Deplorable punk band NOFX jokes about Vegas massacre: “I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band”

nofx punk band

NOFX Punk Band Members

From People Magazine: A rock band left a bad taste in many mouths during Sunday’s Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival in Las Vegas.

NOFX made an insensitive joke about the Oct. 1 Vegas shooting that killed 58 people and injured 489 on stage when frontman Fat Mike told the crowd, “We played a song about Muslims and we didn’t get shot. Hooray.”

In videos shared on social media, another band member also said, “I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band.”

Soon after, another musician in NOFX proclaimed, “That [massacre] sucked, but at least they were country fans and no punk rock fans,” followed by the comment: “You were all thinking it.”

NOFX, which consists of El Hefe, Eric Melvin, Erik Sandin, Dave Casillas, Steve Kidwiller, Scott Sellers, Scott Aldahl and Dave Allen, received several disgruntled reactions including many boos.

On Wednesday, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival’s founders Mark and Shawn Stern released a statement on social media, apologizing for NOFX’s on-stage remarks.

“In light of NOFX’s comments during their performance at the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, we would like to offer a formal apology to those in attendance, the City of Las Vegas, the victims and the families of 10/1,” the statement read.

“Las Vegas is home to the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival, and we do not condone the statements made from our stage on Sunday night. We take the safety of our festival goers seriously and want to relay that, there is nothing funny about people being shot and murdered, ever, ” the Sterns concluded their statement.

Local Vegas radio deejays Dave Farra and Jason Mahoney, who have played NOFX’s music on air, called the band’s comments “disgusting and callous” along with video of the incident. “We will never support anything involving this band ever again,” they added.

Country star Jason Aldean was performing at the outdoor Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting on Oct. 1 when a series of loud bangs rang out from the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old gambler and real estate businessman who lived in the area, had broken out the window of his hotel room and fired bullets from high-powered weapons into the crowd of 22,000 concertgoers.

The tragic massacre remains the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

The band tweeted out this apology notice of an upcoming-apology on May 31:

“I can’t sleep, no one in my band can. What we said in Vegas was shitty and insensitive and we are all embarrassed by our remarks. So we decided we will all get together to discuss and write an in depth, sincere and honest apology because that’s what the people we offended hurt and deserve.”

h/t Breitbart


23 responses to “Deplorable punk band NOFX jokes about Vegas massacre: “I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band”

  1. Punks. Enough said.

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  2. No talent losers .. craving attention. Vegas should ride ’em out of town on a rail.

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  3. What did you expect from Satan’s Little Helpers?

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  4. Convenient way to keep this fraud alive. o

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  5. These punks are right in the league of Kathy Griffin holding the bloody head of our president. No apology that they make can be sincere. They’re just trying to save their bookings.

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  6. The band is soooooo upset they offended people that they STILL haven’t managed to write an in-depth apology. Losers…

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  7. Seems people today are using apologies as if it were a napkin to clean up the shit they say. We have become so big hypocrites and liers, that’s art form politicians use.

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  8. The Eagles of Death might warn them to stay out of France.

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  9. New Police Documents last week revealed that there were 3 females in Paddock’s room, they lied to us.

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    • Yeah, I’ve been keeping a file no this for a while. It looks as if they may have to do a rewrite to the script. It’s always a dead giveaway when they have to get real quiet about it after hyping it endlessly. o

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  10. There are segments of people some where in America that makes jokes about every event, people etc….

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  11. A punk a– remark made by a punk a– group. I love it when liberals fall.

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  12. Instead of shooting people who are more deserving of being shot?

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  13. Well, those are punks for ya– they work hard at that.

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  14. Kevin J Lankford

    Kinda hard to be incensed over comments concerning what one believes to be a fraud any how, But I presume they were expressing sincere sentiment over what they believe to be a real event.

    Seems to me, any how, the distinction between ‘punk’ and ‘country’ has been getting harder and harder to see.

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  15. I just love the way that the phony Vegas shooting narrative is back-storied as a “given”. We all “know” that the lone gunman, Stephen Paddock, knocked out a window and mowed down hundreds of people using a bump stock. I’m still waiting for photo evidence of the hotel room showing the thousands of empty shell casings on the floor, the body of Paddock looking like a coal miner from all of the gun powder residue, and explanations of the hotels in the area having shots fired into their lobbies and hotel guests in lockdown at the Bellagio, NY NY, and others.

    How come even an amateur gun nut like me can tell the audio difference between .203 rifle bursts versus .308 rounds being fired from a belt-fed weapon? Where are all the autopsy and trauma wound reports from the physicians on duty? We’re NO bullet fragments recovered? Does anyone find it hinkey that both Vegas Metro PD and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department (Parkland H.S.) are cesspools of police and political corruption?

    Just move on, Joe and Mary Sixpack. Stop asking questions. Hey, look! The Golden State Warriors are on teevee!

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    • I’ve been collecting bits I find here and there on this. It’s amazing. The photos of the “casings” are live rounds. I guess they didn’t think anyone would notice. He’s just clumsy I suppose.

      What were all those choppers doing firing tracers? Who lets “civilian” care-givers into the ER?

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