Seven men accused of touching girls at California water park

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From SFGate: Seven men were arrested and accused of inappropriately touching several young girls on Memorial Day at Golfland Sunsplash water park in Roseville, police said. At least one victim was under 14 years old.

Sunsplash officials received reports of several men touching girls on Monday, Roseville police said.

Witness statements, in conjunction with Sunsplash security personnel, led officers to have probable cause to arrest the seven men on multiple charges, according to investigators.

After children and family reported the inappropriate behavior, Golfland Sunsplash security separated the victims and kept the males suspects together in a group before police arrived and arrested them.

“It appears that the individuals worked in a coordinated fashion to get a young victim near them or around them and then they proceeded to inappropriately touch the victim,” said Rob Baquera, with the Roseville Police Department. “The kids involved in this situation reported it to onsite security and onsite security immediately reported it to the police department. That’s how we were able to apprehend these individuals.”

Steve Rodgers, general manager with Golfland Sunsplash, said the men were doing other abnormal behavior before their arrests.

“These guys were — I think they were — acting up because they were getting saved in all the pools,” Rodgers said. “I don’t know if they could swim — they acted like they couldn’t swim.”

Baquera credits the actions of the water park and victims for the arrests. “It was swift thinking by these young ladies involved in this situation to report it to security,” Baquera said. “And we always recommend if you see something or something seems inappropriate, make sure you report it to appropriate personnel.”

 The seven men were booked on charges of committing lewd and lascivious acts with children under the age of 14 and conspiracy to commit a crime, police said.

They have been identified as:

  • Gursharanpal Banga, 34
  • Manpreet Singh Dhillon, 26
  • Lakhveer Singh Gill, 30
  • Baljinder Singh Khaira, 38
  • Balwinder Singh Malhi, 32
  • Dharampal Singh, 21
  • Harpreet Singh Talwar, 18

“This is a unique investigation — these individuals might not have been caught if these young victims hadn’t reported the incident to on-site security,” the department said in a Facebook statement.

Sunsplash officials released the following statement:

“We at Roseville Golfland Sunsplash take allegations of this nature very seriously. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all of our patrons. We contacted the authorities immediately and will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies investigating this matter. We are unable to discuss any details involving any ongoing investigations.”

No additional details have been released.

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52 responses to “Seven men accused of touching girls at California water park

  1. How would those cockroaches feel if a group of creeps did that to their wives or children?!! They would kill in revenge. Cockroaches!!!!

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    • I kinda doubt that’d bother them that much-to me,they don’t seem to place any particular VALUE on Females,by nature. Who knows-maybe they see someone squeezing on their wives as some sorta equivalent of borrowing their lawn mowers….

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      • You may be right about that ‘borrowing the lawn mowers” things Truck. I remember having a conversation with an engineer who had lived in the Middle East for some time. I cant remember whether it was Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but he said the common sight was to see men driving around in a pickup truck with their wives packed in with the goats in the back of the truck- ya know just more of the livestock.

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  2. Where are the fathers in all these situations? I just do not understand it. My child under age being touched by grown men. I would lose all my composure and would have jumped into the middle of them and would have gone to jail for doing what any father would do. Has the whole country lost its mind. satan is on a roll here and its up to us to stop as much evil as we can but man ok ill shut up now before I blow a gasket. Kick satan to the curb.☻

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    • Brian, I would suspect the fathers were at work. They would have done what you planned to do had they been there. I venture to guess they are Islamics. They many times victimize in groups. Cowards.

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      • wheezy, the Singh name is identified with India, I looked up the info and in this case is their middle name, they are predators so I hope they are punished and not let go for a long time, is this the “new wave” in CA?

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        • That is correct, Alma. “Singh” is a very common Indian name, not Muslim at all. It is associated with Hindus.

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          • FYI: America’s current U.N. ambassador is a “SINGH”. She is a Sikh.
            Singh clan is historically Sikh (not Hindu) as far as I know. They were known as warriors and served the B’rith-ish crown in India.
            Part of their religion is the carrying of blades — and thus, in the U.K. they are permitted to carry blades even though everyone else is not at this point.



            “Nimrata “Nikki” Haley (née Randhawa, born January 20, 1972).”
            “Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina, on January 20, 1972 to an Indian American SIKH family.”
            “Her father Ajit SINGH Randhawa, and mother Raj Kaur Randhawa, emigrated from Amritsar District, Punjab, India. Her father was formerly a professor at Punjab Agricultural University, and her mother had received her law degree from the University of Delhi.”

            NOW this:

            And don’t laugh, but this was predictive programming:


            • I think you are correct about that. A Sikh acquaintance told me the name Singh is Sikh. In fact he said about every other Sikh is named Singh.


      • It was Memorial Day. Fathers had the day off… :/

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    • Its a fair question but, when I grew up we really didn’t expect anyone to assault the women if we weren’t looking. How far we’ve come!

      What does this mean? It means they’ve engineered this in order to make the whole world a Third-World cesspit. We will have to spend all our time guarding our loved ones that there won’t be enough left to keep an eye on them.

      Again, why do we allow others to tell us what we “must” do? If it isn’t stopped it will soon become a pre-Christian pit.

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  3. The DA is not charging them right now because of lack of evidence even though security was supposed to have shown video to deputies. Apparently the DA is waiting to see video first before going any further…. oh and because they needed interpreters for Punjabi

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    • cj . . . . You have brought up an exceedingly interesting dilemma . . . these jokers not being charged! I think I can say with certainty that these perverts will never be charged. . . . after all we would not want to heighten the degree of prejudice against these peaceful, law-abiding men who have come here to the USA to make a better life. If having these young girls come forward to the authorities to seek help, and no help is forthcoming. Then I rather think that the water park cannot issue a “no trespass” on them, due to lack of established law breaking. I can see where the “good ‘ol days” certainly has much to be admired over the nonsense of today, where the father’s in a town took care of business.

      This garbage is just the same as in England, where for years, Muslimes have gotten away with the sexual molestation, and grooming of little white girls.

      There comes a time when enough really is enough! If the safety officers of this water park, and the city police are not able to handle this problem–then men and women of good will need to step up and do so.

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  4. Well, gee whiz. Look at their names. Anybody surprised? California wants to protect these perverts? Then they can’t be shocked when these criminals take advantage of their situation.

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    • phoenix . . . You are absolutely correct! These suckers are taking advantage of us stupid Americans.

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    • We really need to realize that The New Odor is here. There is no “California” or “Nebraska” or “Europe” anymore. It is all the same. At least that is the goal and they are marching to it as if it is a fait accompli.

      Just like Tommy Robinson in the UK, with being sent to jail for reporting on grooming white girls for Muslim use. “Talking” about it is declared verboten.

      If these types of reactions are “Normal” what is the difference between it being real and simply an idea? In my mind its already here. They are not going to announce it.

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      • My son (20) was telling me about a conversation he’d had with a customer at his work about this very thing (Globalism/NWO vs. Nationalism). He and I then discussed it for a bit; we talked about the government a little, the “educational” system, and media (entertainment and social media). He was quiet for a minute, then he said, “We’re THERE. The NWO has won,” and I immediately thought, “That’s what Lophatt said.”

        I was both impressed by his awareness and also incredibly sad for him.

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        • It doesn’t bring me any pleasure to know this. o

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          • Since I “woke up” (around 2010 or so), I’ve harbored a secret hope that maybe I was wrong about the imminent threat the West is facing, that perhaps I was being overly paranoid, or maybe I was just part of the next generation to cry, “Apocalypse!” like so many have before. However, I know in my gut that none of those things are true. Denial, as powerful as it can be, holds no allure for me; I am much less anxious when I can see a threat clearly, even if I’m powerless against it. I feel SO lucky that Dr. Recynd (husband) and Baby Recynd (son) share my worldview, bleak though it may be. I feel for those of us who have to carry the burden alone in their family: what a lonely position indeed.

            As I’ve said before, I am so grateful that there are places for us of a like mind to congregate (though for how much longer we’ll be allowed to do so is hard to say). I can only imagine the effort it must take to keep a blog of this scope up and running…and how generally thankless it must be (what with finding/vetting new content, writing pieces, fact-checking and editing, not to mention moderating the peanut gallery.

            Anyway, God IS good (and He has amazing servants): look at the blessing we have in our own little virtual community. 😊

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            • I’m so glad to hear that your loved ones share your awareness. I can’t say the same. It is hard sometimes. Still, it doesn’t change reality. I suppose, at the end of the day we’ll be the ones who aren’t surprised.o

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  5. Dennis Godaire

    What’s the big deal? Their wives and girlfriends were probably at home. I’m sure that the Dems see this as denying these men their cultural expression: when meeting young women, in public, dressed in swimwear. We’re talking about California here … the land of diversity.

    This, however, wouldn’t be a story if it happened in the mountains of western North Carolina. The “allegations” would not be allegations, for very long. For today, that’s all I have to say.

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    • Dennis Godaire . . . . I am sure, and thank goodness, that there are places where this kind of behavior just would not happen. Taking that to mind, this is probably why these POS aggregate in places like California.

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      • You are right Auntie. The politicians have made the whole third world welcome here in Ca. with their handouts, not to mention the IT industry who have axed Americans and brought this third world scum to on work visas. Parts of Sacramento and San Jose/Silicon Valley up to the South Bay basically look like India now, not America.

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  6. Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile –

    This guy is a piece of work – should fit in fine with the crypto-pedos in D.C.

    “Why doesn’t every pedo just focus on making money so they can get a pedo-wife and then either impregnate her with some fucktoys or adopt some fucktoys?” he wrote on the platform in October. “That would accommodate both those who are and aren’t into incest. And of course, the adoption process lets you pick a boy or a girl.”

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  7. For those who missed it, the New World Odor is officially “our” government and Satan is the boss. So, if things look a little strange, its because they are.

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    • Yep, and we can expect things to just go from bad to worse. See, we’re only just now paying the price for stupid/evil/sick actions of the past…wait until we have to reap what’s being sowed TODAY.

      The whole world is an “empire of dirt”. (It’s a sad day when satanic Trent Reznor is right.)

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      • I know it sounds trite but, we don’t really have to “cooperate”. Just because someone tells you something with great conviction doesn’t mean you have to believe it or act like you do.

        It would be wise to either say “interesting, I don’t think I’ll be having any of that”. Or, just don’t say anything and totally ignore them. I keep hyping what I call “The Italian Method”. That’s how they survived over 60 governments since WWII. They don’t argue, they say “Bela ciao” and keep doing whatever they were doing before the interruption.

        We are dealing with predatory, Satanic creatures. I won’t call them animals because I don’t want to insult animals. There is no way to compromise with a psychopath. In fact, there is no way to negotiate with one. If you do, you lose.

        We don’t have to tell them what we are going to do or not do. We don’t owe them the courtesy. Anyone involved in this is illegitimate and undeserving of consideration. It would be better for them if they joined Bezos on his trip to Uranus.

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        • Very sage advice, and I try to follow it in my real life. I don’t bother trying to change people’s mind anymore; it just leaves me tired and frustrated.

          My world is pretty small these days, and it suits me fine. I can’t bear too much petty small-talk anyhow, and that seems to be all anyone really wants to talk about…or else the latest Hollywood scandal. Ugh, I’d rather be alone!

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  8. No surprise. People say, oh they must be Muslims but as Lophatt pointed out these are Indian names. We want to attribute this type of degenerate behavior with stories we have heard of Pakistanis in England but Pakistanis are just Indians who converted to Islam. In India women have been raped who are not dressed properly or out at night with a boyfriend.How is this different from Islam? Then we have the infamous burning brides, and aborted female children, and acid throwing. Thanks indeed JWO for bringing this vermin to a once civilized country.

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    • Yes, if they’re too late for abortions they just murder the girls. I had a medical doctor friend once who worked with an organization that bought Indian girls to keep them from being killed.

      All of these myths of “civilization” are presented by those that profit from the lies. Areas like that are sewers. Europe would have been a sewer too if it weren’t for Christianity. Why this surprises people is the mystery to me.

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      • I think you are correct in your assertion that Europe could have been this way also without Christianity. It saddens me that people have no idea that everything that is good in the West has come from Christianity. The ignorance in this regard to the vast majority of people is stunning- it is as if we do not remember or know our own history. Commensurately same ignorant fools have no clue as to the types of thinking and values that non Westerners hold – just all about equality and diversity, as if there can ever be “equality” and harmony between two people, or cultures that do not value the same things.

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        • I had this exact discussion the other day with an Irish friend of mine. He was angry with God he said. He was talking about all the cruel acts of man over time. I mentioned this to him. He seemed to get ito

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  9. traildustfotm

    These Indian names remind me of the problems women were reporting with men on buses and trains in India.

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  10. They are all from India…

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  11. India, Somalia, Pakistan, Morocco, etc – makes no difference. When this sort of thing happens in Sweden, as it does on a regular basis, no names and no descriptions are published.

    If and when the “refugees” finally go to trial with translators, the verdict is usually a slap on the hand. The judge will say that coming from another culture they did not know any different. Free to go and molest again.

    So California is a step ahead of Sweden here with publishing their names. Sounds like an Indian family reunion.

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    • Absolutely correct. Apparently California hasn’t gotten the memo yet. Only Whitey names are allowed in the record. If you are a Senegalese maniac or Punjabi kiddie-diddler, your secret’s safe with them.

      For all intents and purposes Sweden doesn’t exist any longer. Maybe they should have studied European history. Think Moors.

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  12. As mentioned by others, these names are east indian, and unfortunately, their culture is one of the most rotten from centuries past (can you name any other culture that has stone-carved porn temples? use and abuse lower caste women, etc.?) What can be said about a belief system that thinks letting a cow do #2 on the floor of a newlywed couple’s house is a “blessing”, or that cow urine is holy water, effectively? That belief system so idolized by satanist types like blavatsky etc. is idolized for a reason, no? I ran across this in looking for stuff about hindu culture and pedophilia: I’m surprised that nation is so left alone these days, and one can see why the satanists idolized the culture and practices, etc. if this article is true.

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  13. Indians are not out friends.


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