Why conservatives should be wary of actress Roseanne Barr: She has multiple personalities

It’s all over the news — ABC’s cancellation of Roseanne Barr’s rebooted Roseanne sit-com after her distasteful and wholly indefensible tweet about Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett as “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”.

She later blamed her tweet on being muddle-headed because she had taken Ambien.

Conservatives who leap to Barr’s defense should really reconsider. Here are three things about Barr to keep in mind:

(1) There’s no excuse to sink to racism by characterizing Valerie Jarrett as an ape. It is not Jarrett’s race that is the problem; it’s Jarrett’s political beliefs, actions, and character. For conservatives to defend Jarrett is to lend fuel to the Left’s malicious stereotype of conservatives as white racists.

(2) Just because Roseanne Barr is pro-Trump doesn’t mean she’s a conservative or a patriot:

  • Our enemy’s enemy is not necessarily our friend.
  • According to the Federal Electoral Commission, Barr was a registered Democrat. (See “Liberal vs. Conservative Celebrities“)
  • In the past, Barr had amply expressed her hatred of the United States, conservatives, and Christians:
    • In 2012, she wished that patrons of Chick-fil-A would get cancer.
    • In 1990, she showed her utter contempt for this country when she screamed out the National Anthem at a Padres game, ending it by grabbing her crotch.

(3) I am skeptical about Barr’s recent seeming political conversion — and anything she does — because by her own admission, she is severely mentally ill.

As reported by ABC News in July 2001, Barr in 1994 first told the world she has multiple personality disorder, also known as dissociative identity disorder.

Barr said that, since she was a child, she’s had seven personalities, whom she named Somebody, Nobody, Baby, Cindy, Susan, Joey, and Heather. In an August 2001 interview in Esquire magazine, she said that after 10 years of hard work, she had managed to integrate the differing personalities:

“I haven’t had any blackouts for quite a while. I used to have them minute by minute. I was always in conflict about conflicting parts, but I’ve learned how to get them to listen to each other now. I’ve learned how to get them to know they’re on the same team, that we occupy the same body, which we never knew before. It’s like living in a maze. It’s like that old woman who keeps adding on to her house … But the parts don’t get along and some of them have some real strange ideas about how to defend.”

Roseanne says her “seven different signatures” stayed around for anything ranging from a few seconds to a few years, and that in one case she had forgotten to call back a friend for seven years.

What this woman needs is not our defense, but our prayers.


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    Well, this is very telling. Wow…

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  2. With her firing I think was a good thing to the effect people were thinking she was aligning herself with Trump’s ideas and conservative ideology which she is not. Now she is out and they won’t be able to use her recklessness against Trump in the media. Just my thought. Great post Doc I had forgotten about the different personalities she had.

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    • “…people were thinking she was aligning herself with Trump’s ideas and conservative ideology which she is not.”

      Yeah, from what I watched of the new show, they were taking on just about every single current political trope and meme (whatever those are). Kinda the way SNL and late-night comics used to do… just ad-nauseam, the way those same folks take on Trump and his supporters etc. now.

      I’d read recently that the second season wasn’t going to be as “Trump-friendly” as the first.

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  3. I felt like I was watching the meltdown of a personality. Poor woman. But I can’t stand Soros or Valerie Jarrett and will not support them as victims of Barr. They have done much worse things than make crude jokes.

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  4. I agree with Cathy !!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Any one and every one who supported and aided the fraud obama is worthy of the most atrocious of criticisms one can conceive. True that it is jarrett’s clear hatred for this nation, her political and treasonous crimes, and self-serving pursuits, that should be the motive of disdain. But then comparing her to an ape is no worse than the criticisms the left use against Trump, or the expression of true moral values, or in fact any Christian value.

    Any how, just when did references to the movie series ‘Planet of the Apes’ automatically become racist? They were some of the better movies of the time. Don’t remember them ever being protested, or causing riots.

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    • “Any how, just when did references to the movie series ‘Planet of the Apes’ automatically become racist?”
      Agreed-if someone claims that’s racist,maybe they have a personal secret that’s exposed by the movie……

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  6. She believed she was being witty when all she was being was crass. That’s the trouble with the majority of these Hollywood types. They aren’t witty or even clever. They are base and vulgar.

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  7. Treasonous jarrett is still obummer’s main henchwoman working behind the scenes to try to bring down Trump and our nation. She was as much or more the acting president as obummer was during his illegitimate time in office. They and the rest of the treasonous actors deserve the noose or firing squad but, short of that, a life sentence to GITMO will do.

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  8. Multiple personalities means there are multiple demons inside of her. She needs to surrender her life to Jesus Christ and cast out those demons.

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  9. Carl R Hassell

    I don’t believe the whole schtick of her supporting Trump. Its all about show business/money. She broke her knee cap in S.Fs Golden Gate Park in October while visiting her son. S.F.is hostile territory for a Trump supporter, and the entire Haight Street area is a haven of perversion & drug use and dereliction. . https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/roseanne-barr-undergo-surgery-breaks-kneecap-places/story?id=42775046


  10. Here’s my problem with how the media jumped on this:
    “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”.

    “Planet of the Apes” is NOT the same as “Apes” per se. It was a series of movies (and re-makes) about a planet on which apes had evolved speech and intelligence to the point they became philosophers, scientists, doctors, and statesmen, and even had a forceful military that over-threw and enslaved the largely-white human population. They were an advanced civilization…

    And who’s to say Roseanne wasn’t referring to the main character in the first films, Charlton Heston? Who’s to say what the hell she meant?

    But they went right for what their “progressive” viewers looking for a fight would look for, and they went with that yellow journalism to stir the pot (and get her show cancelled and get her black-listed), rather than merely asking, “What, exactly, did Roseanne mean by this?” Or by doing what folks used to do, by shrugging and ignoring her — “Whatever.” They interpret and opine.

    It’s the same way they “report” on everything Trump has said or done.

    Here’s the thing, BOTH say and do actual things to make one question their mental status, as you’ve point out here about Roseanne. So why go for the jugular rather than stick to actual facts? Because the angry & gullible are easily mislead. And their emotions give structure to ideologies which direct their votes, which results in changes of power and fortune in our society as well as direct our future as a civilization, as followed by the rest of the world.

    BTW, I’d be willing to bet that MANY entertainers, especially comics, are schizoid or otherwise mentally-compromised attention seekers. They say and do anything to get people to watch, listen to, and read their “thoughts”. Ditto athletes — just watch their on- and off-field antics. Sad. Yet we train society to look up to them and pay them enormous salaries for it.

    Which is why ABC re-started “Roseanne” in the first place.

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  11. I thought I was the only one who remembered this. I also remember her (along with Anne Hecht) claiming to be an alien (👽), the victim of sexual abuse by her father, and involved in SRA…and ultimately recanted it all, saying she was hypnotized by a therapist which implanted false memories. I think she was on 60 Minutes or 20/20 making all these allegations, but I haven’t been able to find the clips online.

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    • Good grief. So which version of herself are we to believe?

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    • I remember that interview- she said you can never say that you weren’t sexually abused because it could have happened and you just blocked it out, like she did. I saw that when I was young and it was very confusing to me!

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    • Yes, I think she’s insane. But to me, that isn’t the point. She (or anyone else for that matter) should be free to say whatever they want. I’ve said before that there may be consequences but so be it.

      The point here is that so-called “liberals” say worse about Trump and others all the time with no consequences at all. It isn’t about Barr. I couldn’t care less about her although, even having a “pretend” conservative is better than NO conservative personality on TV.

      I’ve never liked her but it doesn’t matter. Personally I’m tired and disgusted at hearing everything the commies say day after day and nothing to balance or offset it. We used to have a “Fairness Doctrine” and adherence was a condition of securing a broadcast license. Clinton eliminated that. It needs to be reinstated. Trump could do it with an EO.

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      • You’re totally right. The hypocrisy is so blatant, and the bias so gargantuan, that it beggars belief. (Did I get that phrasing right?)

        I just became aware of a female comedian named Michelle Wolf, who apparently does a whole political schtick. I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of it, but it blew my mind (I didn’t think I had an ounce of naïveté left in me) that she is applauded for bad-mouthing/smearing the Right. The Left seems to have forgotten that what goes around comes around and will smack you in the face like a cold, wet fish…they have single-handedly set the bar so low a snake could slither across it.

        Jesus’ admonishment to turn the other cheek has never been so imperative. If the Right sinks to the level of the Left, there’ll be no bottom to the abyss. Heaven help us.

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  12. I immediately remembered that Roseanne herself said she had been hit by a car as a teen and would never be normal, thank-you for reminding us that in addition to that car accident which injured her brain to the point where she was institutionalized, she had already formed multiple personalities as a child. Further Roseanne has gone on record stating she was an abused child by her parents for many years. She has been amazingly successful given her mental illness history. Having said that, I would like to remind everyone that the new Roseanne had lost more than half its veiwers by the end of the first season, and I felt the show hadn’t the same spark as the original show. The main characters were very flat and lacked the energy they had on the original show. I hate to say that age had taken its toll on these fine actors, but I stopped watching it after the second show. Is it possible that Roseanne became the fall guy possibly a willing fall guy so the show had a reason to be cancelled per the shows insurance payout contract? I think so, as each lead actor on the show would be covered by insurance by the production company requirements. Dailymail has a story running today saying that each of the leads will be paid 4.5 million in spite of the cancellation. I think everybody got a payday and Roseanne either willingly or unknowingly was setup for the fall.

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    • I just saw a piece on TV saying they’re weighing the possibility of continuing the show without her,making it something like “The Connors Family” with “Dan” the star. I’ll believe it when I see it.


    • Thanks for that rundown of Roseanne’s life; & interesting observation re the possible purposeful reason for her latest sitcom > to make Conservatives “look bad.” That is not an uncommon tactic.

      For the full scoop re Roseanne’s Jewish + Mormon upbringing, see Wiki under EARLY LIFE & PERSONAL LIFE subheadings:

      –Born & raised in Salt Lake City.
      –Jewish heritage both sides of the family.
      –Her parents kept their Jewish identity hidden from neighbors.
      –Part of the week they were Jewish; the other part they were Mormon.
      –Four kids in that family. One sister is a lesbo & one brother is a homo.
      –Roseanne had Bell’s Palsy as a small child.
      –She was insitutionalized for 8 months after that car accident. Had a baby while in there which she gave up for adoption.
      –She & lesbo sister were on Oprah in the 1980’s with Roseanne saying she was physically & sexually abused by both parents but maybe “incest” wasn’t the right word.
      –Parents & siblings deny it. Parents’ attorney says the parents passed lie detector tests “with flying colors.”
      –Her lesbo sister worked for her during the original Roseanne show. They had a falling out. Lesbo later sued but the case was thrown out due to Statute of Limitations.
      –Roseanne’s been married four times; lives in Hawaii with current husband.
      –Politically she was Green Party & later Freedom Party.
      –Roseanne has studied Kabbalah & still refers to it, per Wiki.

      With all that said, those family dynamics could make anyone a bit whacky!

      Re: bona fide child abuse survivors (whether Roseanne really is such or not), it is not unheard of for siblings AND parents to deny it if one person speaks up & exposes the family “secret” when all the others do not want it known.

      And re: MPD, that is not caused by “demons,” as someone said above. (Christians are too eager to blame demons for everything! Try educating self on subjects first.)

      MPD is caused by abuse at a very young age before the personality is fully set by around age six. It’s actually a survival mechanism that tiny toddlers’ brains & psyches use to cope with whatever is happening to them. Understanding that, you could say it’s a BLESSING. Otherwise, the toddlers may go permanently insane due to no coping mechanism.
      –If you want to say the PERVS are demonized, by all means. But never demonize the innocents.
      –Older kids who are abused can have gaps in their memories for that part of their lives, which is also the brain’s/psyche’s way of coping through the abuse.
      –Others may focus on objects while being abused. They will remember the object but may not recall the actual abuse.

      The Wiki re Roseanne said she had “blackouts.” That could be another “symptom” (loss of memory) of abuse; or maybe it was from the car accident. Having 2 of 4 of the kids in that family turn “gay” is suspicious as well.

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  13. Smartly thought of, she needed a comeback and what best to take on the “conservative approach” engaging her new show in politics. Roseanne Barr struck a chord with her comments -to the left and to the right; the members on the left side pushing the ground with their feet, the right pushing them right back, that old precept “divide and conquer” is so much alive. Well, as always the hype will die out, and so will she, let’s not forget the stripes on a tiger never change, she tried to pull a fast one and it backfired!

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  14. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Frankly, I knew enough about the unfunny Roseanne Barr that I was totally suspicious of her “turnaround” from the get-go! I was NOT buying it.

    And as soon as I heard about her stupid, unfunny Tweet, I immediately suspected that this turn of events was pre-planned.

    I think Roseanne (the actress) only started “playing the part of a Trump supporter” as a consciously arranged build-up to this point where she would come out as a racist moron, in order to try to cement in the mind of the public that Trump supporters are what the communist Democrats say they are: stupid racists.

    I strongly suspect that this entire thing was a “planned set-up” from the beginning and Roseanne was just playing her part in trying to taint the reputations of Trump supporters en masse. She probably got paid handsomely upfront and knew from before her first comeback show was even filmed that it would all end EXACTLY the way it has.

    The devil is devious as hell, and he has lots of team players in Hollyweird. Roseanne’s career was already over, so she had nothing really to lose by making a fake comeback as a prearranged conspiracy meant to besmirch Trump supporters in front of the whole world.

    Nope, I wasn’t buying it at all, and this denouement seems to vindicate my suspicions. Barr got a little more time in the limelight, got paid a ton of money by Wizards Behind The Curtain, and got to tattoo a black mark on the reputation of conservatives on her way back out the door. For her, that was a win-win-win!!!

    I could be mistaken, I could be reading too much into this. But I highly doubt it. I believe the whole thing went exactly as planned from the very beginning.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    • I never believed her either.

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    • You know, I harbor similar suspicions. The Left and the Right are as corrupt as the day is long, and serve as a distraction.

      I think Lophatt is right: the NWO has been in place for a while now. We are only beginning to see its consequences, and they are ugly indeed.

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    • Danielle Marin

      D-FensDogG – I hung on every word you said here as I could not agree with you more. Also, I don’t know if it’s been mentioned on here in the comments or not, as I’ve scanned through & certainly may have missed it…what about all of her speeches given on MK Ultra & Project Monarch mind control? She gave an especially compelling speech back in 2013 at a downtown church in Toronto that Cathy O’Brien was a speaker at, as well. My mind was BLOWN back a few months when (evil Zionist controlled) ABC made their big announcement Rosanne was coming back. I couldn’t wrap my brain around it, and then it clicked for me. I definitely lean towards their having pulled her out of ‘retirement’ and probably even fired up some of the old remote programming. Rosanne may have been about due for a nice, fat cash infusion and this gig certainly would have been just that. All of the bad-mouthing she has done about the “cabals” running things behind the scenes is all still out there for any to see on Youtube, further allowing us to see this clearly is a case of both she and THEY using each other, quite mutually by the very predictable looks of it.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        Thank you, DANIELLE.
        This thing doesn’t even pass the smell test for me. It all happened so quickly and so conveniently for the anti-Trump Commie Left that it almost seemed like a beautifully wrapped gift for them. And so that’s precisely what I suspect it was — with shiny ribbon, and a big pretty bow on top.

        Roseanne Barr gets resurrected out of nowhere, gets an incredible amount of A-list mainstream media coverage, and then pulls a stunt like that. To me, it seems almost as blatantly contrived as Obama’s birth certificate was obviously fraudulent!

        I’m reminded of the 1973 movie ‘THE STING’, because I think that with Roseanne’s prearranged assistance, a sting is exactly what they perpetrated against the reputation of Trump supporters before the eyes of the world.

        A lot of people have gotten caught up in whether or not her Tweet was really a racist remark or not. In my mind, it was (even if she was merely faking her racism for the effectiveness of the sting), but that’s really beside the point. It’s not the right question. The REAL question that should be asked is: Given this day and age we’re living in, is it reasonable to assume that most people — especially the Leftists and their mainstream media accomplices — would PERCEIVE it and ACCUSE it of being a racist remark?

        The answer is obviously YES. And even a person as thick as Roseanne Barr may be (pun intended) — who is so crass she thinks booger and fart jokes are the height of comedy — would KNOW BEFOREHAND that a Tweet like that was going to create a ton of negative repercussions and probably cause the axe to fall on her new hit show. She may not have more than two brain cells to rub together, but I still find it impossible to believe that she could have Tweeted that statement without fully realizing what it was going to cost her in terms of reputation and future TV earnings. In my view, it HAD to be deliberate self-sabotage in order to try to bring down the overall reputation of Trump’s supporters.

        Thanks again for taking time to comment on my comment!

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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      • “…what about all of her speeches given on MK Ultra & Project Monarch…”

        I had forgotten about that! Having just learned from Wiki that Roseanne was born/raised in Salt Lake City & that her Jewish biological family were practicing-Jews-part-time & practicing-Mormons-part-time, & having heard over the years that Utah & Mormon heirarchy are deeply involved in DeepState shenanigans, it could be she knows firsthand about such things. It could also be that she was SRA’d & abused by them vs. her parents.

        If they have her on “remote,” maybe they WANTED her talking about MK-Ultra & Monarch programming when she did (more “Revelation of the Method”) in the same way they wanted her to be a pretend-Trump-supporter with a failed TV show six months prior to mid-terms in order to DISCREDIT Conservatives.

        Also, if she later recanted re any childhood abuse, saying a hypnotist “planted false memories” in her head, that is one of the big “diversion” lies that came on the scene just as all the accounts of widedpread child abuse were being exposed. The purpose of the “false memories” lie was to DISCREDIT bona fide child abuse cases so that nobody would believe the victims. It’s a version of the “Shoot The Messenger” tactic.

        It’s possible she never had a car accident but was “institutionalized” for eight months as a teenager because she needed further “programming.”

        There’s a photo of Roseanne online from a few years ago when she attended some function, after having had the stomach bypass & losing all the weight. She was looking good but because she was wearing Animal Skin gloves, everyone was saying that was a sign she had “Sex Kitten” “Beta-Programming” which is part of the “Monarch Programming.” True? Only she knows — or maybe she doesn’t know!

        Re: her 2012 Chick-Fil-A cancer comment, she was likely ticked re Chick’s then “Marriage between Men & Women Only” position because two of her siblings are “gay.” I’m not sure if any of her own children are (I think she has four).

        Either/Or any of the above, Roseanne is a messed-up cookie. Ambien & Kabbalah will not help! Definitely prayers are in order, as Dr. E wrote, for her messed-up lost soul. (She would probably curse us for saying so.)

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    • Pray without ceasing

      You are not mistaken.
      This entire episode was contrived, soup to nuts. Once I heard the “breaking news” alert that the show had been cancelled (“news” huh?!) on WSB here in Atlanta (the perennial #1, and local ABC affiliate), the jig was up. It was hyped when it was rebooted, then wall-to-wall with an anti-Trump, pro-Obama twist when they pulled the plug, designed to impugn “red-staters”…more divide and conquer tactics from the powers that shouldn’t be.
      There’s another angle to this IMHO: Valerie Jarrett has more visibility now than she ever did; most folks had no idea who she was until two days ago. RB, despite her latest ruse wearing a MAGA hat, is a commie-lib, yet singles out Jarrett of all people for this unhinged vitriol?? It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s being groomed to be the VP pick for Micheal…uh Michelle’s run for POTUS in ’20.
      I’d like to add another part of RB’s checkered past that has yet to be discussed. This vile soulless hack spent the last few years marginalizing the truth community, claiming she is a victim of MKUltra mind-control and its prevalence in the “entertainment” industry, yet she is awarded with a high-profile show on a major network?? C’mon. They set it all up just to knock it down.
      The whole thing stinks. Not one bit of it is genuine. The subversives who control the MSM will do anything to further their agenda, this saga being just another vehicle, with Barr as the patsy — whether by choice or force.

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      • Stephen T. McCarthy

        PRAY WITHOUT CEASING (I like your pseudonym!), that’s an excellent observation about the boon this whole charade was for Valerie Jarrett! Good thinking! I hadn’t even gone in that direction with it, but it fits like a glove. People who are more politically astute than the average person who gets all their news from mainstream sources (e.g., people such as the FOTM readership) certainly know who Valerie Jarrett is and how traitorous she is to our Constitutional Republic. But for the average Joe Sixpack & Max Factor Mary, Jarrett has suddenly become a household name. For them, she’s now suddenly on the “A-list” of political personalities.

        After posting my comment last night, my mind turned to KANYE WEST, and I wondered if perhaps he might be the next one to say or do something really egregious in public in order to drive another nail into the general reputation of pro-Trump anti-Hillary folks.

        I mean, Kanye’s seeming turnaround appears as unlikely to me as Roseanne’s was, so I can’t help wondering if he represents another (future) facet of “The Sting”. Time will tell.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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        • “Max Factor Mary,” lol! That’s a new one for me. 😀

          As for Kanye West, I wouldn’t know the guy from Adam if I saw West in person, but I like your thinking. His ditz-looking wife had a meeting with Trump at the WH Wed. 5/30/18 re prison reform & clemency for a 63-yo lady.

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      • “…wall-to-wall with an anti-Trump, pro-Obama twist when they pulled the plug, designed to impugn “red-staters”…more divide and conquer tactics from the powers that shouldn’t be.”

        “The whole thing stinks. Not one bit of it is genuine. The subversives who control the MSM will do anything to further their agenda…”

        Yeah… that’s how I feel now, SMH over somehow getting MSNBC and other cable channels I don’t subscribe to, via the cable company’s “streaming app” (which I DL’d and use legally)… and in just watching minutes of several daily “news shows” there, I’m just left with my jaw hanging, wondering WHAT? Brian Williams is still working? O’Donnell? Where did the vicious beast Rachel Madcow come from? Their entire “panels” do nothing but sit around like stoned philosophy students discussing how horrible Trump and conservatives are and how to impeach him… it’s a singular, maniacal exercise in country hating and bashing… There is NO news; it’s strictly spin and opinion meant to persuade and enforce beliefs against Trump and anyone who disagrees with the Left.

        It so offended me that I’ll probably be dropping my basic, decades-long cable subscription (which doesn’t include those channels or shows that apparently everybody else gets and is force-fed, and which many accept as FACT, because they don’t know or care to fact check or question them.)

        That’s a decision aided by watching other channels like “History” on which the “actors”, often in their 20s, curse in their normal conversation like sailors or hardened felons. I just don’t understand it as anything other than trying to debase and influence today’s youth to speak the same way… alienate them from normal Godliness, decency, and socialization, and present their atheism as the “new norm”. And to ignore or mock those who don’t fall in line.

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  15. traildustfotm

    Thank you for these reminders, Dr. Eowyn. Because of all this background I was hesitant to get on the bandwagon for her new show.

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  16. it says a lot that they are taking all of her syndicated shows off the air, but bill cosby show will play into infinity…

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  17. Yes, Roseanne has always been one crazy lady, and a singer never. But, her tweet made perfect sense to me .. nothing racist about it, not about Jarrett’s looks. We know that Obama’s bosom buddy is Ms. Muslim Brotherhood. Doesn’t anyone remember what Planet of the Apes was actually about? Totalitarian government? It seems Rosanne’s subconscious may have became politically active under Ambien influence.

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    • Goldbug . . . . You have mentioned “Rosanne’s subconscious may have became politically active under Ambien influence.” More than a decade ago I was suffering with such intense insomnia that the doctor put me on “Ambien,” everything was okay until the night when guests showed up rather late and I was not able to go ahead and go to bed. I would not wish what happened to me on another person . . . I became aware of the fact that I felt as thought I were floating through the air–looking down on myself and the other people in the room. That was the very last time I ever took Ambien–regardless of how safe the manufacturer may say it is, my experience would differ tremendously with that opinion.

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      • Auntie Lulu, sounds like you had an OBE, maybe Ambien brought you close to death. I recently read pages and pages of comments from people with horror stories about their experiences with this drug. It is NOT safe; but of course, no Rx drug is safe.

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  18. So which is it—is Roseann a schizophrenic or something else?
    Look at what this woman said, and how she backtracked it. Forget or disregard any apologies (for the moment). I suspect demonic activity in this woman. Whatever the problem, this woman (unfunny, in my opinion) is in a deep conflict.
    And we must pray for her conversion—and her safety: I am no psychiatrist, but something tells me she has been exhibiting (ever so subtlely) suicidal behavior.

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  19. Jarrett and most of the left do not believe we were made by God. They believe we evolved from fish or apes so why are they so insulted when they are compared to an ape? President Trump has been called an Oragutan by Bill Maher and he showed a picture of Trump next to a picture of an Orangutan. So how come Bill Maher didn’t get fired. VJ is a Muslim and she has some ties in her background. In my opinion she IS part of the Muslim Brotherhood. To me this is just a case of a double standard. You can say we all evolved form apes then get insulted when we compare you to your ancestors.

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    • brackenkaren . . . . Congratulations! That was a very insightful comment. Thank you.

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    • In that case Maher should get excited if we discuss pond slime.

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    • Darwing and his theory of evolution! He was an atheist. God created US in his image, in order to survive men had to advance or perish. As opposed to evolution, the only change in humans has been when the different races white, black, yellow and red intermingled -yes, the characteristics have changed but men continue to have two ears, two eyes, one heart, one soul, apes are apes, dogs are dogs, birds are birds. An Africano and a Chinese may have a child with slanted eyes straight hair and a variation in the skin color, to me that is not evolution but a change.


  20. I agree that she’s no friend to conservative values, but her tweet was not “racist” at all. It’s the liberal mind that always conflates calling someone a monkey with making a racial slur. Of course, that only applies when the subject is a negro. Calling George W. Bush a chimpanzee somehow manages to be okay.

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  21. How about that “funny” liberal wench on cable and what she got away with in calling Ivanka Trump (“She apologized. No further action required.” – TBS)
    (CAUTION: ear bleach required!):

    The audience’s response is telling. May they turn to pillars of salt.

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  22. Just to add slice to the conversation, several times over the years, Roseanne has called herself a member of the communist party. She failed to mention which personality was. For years she lived in Hawaii on the Big Island and seemed at peace and grew all kinds of crops even macadamia nuts.

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  23. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This whole Liberal kerfuffle has used her tweet to shutdown Roseanne because she was making Trump look good. You could tell that from the millions who were tuning in to watch and ABC was making tons of money; but, that made no difference to the liberals because it was making the liberals look bad because people were talking. Liberals don’t like people getting smart.

    Roseanne is not anything but an entertainer and all entertainers have multiple personalities depending on the purpose and what movie role they are playing in at the time.

    So, all of you lighten up. If I have to chose between Roseanne and Jarrett who is an enemy of the U.S. – I will take Roseanne’s show any day.



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    • That’s a good simple summary. She was “making Trump look good”. That’s all it took. It’s funny to me how quickly people become inured of insanity. The so-called “news” doing nothing but “Trump, Trump, Trump…..Putin!” Day and night, day after day. I have never seen anything even close to it in my lifetime.

      It is obvious that they don’t care about sponsors or viewership, they’re on a mission. I can’t even relate to what sort of person one would have to be to take a job like that. A professional Trump-basher. What will these losers do when Trump is no longer there?

      And yes, Roseanne may be crazy, but Jarret is evil.

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  24. I guess if they are Rh Neg then they can rightfully protest being depicted as apes… Otherwise they’re all fair game… Question is whether anybody remembers what it is to be Human, much less humsne anymore….?


  25. Just when you thought hypocrisy had hit its stride, something like this come out. It seems that insulting the President and his daughter are perfectly acceptable to commies. In fact, you can win valuable prized by so doing:


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  26. Patrick Cornell

    I think that the ABC honchos could care less about the V.J. Planet of the Apes reference. I think they realized they blundered by giving a platform to a Trump friendly comedic actress with 20 million fans who could potentially tip the next Presidential election in Trumps favor, purely political!

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