FAA endangers public safety by emphasizing diversity over competence in selection of air traffic controllers

It’s bad enough that university and even medical school admissions emphasize race/ethnicity over achievement, now comes news that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does that as well. The difference is that by prioritizing “diversity” over competence in the selection of air traffic controllers, the FAA is endangering public safety.

Appearing on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last Friday, June 1, 2018, aviation attorney Michael Pearson said just that — that the Federal Aviation Administration puts diversity ahead of public safety with its hiring practices for air traffic controllers, in order to favor black applicants.

According to his LinkedIn page, Michael Pearson:

“is a partner with Curry, Pearson & Wooten PLC. His practice is devoted largely to complex litigation including aviation accidents, aviation regulation, severe personal injury, wrongful death, commercial litigation and defamation matters. In addition, he often consults with clients regarding Federal Aviation Regulation compliance. Michael is one of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers, AV rated, is a member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and has achieved the highest rating possible by ‘AVVO.’ He has also been honored by the National Trial Lawyers Association and named as one of the ‘Top 100 Trial Attorneys’ throughout the entire state of Arizona and has been selected by his peers as a ‘SuperLawyer.’

Michael teaches aviation law and regulation classes at Arizona State University and is the author of ‘Foundations of Aviation Law’ a textbook used in graduate and undergraduate courses.”

A former air traffic controller himself, Pearson is representing a man who is suing the FAA for its dangerous “diversity” hiring practices.

Tucker Carlson & aviation attorney Michael Pearson

The interview began with this introduction by Carlson:

Every day, more than 2.5 million Americans fly in or out of US airports, along with, of course, many billions of dollars of cargo. At any one time, there are about 5,000 aircraft above the United States.

On 9/11, for example, air traffic controllers guided every one of them to a safe landing in a little over an hour. Go ahead and try that.

It’s the kind of job where even a small mistake could lead instantly to the deaths of hundreds of people. Not surprisingly, the hiring standards for air traffic controllers were long among the most selective of all federal jobs.

Applicants typically needed to complete military service or pass the FAA’s Collegiate Training Initiative Program. After that, they sat for a specially-designed exam that tested for relevant job skills, skills like math ability and complex problem-solving.

Only those with the highest scores made the cut. The system was designed to choose the best. And for decades, it worked.

Then, during the Obama administration, activist bureaucrats decided that the pool of air traffic controllers wasn’t diverse enough. They never explained why diversity ought to matter in air traffic control or why it was more important than traditional goals like competence and public safety.

The FAA, without a vote, just scrapped the old hiring system and replaced it with a diversity-friendly version. Most people have no idea this happened.

The FAA now requires many of its applicants to fill out what they call a biographical questionnaire before another other screening. Those who answer the questions in a way that diversity monitors don’t like cannot be considered for hiring, not matter how much experience they have or how well they may do on the other portions of the testing.

The biographical questionnaire is all important. So, what is in this biographical questionnaire? Well, we can answer that question because we’ve got a copy of it and we also got information about how it is scored. And it’s shocking!

For example, one question asked test-takers to name their worst grade in high school. The preferred answer for that is science. In other words, if you can’t do science, the FAA is especially eager to hire you as an air traffic controller. You get 10 points for being bad at science, according to the scoring sheet.

Another question asked about work history. According to the FAA, the best answer to that question is you haven’t worked at all in the past three years. You get 10 points for not working.

Apparently, unemployed people make the best air traffic controllers. This is demented, by the way, but it’s real. So do applicants who played a lot of sports in high school. They’re rewarded too.

By contrast, applicants who say they know a great deal about air traffic control get only five points. Trained pilots get two points.

Once again, applicants who haven’t worked at all, who have been unemployed for the past three years, get 10 points. Pilots, 2 points. This is insane. And it’s dangerous. It’s also indefensible.

We asked the FAA’s top spokesman why applicants for an air traffic control job would get more points for playing high school sports than for flying planes or knowing a lot about air traffic control.

His response, “I’m trying to find that out as well.” Well, not actually trying very hard, it turns out. We still haven’t heard back with a real explanation and, of course, we won’t because there isn’t one, other than shut up, diversity.

But we won’t shut up. This is too important. Lives are at stake.

Below is Michael Pearson’s testimony:

the biographical questionnaire and biographical assessment…was made to screen out people with experience…. The test was basically meant to screen out people with aviation experience. There’s even worse questions and answers on the test….

[A] group within the FAA, including the human resources function within the FAA, including the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees, determined that the workforce was too white.

They had a concerted effort through the Department of Transportation of the Obama administration to change that. And quite frankly, they’re sacrificing, and have sacrificed, safety at the altar of political correctness.

What happened offends not only the conscience but also federal law….

[O]ur law firm, along with Mountain States Legal Foundation, filed the initial lawsuit, and then the group of schools got together, over 30 collegiate training institutional schools got together and actually went to Congress.

And there have been members of Congress. Rep. Randy Hultgren, Rep. Frank LoBiondo have held hearings on this. The problem of it is that the union, NATCA [National Air Traffic Controllers Association], controls a large PAC and they fund a lot of politicians, and nothing will get past in aviation without the blessing of the controllers union.

And their position radically changed when the Obama administration came in. And my belief is that favors were changed. Now, I’m not saying that lightly. I was an air traffic controller at four of the busiest facilities in the country for almost 27 years, along with being an attorney and a professor.

So, when I say these things, it’s not based only on experience, it’s also based upon documentary evidence and proof I have….

This is not a partisan issue, quite frankly, because, again, it’s the safety of the national airspace that’s at risk here….

And to be very straightforward, the mainstream media has not covered it actually and has covered up this issue and has not revealed what’s going on. And it’s a shame. And it’s not only shameful. It again sacrifices public safety.

Go to Breitbart for the video.

H/t John Molloy


65 responses to “FAA endangers public safety by emphasizing diversity over competence in selection of air traffic controllers

  1. Inclusion of the incompetent is mandatory. Diversity is the only
    end allowable. Genocide of white Gentiles is the ultimate goal!

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This has to stop. The Federal Aviation Administration puts diversity ahead of public safety with its hiring practices for air traffic controllers, in order to favor black applicants. If you can’t meet the qualifications and toe the mark – we have to erase that mark for safety sake.

    We have to stop this insanity and stop trying to please the masses. There are many jobs that this can happen; but , safety of the public is not one of them.


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  3. The job of an air traffic controller requires those who can handle high levels of stress as has been well documented over recent decades. Contact your legislators.

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  4. Just offensive. The same thing has been going on for decades when it comes to non-elected officials as well: police chiefs, city managers, you name it. And don’t forget law schools and certainly colleges, both students and professors.

    The intentional dumbing-down of America is required to take it over. Only the feeble-minded can be controlled via brain washing. That’s the plan…

    We need to ensure the best-qualified are put in place for such important and hard-earned positions, regardless of their race or color or whatever. If others can’t get in on their own, then do what it takes to get them qualified, don’t just dumb down the requirements for them (and not for others, even worse)!

    There is a time and a place to reward exceptionalism — those who have worked hard and proven themselves the best qualified, regardless of their appearance or DNA.

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    • Political correctness (and stupidity) has made fiction reality:

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      • Omg!!!! I read that book in high school ( 5,675 years ago!) haven’t thought about it since! Thanks, thanks for posting that…. I will re-read it!!

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    • cogityoergosumantra . . . . Excellent comments! Your last paragraph truly says it all . . . . There is a time and a place to reward “exceptionalism” — those who have worked hard and proven themselves the best “qualified,” regardless of their appearance or DNA.

      After reading this, it truly confirms that the damage that Obummer did to our country truly exceeds the limits that the rest of us ever imagined.

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  5. Obama is to blame along with the fake news media. They went full blown on diversity. Bill Clinton opened the door for Obama. Now look at the mess they created!!!

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    • Bill Clinton opened the door for Obama.

      Actually, it was JFK: “Affirmative action was first created from Executive Order 10925, which was signed by President John F. Kennedy on 6 March 1961 and required that government employers ‘not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, creed, color, or national origin” and “take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin’.”

      Subsequently, Affirmative Action (i.e., non-discrimination) devolved into racial/ethnic quotas — the active promotion by government and other institutions of racial/ethnic/gender criteria over achievement criteria of test scores and competence.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for delving into the history of “affirmative action.” How many of us citizens would actually think that “affirmative action” meant throwing away common sense regarding hiring only the most competent in fields where lives were at stake? This kind of thinking truly gives me a smashing headache!!!!!

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      • Thank you! for the AA history lesson. I had mistakenly thought it was LBJ who had wormed that AA travesty into American culture & business/professions/jobs.

        Hire by skin color & sex, not by MERIT, skill, education, training, & experience! Like THAT will really work out well! Not. Shame on JFK for being a dupe.

        I suppose it sounded “noble” on paper but the Commies knew exactly what end-goal they were after > destruction of mostly-White, mostly-Christian “middle-class affluence” American Society & Culture.

        Once they got AA on the books, next was throwing open the borders to allow in gobs of colors, creeds, races, religions to slowly take over the jobs & disrupt White Christian society. That “new” Immigration Act was 1965, I think, which would have been LBJ.

        Then the FemiNazis busted through the door & began taking over jobs that previously were Men Only.

        Then later the Sexual-Degenerates floodgate was opened, though pervs were already in positions but mostly stayed quiet about it.

        Then the Military welcomed that last batch with open arms, already having succumbed to the first three anti-American ploys.

        So that’s FOUR “pillars” put in place since the 1960s that need to be uprooted:
        AA + Immigration + Femis + Faggies.

        Big Job, bigger than Trump apparently. 😦

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      • “Liberalism”/”Progressivism”/”Socialism” and all of the many ‘isms’ are the tyranny of a “dominant minority”. This audio is from 2007. I recommend you take a listen.


  6. Is there anything that Obama touched that he didn’t screw up? Jeesh…

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    • DCG . . . . As time goes by, we begin to see how deeply Obummer’s actions have crippled our nation. That this kind of damage would be done is beyond belief!

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  7. I’ll add this to my long list of reasons not to fly!

    Knowing that this has been going on for air traffic controllers, you can be sure it’s been going on even longer for other professions that also pose great risks to the lives that fall into their hands, i.e. doctors, policemen, fire fighters, paramedics, and many others. It’s probably even occurring with pilots.

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    • Reason #476 why I don’t fly.

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    • Maryaha . . . . I can only agree with you. The fact that now we are hiring bodies depending on skin color or other quantifiable markers is beyond the pale.

      Here in St John’s, a suburb of Portland, we frequently see the men, and a few women of the local Fire Dept. grocery shopping at Fred Meyer. They come, they leave their fire truck running, I suppose in case of a call out. What I noticed recently was that although the majority of the men (I will not speak of the women) are relatively good sized men. They are obviously physical fit, I should say the majority of them are minimally 5′ 10″ . . . .imagine my surprise when amongst them is a young black man, although he was very athletic looking, I doubt that he was 5′ 6″ in height. The first question that came to find, in a blazing fire, should a victim need to be carried out of the building, unless the victim was the stature of a child–how is a man who is 5’6″ going to accomplish this task? What if the victim was a man or woman who was taller than he, and perhaps weighted 200 lbs. If a fireman/woman cannot physically bare the weight of a victim–does that person just get “left behind?” Thank goodness, although in my childhood it was very common to hear the fire engine being called out, now it is a rarity. They are more often called out when one calls for am ambulance, than for a fire.

      Recently my 86 year old neighbor upstairs took a fall. Obviously, I was not at home, as I did not hear anything. It was not until the following day when I noticed she had not come downstairs to get her mail that I was alerted to the fact that something was amiss. I let myself into the apt, found her on the floor. She keep telling me to just get one of “my guys” to help get her up. I imagined she meant one of my nephews/brothers. I called 911 instead. I was never so happy as to see a woman as part of the crew the Fire Dept sent out. In this instance it was a great blessing, since the guys just rather stayed in the hallway while the woman attended to Katie’s needs, such as taking her to the bathroom, getting fresh clothes on her . . . . but if the house were burning down, I would want the guys who are approaching 6 feet to help me out of a burning building.

      If we look hard enough, we see that the “affirmative action” rules have diluted the total quality and efficacy of a number of our safety groups, this includes the Police Dept. I had occasion to see a Portland Police male/female duo in action. He male officer took care of the “more combative” person, while the female went and took statements from on-lookers. I suppose he was just looking out for his diminutive blond partner. How is this fair? In this kind of instance, the male officer is put in hazardous situations statistically more often than the female officer. To me this is an unfair burden to the male officer to not be paired with a partner of his equal.

      This is the crazy new world we live in. I do hope that Congress can step in to rectify this situation. My question is . . . in the case of a flying incident where the air traffic controller is guilty of malfeasance, or just plain incompetence . . . can we sue the Federal government for the dismal performance of their personnel?

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      • Consider giving the elderly lady upstairs a loud whistle to wear on a string around her neck, or any other lightweight but loud-noisemaker that she could wear with ease, in case she ever falls again. She may have asked for your male friends vs. 911 because she didn’t want to be hauled away to a hospital or nursing home. (How saavy is she to the dangers in such places for the elderly?) Glad it turned out so well for her even with 911.

        Agree with all else you described re fireMEN & policeMEN. Insanity now rules but it did not happen by accident. All Commies & Feminazis & Incompetents they hired need to be thrown out of all govt. positions, from the Fed down to city/county govts.

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        • “Consider giving the elderly lady upstairs a loud whistle to wear”

          Get a Life Alert. Auntie Lulu is not the woman’s caretaker.


          • Dr Eowyn . . . . I have spoken with her niece, who now acts as her “caregiver” or “legal representative.” It would seem that the answer is “NO” to anything that requires her to spend money on something, or unless it has been the thought or idea on their part. I may just purchase a whistle and give it to her myself.

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            • I may just purchase a whistle and give it to her myself.

              Who will respond to her whistle? You? Which then makes you at her beck and call.
              You’re her landlady, not her caregiver. Besides, you are a senior citizen yourself.
              Can you contact Social Services or a city/state agency for seniors? Seems to me your elderly renter can no longer live on her own, but requires care.


              • Dr Eowyn . . . . You are extremely perceptive, yes, I would be the “beck & call” person. Because of the fact that I have been rather generous and have accommodated her with respect to having kept her rent well below ($200.00 or more) the going rate . . . her “legal representative” is not in the least interested in moving her. I am just waiting for something “big” to happen before I call the state agency. Yes, I know I may seem foolish, but since we are all beggars before the Lord, I wish to “do unto others in a charitable manner.” As sure as God made little green apples, I know that the day is coming when something will happen and she will have to move from here.

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                • I am just waiting for something “big” to happen before I call the state agency.

                  I suggest you do research now on your options. Like so many “Progressive” cities/states, your city probably has stringent anti-eviction laws that favor tenants.


  8. To me the issue is that he is continuing his agenda. Why doesn’t the Trump administration put a stop to things like this. obongo is ruling from Kalarama. It needs to stop. o

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  9. Look at how they did this. They didn’t conduct a study or do it publicly. That shows how little regard they have for the public. This has Obongo stuck all over it.

    As to Trump, why hasn’t he asked his staff to conduct a thorough review of things that occurred during the Obongo reign? There shouldn’t be a single nit wit leftover from O’Bummer’s operation by now. Oh, but we still have Sessions.

    It isn’t sufficient to simply “stop” it. It has to be REVERSED. I don’t necessarily trust the airline industry or the government, but I’ve had to fly a LOT. It doesn’t make me comfortable knowing that some layabout with zero math skills is “assisting” my flight.

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  10. As soon as you said that it started again. I’m not sure it’s “fixed”. I found information and followed the instructions. But it started again. I may have to take it in. It is an automatic pronunciation feature for foreign languages. I didn’t do it on purpose. Weird!

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  11. Only one way to stop this nonsense .. QUIT FLYING! Don’t like being groped by TSA? QUIT FLYING! Don’t feel safe anymore, social engineers flying the planes and people with -17 IQ in the control towers, fares and baggage charges too high? QUIT FLYING! I quit flying when TSA came in and started nuking people and ransacking luggage. They have never stopped a potential terrorist. Who is paying for this harassment? I’ll stay home the rest of my life, if necessary.

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    • P.S. What would happen if EVERYONE quit flying for just one week? Sometimes we need to sacrifice.


      • That would be good but difficult to get masses of people to agree. When TSA first began, there were several calls for boycotts for a day, etc. But obviously it didn’t make a dent because TSA — AND — Chertoff’s naked body scanners are still in operation AFAIK (?)

        I’ve only flown four times in my life, the last time was Fall 2002 & there was no TSA as yet, thank God. I knew I would never fly again after I heard about TSA.

        Driving was always the best way to go anywhere > at your own leisure & by your own rules & with your own privacy intact. With driving, you call the shots, pick the route, & avoid anything, anyone, or anyplace you don’t want to mess with.

        At least travel-by-car “USED TO” be a pleasure; maybe not so much these days with aliens & homeless & criminals littered across the highways & byways. 😦

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        • Driving was always the best way to go anywhere

          Not if you go overseas. Many must do this for work reasons.


          • Obviously I meant intracontinental driving.

            As for flying for job purposes, overseas or otherwise, that’s why I said to Goldbug it would be difficult to get masses of people to not fly for a week as he suggested.

            Then again, there’s cruise ships!

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            • When I was still working it wasn’t at all unusual for my boss to inform me that I had to travel cross country the following day to be at a hearing or other meeting. The secretary would set it up and I had to go. Some don’t have the luxury to say no.

              I don’t do that now, but I know the feeling well.

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    • Goldbug . . . . I must confess I agree with you about flying nowadays. Last Fall I looked into taking a train trip. Frankly, the idea seemed much less stressful. I didn’t end up going but perhaps contemplation is the first step.

      Good grief, you could load your Kindle up with several good books, and you would be set. When you don’t feel time pressures, perhaps train travel is the way to go. At least that is the way I see it today.

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  13. Ain’t cultural divershitty grand?


  14. Here’s a disaster from selective hiring that resulted in dead kids:


    “During the chaos of the Parkland school shooting, paramedics from Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department were desperate to go inside the building where students were wounded and dying.

    Michael McNally, deputy chief for Coral Springs fire-rescue, asked six times for permission to send in specialized teams of police officers and paramedics, according to an incident report he filed after the Feb. 14 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 people dead.

    But every time McNally asked to deploy the two Rescue Task Force teams — each made up of three paramedics and three to four law enforcement officers — the Broward Sheriff’s Office captain in charge of the scene, Jan Jordan, said no.

    “The [BSO] incident commander advised me, ‘She would have to check,’ ” McNally wrote in the report released Thursday by Coral Springs. “After several minutes, I requested once again the need to deploy RTF elements into the scene to … initiate treatment as soon as possible. Once again, the incident commander expressed that she ‘would have to check before approving this request.’ ”

    Even after the shooter had been arrested, the answer remained the same.

    It’s not known whether paramedics, who arrived at Stoneman Douglas within minutes of the shooting, could have saved lives. Thirty-four people had been shot inside the school’s freshman building. Gunshot wound victims can bleed out quickly, meaning fast action is necessary. The special RTF teams allow paramedics to treat victims under the protection of police officers in situations where a shooter has been pinned down or fled but has not necessarily been captured.”


  15. There’s something happening here
    What it is ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I got to beware
    I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
    Young people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance from behind
    It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    What a field-day for the heat
    A thousand people in the street
    Singing songs and carrying signs
    Mostly say, hooray for our side
    It’s s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    You step out of line, the man come and take you away
    We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, now, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Stop, children, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down
    Songwriters: Stephen Stills
    For What It Is Worth lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


    • Haha, an Oldie Goldie with lyrics almost more applicable now, 51 years later, than then.

      First recorded Dec. 1966, released as a record Jan.1967, Buffalo Springfield was the group:


      • TPR, you sure know your stuff, yes I totally agree with you those lyrics were written for today, btw it drives the meaning, doesn’t it?👍🇺🇸


        • Thank you, but not really, just “over the hill.” 😉

          “Predictive Rock” maybe?

          (Per [now-deceased] Dave McGowan’s research, many of those “rockers” of that era were the children of Intelligence Agency parents. Hmm!)

          I did not even like those morose-sounding songs+lyrics that grew in abdundance in the later Sixties (& all of which basically went over my head at the time).

          The other music was more fun & lighthearted, Beach Boys, Motown, etc.

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      • Yeah I have a one of the original albums. Steve Stills at his finest.


  16. So…..like the regulations that make fast-food restaurants list their calorie-counts per each meal…or food labels to list all ingredients…..etc etc..so you can make life-saving choices about your food over a lifetime…..is it TIME that when you fly, your ATC’s credentials/full details of acceptance into his/her employment, test scores, performance records, etc….be shown when you are booking a flight to and fro for each airport? I pretty much think a minimally-qualified/”diversity”-employed ATC could be more dangerous to my longevity than a Big Mac.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good idea! in EVERY occupation where AA has reigned for 57 years! Everyone en masse could demand such background info before hiring a doctor, a dentist, an airline for a flight, etc. We may not get answers but THEY will become aware that WE know & WE are sick of it. Everything begins with a “seed.” So plant one in THEIR brains (the “middlemen”) & the seed will grow until it reaches the Upper Mgmt. Control-Freaks who go along with this madness.


    • Yeah, I’m so old I remember when it was fun to fly. No being treated like a terrorist. I went to Yugoslavia once before the collapse of the USSR and it was EASIER to fly than it is here.

      Now this just shows how little they consider us. This isn’t a job for a clown. If you mess this up people die. To think that they played with this behind everybody’s back to benefit his loser friends really burns me up.

      Liked by 1 person

      • lophatt . . . . That this scheme could have possibly been pulled off, is in itself, an astonishing fete. I wonder how many more of these types of schemes we will find in the wake of O’Bummer?

        Liked by 2 people

    • CalGirl . . . . That was an extremely savvy comment. I absolutely agree with you . . . . an ATC who has been minimally trained, or who is of lower IQ sure as shootin’ is far more dangerous to our longevity that eating a Big Mac! The comparison of the two is enough to make a person crazy.


  17. How freemasonic of them (a lesser publicized trait of freemasonry is that of always favoring a “brother freemason” over a non-freemason applicant for a job, among other things, even if the non-freemason is just as qualified, and likely even if they’re better qualified).

    People should have told the FAA & the lot to take their business, and stow it where their brains are, (not atop their neck, obviously.) back when they started the whole TSA bolshevik nonsense… and due to the limp-wristed response by the cowardly public, The Sexual Abusers/TSA are more ingrained at airports than ever, and are looking to try to slither into train and bus stations now, no less. As if the sexual molestation of adults & children continuing on a daily basis wasn’t reason enough to shut down their whole business, with this added insult there is no guarantee of a competent traffic controller in the towers either, greatly raising risk of accidents.

    I don’t like to imagine the scenario of someone getting “cavity searched” and then dying in a preventable crash with that as their last memory, but as long as the citizenry “tolerates” this filth and psychosis, this kind of scenario becomes much more likely. The question is, why does the general public “tolerate” this, even sexual assaults on children by those in positions of so-called “authority”, and yet are willing to fight tooth and nail to promote evil, and what can we do to reverse that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s totally bizarre. Where was the QA? That is almost too stupid to believe. What was supposed to hold up the bridge? I had a career overseeing projects similar to this. Whether it was private and overseen by an owner, or public and overseen by government representatives, there had to be some oversight

      It is quite possible for oversight to not examine the calc’s. This looks like the mother of all lawsuits here.

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