Virginia school board: No such thing as biological male/female genders

Yesterday, DCG published a post on Australia considering a ban on the terms “boy” and “girl” in children’s book.

But it’s not just Australia.

A county school board in the disUnited States of America means to radically overhaul public schools’ sex-education curriculum to say that there is no such thing as birth or biological gender, which means children are not born male or female. Instead, gender is fluid.

The Baphomet is transgender: neither male nor female

Cathy Ruse reports for Family Research Council, May 15, 2018, that public school students in Fairfax County, Virginia, are subjected to 80 hours of “Family Life Education” sex ed — on the kids’ evolving “sexual identity,” the proper handling of contraceptive drugs and devices, and how to give consent for sex.

But Fairfax County’s longtime Democrat-controlled school board is set to take things from bad to worse.

In early May, the school board — whose members include a 9th-grade student in braces — voted enthusiastically for the following changes to the sex-ed curriculum, recommended by a committee of hand-picked sex-ed advisors. Only three board members voted against the changes. The revised curriculum will be thrusted on every student unless their parents specifically say no.

These are the changes:

  1. Teach Fairfax kids they weren’t born male or female. The term “biological sex” will be replaced by the gender-fluid term, “sex assigned at birth.” As one sex-ed advisor explained: “Biological sex is meaningless!”
  2. Teach 7th and 8th grade students to embrace transgender identity, but don’t tell them about the health risks and side-effects of “gender transitioning.”
  3. Teach every high school student about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis or PrEP — a daily drug regimen for people “at very high risk” of contracting HIV, who are identified by the CDC as men who have sex with men without condoms. But the students will not be told that the FDA has not approved PrEP for children under 18, or that leading AIDs experts warn that PrEP will lead to a public health catastrophe for encouraging risky sex.
  4. Stop telling students about abstinence — that it is the only 100% effective method to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). At the school board meeting, the sex-ed advisors mocked abstinence education.
  5. Teach students how to use every available contraceptive drug, device and cream, without telling them about health risks or side effects.
  6. Strip parents of their right to opt their kids out of an 8th grade lesson on dating and family.
  7. Strip the word “clergy” from the list of trusted adults whom students might consult about their sexual identity concerns.

The full report on the proposed revisions to the sex-ed curriculum is available on Board Docs.

Fairfax County School Board members are elected for 4-year terms; one member represents each of the County’s nine magisterial districts, and three members serve at large. A student representative, selected for a one-year term by the Student Advisory Council, sits with the Board at all public meetings and participates in discussions, but does not vote. School Board members are paid a salary of $32,000 per year. The Chairman is paid an additional $2,000 per year.

Fairfax County School Board will vote on the changes at a school board meeting on June 14. The board is soliciting comments from the public about the proposed changes. The deadline for comments is June 8.

To comment on the proposed changes, email

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV

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51 responses to “Virginia school board: No such thing as biological male/female genders

  1. So very disgusting!!! This is satan’s agenda!! I am glad my kids are in their 40’s and on their own. Your DNA cannot be changed!! You are boy or girl, period!!!

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  3. These nutcases have taken it too far…yet you’ll notice, the men are wearing suits, and the women are wearing dresses and pant suits…they are dressing for what they are. So, if they don’t believe in male and female, why are these toads dressed for their gender? Idiots…

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  4. Please go to and see what they are teaching your kids. It’s not just Virginia. It’s every where. If you don’t think there’s a pedophile agenda, you’re not paying attention

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  5. No doubt this curriculum is being pushed by some teachers union.

    It would be nice if some parents who are doctors would come in and set this board straight on biology.

    The only way this madness will stop is if parents get mad and speak up.

    Otherwise the socialists win.

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  6. What is actually WORSE than those at the top who are psychopaths and are pushing this agenda, are those who act as their mind-bombed henchmen (yeah, I wrote henchmen, not hench-person) and march lock-step into the abyss for some filthy lucre.

    They are the worse abomination because these people are either unthinking dupes OR, worse yet, just don’t give a shyte, and will do anything they’re told, as long as they perceive some gain in it for themselves.

    If I were a parent in that district I’d be marching in their with a crucifix held high praying the St. Michael exorcism prayer.

    Again, this will not be stopped by asking ‘pretty please’.

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  7. Dr. E, I think the only way to combat this is to bring an equal force against it via oncologists, NICU personnel, OB-GYN practitioners, etc… in other words, lawsuits. What I’m saying is, these ppl should be sued by anyone that has suffered or died at the hands of cervical, breast, prostate, testicular, ovarian or other types of cancer, to name but a few maladies that are gender specific. Because according to these ppl, you can “choose your gender.” Also, the years of wasted med school time and money should be reimbursed by these ppl for all the doctors, nurse practitioners, etc… when all they had to do was tell the patient, “oh, I’m sorry mrs. Jones, you do have stage IV terminal ovarian cancer, and it has spread to your brain and lymph nodes. Under normal circumstances, I would order hospice, but thanks to the “choose your gender crowd,” just choose to be male, and it will go away! Feel better now? Good! Please see Sally on the way out for your $25 co-pay. Good luck ma’am/sir, have a long and prosperous life.” ( please note my extreme sarcasm here). This is truly NOT funny, but these IDIOTS won’t quit till we fight back!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Also, I realize that these ppl don’t respond to facts, but emotions. However, when the facts are overwhelming in nature, they can destroy an emotional narrative. Here are a few: ppl who delivered babies around the world last year, and in history- 100% female. Ovarian cancer pts.- 100% female. Cervical cancer pts.-100% female. Testicular cancer pts.-100% male. Prostate cancer pts.-100% male. Ppl having C-sections-100% female,mothers who died during childbirth-100% female. Useage of menstral cycle products-100% female. Number of children born requiring a female egg and male sperm-100%!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on with more stats, figures, data, etc… but the point is made. ONLY when we, as normal people, put this data into a formal presentation, with attorneys and Specialists in tow, and go into battle against these demons will we win! We must band together and FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Just in
    Fashion designer Kate Spade committed suicide inside her Upper East Side apartment, according to police sources. She was 55. Spade hanged herself with a scarf on a doorknob inside her Upper East Side apartment and was found by a housekeeper around 11 a.m. Tuesday, sources said. The handbag maven left a note, according to sources. Story developing …

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  9. Where are the parents??? I am wasting my breath as usual. VA, for the most part is very conservative but Northern VA (a suburb of DC) is a wasteland of demrat idiology… yes idiology, not ideology and the main reason you find VA in the blue column so often. So many of us who are of the conservative persuasion are frustrated beyond words at the way the tail wags the dog (No. VA seems to have their thumb on the scale) in VA.

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    • The parents are getting their own doses of “medicine”, Phoenix, mostly from the non-child-proofed boxes which they and their kids worship in the center of their living room. Where even that doesn’t work there are the networks of cultural Marxists and noahide Freemasons to do the will of those who push it.

      “Today, we have entered a perilous phase where mind control has taken on a physical, scientific dimension that threatens to become a permanent state if we do not become aware of the tools at the disposal of the technocratic dictatorship unfolding on a worldwide scale.

      Modern mind control is both technological and psychological. Tests show that simply by exposing the methods of mind control, the effects can be reduced or eliminated, at least for mind control advertising and propaganda.” [Goes on to list the 10 methods].


      • If the explanation is mind control, how come regular readers of FOTM and other AltMedia aren’t mind-controlled?


        • Dr. E, here’s my $0.02…. all of the ppl that I know, follow on the internet, etc…that are “woke” have at least one thing in common: they don’t watch tv…. they get ZERO “news” from the msm, Big Brother, etc… I was gonna add this in yesterday, but Forgot till I read Flanders post. Here’s the point: Generation Z is retardant to the msm BS narrative, because they can ( and do) check the facts on the web. That’s why even tho these stories about school junk are shocking, the kids know it’s not true…. ( most of them). I have three teenagers with tons of friends, and I listen to them talking… it’s quite eye-opening and actually reassuring. They know they are being fed a line of BS…. funny story: About a week ago my oldest son had a bunch of friends over, and my wife was talking about different tv shows… they were all basically ignoring her.. she spoke up and said, “do ANY of y’all watch such-and-such show??” One of them looked at her and said, “Miss J, kids our age don’t watch tv. Tv is so lame, it’s for old ppl….”

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        • From what I observe, “mind control” is a bit of a misnomer, as it presumes an ability of another person to completely eliminate free will of another, something I believe is cosmologically impossible. That is to say a person can be conditioned to behave a certain way with guile and conditioning tactics, and suggested to that they have no control (and subsequently if they believe that suggestion they will purposefully chose to forfeit a measure of control.) when they really do.

          This subtle change in focus to suggesting that actual free will is eliminated opens a can of worms cosmologically and theologically speaking, such as “if free will can really be removed, why are Christians still around, wouldn’t the devil have used his agents to remove such from every Christian and potential Christian?” and “if the devil or his agents can forcibly remove free will entirely, something God imparts to all people, doesn’t that put him on an equal footing of power?” (Thus opening the door to gnostic dualism) and finally “If free will can be forcibly removed, the people under such would not be responsible for the crimes they then undertake, such as taking the mark, or blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which arguably would be two of the things the devil or his slaves would try to do first thing once they compromised someone, in order to ensure God couldn’t reclaim them, this would also be implying that it’d be unrighteous of God to Judge them on those things.” Since we know God does Judge these things, among others, it must be true that Free Will is more of a “cosmological law” so to speak, that cannot be forcibly removed by evil, thus people always have the ability of choice, regardless of any other circumstances, despite the devil, and those foolish enough to serve him, trying very hard to create the illusion that they can remove it, and attempting to exploit that deception to keep people trapped.

          After all if someone believes a suggestion/deception that they don’t have a choice, despite truly having a choice, they will willingly do what they are told, giving an illusion that their free will is gone, (And similarly reinforcing the deception in those that see them doing this as well.) and likely ignoring the voice inside telling them otherwise, such is one pernicious deception, but as said before, Free Will is always there, so a choice can always be made. Always remember that you can always make choices, (Ignore anything saying otherwise) and the choices you make are your own responsibility, but remember to have empathy for those that have deluded themselves into thinking they no longer have choices, and remind them that they do, in fact, still have Free Will.

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        • Dr. Eowyn, First I’d like to thank Jerry O for his excellent comment, which I agree is a great sigh among our young people. Although there are other reasons which are too involved for a short comment, I think the article below will help to illustrate one answer to your question. As you will see the answer is affirmed by a “great authority”, Satanist Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.

          “OK, so how did television go from model citizen to deadbeat?; from Bible and family values to today’s sex, gore, foul language, political correctness, ridicule of Christianity, and even satanic occultism? The answer: they pulled one of the oldest tricks—“boil the frog.”

          “The Real Reason There Was a “Golden Age of Television”

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  10. Where to begin? First, how are these idiots “expert”? Physically, a medical professional or board of standards must be involved. Morally, a religious question is not something a board of directors decides.

    These people must be from the Planet Urdu or something. They actually think they can simply declare something “true” and it is? Where are all the professionals on who’s toes they’re treading? Maybe we should simply declare them all insane and have them taken away.

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  12. Your tax dollars at work working on your children.

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  13. So there is more than 2 genders? A third would be a mutant. I am familar with the genitalia of the normal 2 but not a third. Will the school board please mail me all their information on this third? That I have to see because it wasn’t taught in physiology or anatomy and a discovery on this scale means my education is not complete.

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  14. “Oxfordshire School Bans Shorts And Tells Boys to Wear Skirts Instead”

    “Oxfordshire school told its male students who find trousers too hot in the summer months to instead wear skirts as part of a ‘gender-neutral’ uniform policy. Shorts are not ‘gender-neutral’ according to the school’s new policy, so shorts are banned.

    Under the Equality Act, schools are being forced to protect transgender students from discrimination.

    The school introduced a ‘more formal’ uniform policy at the beginning of the school year, stipulating that students’ legwear may only be either trousers or skirts, but this ‘forma’ dress code is just a euphemism for the Jewish run school wanting boys dressing in drag.

    Oxford MP Layla Moran is leading the leading charge on gender-neutral school uniforms.

    She says was born in a Christian family from Palestine, but I doubt it. How many overtly Marxist concepts can you find? No hidden Easter eggs required.

    But of course, Moran would not force skirts onto jewish boys, as that would be racist. A White child in drag? Well, that’s a different story.” [Continue]

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  15. This is an open and wanton attack, with a not-at-all veiled assault on Religion as well, and they’re clearly not bothering much with flowery sugar-coating. Hopefully there will be enough outcry that it will experience total, and utter, defeat, and hopefully lead to backlash which will remove these disease vector demoniacs from their positions, and strip them of tenure.

    Seems like the children are being attacked even more now, and more directly, than before:

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    • I am also reminded by this of the vile “kindelraden” movement which seemed to encoruage the same things (but also children having sex with parents, etc.) As well as the reichian child molestation… because reich, like kinsey, was a filthy, broken, and reprehensible deviant that tried to push “breaking” children’s “armor” with regard to sexual things, in addition to his bizarre “energy experiments” among other things. If you do a search on him most of the results you’ll get will be positive and glowing apologetics of how he was a “genius”, despite the evidence seeming to show a slide into insanity, these results showing the lack of push-back against his shlock.

      I suspect the same will be re-introduced in the U.S. as the satanists begin to overtly corrupt. Bottom line, if you or your friends or relations have children, good grief keep them out of any/all state run public school systems, regardless of any consequences, the kid’s minds and souls are under direct, and constant, attack, and worth more than the so-called “education” used as a pretext to trap them in these vile satanist re-education (read: de-education) centers.

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  16. Not to spam the comments, but relatedly, just ran across this on Mr. Makow’s twitter:

    Not sure how valid it is as yet, and given the people posting it also talk about fulford etc. it could well be bogus, but better to err on the side of caution, and felt this the best place to put it, given the subject matter. Methinks if anyone finds such a “camp” in the future, they should not go telling the departments, and should collect all evidence first, then tell the cops, etc. (who, it would seem are working against the citizenry, not for them… even if a given set of officers is good, their chief etc. can overrule them, so that would render the whole department ineffectual for actual investigation. Since the FBI already admitted to running child porn sites, they’re inadmissible for investigation as well.)

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  17. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:

    Virginia-Schule-Brett: keine solche Sache wie biologische Geschlechter männlich/weiblich
    Geschrieben am 5. Juni 2018 von Dr. Eowyn | 25 Kommentare
    DCG veröffentlichte gestern einen Beitrag über Australien zu erwägen, ein Verbot für die Begriffe “Boy” und “Mädchen” im Kinder-und Jugendbuch.

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  18. Shocking how those people in the School Board photo look so “normal,” like “Average Americans,” yet their minds, hearts, & souls are debased & twisted to an EXTREME DEGREE per the listed new sex-ed goals.

    You would never know by looking at them how freaking WARPED they are on the inside (“whitewashed graves”) to come up with such debauched ideas, & AGAINST the welfare of minors of whom they supposedly “care.”

    WHERE do such people come from? How MANY zombies like them are really out there? HOW did they become so utterly corrupt in their thinking?

    Of course we all know the answers to those questions but it really is shocking just the same. I wonder how many of those women in the photo would scratch your eyes out if you chatted with them in a grocery checkout line & tried to reason with them re the HARM they are doing to children?!

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    • Re my Where How Why Qs re that School Board, this teacher, Carl Herman, says, after 41 years of working with thousands of people & students, that 95% are either too brainwashed &/or too chicken to grasp truth & stand up for it. That’s pretty bad, 95%!

      Do “truthers” really only make up 5%? Herman says there will NEVER be a lot of “truthers” (“messengers”) but only JUST ENOUGH to make it clear that the masses do “have a choice”! << I thought that was a very interesting point to ponder!

      “Working conclusion after 41 years of civic activism: 95% of humans really are ‘sheeple’…”:

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      • TPR, thanks for posting that. Great, great information! P.S. everyone on this board please take a few minutes to read this…. it’s excellent! And I would unfortunately agree with the 95/5% figure quoted…. however, that means there are ~ 17 million “woke” folks…. that’s a lot!

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    • Shocking how those people in the School Board photo look so “normal,” like “Average Americans,”

      I wanted to find out the names of the members of the Fairfax County School Board, then found their group photo. I, too, was surprised by how seemingly “normal” they look. This means either (a) Looks are deceiving; or worse, (b) “normal” Americans have been thoroughly brainwashed and corrupted.

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  19. NYC Subway Today…

    Fairfax County, VA, Tomorrow…

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  20. Because they want the gender blender community praised and worshipped. Also because satan is at once androgynous yet sexless..think about that above so below- freaky goat of mendes- dude/dudette

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  21. To sign off with some good news…

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  22. So, are these so called school board members actually parents of students at the schools or are they hired off the streets? Are they okay with their own children being programmed with this? For $32,000 a year, makes one wonder if they aren’t being supplemented by one of the hundreds of rich liberals into child pedophila.
    This is just weird anyway you look at it.

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  23. This is a test; I repeat, the following is a test. If it had been the real thing you would have been asked to drop your pants. Seriously, I’m attempting to write this with a straight face, because I hope that when you read it no one has a straight face.

    Now let me see if I understand this: a school board has deluded itself into thinking that sexually inquisitive children (a natural, God-given bent for His good purposes) will no longer be able to see a quantifiable difference between themselves, male and female. Instead, if and when they look upon one another, a foggy haze will obscure all signs of genitalia. Okay, maybe ‘haze’ isn’t the exact right word, but you get my drift.

    I’m sorry, that’s not going to work. It can’t, and it won’t, and they shouldn’t –the school board that is– take this upon themselves. Somehow, we naked ones managed to get this far using two models, and I think we’ll manage just fine until we’re made over for new models. Anything else can be seen for what it is: not original equipment, not Maker certified (OEM).

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