Homeless “campers” in Pierce County, Washington decline monetary offer to cleanup their own messes

pierce county homeless pierce county sheriffs office photo

Pierce County homeless encampment/Pierce County Sheriff’s Office photo

These “campers” don’t want to help themselves. They just want a handout.

From MyNorthwest.com: The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office recently took a proactive approach to clear homeless encampments. (Pierce County is just south of King County/Seattle area.)

Deputies offered to pay homeless campers to clean up their own mess — the campers did not accept.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Office detective and spokesman Ed Troyer told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that a group of adults created a large encampment in the woods near Canyon Road and State Route 512, just south of Tacoma.

They were self-proclaimed campers; they even put up signs in the woods,” Troyer explained. He said that the campers all have cell phones and have set up their own social networks to know where to go to get free goods and services.

But the arrival of the campers brought a whole host of problems for homeowners in the area. Crime — including shoplifting, vandalism, arson, and theft — spiked “a couple hundred percent” in the nearby neighborhoods, Troyer said.

“It was really a detriment to the neighborhood to the point where kids weren’t going outside, neighbors were afraid of the area,” he said.

A cleanup of the encampment revealed 30 tons of waste. It was waste that included not only human excrement and drug paraphernalia but also kids’ toys and “enough carts to start their own grocery store,” according to Troyer. There were no children living in the encampment, so all of the toys, Troyer said, were stolen.

“That means there are a lot of kids out there who have become the victim of crime for really no apparent reason,” he said.

To clean up the area and give the campers employment, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office offered the squatters a job cleaning up their own encampment. Troyer said nobody took them up on the offer. “They wouldn’t even clean up their own site if we paid them to clean up their own site,” he said.

Officers from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, along with volunteers from the surrounding neighborhoods, went into the woods and spent 300 hours cleaning the area. The homeless people left on foot or on bikes.

“Our guys are proactive, go out and do the work, and are rewarded and acknowledged for what they do,” Troyer said.

A slideshow of before-and-after photos can be viewed on the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. (They provide more details about the crime incidents and interaction with the homeless campers.)

“The news is that it can be taken care of, it can be cleaned up, and it can be done when you have the backing of your supervisors and bosses, and let the guys go work,” he said, adding, “We really reclaimed that area and we’re gonna keep it.”


26 responses to “Homeless “campers” in Pierce County, Washington decline monetary offer to cleanup their own messes

  1. The trash is a sign of these homeless people’s mental illness. Even animals don’t foul their nest.

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    • noreen cerino

      Or flat out laziness. I seriously doubt all these people who have cell phones, set up with networks on where to go for freebies, while using drugs, are mentally ill. They’re unmotivated, lazy good for nothings, who think they are entitled to social services while they use drugs and live “free”. They just move on, leaving a mess behind, only to duplicate it somewhere else.. Sorry, my compassion has almost run out for the majority of this group, and others..

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    • “Mental illness” has become the catch-word these days, giving bad elements of society a free ride, while vilifying Christians and other decent, law-abiding people. I agree with you about the animals not fouling their own nests.

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  2. So very right Dr. E. Mental illness is passed on, if let go unattended becomes a plague.

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  3. The feng shui needs tweaking.

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  4. I think these scenario showcases the very fact that for all the sympathy, and bleeding hearts out there who advocate for the homeless . . . the homeless in a preponderance of cases do not want help that requires effort on their part–they strictly want “handouts” financed by those who do work and make a go of their lives.

    The mention was made of these “homeless folks” having cell phones and communicating thru what is no doubt a well honed communications network, where and when they can get freebies. I must say, I wonder if all these cell phones are “Obama phones,” or how do they have the ready cash to finance them?

    Truly, when the liberals demanded that in house mental health facilities be shut down, little did we know what havoc would be released on society. I would say it would be better that mentally ill people be put in safe mental health facilities, rather than allowing them to prey on society.

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  5. That’s what flame throwers were invented for. o

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  6. The Deputies are doing it all wrong. What they need to do is this;Approach the “campers” and say,”You REALIZE you’re violating County Ordinances by having all this trash,DON’T YOU? We can approach this in a couple of ways. We can sit here and wait for you to clean up your mess to OUR satisfaction,then you can leave,or we can arrest you and when you’re through going to Court and serving your time in Jail you can do as the Judge will TELL you to do and return and WE will wait and watch you clean up your mess or you’ll be arrested and convicted of a SECOND offense. (That’s considerably MORE serious.) Your choice-easy way or HARD way…..”
    (OR they could cut to the chase and just say,”We’re giving you ONE HOUR to clean this up to our satisfaction-THEN we start shooting…”
    I too have run out of sympathy/empathy for these “Society Abusers”.

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  7. If they were called “trailer trash”, that would show serious upward mobility in their social status.

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  8. Most camping is limited to 14 days why can’t the BLM or forestry service just enforce something like that?

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  9. The liberals and bleeding hearts have made things so easy for these people. They are now conditioned to accept hand outs and not hand ups. Some are drug induced and thus have zero motivation, some are hiding from the law and financial responsibilities and some just like the nomad life.
    Cities are busy shipping them to other cities to pass off actually taking care of the problem. When we lived in San Diego, you could go to the bus station and actually watch them disembark busses by the dozens. Chicago was sending us their very best. They soon took over beautiful Balboa park for years.
    In Hawaii a few years back, the do gooders decided they would do a survey and see who was from where. 50% wasn’t from the islands at all. Many had social problems and mental issues, many were also running from the law. They decided they wanted ocean front beach property and took over several areas, making it so nasty with belligerent behavior, even the locals couldn’t use their own beaches they paid taxes on.
    No one seems to want to pull up their big boy pants and do the right thing. Enforce the laws or arrest them and refuse to make jail nice and comfortable with good food. Sheriff Arpio had it right. They need to be made to work for their jail time by cleaning, painting, working in parks and roads and cutting weeds. Employment is in such a condition now, there are jobs.
    Many are being provide with little houses, why, what does that accomplish? Except more dependence.
    We are suppose to be a society of laws, time to act like it.

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  10. well La di da what did people expect; the authorities should never have allowed them those bums to accumulate and make the woods an encampment. The first one that camped out should have been arrested. Now that they cleaned up the area I hope they don’t allow the freeloaders to come back

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  11. They could turn it into a bear and cougar sanctuary. o

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  12. A true nomad community follows BLM and National forestry laws. They never become SQUATTERS and they practice leave no trace. Anyone who doesn’t do this destroys liberty and justice for all.

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  13. The “camping squatters” are obviously taking the wrong kind of drugs. “Downers” & “Dope” will keep them lazy & apathetic, so give them some strong “Speed” until they all act like they have ADHD & can’t sit still! 🙂

    Seriously, though, what a mess! (literally & figuratively). I’m wondering if they were mostly white or black druggies, or foreign aliens, & how many adults does it take to produce “30 tons of waste” (yow wow!)? Their having enough “tech brains” to set-up “social networks” with other squatters spread elsewhere is suspect. How could doped-up druggies think straight long enough to do that? Is this another Soros-funded “destructive & disruptive” operation, to set up such “camps” near “normal neighborhoods” to increase crime where it had not yet sufficiently infiltrated?

    LEOs (or citizens themselves) countrywide need to be alert & get tough.

    Here’s an in-person story of a 30-yo Winnipeg all-night DJ who came home to his house just last week to find a homeless woman in his garage. He gave her food & told her to leave.

    After his next all-night stint, he came home to find 3-MORE homeless people in his garage who had set up bunks, had their carts with them, etc.!

    Read the comments, too, for even more harrowing realities:

    6/2/18 “Homeless Invasion” story:

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  14. Mist'ears Mom

    Seattle makes its own bed – their radically stupid liberal government has allowed this. I do not feel sorry for them-they created this mess and made it worse. Paid for by state residents.
    Conservatives who see the writing on the wall are fleeing places like this-from CA, OR and WA -east to red states. I know I live in Idaho just east of Spokane and there are tons of Washingtonians here. Not many homeless tho.
    San Diego is a mess with their homelessness and illegals-where I fled from and is barely recognizable now.
    But I guarantee you these folks are not refugees or asylees bc those folks get first in line top shelf accommodations at the expense of the taxpayer -i.e. by federal grants.
    They have housing setup with furniture before they even get here-they are not camping out, along with everything else they get.
    These “campers” are prol Americans or illegals – prol mostly drug addicted unemployed lazy people that have learned it is easier & preferred to let Uncle Sam support you than it is to work. They get assistance or panhandle and/or steal for $$. Illegals work under the table.
    That mess was created by our government too! Its great these west coast states taxpayers get dinged twice-state and federal.

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  15. Apparently one camper, known as “Uncle Steve,” decided to accept help from the sheriff’s office. I don’t know why they delayed this story with the original story.

    It’s a small step…

    “On Thursday afternoon, we talked a lot and I offered him assistance. He seemed to be genuine (talking about his 18-year-old son who he never sees and lives in Tacoma, his elderly father who has been sick, etc.) as he talked and cried he wiped tears and told us he hasn’t been emotional like this before. He restated he was glad we took action and cleared out the trespassers. He accepted services and told us he would be “The one” who turns it around and that he was willing to do the work to make it happen.”


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