TDS is a mental disorder: Liberals would rather date a member of MS-13 than a Trump supporter

Keep in mind that MS-13’s motto is “kill, rape and control.”

h/t Weasel Zippers


23 responses to “TDS is a mental disorder: Liberals would rather date a member of MS-13 than a Trump supporter

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    I believe this story – they like to date M-13’s rather than a Trump supporter – because they are like a “yo yo” – they like to be held on a string and spun around like a top. That is the way their minds work.


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    You make your own opinions! I made mine. These are some demented people.

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  3. That should be interesting! Lib numbers eradicated then get rid of MS13. Problem solved.

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  4. Utter morons.

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  5. The good news is that the lefties have gone so far to the left, their entire boat has tipped over, and people are jumping overboard at a high rate of speed. They destroy everything they touch and, without fail, overplay every hand.

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  6. Let’s ask Nasty Nancy (Pelosi) if she would allow any female in her clan to date an MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha)? I’m sure after they are done they’ll leave her in front of her doorsteps. Nasty Nancy needs to see a nut doctor fast!

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  7. MS 13 supporters will be cashed by their coming reality checks and found worthless.

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  8. Mass depravity.

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  9. That proves their mental instability, they’d rather die than use common sense.

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  10. Wow!

    So much for their self-description as “tolerant”.

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  11. Something strange happened during the second Bush Administration, and that strange and surrealistic happening was Bush Derangement Syndrome, pushed mightily by Rush Limbaugh and other Bushbots who hung on for Dear Life, hoping their careers (and Gravy Trains) would not run out.
    Here was the Con that Bush, Sr., pulled off: HE SUCCESSFULLY IMPERSONATED A CONSERVATIVE AND SOLD IT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. A number of people, myself included, woke up to this, but we were not heard until we voted in Trump.

    Bush, Jr., is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of “Like Father, Like Son”: He got two terms doing the same Con.

    (And not to beat a dead horse here, but this is of the utmost importance to Catholics: John Paul II and Benedict XVI pulled off the same routine, when they were anything BUT true conservatives.)

    So the Bush Derangement Syndrome came, stayed for as long as Junior was in the White House, and then fizzled away. But now we have the new superbug, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and it is as virulent as ever. How can we account for it? We know that most people are reactionaries to begin with, and that leftist people are the best trained parrots going!
    Something interesting happened when a young Frank Sinatra came up with an idea. His manager at the time, before a concert, paid FIVE girls $5 a head to swoon when he came on stage from behind the curtain. To both Sinatra’s and his manager’s amazement, 30 girls swooned! 30!!
    I think the same thing is going on here. George Soros & Co. fund and manage these anti-Trump demonstrations—what Orwell called the “two minutes’ hate.” And to their delight, EVEN MORE crazed loons join in. (After all, if the demonstrator can’t rid America of Trump, at least they can join the demonstration and practice their “people meeting skills,” if you know what I mean!)
    But the optics don’t quite jibe yet. After all, I was angered to discover the real truth about the Bush Crime Cabal: I discovered I bought a “Fugazy,” a fake jewel. Trump never claimed to be a leftist or progressive of any sort. So he was impersonating no one: To Trump lovers, he SEEMS to be a conservative, but I am not conned: He is nothing of the sort, and I knew that going into the voting booth. He is a populist, and that does necessarily make him an opportunist, of sorts.
    But why the Trump Derangement Syndrome? I think the left is angered by the very real possibility that their cherished icons, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are about to be prosecuted. So Trump has rocked their world here.
    And I hope I live to see the day when both the Clintons and the Obamas are exposed—to the Left as well as the Right, and all of History, for that matter—for being the phonies and the murdering criminals that they really are.
    George Soros has not thought that far ahead yet, for the simple reason he does not believe it will ever happen. But it could. And when it does, the Trump Haters balloon will POP.

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    • Steven . . . . Excellent comments!

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    • While I agree I would add that the lefties are in a panic because not only are their icons in danger, which by the way says to everyone that ‘I was wrong to follow these people’, (how embarrsing) but they are about to lose their free ride and and see the end of transfer of wealth from the haves to the have nots.
      The whole house of cards is teetering.

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  12. The chickadees better pick the “best thug” they can get because today being Trump’s 500th day in office means they will be stuck with said thug(s) for at least 960 more days (4-years in office = 1,460 days). If they are “lucky,” Trump will serve 2 terms meaning they get to stay with their thug-beloved(s) for 2,420 more days which provides lots of time for a “controlling, raping, killing” love-bombing relationship during which part or all of it may be spent in a hospital, jail, prison, morgue, or grave.

    But, hey, that’s better than a “Trump Supporter”! Losers can’t be picky!

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  13. Simple; Anti-Trump = Pro-Criminal.

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  14. LOL – MS-13 could do us a huge favor. 😉

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  15. I would love to see what would happen if they were really put in that situation. Bet they would run.

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  16. Same ones that were going to leave the United States if Trump won. I’m still waiting…………………….

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  17. People like this are the reason this entire world is so deranged.

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  18. Personally, I ‘d much rather they date an MS-13 member, too.

    Pretty much think their TDS ranks would be “thinned” by disappearance and attrition in a few months….sort of like all those ignoramous girls who ran away to become the sexual slaves of various and sundry Muslim terrorists groups in the Middle East. Never heard from or seen again….Boo Hoo.

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