Dodging bullets and sexual predators: Chicago Public Schools failed to report abuse cases by school employees

cps janice jackson

CPS CEO Janice Jackson: Has been “immersed” in CPS her entire life…

From the CPS web site:

“Protecting Chicago’s Students: CPS Plan of Action. Nothing is more important to Chicago Public Schools than the safety and well-being of your children.

From MyFoxChicago: Chicago Public Schools officials failed to protect hundreds of students who were sexually abused by school employees, according to a newspaper investigation.

The Chicago Tribune says its investigation revealed teachers and principals often failed to alert child welfare investigators or police when students disclosed abuse despite the state’s mandated reporting law.

The newspaper found that the district’s Law Department has investigated 430 reports of employee sexual abuse, assault or harassment of students since 2011. The district said it found credible evidence of misconduct in 230 cases.

The newspaper examined more than 100 cases and identified about 70 school employees involved, including teachers, coaches, security workers, administrators, custodians, school bus drivers, counselors and lunchroom workers. Cases occurred at schools throughout the city, including Simeon Career Academy and Payton College Prep high school.

Morgan Aranda reported that a teacher at Payton College Prep touched her inappropriately when she was 14, leading to the teacher’s dismissal from the district. She encouraged others to speak up about abuse. “If more survivors speak out about their assaults, ultimately fewer students will be harmed,” Aranda said.

Ineffective background checks and disclosure failures led to students being exposed to educators with a history of sex crimes against children, the investigation found.

Some employees failed to immediately notify authorities when allegations were made, the investigation found. Others conducted investigations of their own before informing experts. In cases where employees did act on allegations, students often endured additional psychological pain through repeated interrogations.

Issues occurred within the schools, at the district’s central office and even at the state government level, the newspapers said. The state’s weak laws and slow discipline process can protect predators, according to the newspaper. A sexual relationship can be illegal in Illinois [even] if the student is older than 17 and no force is involved. (The word “even” is not included in the original article. Seventeen is the legal age of consent in Illinois.)

The district acknowledges its current practices are flawed, but said officials are working to implement a series of policy changes. The district said it’ll make reforms in hiring, criminal background checks, investigative processes, disciplinary decisions, staff training and support for victimized students.

“Any type of violence against a student is always going to be a top priority for me,” said district CEO Janice Jackson.

The Schiff Hardin law firm and former Illinois Executive Inspector General Maggie Hickey have been given a $500,000 contract to review the school system’s response to sexual violence. The review will be made public and the district plans to act on the findings, Jackson said.

The district also plans to work with state legislators to improve the state’s child protection laws.


17 responses to “Dodging bullets and sexual predators: Chicago Public Schools failed to report abuse cases by school employees

  1. If the city of Chicago were a country, it would be a failed state — like Venezuela or Sudan or Somalia or . . . .

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  3. Schools routinely cover up crimes like this. So do police departments. We had rapists, child abduction attempts and other things happening in our neighborhoods and didn’t hear a peep from the police about it. In school you knew which teachers to stay away from. Though some girls would wear low cut shirts and then lean over to get better grades.


  4. I am so glad I went to school in a much simpler time. Our teachers, etc. were all real role models and selfless professionals. Of course, that’s when we used to bring guns to school in the back window of our pick up trucks, psych meds didn’t even exist, and most all of us went to Church on Sunday.

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    • Stovepipe . . . . I totally agree with your comments! Bravo. The days of yesteryear were definitely easier for everyone than what we must deal with today.

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  5. What’s being done to he conspiritors that have allowed this to continue. Or are they just more useful idiots with their handelers also involved. Not much of a stretch now that we’ve seen what’s going on in our nation’s capital.

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  6. They don’t have the time, as they are much too busy mal-educating black students to keep them ignorant and illiterate in order to keep the populations on the lily-white liberal plantations up.

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  7. In today’s (June 4, 2018) Chicago Tribune, there’s a story on how a volunteer raped a student 40 times. Didn’t matter he already had a criminal record.

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    • Heads need to roll at the district’s law department. Appears they were more concerned about protecting perps than kids. Shameful.

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      • DCG . . . . You hit on exactly the thought I had. This is beyond shameful. They protect their own, and blame the kids. I do hope that the independent auditor will find that there is a conflict of interest in the current manner in which they are handling things.

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  8. I suspect this is far more prevalent than just Chicago. The nation was (rightfully) up in arms over Catholic priests abusing children, but that’s really only a drop in the bucket compared to what’s going on in public schools. 🤮

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    • They should be up in arms over Catholic priests. They should also be up in arms over Christian ministers of other denominations. Also, coaches, teachers, volunteers.

      I’m always amazed by this. People actually don’t seem to understand that fat kids go where the candy is and perverts go where the kids are. I can tell you that when someone tells me “I volunteer with Big Brothers or Big Sisters”, I get instantly suspicious.

      It isn’t that I don’t think that’s a good thing to do. It is just not that “normal” for adult males to have that big an interest in kids outside of their own. I like kids, but I’m uneasy being left alone with them. I don’t want anybody getting the wrong idea.

      I talk to the neighborhood kids but I would never invite them inside my house unless my wife was home. I would not want my kids or grandkids to do that either.

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      • “They should also be up in arms over Christian ministers of other denominations” — and rabbis and mullahs/imams too.

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      • I didn’t mean to disparage Catholics; that’s the biggest mainstream pedo-scandal I could think of.

        It’s a shame that boys/men who like kids are looked at with suspicion, but it’s the way it is. If the world was a reasonably fair place, women would be scrutinized as closely, since there seems to be a major uptick in their inappropriate behavior (including statutory rape) these days. Perhaps it’s because so many women are delaying childbirth (and thus delaying maturity?) until their mid- to late 30s. It’s hard to say. In any case, there’s got to be rampant sexual abuse going on in public schools all over the country….“crisis level”, even. Maybe the government should ease off painkillers and focus on the schools. (Imagine that.)

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  9. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Way to go Chicago! Now you have another case of gross neglect by public officials. Hope this one gets their attention and the parties involved get the boot! Wait and see.

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  10. traildustfotm

    I wonder if this can be taken into consideration in understanding the city’s high murder rate. A climate of entrenched perversion, cruelty and injustice could drive a lot of people to take vengeance into their own hands.

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