CNN ratings plunge 25% in a year

Hank Berrien reports for The Daily Wire, June 1, 2018, that May was a disastrous month for CNN’s primetime schedule, compared to 2017, ranking behind Fox and MSNBC.

According to Adweek, compared to the same period last year:

  • CNN’s total primetime viewers plunged 25%. Prime time is the period TV news advertisers traditionally look at when determining their ad spending.
  • CNN’s total day viewers dropped 20%.

Tom Blumer of Newsbusters observed:

Clearly, it seems that obsessing over Stormy Daniels, having over 147 interviews with her lawyer, constantly going after President Donald Trump as an idiot and a racist, highlighting Jim Acosta’s loutish behavior, giving an open mic to gun-controllers . . . is not a winning formula.

In contrast, Forbes points out that Fox News is flourishing:

Fox News Channel has now beaten every other network in basic cable for 23 months straight, based on total day ratings, with an average total day audience in May of 1.4 million viewers. In prime time, Fox News destroyed its competition, with an average total audience of 2.381 million viewers, compared to MSNBC’s 1.384 million and CNN’s 835,000.

I’m actually astounded that there are people who still watch CNN, given its track record of fake news and obvious political bias.

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47 responses to “CNN ratings plunge 25% in a year

  1. Is that all?
    Considering the overall low quality of what’s broadcast, I’m surprised it didn’t fall 50%.

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    • Joseph . . . . Let’s hope that the rest of the “slow” folks will eventually see the light and also leave CNN. It does make a thinking person wonder . . . why is any sponsors still advertising with them? It’s rather like manning a deck chair on the Titanic.

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      • “…why is any sponsors still advertising with them?”

        Bingo. But then, I wonder that about most programming, even on network T.V. Then I see the ads from lawyers and MyPillow and Trivago, and I get my answer…

        As I’ve said in other threads, I’ve been unfortunate to have seen MSNBC for the first time recently through a fluke in my cable programming, and I can’t understand how the programming itself — pushing itself as news — is allowed to remain on the air. I can only imagine CNN is no better.

        Network T.V., for all its inane programming, is at least slightly less biased, but the news still reports the same crap they’re fed by the MSM and AP.

        As for PBS, forget their old promises about having no commercial advertisers or programming to support themselves (CPB, which gets tax funding). They regularly broadcast commercial content (e.g., movies) and have commercial advertisers, whom I suspect direct their content. And it’s all now heavily left-leaning and atheist (news, documentaries, whatever). And I also have to ask, what sponsors would choose to keep advertising there?

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    • we need to remember the “Liberal Couch Jockeys” who tune it to CNN every morning and zone out,sleeping through most of the day’s content,then turn it off on the way to bed every night. And the Traditional viewers-“Dad always watched CNN,so I watch CNN. End of story.” I saw somewhere that CNN was beat out by Home & Garden TV and a Children’s programming Network. That’s GOTTA be embarrassing…..

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  2. CNN is the only media that can be seen in many countries, it is the only source of news allowed, just the negative aspects of news in the US is broadcasted, people see us as corrupt, drug users, prostitution and violent -that’s what I hear, and when I try to explain how different it is they don’t believe me, but……..everybody WANT TO COME HERE. From its inception CNN-Ted Turner has been liberal and Progressive. As published Mar 20, 2013 · The son of CNN founder Ted Turner says the cable news network his father created is now so liberal it’s difficult to watch — and has seen its ratings plummet as a result. … I don’t think there’s any question about that,’’ Teddy Turner told Newsmax TV’s. Of his son Ted Turner said: “My son is now an ‘entrepreneur.’ That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.” But, despite of the decline CNN is not going away!

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  3. If CNN wasn’t on the televisions in airports and hospitals, their viewership would be even lower. Every time I’ve had to sit in a waiting room, I always ask whoever is with me, how in the world do people sit and watch this crap day in and day out.😎

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    This is thrilling!!!!!!!!

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  5. So, CNN’s ratings are tanking? I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. In connection with that, I would like the network to quit calling Stormy Daniels a “porn star.” The men and women who work in this industry are not “stars.” They perform sex acts for money. The correct name is “prostitute.” The correct name for the people who run this business is “pimp.” Stormy Daniels is a hooker. Press accounts of this woman’s activities indicate she was paid handsomely for her services. I wish she and her lawyer would just shut up, take the money, and run.

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    • Grif . . . . Bravo! Excellent comment. I certainly do agree that those who are filmed having sex, and are paid for such, are prostitutes. not film stars. I wish Daniels 15 minutes of fame would flee and perhaps we would not have to see or hear about her anymore.

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  6. How could one establish a foundation for CNN? (I could use the money.) By the way, that was a Sarc.

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  7. Well that’s great, but what about MSNBC? They will run these regardless of ratings. It’s a NWo thing. Excuse the “o’s” something is wrong with my computer and I can’t get it sorted out. o

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  8. Dennis Godaire

    More advertisers should be spending their money elsewhere. I’m betting that a full tanking of CNN will occur before mid-summer.

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  9. I think the few people that watch CNN are the same ones that watch wrestling and believe it’s real.

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  10. I heard Rush say just yesterday that if it weren’t for the fact that CNN had pushed it’s way into every airport and other public place in the world they would be belly up by now. Probably true and I can’t imagine anyone watching it other than those forced to.

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  11. I think,when referring to CNN,we need to call it “news”. In their world,it ISN’T NEWS.

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  12. It doesn’t matter if CNN is or isn’t lucrative, it’s a government subsidized propaganda machine, they, for years, have been riding on the taxpayers coat tails…

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  13. Ah, Pravda on the Potomac.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    CNN earned their 25% reduction. the hard way – by being stupid.


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  15. CNN ratings plunge 25% in a year

    Well hell, pass out the cigars, pour up the champagne, then print up the raises, bonuses and promotions.

    LOL – Isn’t that what commie-libs always do in these situations?

    After all, nothing rewards abject failure quite like liberalism.

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  16. And it was a well earned drop in ratings, they worked hard to achieve that.
    I am not sure how they can even be permitted to leave the words News in their title, they haven’t been a news source in decades.
    A good friend just got back from Greece and in a few places he found Fox on the TVs. He was so excited. Change is coming.

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  17. CNN today FOX tomorrow…


  18. Progressivism makes its next move about the Internet…

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  19. Quick, grab a bucket for the copious tears being shed over CNN’s ratings drop! 😀

    Would CNN have turned out any different if ol’ anti-humanity Ted Turner had remained at the helm? I doubt it.

    Per a new ConservativeTreeHouse post, political hacks are taking over the MSM so they can cover their hides & direct the spin when Horowitz releases his IG report:

    …bizarre number of former Obama Administration DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community officials who have gone to work within the U.S. media apparatus in order to protect their interests.

    _Former CIA Director John Brennan now working for NBC;

    _former DNI James Clapper now working for CNN;

    _former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker now working for Lawfare blog;

    _former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Josh Campbell now working for CNN;

    _former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes now working for MSNBC….

    –…the list goes on. All motives transparently political.

    Notably absent, the hiring of any actual journalists.

    All of these pre-positioned forces are defensive in nature. All of their collective narrative constructs stem from a self-preservation instinct. The U.S. media has imploded onto itself and devolved into an Kafkaesque assembly of political narrative engineers churning out fake news 24/7.
    More at:

    Never having subscribed for full cable, I’ve been spared from “Talking Heads” droning on & on ad nauseam. How people stomach it, I don’t know, but it must be pretty bad already per everyone’s FOTM comments, & it’s bound to get worse per the above CTH observation.

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  20. General MSM Stats:

    5/31/18: “Who Owns the Media? An Answer for Elon Musk” who had tweeted the other day, “Who do you think owns the press? Hello” & was then hammered as an “anti-Semite,” which proves that most everyone already knows “Who Owns the Media,” lol, but for some psychotic reason, they blast anyone who so much as HINTS at the truth. Insanity!

    Stats included in article show that across ALL tentacles of media, (((they)) hold 326 of the 434 available top positions (108 Gentiles vs. 326 Jews), or a 3,700% over-representation per their population-size:

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  21. What the heck would we do without the internet, all we’d have would be sanitized info.

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  22. Finally! Some great news! I did hear somewhere that Disney? or some other huge behemoth is trying to buy Faux news.

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  23. traildustfotm

    “Really Fake News.”
    I agree with President Trump.

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