Bezos says we need to leave Earth in order to survive

jeff bezos

You go first, Jeff.

From Fox News: The recently anointed richest person in the world, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, says we need to colonize the moon — and time is of the essence.

“We must go back to the moon, and this time to stay,” he said.

Speaking at the Space Development Conference in Los Angeles over the weekend, Mr. Bezos made the argument that in order to protect Earth and allow the human species to continue growing, we need to move much of our industrial activity to the moon, or even asteroids.

The 54-year-old billionaire said moving heavy industry into solar-powered space outposts is the only way to ensure that our planet can cope with the rising demand for energy and the stresses of a growing population.

“We will have to leave this planet,” he said, according to Geek Wire. “We’re going to leave it, and it’s going to make this planet better. We’ll come and go, and the people who want to stay, will stay.”

Mr. Bezos believes it will happen in our lifetime because the human race has little alternative. “The alternative is stasis,” he said, adding that without space settlements, societies around the globe “will have to stop growing” due to environmental and other constraints.

“That’s not the future that I want for my grandchildren, or my grandchildren’s grandchildren.”

The US government has stated it wants to pursue sustainable outposts in space and the Trump administration has shown renewed interest in returning to the moon. The Amazon CEO expects US government funding taxpayers to play a vital role in efforts to build habitats in space but said his rocket company, Blue Origin, would push on with its mission even if it doesn’t receive funding help from NASA.

“It won’t be done by one company” or by NASA, he said but by “thousands of companies working in concert over many decades”.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has previously outlined his idea for sending humans to colonize Mars but Mr. Bezos clearly thinks our planet’s moon is a better option for an initial outpost. As he pointed out during the conference talk, the moon is more conveniently located and reachable in just a couple of days with the right rocket.

The e-commerce entrepreneur also seems excited by the fact that in the past decade scientists discovered the existence of icy water near the poles that could theoretically be converted into hydrogen and oxygen and used for drinkable water, breathable air and propellants for reusable rockets.

“It’s almost like somebody set this up for us,” Mr. Bezos said.

If you’re a billionaire leader of industry, it’s become rather fashionable to use your means to push humanity towards the final frontier.

Jeff Bezos previously said he sells about $1 billion a year in Amazon stock to pursue his plans for space tourism and called his rocket company “the most important work I am doing”.

Read the rest of the story here.


61 responses to “Bezos says we need to leave Earth in order to survive

  1. Michael J. Garrison

    As you can see, folks, the leftists have already left reality. Especially those who’s god is bulging in their pockets and over-flowing in their bank accounts.
    Honestly, I hope Bone-head-Bezos is serious. We can use less trash on earth.
    Can he take Bill Gates with him??
    People, Father created the Earth for us….not any other planet.
    As for the children of Satan, I’m POSITIVE that there’s NOT a planet out there that would WILLINGLY welcome them.

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  2. He must be out of his flipping mind. Why would I want to leave the good ole USA to live in that kind of atmosphere? Is he planning of profiting from this adventure also? Of course, he only has to convince others to move there, so he can have this country for himself and like minded others. He is one greedy and selfish a hole. Doesn’t he consider himself rich enough yet? Keep spewing those dreams guy, let us know how it is.

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  3. Bezos is completely insane. And those who think and believe like him are also insane. Bezos, when you leave take all the corrupt politicians, judges, mayors, governors, pedophiles, etc with you since they are all insane too.

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    • weezy . . . . I must confess, I do feel that many of those who attain wealth, and status, become corrupted, and begin to suffer insanity.

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    • Following the Beattitudes, Luke 6: 20-23, we have the other side of the story, Luke 6: 24-26. “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort. Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go hungry. Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep. Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.” NIV

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  4. After you, Bezos!

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  5. Yeah. That ought to be a real cheap undertaking and with our lagging technical advances a win-win for everybody. Methinks this bozo has read too many Asimov novels. A government that cannot design a functional health care program isn’t about to develop something that advanced without screwing it up in the details.

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  6. You can’t escape the mental illness of the left here we have the NWO trying to control the world if we move to the moon some left leaning idiot will start screaming we need a NMO (New Moon Order) to control the Christians and the conservatives who have moved there. So folks no reason to go there we already got it here so WHY. For those who by the amazon house’s from this idiot beware when they listen in and deem your a threat to the state your name will be slated to be shipped off to the retraining camp on the moon LOL how do they come up with this stuff. Well got my laugh for the day thank you.

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    • NMO, New Moon Order, lol! good one!

      Democrats-on-the-Moon … DEMoons … remove one “o” = DEMons !

      “…the most important work I am doing…” said Bezos, “is my new company, Man-in-the-Moonazon. We will deliver by lunarcycle your favorite book to your home or office within 30 days!”

      And so it begins … again.

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      • “Where’s my green cheese and pet rock order?”. “Oh, and when you get here you can as Siri where I hid the door key”.


  7. Bezos owns Whole Foods, here’s an interesting article out a few days ago…

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  8. You don’t say, with all his money he ought to be the first to stablish the colony on the “dark side of the moon” “Alexa! Aleeeexa!!! Is so dam dark here I can’t find the shitcrater!!!”

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  9. Bozos certainly proves the old adage that money can’t buy common sense or good looks. He’s got neither!😸

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  10. Bezos spouts just as much vacuous garbage as his WSJ. At least he is
    consistent for those of his class. The 1% elite have brutally exploited and
    dominated the 99% (peons). With automation increasing rapidly we peons
    are redundant and only poisoning the environment the rich live in.

    Space travel has been glamorized for patriotic boosterism. Air and everything else is recycled. Smells like the worst armpit. Noisy
    machines are directly above your head so it sounds like sticking
    your head under the hood of a running engine. You urinate one day
    and drink it the next.
    There is no atmosphere in outer space or on the moon. All you need
    one pinhole allowing the air to escape. Air pressure drops to zero.
    At zero PSI blood boils at 33 degree F. You explode like a dynamited
    tomato. Outside on the moon is a silent, totally barren landscape.
    Bezos is spewing megalomaniacal babble about colonizing the moon.

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    • Your description of life on the Moon is spot-on,Gary. I’m ALL IN for him to be the first to enjoy the new world he wants to create up there.Once he solves all the impossibilities that actually EXIST there for Human life,THEN we can re-visit the idea. But until then,I’ll follow his lead from afar (or NOT follow it,more accurately) As is pointed out elsewhere in this post,wealth does NOT equal intelligence OR common sense;conversely,wealth makes those qualities more conspicuously ABSENT.

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    • Dammit! He belongs on Uranus! Not “my-anus” but Urs!. I do like the idea of simple shooting them to an elevation where leaks cause “pate”.

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    • Bezos owns the Washington Post, not the Wall St. Journal.

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  11. We freakin’ need to expose this whole Malthusian environmental conspiracy all the way to its core before these azzholes use it to justify the outright SLAUGHTER of us all!

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Wonder when he is leaving – will he take Amazon with him? Not everyone will agree – but Mr. Bezos reminds me of an alien. Will we order thru Amazon from the moon? Maybe he will take all of those liberals with him and the WAPO.


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    • ” Maybe he will take all of those liberals with him and the WAPO.”
      THEN,just ONE well placed missile—and-no,we can’t do that. It’d screw up the orbits of Earth AND the Moon. I guess we could BAN the transport of air to the Moon……

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      • Well, if you plan the trajectory right you can avoid any gravitational attraction for eons. That way he can see if his delivery system can keep up with his “vision”.

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        • Hey-THAT would be proof of the old phrase used to describe people who die from high velocity crashes. What was the last thing to go through his mind? His butt….
          No applause please-just throw money…

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  13. Blofeld from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

    Similar plan, too.

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  15. Please Bezos, when you go take this crowd with you. Please!

    Published 11:14 am, Friday, June 1, 2018
    NEWTOWN — Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Newtown First Selectman Dan Rosenthal have issued proclamations that Saturday will be Gun Violence Awareness Day in Connecticut and Newtown. Supporters wearing orange will mark the day with a march Saturday evening from town hall to Newtown Middle School and back to the Fairfield Hills campus.

    The march begins at 5 p.m. on the Fairfield Hills campus and will culminate in a rally there at 6 p.m. Speakers will include U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Selectman Jim Gaston and leaders of Sandy Hook Promise, Moms Demand Action and the Newtown Action Alliance.

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    • They should give out prizes. How about a commemorative Hoagland plague and a replica of Obongo’s Social Security Card with Fairfield Hills as the address?

      Bezos could swing by and pick them up. If they’re late he could send a tractor beam.

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    • Malloy and orange. There’s something wrong with that.

      ((Rosenthal)), ((Blumenthal)), Moms Demand ACTION, and Newtown ACTION Alliance.
      A perfect grouping for “lights, camera, ACTION”.

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    • Where’s “Kermit the Lawyer”. Won’t he be wearing his green body suit? And what about Lenny? There should at least be a “Lenny” mascot. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “slime fair”.

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      • lophatt, glad you asked. Kermit the Lawyer, also known as Monte Python, has a full plate these days. Just a couple of weeks ago he and his green spandex 26 team finished their 6th annual bikeathon to DC.

        Between sporting green spandex and working on solutions to gun violence, our favorite frog, and or snake, is busy running for CT lieutenant governor on an independent ticket. Kermit here is registered as affiliated with the democratic party. Better to disassociate oneself from Malloy’s legacy and pretend to be something else. A prince he’ll never be.

        Can’t make up my mind what goes best with the capitol colors in Hartford – green or orange. Thankfully Lenny has not been seen in green spandex yet. Both Kermit and Lenny are good candidates for populating outer space. Beam them up, Bezos.

        The really big shew (and prizes) are saved for unveiling the Permanent Sandy Hook Memorial. One of the 4 final designs in the link below. Oh my.

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        • That is indeed quite a monument to poor taste. How many B’ahi’s were on the schmaltz committee? Egad!

          So Monte has political aspirations? Who’d a thunk? I suppose there couldn’t be a better place for Monte to peddle his wares.

          Lenny in Spandex is a concept that would be hard to get out of the mind. As to Lenny’s competence for astronaught, I think he may have been there before. He is just visiting.

          All these years and some things just never change.

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  16. My thoughts exactly. I hope Soros is his co-pilot. They can swing by Hollywood for a load and join up with Pelosi on Uranus. She is years ahead of him.

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  17. Dennis Godaire

    Bezos should be the mission leader. Has he been measured for the straight jacket … I mean space suit?

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  18. Why is it that these elite billionaires are some of the dumbest ppl ever???

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  19. I’d be happy to help escort him off the earth.

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  20. It may take a month for two for Conagra to till the moon’s rich soil and provide the water from the many lakes, rivers, and streams required for the crops to provide an abundant harvest. Not to worry, Amazon Prime accounts will receive two-day delivery for anything requested.

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  21. meager bumble

    OK! Bye-bye, sayanora, arrivederci…..

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  22. I didn’t even read the article. Too time consuming when the title tells me what I need to know. While people are busy looking for aliens (or their navel) TALPIOT runs things for ((them)).
    ((They’ve)) been telling us for 100 years that we’d be OFF world by now or “soon”. It’s unadulterated bullshyte.
    Oh, and have you heard? We’re going to MARS!! Woo hoo. Of course, we CAN’T go back to the moon….because…because…we lost that technology. BUT, we’re going to MARS!! Woo hoo!!

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    • They must have found a detour around that pesky VanAllen Belt. You see, once they COULD do this, but now they can’t. Must’ve run out of monofilament line down at the sound studio.

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  23. Please let him be the first one to go, and never return to the world he’s done so much to profit from and then denigrate. Perhaps the lunar landscape, much like his skull, will be more to his fancy….

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  24. “The e-commerce entrepreneur also seems excited by the fact that in the past decade scientists discovered the existence of icy water near the poles that could theoretically be converted into hydrogen and oxygen and used for drinkable water, breathable air and propellants for reusable rockets.”
    ‘“It’s almost like somebody set this up for us,” Mr. Bezos said.’

    Golly gee! Imagine that! Icy water (H2O) near the poles that could be “drinkable” and “breathable” (O2), and “propellants” for rockets. Hasn’t liquid hydrogen been used as a propellant for decades?
    Are we supposed to take anything this joker says seriously?

    “It’s almost like somebody set this up for us.” Who, Bezos? Name Him, because we know it ain’t the little green men.

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  25. Oh, Ye generation of VIPERS! Seekers after signs! No sign shall be given unto you, but the Sign of Jonah.

    Jeff Bezos is nothing more than a sick parody of Jonah, who incidentally actually believed in God. He seeks to run from the Judgment he knows he deserves. Better that he drown.


  26. Patrick Cornell

    Escape from planet Tranny, we need to build a rocket ship!

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  27. LOL. These elitist a-holes really do think we’re all stupid. Just take a cross-country flight and you can see the VAST tracts of uninhabited land in the U.S., much of which isn’t even used for farming but is simply ‘held’ by the federal government much like the British Crown monopolizes land throughout the British Isles.

    Even in supposedly over-run continents like Asia or Africa there are still VAST areas of undeveloped or under-developed land on which can be built farms and cities.

    With today’s advanced tech, the Sahara could be made arable and cost effectively provide most of the world’s demand for organic food.

    And despite harsh winters, there are VAST areas of land in Canada that could be developed with cities and farms. This was actually the plan until the F#ck-Faced B@st@rd Communist Pierre Trudeau sold out the Bank of Canada to the Rothschild Banking Cartel in 1974.

    ‘Over-population’ is simply a myth invented by the elitist, Rothschild-financed Club of Rome to guilt us into extinction through birth control and abortion and unnecessarily high taxes&prices on basic commodities to support overly stringent environmental rules.

    In reality, the elites – led by the Talmudic Chabad Lubavitch cult – want to de-populate the planet down to a ‘manageable’ 500 million or so slaves who will live to serve them. Talk of migration to outer space is just fanciful nonsense for the gullible-the elites literaliy have a plan to ‘re-wild’ North America and turn the entire continent into a kind of nature preserve with only a hand full of ‘population centres’.

    And no offense to the vision impaired, but Bezos is an arrogant, cock-eyed, fugly little leftist creep. It’s always the little guys that turn out the most horrid in a position of power. Hope he and Gates are the first ones to permanently blast off…

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  28. Makes me sad that I ordered something from amazon today… ☹️

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  29. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… “We must go back to the moon, and this time to stay,” he said.

    “WINKY” still thinks we walked on the Moon and came back to yak about it? Ha!-Ha! Apparently he’s as stupid as he is rich!!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  30. Don’t let the rocket hatch hit you in the ass while boarding.

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