Virginia pedophile Nathan Larson runs for Congress

I’ve said it before: After Obama was elected POTUS, a gate to Hell was opened. No longer hiding in shadows, evil is now in your face.

Pedophiles have become so emboldened that they’re openly running for political office.

Nathan Larson, 37, an accountant and pedophile in Charlottesville, Virginia, is running for Congress as an Independent.

Yesterday, May 31, 2018, in a phone call with Huffington Post, Larson admits he’s a pedophile, but insists he had not committed any crimes. He complains that the word “pedophile” is “vague” and “just a label,” and claims that it’s “normal” for men to be attracted to underage women.

Larson said he’d created the now-defunct websites and as chat rooms for pedophiles and violence-minded misogynists like himself. (On May 29, the two websites were terminated by their domain host.)

“Incelocalypse” refers to “involuntary celibates (incels)” who will “make the jailbaits our rape-slaves.” (“Jailbait” is slang for a minor who is under the legal age of consent for sex.)

Using the pseudonyms Leucosticte and Lysander, Larson frequently participated in conversations on those websites, endorsing child rape, bragging about raping his late ex-wife, as well as identifying himself as a “hebephilic rapist”. He wrote:

“Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys?” That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.”

Larson also repeatedly expressed a desire to have sex with infants and children, including his own 3-year-old daughter who lives with relatives. He relinquished his parental rights during a custody battle. His ex-wife got a court-ordered restraining order against him in 2015 before committing suicide. He has since remarried and is now living in Catlett, Virginia.

Larson also once operated a now-defunct wiki page,, which featured posts titled:

  • “A Man Should Be Allowed to Choke His Wife to Death as Punishment for Cutting Her Hair Short Without Permission, or Other Acts of Gross Insubordination”
  • “Advantages of Father-Daughter Incest”
  • “The Justifiability of an Incel’s Kidnapping a Girl and Keeping Her as His Rape-Slave for Sex and Babymaking.”
  • “Let’s Define What Rape Is,” a 3,000-word essay that called women “sex-slaves and “objects, to be taken care of by men like any other property, and for powerful men to insert themselves into as it pleases them, and as they believe will be in women’s own interests.”

This is Larson’s campaign platform according to his campaign manifesto:

  • He calls himself a “quasi-neoreactionary libertarian” who favors gun ownership rights, free trade and the legalization of incestuous marriage and child pornography.
  • He’s a white supremacist: Larson wants to protect “benevolent white supremacy” — whatever that means — and calls Adolf Hitler a “white supremacist hero.”
  • A misogynist: Larson wants Congress to repeal the Violence Against Women Act, and for the U.S. to “switch to a system that classifies women as property, initially of their fathers and later of their husbands.”
  • He sympathizes with incels, claiming it is unfair that those men “are forced to pay taxes for schools, welfare, and other support for other men’s children.”

This is not Larson’s first run for political office.

In 2008, he ran for Congress in Virginia’s 1st District on an “anarcho-capitalist” platform. That same year, he sent a letter to the Secret Service threatening to kill the president, which landed him in federal prison for 14 months and barred him from seeking public office.

But in 2016, then-Virginia Gov. and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe (D) restored voting and other civil rights to thousands of felons, allowing Larson to campaign again. In 2017 he ran in Virginia’s House of Delegates District 31, receiving less than 2% of the vote. Now he is running for Congress to represent Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

Larson is unfazed about his long odds of attaining government office. As he puts it:

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it. People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Although Larson told HuffPost he hadn’t committed any crimes, TruthFinder says otherwise.

According to TruthFinder‘s report on Nathan Larson, 37:

  • In 2001, he was charged with possession of marijuana.
  • In 2002, he was charged with failure to obey highway sign and restricted license violation.
  • In 2003, he was charged for reckless driving; fraudulent use of birth certificate for driver’s license; and using computer for harassment.
  • In 2005, he was charged for improper control/driving.
  • In 2006, he was charged with speeding (60/45).
  • And we already know that in 2008, he committed the federal crime of threatening to kill the President, for which he was imprisoned for 14 months.

Larson’s LinkedIn page says he is a software developer at Inclumedia (Computer Software).

H/t FOTM‘s MissPiggy and MCA

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48 responses to “Virginia pedophile Nathan Larson runs for Congress

  1. Comrade Obama

    Why isn’t he running as a Demorat? He has all the credentials.

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  2. This guy has to be a plant against ppl who beleive in whitie. Just wondering why he has converted to islam or become a member of the 13th tribe?

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  3. traildustfotm

    We are definitely seeing things out in the open that have always hidden in the shadows. “Where sin did abound, grace did more abound.” May His grace grant us power to deal with the devils that have been unleashed on society.

    Liked by 3 people

    • TD . . . . I am taken with the wisdom and insight in your comment. There is no doubt but what previously, evil was “hidden in the shadows,” and now it is front and center stage. I can only conclude that the Heavens must weep over this change in our society.

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      • Well, it could be that he is just a simple wacko, or nutcase, or criminally insane, which I think most clearly defines him and his lifestyle, so why not just commit him now for life to a prison for the criminally insane? How broken must the system be before this clear and present danger is put in the right place to restrain him?

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        • why not just commit him now for life to a prison for the criminally insane?

          The First Amendment.
          Supposedly, Nathan Larson hasn’t committed any pedophile acts — or more accurately, he hasn’t been caught doing it — just speech.

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      • Auntie Lulu, I agree with you, but although it is ugly beyond belief isn’t it better that this cancer is in plain view, so it can be dealt with?

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  4. What a sick, sick man.

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    • DCG . . . . I must agree with you, he is a very sick man. First of all, his previous thoughts and writings are that of a madman; second of all, the fact that he is so deluded that he would run for office . . . He is just one brick short of a load! Much better that he would creep back under the rock from whence he came.

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  5. Even though neither of my parents is alive (my dad passed away in 1982, & my mother in 2008), I’m glad they aren’t around to see what this country is turning into. The late, famous radio talk show host, Bob Grant always said, ‘It’s sick out there and getting sicker’.

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    • stan-in-usa . . . . I must confess I often mimic that same thought about my parents. My Mother left us in January of 1980, and my Father left us in November of 2012. My Mother truly believe would be completely shocked by the change in our society. She was extremely righteous of heart. I often feel that The Lord took her long before things got as evil as they are today . . . and I am thankful of that great gift. I think there has been an extreme change for the worse since my Father left just a few years ago. Somehow, there is a comfort in knowing that they are in such a safe and secure place, that the evil of today does not touch them in any degree.

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      • I fully agree with your attitude, but, looking in the other direction, our children, grandchildren, and more, I have sorrow. I completely understand the desire to see no more births if that would be necessary to avoid future horrors, including the mark of the Beast and hell.

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  6. Horrors! Shocking! (just when you think you’ve heard it all, already). Unbelievable that such a creature would run for office. And who in their right mind would hire such a person to fill a job at their business? (probably fellow pervs). Here’s hoping the people in Virginia are awake & aware of this deranged individual & will not fall for his “White-Friendly” lies.

    His poor ex-wife! He likely drove her into madness & suicide. 😦

    By his own writings, he needs to be locked up somewhere, whether jail or insane asylum, & SOON!

    He will definitely give whites, gun owners, etc. a BAD NAME. Another Lefty plot in the making?

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  7. In the words of Gilbert and Sullivan, “I’ve got a little list…he will never be missed.” Actually, I hasten to add, I don’t have such a list, but if I did, this slimeball would be on it.

    There are some people (using the word loosely) who deserve hell. I mean, more than the rest of us do.

    Isn’t there a mental health requirement for running for office? Maybe there should be.

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  8. At the rate the evil in the public sector is taking hold and becoming the norm I think our time is really numbered. God is slow to anger but by now just with what is going on in our country I think it might be speeding up. The people in that district need to band together and do what ever is necessary to keep that man from getting into office.

    Just think if he does what kind of bills is he going to introduce to try and get past on sex crimes being changed or even try to have them legalized. The more they shove it at us and there is no push back then they will heap another pile on us tomorrow to stomach once again to further the satanic demons who live with us that are called human but we know different.

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    • To be honest, I keep seeing it as how bad does it have to get before people refuse to acknowledge them? If you know they’re corrupt and disgusting, why do people continue to abide by their direction?

      If they are worried about the cops, who are really their “muscle” to the eaters, just agree with everything they say and do otherwise. You can’t herd cats. They should be made a laughing stock. They truly are like the little man behind the curtain in Oz.

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    • Soros will probably fund his campaign.

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  9. Now, IF he gets elected, will anyone believe it was legitimate? This is a left-handed (pun intended) way way of introducing Sharia law with communist anti-Christian dogma to boot. Then they’ll say “see, people want this”.

    There are a LOT of Somalis and such around D.C., but not universally throughout Virginia. In fact, my guess is that the Somalis, etc., around Arlington and Alexandria can’t “legally” vote anyway.

    My guess is that the man on the street in Richmond wouldn’t vote for Sharia law or queer politics.

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  10. This evil degenerate’s current wife must be as insane as he is or possibly an imbecile. Let’s pray they don’t breed.

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  12. It has been going on for some time now, and it will continue; with every election, we will be given the choice of candidates worse than those before. The Donald threw them off their pace; they need to be kept off.

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    • Sure, they’re just employees. They are only “candidates’ for show. The New Order “appoints”, they they don’t “propose’.


  13. He needs surgery to remove his manhood, problem partially solved. Next, brain removal. There, fixed.

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    • It seems to me that while his brain has not yet been removed, it certainly is no longer operational in a way that transacts with reality as you and I understand it. Anyone who votes for this abomination of a human male should be made to live with him as a co-equal housemate. Any bets on which one dies first?

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      • Only the good die young -these perverts live a long life unless somebody takes the law into their own hands. Can you imagine if he wins a seat in Congress? It’s a never ending s w a m p.

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  14. Hopefully he’ll be struck by a bolt of lightning. How this sicko free is beyond my understanding. He threatens to kill the POTUS and spends only 14 months behind bars? How about losing the key.

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  15. Once they open gates of hell, humans don’t get to choose which devils get to come out.

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  16. How would you like to wake up and find that he was your neighbor

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  17. Wow, just WoW. Look at yourselves. You are the reason Nathan Larson is where he is.
    He is selfish,
    He feels he is justified, and no doubt can quote the bible to prove his point. He also believes in conspiracies, and that political correctness (which is nothing more than respecting others in the same way you would like to be respected in day to day life) is wrong.
    Religion has nothing to do with it as many of the so-called men and women of “God” are repeatedly caught in bed or in toilets with those below the age of consent.
    He can’t see what is wrong with his point of view – yet many of you cannot understand why people are campaigning against unlimited access to gun ownership after yet another school shooting.
    He/ It must be a conspiracy, or a plant, or a servant of the devil, or a jew or a muslim or a democrat or an employee of the deep state or whatever you can think of so that you don’t have to take responsibility for the society you live.
    He is one of yours. He is white. He is not wealthy. He believes in Freedom for White Men. He believes in America.
    He believes his actions are right – BUT he cannot see the effects his actions have on others, he has no empathy.
    Before you read the next line re-read your comments above, and remember-
    He is not that much different from any of you.


    • Hey, atom33 with an AP address in Germany:

      A psychiatrist would find your defensiveness and gratuitous insults most telling. Are you a pedophile?

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    • What has MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own a gun for self defense got to do with some freaking lunatic shooting up a school? Quit the BULLSHIT that we want unlimited access to guns. THAT’S A LIE spread by anti-Second Amendment folk and LIARS.

      Only a SICK FREAK who gets off on kidos would defend this SICK MAN.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Nobody needs to “campaign” because we don’t need permission. We already have it. Speaking for myself, I don’t need anyone’s approval for “unlimited access”, that’s up to me. If you would rather worship the state, go ahead, I’ll pass.

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    • ATOM33 stated: “He is not that much different from any of you.”
      SPEAK for yourself. Psychopaths and their minions, helpers, and sayanim, may rule over us BUT, I’m not, and those who run this site, are not psychopaths.

      YOU should listen to this man for awhile and figure out who is doing what to whom:

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  18. This man is truly disgusting. This is the start of moving the sexual deviant behavior down the road to normal. Understand this has nothing to do with sex. This is just another step in the transforming the US to a Communist country.

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  19. I didn’t know where to post this, but I think this info really is part of the same pie. ANYONE who has a ‘name’ out there, are part of the system.

    Roseanne Barr:

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  20. Chip Chiperson

    Sounds to me like he has more in common with the Trump constituency but of course, go ahead and blame Obama. Cause that’s what narrow minded bigots do.


    • Sounds to me, “Chip Chiperson”, you are trying hard to divert and deflect the focus from pedophile Nathan Larson. Are you a pedophile too?

      By the way, are you the “Chip Chiperson” who, on August 13, 2013, was found guilty of “Burglary – Entering Structure” in Burlington, NJ, and who plea-bargained and was sentenced to 3 years’ probation?

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    • Speaking of bigots…

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  21. Lady Wollstonecraft

    Narcissistic Psychopath. Plain and simple. The real question should be, as opposed to arguing one side or another (which, that’s how someone in charge takes freedoms away slowly–they get you to strongly believe in one thing, or another, and follow that to the point you are fighting endlessly with the other half of your “nation,” and then they take your rights and powers away.) But I digress… the real question should be, what kind of laws does Virginia have, of all places, that allows someone like this to 1. get out of jail at all, and 2. run for anything?!? This creature is a human piece of trash. I would think any honest, law-respecting, citizen could and would see that. He actually belongs hanging from the end of a rope (so he doesn’t cost the taxpayer anymore money).

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  23. UPDATE!!

    SCOTUS has declared Virginia’s “felons’ voting rights” as unconstitutional!

    (Wow, is the SCOTUS’ group brain returning to normal!?)

    I haven’t read any details yet so I’m not sure whether this ruling also will cancel out felons running for office. Hope so as Pedo Larson may have to drop his Congressional campaign! 😀

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