Cat leaves flowers for kind woman

“No good deed goes unpunished” only applies to us humans.

Animals, whom St. Bonaventure so rightly called “creatures without sin,” are grateful for our acts of kindness.

Some go out of their way to say “Thank You” — like Willow the cat, who leaves flowers on the porch of a woman named Rosie.

The video’s narrator asked those viewers who had received a special gift from an animal to share their stories. Below are comments on the video’s YouTube page, beginning with some rather unusual cat-brings-dead-mouse stories:

“One of my cats brought me a dead mouse on Mother’s Day.”

“A friend of ours was in bed once with a terrible migraine and she woke to feel something wet and warm being pushed into her face – the cat had brought her a mouse!”

“my cat, murray, brought home kittens he found. i would find the kitten’s home or foster it until it was old enough to be adopted and then find a home. murray just loved kittens. one i kept and he was five before he was able to convince murr that he was old enough to wash himself. murray was the best cat who ever lived.”

“My cat has brought me birds, mice, dead of course and a baby kitten which was alive. Lol There’s a family of feral. Cats that live down the street from me so he decided to bring one home for us to look after. We still have both till this day.”

“My sister’s cat used to go to the neighbors’ yard and pick camellia flowers to bring home to us.”

“Our cat Robbie did the very same thing…Camellias, beautiful pink flowers”

“I also had a very special cat who brought me flowers.”

“My Stella Mae who was also a Maine Coon used to bring me flowers all along. For 11 years if there were flowers blooming I got some on the front and back door steps. Sweet girl loved me for rescuing her from cat jail”

“I adopted a 13 year old female long haired orange cat named Gypsy that no one wanted a few years ago. She was sickly at the shelter and was kept in her small cage for almost three months. I knew that If I didn’t adopt her, that she would die there. So, I took her home and she became an indoor outdoor cat. About two months after I adopted her, this what happened: I have a cat door. I work from home and one day I decided to take a break from work and I opened the office door. Outside the door was a line of about 10 white flower buds that ran from my office down the hall to the kitchen. I then looked outside my office window and there was Gypsy on the driveway with a big white flower bud in her mouth moving towards the cat door. She saw me and let out a cry and the white flower bud dropped to the pavement. She was showing me how grateful she was and how much she loved me.”

“My cat used to bring tiny apples to my step”

“my crows leave me little flowers and mulberries from my neighbour’s tree. the also ‘talk’ to me. they wait on the tree branch for peanuts and leftover pizza. they love pizza.”

“my cat brought me dead leaves but I keep them in a jar whenever she brings me some.”

“My gray tiger boy cat loved to bring me dry autumn leaves. I thought the wind was blowing them in, until I noticed that every leaf had one tiny tooth mark in it! He had been only about a week old when I rescued him during a rainstorm. Too small to take a bottle, I fed him by dripping the formula onto my hand. He was so small he could sit in my hand and still nurse from my palm. I guess he was returning the favour by catching & bringing me nice crunchy leaves!”

From a woman who took in a feral kitten and named her Angel: “Angel started bringing us leaves, big fruitless mulberry leaves. She brought us green leaves, autumn-colored leaves, and dried up leaves from the ground…. The back porch always had leaves on it. I remember one day watching her, through binoculars, try to see how many leaves she could fit in her mouth at the same time. Then she walked from that area through the yard, and up the steps to the back porch with a mouth full of leaves. She carefully laid them down on the porch, and looked up at me, standing inside the sliding glass door.”

“one of my cats years ago…didn’t bring me flowers – well, not often – but he went all around the neighborhood collecting colored sweet wrappers! It took me some time before I found out why my garden always seemed to be scattered with bits of colored paper.”

“My cat…instead of hunting and bringing me mice I would find dry kibbles on my bed. It took me a while to figure out how they were getting there, but then I caught him in the act.”

“I had a cat named Rose Bud. She brought me a stick shaped like a snake, a Pine cone shaped like a bird. And a large white rock shaped like an egg.”

“Our cat brings socks.”

“I got expensive Adidas socks from a cat.”

“Our Lydia brings my husband socks. She will leave a trail of socks to wherever he is sitting.”

“My cat used to bring me socks and stuffed animals.”

“My neighbor’s cat decided I was her person. She did not get much attention at home. She started bringing me her toys, I ended up with a box of her toys left outside my patio door. Loved that cat.”

“I had this one cat named Kitty Boy. He would bring home anything left out by the neighbors; small dolls, tots clothing, socks, sooooo many socks.”

“I once misplaced my eyeglasses. One of my cats brought them to me later that day.”

“Our youngest daughter was ‘adopted’ by her older sister’s cat, a gray striped tabby named Tigger. They were devoted to one another and Tigger showed his undying love by leaving ‘gifts’ on our daughter’s bed each day. He would bring her used Kleenex or bits of paper, rubber bands, paper clips, dry leaves, pen tops, small screws and nails, loose change, and even once a spark plug!! That’s true love!”

“Years ago, when we lived in another house, we would sit on our back deck and occasionally feed the squirrels peanuts. They would take them out of our hands. One day, we noticed a small pile on one of our wooden benches. It was an unusual collection of small man made items, perhaps scavenged on trash days…. Maybe these were gifts from a squirrel as the pile never disappeared until we removed it. We will never know, but it was our assumption that it was a gift for a gift.”

One commenter wrote, “My human husband can learn a lot from this.” I wonder if the woman who wrote that leaves gifts for her husband?

And my favorite comment, about the best gift of all:

“Every cat or dog I am blessed to know gives me a piece of their heart. I give them a piece of mine.”

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69

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15 responses to “Cat leaves flowers for kind woman

  1. Awesome love!

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  2. I wasn’t a cat person until I found this little gray and white fellow on the side of a country road 4 years ago. How he got there I have no idea but I put him in my pocket. Folks at PetSmart said he’d have to be bottlefed and recommended what I’d need to take care of him. Must’ve done it right because he lived and thrived. He’s ornery and cantankerous, loved to sleep in my office chair but turned out to be a real charmer towards clients. I made him Vice President of Vendor Relations but his career only lasted 2 years, he retired when I did. Now he lives a leisurely life napping, eating and running around like a madman on fire. Certainly had a good effect upon me so I owe the guy as much as he owes me and we’re buddies. My daughter named him Yuki.

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    • leeann Springer

      I never had a cat, until 8 years ago. I’ve always been a dog and bird lover. A red tabby had been abandoned (dumped) at my friend’s house. The young cat, was up a tree trying to escape some dogs who would have killed her. My friend, climb on a ladder to get the tabby down and to safety. She needed to find a home for the cat, as it was her dogs that chased her up the tree. I was called and asked to give her a home, if possible. Learning about cats was a new venture for me. I asked my husband if he liked her and his response was total indifference with a shrug of the shoulders. I named her “Leona”. Two days after adopting her, I noticed my husband was online looking at pet toys, cat beds and scratching poles. I just smiled and went on my way. Then I noticed he kept calling her “baby”. One evening she went outside when we weren’t looking. It appeared she was gone. My husband kept checking throughout the night because it was getting cold outside. He was like a dad, waiting up, for his daughter to come home after a first date. For a man who seemed to not care that much about cats, he changed into a protective dad. I overheard him talking to her about never making us worry about her like that ever again. Now, I don’t know who he loves the most, our cat or me. He is a changed man, all because of a red tabby. Leeann

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  3. I have a small farm and have 11 cats so they all have their area out side and depending on which cat I get all kinds of things at the back and front door you have to look before you step out or you might be squishing something before you know it. The strangest thing they ever brought to the house was a small turtle and they all were trying to play with it. Cats know they have a job as well as dogs and they keep the vermints away. ☻

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  4. Ah, my cats. How I miss them. Thank God I still have the three. One of those likes bringing shrews as gifts. When she had her kittens, she would bring us one every morning and catch one for herself. The sweet thing was giving us thank offerings for letting her kittens stay with us.

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It is amazing how a person can become attached to a pet. From my experience with pets is the love they give to humans and appreciation of your care for them. No matter how many times you enter or leave the home, they are always there to greet you as if you had been away for a long time. Pets are a blessing; but, it is like everything else – they are like a child – you have to take care of them and treat them humanly. What a wonderful experience.


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  6. Animals are so grateful, humans are so ungrateful!

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    • Here Here Alma!! When we moved into our new home 30 yrs ago….built on a former pumpkin farm….tons of people dropped off their unwanted animals in our new, small, (then) rural development. Among the dropped was a pregnant “feral” tortoise-shell mother. She had 3 kittens under my neighbor’s new storage shed. On a Sunday morning, she frantically came to our back sliding door w/kittens in her mouth: neighbor had hooked up a gas mower exhaust to a hose/was trying to kill the mother/kittens under his shed. I sacked my church plans & confronted him/told him I’d send him to prison if he continued his quest to gas these cats without a humane intervention plan w/local authority. We then opened our garage/allowed mother to bring her kittens in/raise them (we found homes). (We never found evidence during that time that she was truly “feral,” but rather, she’d probably been a family pet we finally decided ). Flash forward a few months:

      We were in a heat wave of 110- + by day. I liked to hang our clothes outside to dry late at night while cool…take them in AM while it was still cool. I made a big mistake: kids in bed, husband out of town….no one to call for help—I stepped out at pitch dark to hang clothes & did not turn on my back-deck light. Right away, I heard the whirr of a rattlesnake tail. BUT I COULD NOT SEE where he was. I had to FREEZE. It was like the old dream about having a poisonous snake or spider crawl across you body and NOT being able to move lest you invite death. I tried and tried to focus my eyes in the dark to see where the snake was. NILL! Finally, I JUST PRAYED: “Dear God, help me because I am helpless. I don’t know which way to go.” WITHIN MOMENTS the mother cat that we’d saved came up over our 6-foot high side fence and came to lay at my feet, crouched, ears back…in the direction that the snake lay. She could see. I could not. She remained that way until she finally relaxed, sat up, started cleaning herself….at which time I knew the snake had departed us…..still….as she walked to our back deck, I carefully followed her footsteps to sure safety.

      I tell this story to my middle school students each year when our “snake warnings” come out in spring/snake mating season…….just did so again. Here, it is an April/May story to take heed of…..but the REAL gist of this story is that our cats and dogs connect with us in deeper ways than they have been historically been given credit for….TRUST THEM. Believe that they have connections to you and your needs…through bonds of love/trust.

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      • What a brave mommy-cat! And ditto on “our cats and dogs connect with us in deeper ways than they have been historically been given credit for….TRUST THEM. Believe that they have connections to you and your needs…through bonds of love/trust.”


  7. So cool!

    I never get flowers….just got dead rodents and an ocassional snake!

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  8. traildustfotm

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  9. Thank you for this wonderful post Dr. Eowyn. I love all the comments. Even though our hearts break when our dear pets grow old and leave us, this post is a reminder to us to show our pets how much we love them each day by spending quality time with them and thanking them for the unconditional love they show us.

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  10. My feline (a male, now almost 10 years old) has never brought me a thing except himself. He was a foundling, only about 5 weeks old. A policeman found him under a car and brought him to my vet’s office. I happened to be there picking up my (relatively new) puppy after she’d had her chip REMOVED. I didn’t want any foreign objects implanted in her but the pet store had put it in her before I purchased her.
    “Mr. Mr.”, as we affectionately call my cat adopted ME that day. He came over to me and licked my finger as I stuck it into the cage to touch him. He was gorgeous. The vet’s staff had placed him in a cage in the waiting area, hoping for a sucker like me to come along. So he and my puppy grew up together. In fact, as I watched this video about the cat who brings flowers, my little buddy came over and banged up against me to get his love. So, that’s all my cat does, is bring himself!

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