Senate:
    • Diane Feinstein (D): 43.8%; 1,694,819 votes.
    • Kevin De Leon (D): 11.3%; 435,639 votes.
    • James Bradley (R): 8.8%; 340,669 votes.
  • Secretary of State:
    • Alex Padilla (D): 51.4%; 1,974,465 votes.
    • Mark Meuser (R): 32%; 1,229,744votes.
  • Controller:
    • Betty Yee (D): 60.9%; 2,294,904 votes.
    • Konstantinos Roditis (R): 35%; 1,321,334 votes.
  • Treasurer:
    • Fiona Ma (D): 43.2%; 1,633,648 votes.
    • Greg Conlon (R): 22%; 832,700 votes.
  • Attorney General:
    • Xavier Becerra (D): 45.3%; 1,736,781 votes.
    • Steven Bailey (R): 25.3%; 970,540 votes.
  • Insurance Commissioner:
    • Steve Poizner (NP): 41.3%; 1,503,973 votes.
    • Ricardo Lara (D): 40.6%; 1,481,088 votes.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction:
    • Marshall Tuck: 37.1%; 1,299,330 votes.
    • Tony K. Thurmond: 34.3%; 1,200,486 votes.

Update (June 9):

The good news is that voters rejected every one of the District Attorney candidates funded by Soros.

Here’s Tucker Carlson on how California is becoming a two-class state, where the middle class is hollowed out and disappearing:


26 responses to “2018 California Primary Election Results

  1. Patrick Little, the Anti-Zionist candidate claims there is evidence of major voter fraud, mentions San Francisco specifically;
    the election is a DISASTER for Constitutionalists-the Communist/Mexican Party is alive and well in California

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    • From the Final Tally (100%) CA Primary for US Senate:

      •Patrick Little/R
      54,667 Votes=1.4%.

      •Kevin Mottus/R
      53,957 Votes=1.4%.

      Though 1.4% sounds like nothing, Patrick had more votes than 19 others!

      I think the problem was that most people never heard of the guy. He got no mentions at MAGA GOP twitter feeds & sites. Even the pro-Dem elections-tracking twitterer @Politics1com never mentioned him (you’d think Dems would be screaming wildly AGAINST him at least).

      I don’t know the current details re fraud though it would not be surprising.

      I also included Kevin Mottus’ results, above, because he has been an anti-EMF activist for some time (evil Tom Wheeler nearly kicked him out of the FCC-5G press conference two years ago for asking questions re health & 5G).

      Little & Mottus results were right next to each other in the official list which is interesting in that > Maybe there are only 53k-54k in California who are “totally awake” out of how many millions?

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  2. Incredible! But I’m not really surprised. For some bizarre reason the Demorats have a stranglehold on the California electorate. Very well. Let the pinkos have it. I have an idea to solve our California problem . Until the Mexican-American War of 1846, the territory of California was part of Mexico. I propose that we give California back to the Mexicans. While we’re at it, we might want to throw the states of Oregon and Washington into the deal. Then we could extend Trump’s wall from San Diego north to the Canadian border. That way we could go about our business and leave the Californians to stew in the socialist cesspool society they have created.

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    • Not surprising at all…. Cali is a sanctuary state, and those ppl don’t want the gravy train to end…. the sh*t libs that live there will virtue signal till the end of time/or the money runs out—whichever comes first. That state is toast……but check the demographic changes. Working class ppl are moving out, freeloaders are moving in and/or reproducing like jackrabbits… GOP shouldn’t waste a dime in that state. It’s futile

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      • Actually California is not a sanctuary state. The Democrats have stolen the state. Without the illegals immigrants votes, Democrats would not have the votes they need. And on top of that they rig the elections. From 1952-1988 California was a red state then all of a sudden it turned blue. All the votes for Democrats come from the cities ran by Democrats, Where most of the illegals are at and cops, judges and other public figures are bought and paid for. Take away the illegals and the Democrats have no votes. They would still try to rig the elections but they would get caught. Every election in California needs to be investigated. Thankfully I live in a part of California that is not under Democrat control. Do you have any idea what would happen if the USA gave California back to Mexico.(Just to make a point to another persons post, Texas was also part of that land deal also. Should we give Mexico Texas also) Back to what I was saying. If California left the USA. the first thing the democrats would do would do is invite the UN in because California has no army. Then we would have every country’s military in the UN on our mainland. They would have a foothold they can build on. Eventually they would try to get control from Canada to Mexico. They would have the whole control of the whole west coast. Then we would have worse situation than we have now. Yeah, Giving up California,real smart. That would be real stupid. The difference between a patriot and the rest of America is A patriot would help the Americans in California or any other state fight off the criminal traitors that in control of the state. The rest of America would sit an complain about something they know nothing about and watch the state fall. People don’t realize how much California does for the rest of the country. If California falls, The whole country is in a world of trouble. A lot of people have moved out of California because they can’t deal with the Democrats. I think they are chickenshit. I live right in the middle of the state. I am throwing down with fist, feet, knives, bats, etc, whatever it takes, almost on a daily basis. I have learned to enjoy smashing the face of a Libtard or a Democrat. I am on the front line fighting so that Americans will be safe . There are thousands of others here doing the same as I do. They don’t do it just to save the state. They do it to save America. Plus we have some help from people all around the country. Just not enough. The state of California and various corrupt law enforcement, Judges and DA’s have not been very nice to me. Because I thought I could expose a corrupt judge. I have been falsely accused, set up, convicted many times through out the years. They have silenced me by sending me to San Quentin State prison 5 times. It all stopped years ago when I moved away from the county where I was being f@%ked with. That still wasn’t enough outlook on The state, the country, the rule of law, law enforcement or America. Even though it cost me years of my life I knew that was not a good representation of America or it’s citizens. I still love this country and I could never see another American in distress and not attempt to help. In case anyone was interested in the crime the corrupt judge was involved in. He was abusing his position as a judge in a way to where he and his wife had acquired hundreds of properties and homes. I’m talking a lot of land in their names. The guy that brought it to my attention seems to have vanished. The county where this was going on was Sonoma ( The Bohemian grove) The place where i was born and raised. One of the most corrupt places to live in the state. That sucks. Sorry, rambling. I guess my point is California not only Liberals. The majority of male votes throughout the state went to Trump. Google it and while you are at it check and see how many males live in the state. There are probably more than some states men and women combined..,That’s a lot of people to write off. Things are not always as cut and dry as they seem and to lose California or any state would be a mistake and we as Americans would have failed, among other things. To me that is totally not an option. Just to make something clear because there is always that one. I am far from being a snowflake. I’m being nice. so before you mistake my kindness for weakness. Don’t assume I’m like any other person that lives in California. I’m far from it. I eat these piss ants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. .Respectfully, Brian Humphrey MAGA WWG1WGA


    • I’ll sign off on that,Grif-I’ve been pushing for that ever since California invaded,conquered and subsequently RUINED Reno shortly after I moved to Boise.


      • So Reno is now gone too Truck? How sad. That was going to be one of our maybes because at least it would be only over the hill from our kids here in CA. In a way doens’t surprise me. I had a friend, who is from CA. who moved to Reno, but she is a liberal. She is a good soul, but I cannot talk to her about anything political anymore because I simply will lose my temper, and alienate what is an otherwise decent friendship. She lives in the past where she still thinks of the democratic party as being like it was in the 1960’s. She comes from a family of union people and still is stuck in some kind of illusion that libs care about blue collar folks.

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  3. ……….and the winners are, the homeless, drugaddicts, homosexuals, and “the politicians”, let’s have a big applause. The losers are the taxpayers and the state of California with people running away as fast as they can.

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    • You are right Alma, and I am one of those about ready to run away. The fact is this state would never have been this heavily lopsided in favor of Liberals except for the fact that the politicians import hundred of thousands of third worlders here who want handouts and vote Democrat. I voted yesterday, but going to the voting place my husband said that he thinks it is not worth voting anymore because a conservative vote in this state basically doesn’t count. None of the props or people we vote for ever win. It is like you have no say in anything.

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      • For what its worth, before the “liberals” were republicans that screwed the place up every bit as bad, if not worse. You guys can fantasize all you like about the “differences’ between the two. I know better.

        Ray-Gun did more to destroy California than all the others combined. Then he was followed by a string of professional thieves from the political class. All of them Rethugs. The fact that the current batch is allegedly “Democrat” means nothing to me.

        I don’t trust, nor do I ever vote for either. They are like the left and right arm of the New World Odor. I’m not picking from that menu. I’ll go to another restaurant.


        • And you are right not to trust them, lophatt. I have otherwise intelligent, conservative friends who will use the phrase “our two party system” as though a limit of two political parties was enshrined somewhere in the Constitution. Two parties is not a limit, it is the result of two powerful, extremely well healed factions who, whether they acknowledge the fact or not, conspire to maintain the political status quo and their own personal power. Occasionally, conservatives such as Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, or radicals (yes radicals) such as Donald Trump manage to get elected. But they are the exception, not the rule.

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        • I am no idealizer of Reagan and the fact that we have no place to put mentally ill people is directly attributable to him.
          When you say that you are not picking from that menu, I have no idea what you mean. Last time I looked there was only one place to cast your vote for a politician, and those that run ( and win) are chosen for us. So what other restaurant are you talking about?


          • I NEVER vote for either party of the NWO. If there isn’t an alternative candidate, I write one in. I know, my guy can’t “win”. But, I voted, and I did not make myself complicit. I can always say “I didn’t vote for him/her” and be completely honest.

            I think voting for the lesser of two evils is worse. It is just enabling them to do what they shouldn’t be doing in the first place. So, what I mean is, I don’t allow them to “pick” the candidate for us. If we’re serious about changing that it would require a few more parties. In truth, I don’t expect that to happen. Nonetheless, I won’t be voting for people I don’t like, period.


        • RINO’s are worse than democrats in most cases.


  4. Is it becoming the appendix of America? If so, may it never rupture.

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  5. Just curious. What happens if a candidate dies before November? Does the remaining candidate win automatically? Or do they put # 2 and # 3 on the ballot?

    I just wondered since some candidates who made the cut are very old.

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  6. How do they get that many dead people to vote for Weinstein? Let’s get them out of The Union, quick. Mexico Del Norte has a nice ring, don’t ya’ think?

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  7. With just a little luck and one really stout earthquake,it COULD become Mexico Del Norte Island-Cuba West.


    • Truck, we got enough with the illegals from Méjico leave the Cubans out please, we don’t need to add more troubles as is!


  8. Then I could sell that “Ocean-front” property in Lake Tahoe….


  9. Eventually Mexico’s borders will be as before:


  10. We’ve got a fight on our hands in 2020.

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  11. A headline sure to freak out the proggies: “Troubles in San Francisco push some voters to think Republican”

    (It’s a New York Times article)


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  12. Something to think about: There is a “pendulum” in American politics. Twenty years ago, Orange County CA was nearly 100% Republican….and much of SoCal was, too. Also, many, many of my middle school students ferverently questioned me almost everyday at least once—“Are you a born-again Chistian?” There was a seeming religious “revival” going on in this country at the time. I had to politely redirect their questions, not wanting a parent to complain that I was “preaching” in school for one religion or another (I’ve always had a Muslim student or two…and, others ).

    Flash forward to the Obama years starting only 9 -10 years ago….10-11 years AFTER the era of which I spoke (above): Obama raled against the American “conservatives” on an overheard comment about Americans who “clung to their guns and Bibles…” (and for some obtuse reason that he argued, refused to wear an American flag pin ) and it did NOT end his political career right then and there in his campaigne offense. Among other atrocities, The Little Sisters of the Poor were prosecuted under Obama for not wanting to provide 2-buck birth control pills monthly to their secular employees…which would have violated their religious foundations…As in Medieveal Europe, when Protestants were compelled by the dominant religion/government..our service providers are compelled, under threat of financial ruin, jail, to violating their religious beliefs…..the only thing missing here today is that the government does not yet cut their tongues out (but, politically/socially, same difference in the outcome, b/c their “voices” are denied/destroyed in the process).

    I don’t know when, or how long it will take…but I still have faith that the American populace will still come to a reakoning with their freedoms and weigh the balance between “free things” and FREEDOMS one day, and figure out whom their oppressors are in this balance…& force the pendulum back again.

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